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Summaries, reviews, and short remarks about the webcomics I either currently read or have read in the past.

Absurd Notions

Tags:comedy, geeky, inert


Writer:Alex Woolfson
Artist:Winona Nelson
Tags:homosexuality, nudity (mild), science fiction
Frequency:Series is complete. Was weekly (usually Saturdays), with occasional bonus strips on Wednesdays.

Main Cast

The Bare Pit

Tags:Australia, comedy, fantasy (light), nudity (explicit), spin-off
Frequency:Weekly when active, but there are extremely long breaks between storylines.
Links:Latest comic


Sequel to Loxie & Zoot, but still about the residents and visitors at the same Australian nudist site, the Koala Bay Bares. The only real difference is that Loxie and Zoot are no longer main characters; any character can be a main character for a storyline.

Storylines have distinct beginnings and ends, but there can be long (months-long) hiatuses between storylines. Storylines are often about nudity, in particular people's various issues with it. The general tone is mild comedy; characters are never in much danger. Sometimes there's a bit of slapstick or Three's Company-like odd coincidences, but just as often the comic veers into a relaxed carefree mode that risks being humdrum.

Although the comic tries not to be preachy, it may be a bit wearisome for some readers to keep encountering the "there's nothing wrong with nudity" message that forms the basic premise of the strip. The big problem is that all the residents of the Koala Bay Bares drank the "ain't naked life grand" Kool-Aid and have no conflicts with each other. (There are no gossips, no sluts, no drunks, no smokers, no loudmouth opinioned people, no restless people, etc. Some sun, a swim, a quiet lunch, and a leisurely walk around the place seems to be all that anyone wants.) So the author is all but forced to introduce new characters in every storyline to introduce some conflict. And unhappily, that conflict will almost certainly have something to do with nudity.

Main Cast

Blur the Lines

Tags:bears (ie: heavy-set gay men), geeky, gross, homosexuality, nudity, profanity, sex, silly
Links:Latest comic

Buying Time

Tags:animated, Big Brother style surveillance, cyborgs, futuristic, homosexuality, nudity (explicit), science fiction, sex, social issues, social stratrification



Dei Umbra

Tags:alternate Earths, anime-look, child protagonist, dinosaurs, dystopia, possession, religion, superpowers, theocracy, torture

Dinosaur Comics

Creator:Ryan North
Tags:comedy, dinosaurs, geeky, plotless, silly, talking animals
Links:Latest comic


T-Rex expounds his dubious wisdom on whatever nonsense he happens to think about.

The main gimmick? The art never changes. (Well, almost never.)

There are no story arcs. Most of the strips are independent of each other and can be read in any order.

Main Cast

The Dreamland Chronicles

Creator:Scott Christian Sava
Tags:Arthurian, centaurs, dragon, dreaming, dwarves, elves, fantasy, fairies, monarchy, nightmares, talking animals, twins, two worlds
Frequency:Unsure. Currently in hiatus between books six and seven following a successful kickstarter.
Links:Latest comic


Creator:Wendy Pini
Links:boingboing interview
Also by Wendy Pini:Masque of the Red Death

Everything Jake



Creators:Dale Lazarov & Delic Van Loond

Finn and Charlie are Hitched / Muddlers Beat

Creator:Tony Breed
Tags:comedy, homosexuality, plotless (mostly), real world
Links:Finn and Charlie are Hitched
Muddlers Beat

Main Cast


Tags:comedy, outer space, robots, science fact, science fiction, silly, talking animals

Main Cast

Friendly Hostility

Gene Catlow

Creator:Albert Temple
Tags:comedy (light), funny animals, inert, science fiction, soap opera
Frequency:No longer updated. Was approximately three-times weekly until Albert Temple's death in 2017.

General Protection Fault

Links:Website, Wiki

Generation 17

Tags:anime style, funny animals, science fiction, survival
Links:Latest comic

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic

Tags:aliens, anime style, comedy, drunks, furries, gross, homosexuality, inert (although there was a comic in January 2013 after years of inactivity), profanity, sex
Links:Website, Tumblr

Girl Genius

Creators:Phil and Kaja Foglio
Tags:adventure, comedy, mad science, science fiction, soap opera, steampunk
Links:LiveJournal alternate site

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan

Creator:Chuck Rowles
Links:Lastest comic, Alternate site, Rubber Mallet Comics

Gyno-Star, The Adventures of

Creator:Rebecca Cohen
Tags:female focus, fantasy (light), homosexuality, social issues, superheroes
Frequency:Ideally Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, but closer to three times a month.

Homestar Runner

Little Nemo in Slumberland

Tags:fantasy, kids
Frequency:Completed ages ago.
Links:First page

Look What I Brought Home

Creators:Scott E. Kuehner and Amanda Kuehner
Tags:comedy, drunks, gross, profanity, sex, shit
Frequency:Left unfinished as is after Scott K's death in 2009.

Loxie & Zoot

Tags:Australia, comedy, fantasy (light), nudity (explicit), parodies
Frequency:Completed. Continued in the sequel, The Bare Pit.


Loxie and Zoot are the new co-owners of an Australian naturalist resort, the Koala Bay Bears. All would be peaceful and bliss except for one Tex Tyler who'd like nothing better than to shut them down and make them put on some clothes.

(Most of what can be said about Loxie & Zoot would be identical to its sequel, The Bare Pit, so look there for more info.)


Creator:Grace Crowley aka xmung (formerly known as Stephen Crowley)
Tags:Australia, fantasy, nudity (mild), science fiction, soap opera, superheroes

Mahou Shounen Fight

Tags:anime style, comedy, homosexuality, soap opera, superheroes
Links:Latest page

The Mansion of E

Creator:Robert M. Cook
Tags:comedy (light), science fiction, silly, soap opera, talking animals

Ménage à 3

Creators:Giz and Dave Zero1
Tags:Archies-style, comedy, homosexuality, Montreal, nudity (T&A), sex, soap opera
Frequency:Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
Links:Latest comic, PixieTrix Forum

Minor Acts of Heroism

Tags:anime style, comedy, superheroes
Links:Latest comic

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella

Creator:Justin Pierce
Tags:comedy, fantasy, female focus, parodies, superheroes
Frequency:Weekly on Saturdays
Links:Latest comic

O Human Star

Creator:Blue Delliquanti
Years:2002 to present
Tags:drama, flashbacks, homosexuality, monochrome, sci-fi, robots
Frequency:Mondays and Thursdays
Links:Latest comic
Blue's Twitter
Blue's Tumblr
Blue's NSFW Tumblr


Creator:(I found her name by googling, but it appears nowhere on the oglaf site, so maybe she doesn't want her name associated with it?)
Tags:comedy, fantasy, homosexuality, medieval, nudity (explicit), sex (explicit), silly
Frequency:Weekly? On weekends, I think.
Links:Latest comic

Order of the Stick

Tags:adventure, comedy, dungeons and dragons, fantasy, gaming, medieval, stick figures
Frequency:Extremely irregular. Ideally, it's weekly, but in practice, it can be anything from daily to once every three months.
Links:Lastest comic, OOTS Wiki

Main Cast (a.k.a. The Order of the Stick)

The Parking Lot Is Full

Tags:black & white, comedy, inert, plotless, silly, single panels (although it became more multi-panel over time), weird


Tags:black & white, homosexuality, manga style, nudity (expicit with a few thin white rectangles slashing across penises), sex (explicit)

Punch an' Pie

Authors:Aeire and Chris Daily
Tags:comedy (light), female focus, homosexuality, jobs, spin-off, real world, soap opera
Frequency:Your guess is as good as mine. Ideally, it's weekly, but lately, it seems that the creators have half-forgotten the strip.
Links:Latest comic

The Q Man

Writer:Aaron F. Schnore
Artist:J. Robinson Wheeler
Tags:black & white, grim, science fiction, superheroes
Frequency:Currently inactive and unavailable because of too many hacking attacks
Links:Latest comic


A man known only as the Q Man finds himself to be a superpowered would-be puppet of a very powerful and very secretive organization. Who is he? What is he? There's no reason to believe the Six Million Dollar Man inspired origin story that he was given. Regardless, he intends to be somewhat rebellious until things are more to his liking.

Quantum Vibe

Creator:Scott Bieser
Tags:androids, future, humour, interplanetary, intrigue, pseudoprofanity ("shuck", "feck"), science fiction

Queen of Wands

Elan Meets Rafa

Tags:homosexuality, nudity (tame), real world
Links:Latest comic

Real Life

Creator:Greg Dean
Tags:comedy, gaming, geeky, real world (kinda-sorta, if you can overlook Tony's inventions), science fiction, silly
Frequency:Inactive, was weekdays
Links:Latest comic

Main Cast

Sandra on the Rocks

Tags:real world, silly
Links:Latest comic

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Creator:Zach Weiner
Tags:comedy, geeky, plotless, sex (mild), silly
Links:Latest comic

Sexy Losers

Tags:comedy, gross (sometimes), inert, nudity, sex, silly


Creators:Thom Pratt and Kambrea Pratt
Tags:comedy, fantasy, steampunk
Frequency:Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Links:Latest comic
Chapter summary


Typical high school girl Mia White literally falls into a steampunk-fantasy world she's been dreaming about, thanks to her grandfather's mysterious antique ring. There she meets Crimson Rhen, captain of The True North (a flying ship); he's the most powerful mage of the world and just so full of himself.

Ship Jumper

Creator:"Captain LeBuff"
Tags:fantasy, homosexuality, nudity (explicit), sailors, sex (explicit), shipwrecked.
Links:Latest comic


Tags:comedy, gaming, homosexuality, jobs, science fiction, silly, soap opera, spin-off, superheroes, Transformers

Main Cast

Slow Wave


Sluggy Freelance

Creator:Pete Abrams
Tags:adventure, aliens, comedy, deaths, demons, dimension travel, drunks, explosions, fantasy, fighting, mad science, parodies, science fiction, silly, soap opera, talking animals, time travel, vampires, zombies
Frequency:Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
(Was formerly daily plus filler sketches on weekends for years.)
Links:Latest comic;
Wikipedia entry


The wacky misadventures of Torg, his friends, and their pets as they encounter various threats from mad scientists, vampires, zombies, aliens, demons, assassins, holiday personifications, alternate dimensions, alternate timelines, etc. etc. etc. ... and each other.

Main Cast

Other important characters

Storylines of interest

Torg loves Zoë.


Dimension of Pain.

Holiday Wars.

Torg Potter.

Who is Oasis?

Oceans Unmoving.

4U City.

R&D Wars.

Guest artists.


Sticky Dilly Buns

The Suburban Jungle

Links:Website, Transcribe

Templar, Arizona



Writer:Ryan Ferrier
Colorist:Ed Ryzowski
Publisher:Penny Farthing Press
Tags:deaths, grim, science fiction, superheroes, talking animals
Frequency:Series is complete. Was updated on Mondays and Wednesdays, I think.
Links:Latest comic

Think Before You Think

Tags:comedy, real world (except for Brian's psi-talent), soap opera
Links:Latest comic

TJ and Amal (The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal)

Creator:E.K. Weaver
Tags:homosexuality, nudity, sex

Too Much Information

Author:Andy Odendhal
Links:Latest comic

Triangle and Robert


Creators:Ryan O'Sullivan and Plaid Klaus
Links:Latest comic

Two Kinds

Author:Tom Fischbach
Links:Latest comic

Weebl & Bob


Author:Samuel Isaac Dealey
Links:Latest comic


The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy

Writer:Alex Woolfson
Penciller:Adam DeKraker
Colorist:Veronica Gandini
Tags:homosexuality, nudity (no full frontal, but lots of teasing), superheroes
Frequency:Wednesdays and Saturdays. Originally, bonus pages appeared on Wednesdays only if readers ponied up enough cash in time; this was changed by the introduction of funding through Patreon.
Links:Website, Most recent comic


A young male superhero, naïve, just beginning his superhero career, barely beginning to accept his own homosexuality, begins a romantic relationship with a somewhat older male supervillain. Is it getting HOT in here?

Main characters