Review of "The Mystery of the Darkhaven Caves"

The Mystery Of The Darkhaven Caves is an ADRIFT 4 interactive fiction game and is © 2004 by David Whyld.

Review by David Welbourn (originally posted at Baf's Guide)

A reasonably fun cave-crawl and treasure hunt, and a lot less dangerous than the intro would suggest. The most annoying feature is some random teleportation you'll be forced to endure, blocking certain passages until you find the magic doodad that protects you from it. There is also a little bit of guess-the-verb, but nothing an experienced adventurer can't figure out eventually.

There are several NPCs in the game, and they provide the bulk of the wackiness and humour. For example, the woman in the cage managed to make me laugh a few times, and I was amused by an abrupt shift in attitude you can evoke from the goblins.

Anyway, if you like cave crawls, give this one a try. There's a good chance you might like it.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

✍️🏻 See my handwritten notes.