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One November several years ago, I was attending Wordplay in Toronto, and I had the opportunity to play a game on something called the Choosatron, a small handheld device with four buttons and a roll of paper tape. I played a short game on it, kept the tape, and now I've finally got around to transcribing it. Hope you enjoy it!

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         The Choosatron
 Deluxe Adventure Matrix v1.0.1

by Jerry Belich -
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1. Slugfest
2. A very very VERY Scary House
3. On a Dark and Stormy Night
4. Finding Your Shadow

 A very very VERY Scary House
          a story by
        Anna Anthropy
Sagging and bloated like a bent
old man trying to hide something
sinister beneath a dark cloak,
this is, without a doubt, the
scariest house you've ever seen.
In fact, take a moment to
imagine the scariest haunted
house ever. There it is, growing
out of the second floor. "Let's
go inside!" shouts Jeanine
Janeeny, your worst best friend.

1. "Well, have fun!"
2. "I-I'm not going in there."
3. Run away.

1. "You're coming with me, or
I'll tell everyone what you were
doing behind the bushes in Phys
Ed!" Wait, what WERE you doing
behind the bushes in Phys Ed?!
"C'mon, this is the Boro Groves
Junior Detective Agency's chance
to finally solve that mystery
that's been stumping us! You

1. "The Case of the Missing
2. "The Case of the Vanishing
3. "The Case of the Measles."
4. "The Case of the Mysterious

4. "Yeah, what is up with that
bone?" she asks, dragging you
trembling toward the front door
of the horrible house. "How do
ya think we get in?"

1. Ring the doorbell.
2. Knock on the door.
3. Look for a key under the mat.
4. Just open the door.

3. "Good thinking!" Jeanine
says. "You check under the mat."
The mat says "HELLCOME." Weird.
You stoop and lift it. A slimy
green hand reaches out and hands
you a small key. "Wow!" Jeanine
says. "You were right! Let's go

1. Unlock the door and go in.
2. "Jeanine, wait! There's
something under the mat!"

2. "Are you pulling my leg?"
Jeanine bends over and lifts the
mat. The slimy hand reaches out
and grabs her leg! She can
barely say "gasp!" before it
pulls her down into a long, dark
chute that was concealed under
the mat.

1. Dive in after her!
2. Go inside the house.
3. Get outta here!

2. You n-nervously open the
d-door and s-step inside the
h-house. SLAM!! The door shuts
behind you, leaving you in
perfect darkness! Oh jeepers! Oh
jiminy cricket!

1. Go this way!
2. No, go that other way!
3. Not that way! Turn around!
4. No no no, your other around!

2. BAM! You slam into a wall!
Ouch! You rub your sore nose in
the darkness. There's got to be
another way to navigate.

1. Feel along the wall with your
2. Listen for clues.
3. Just take off again at

1. You put out your hands to
touch the wall. It feels warm
and wet. You can feel it
breathing. Aah! J-jeepers! You
wish it were less dark! "Take
this," says a mysterious voice,
as a lit candle is placed in
your hands. But t-there's n-no
one around!

1. It looks like this door leads
to - an art gallery?
2. There's also a creepy
staircase leading to the cellar.

2. The stairs creak under you as
you descend. They suddenly snap,
and you plummet - landing a
moment later in something
springy, like a net. "Another
one?" says the enormous spider.
"I'll get to you after I finish
wrapping this one up."

1. "You're a s-s-spider?!"
2. "Finish wrapping - Jeanine?!
Is that you?"

2. "Hey," says Jeanine. "To be
honest this is kind of cool, but
I think this spider might eat me
eventually. Well, mmph mmf
mrff." The spider finishes
Jeanine's cocoon. Then she turns
to you!

1. "W-wait! Don't wrap me up!"
2. "A-are you going to eat me?"

1. "You're saying I should eat
you now? Well, alright, all that
wrapping made me pretty hungry."
She bares a set of drooling
fangs! Just then, something
falls on the web from above.
It's your candlestick. "Uh oh,"
the spider says as the web
catches fire.

1. Rock back and forth in the
2. Come up with something witty
to say.

2. "You're fired!" you scream as
the web gives way and you fall
into the darkness. Oof! You sit
up, rubbing your head. Then
something falls on you! "Thanks
for breaking my fall!" It's
Jeanine! "Where are we, though?"

1. "I don't know! It's pitch

Suddenly something bright falls
from above and lands at your
feet. It's your candlestick -
still lit! You grab it and hold
it up to get a look at what's
around you. You see:

1. Thousands of the spider's
hungry children.
2. Piles of explosives and loose
3. The inside of a giant
monster's mouth.
4. A den of murderous giant
cats, temporarily asleep.

1. Nope, it's just a little
black cat. "Aw, hey kitty
kitty," says Jeanine. The kitten
blinks all eight of its eyes at
her. Then it climbs up the wall
on its long, chitinous legs and
disappears into a crack. THE

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