Not much here yet.
Table stuff
Here's a tdand another one

Hugo major mode for Emacs!
Frotz 2.40 for BeOS, preliminary: It works, and the display is reasonably fast, and it properly displays color games like Photopia. However, there's no blinky cursor, and I have no idea why.

A couple of recipes live here, too: cream of mushroom soup and rich, frothy hot chocolate. Also, NEW! a lovely lemon curd recipe, from Rose Levy Berenbaum.

Pictures of me are here.

I'm trying to identify a fountain pen that I own. I don't know who made it or even particularly what it's made -of-, only that it was purchased new at a stationery-and-artwork store in the late 80's. You can see some snapshots of it here. If you can possibly help me identify it, then many thanks!

NEW: I've tentatively identified the pen as a Yafa Barrage. Yafa is a Chinese company who apparently did a number of models with this sort of lacquered-brass barrel work in the late 80s and early 90s, which is just right. Thanks to everyone who helped!

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