Review of "Cow V: The Great Egg Quest"

Cow V: The Great Egg Quest is a MS-Windows interactive fiction game and is © 1992 by J. Suchman.

Review by David Welbourn (originally posted at Baf's Guide)

A game so bad, so small, and so dull, it makes You Were Doomed From The Start look good. That this so-called game is the fifth part of a series boggles the mind. Almost no commands are understood at all, including basics like "examine" and "inventory". Even directions like "north" aren't understood if you can't travel in that direction, and you can just forget about abbreviating "north" to "n".

I'd wonder why the author bothered to write it at all if I hadn't read the far more interesting accompanying documentation: he wanted players to give $10 to zoos towards buying hippos. Sadly, I doubt this game would convince anyone to do anything other than delete it from their hard drive as soon as possible.

Rating: ⭐️