XYZZY Awards 2012


Report author: David Welbourn (david­welbourn☆hot­mail★com)

Report date: 21-Feb-2013

List of eligible games

Pre-2012 incomplete games that became eligible in 2012

Ineligible 2012 release games

Games with a 2012 release date may be ineligible for XYZZY Award game awards because of prior release or incompleteness. Ports, translations, and remakes of pre-2012 games are not normally considered eligible. (Exceptions can be made for games with substantial changes, e.g. Lydia's Heart in 2007, which was a substantial rewrite of Last Resort from 2006.) Incomplete games (such as IntroComp entries) become eligible in the year in which they are completed. Demos that were not intended to be previews of games are, however, eligible for the Best Technological Development award.

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