Abandoned, Lost, Orphaned, and Missing IF Works

This is a list of some interactive fiction games and other works, written by other authors, that have somehow fallen between the cracks, as it were. These games were on the internet at one point, but whatever webpage they were on has since disappeared, and they weren't backed up on IF Archive or anywhere else that I know of. (Some games may still be on their original websites, but such obscure websites where almost no one will ever find them.) But if I have a copy of any of these rare games, I'll make new unofficial homepages for them, in case anyone else wants to play them. Hopefully this is a good idea?



In the Navy!

by "Ernesto Haywood", 2004

The Isle of Statues

by Elmar Vogt, 2012

Major Charles Boulton and the Northwest Rebellion

by Shawn Graham, 2007

Paulinus fights for Christianity

by Gretchen, Kate, Alanah, and Will; 2008

Search for the Sacred Stone

by Mikel Rice, 2005