Review of "Ninja"

Ninja is a MS-Windows interactive fiction game and is © 2004 by Paul Allen Panks.

Review of Ninja II (2005) by David Welbourn

Congratulations, Paul. You managed to re-enter the lowest ranked game from last year's competition and made it worse by: one, putting an anachronistic computer in feudal Japan; two, creating an absurd situation by having a dragon use that computer to play one of your other text adventures; and three, inserting a puzzle that requires a verb not in the list of verbs shown when the player types HELP.

Assuming this game isn't disqualified for having been released before—a few minor changes does not a new game make—it's an obvious contender for last place. Again. Unfortunately, there's strong competition for last place dishonours this year, so that's not a sure thing.

Rating: 1

✍️🏻 See my handwritten notes.