Review of "Fort Aegea"

Fort Aegea is a Z-code 8 interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2002 by Francesco Bova.

Review by David Welbourn

I'm a female druid, now, eh? That's different. Let me read all this background stuff and get up to speed... (half an hour later)... okay, I think I understood all that. Interesting. Let's see the rest of the fort.

Hm. Pretty minimal. But then again, I didn't really want to fuss about with the crops and livestock.

Oh, I have a case to hear? Good, the plot is waking up. I wish I had Pryziella's training, though, I don't want to make a bad ruling... (half an hour later)... Geez. I'd make a terrible judge. I still don't know what's more fair. I'll choose one to see what the result's like, then “undo” and choose the other one. Oh. Of course. Why didn't I realize that either was acceptable? Because I thought this was a real decision affecting real people, that's why. Hm. But that's good, right?

“Warning! Warning! Plot complication approaching! Contact Starfleet Command!” Sorry, that was sarcastic of me. I appreciate the nudge, but I was going to consult the Chief Druid anyway.

Okay, talk to Chief Druid... (fifteen minutes later)... So. Green Dragon. Likes gambling. Got it. It's like Kirk vs. the Triskelions, or Hawkeye vs. the Gamesmaster. Let's parlay with the dragon. Yay, conversation tree! I didn't get to talk to the Chief Druid, so I'm gonna play around with this... (fifteen minutes later)... enough of this. Let's gamble. Yikes. This isn't Kirk vs. the Triskelions. It's Kirk vs. the Gorn!

Which way, which way? Well, I'm a druid, let's play to our strengths and go for forest... (half an hour later)... Damn it. I've run out of time, and I've barely seen anything. I'll have to give this game the benefit of the doubt and come back to it later.

Rating: 7.

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