Review of "The PK Girl"

The PK Girl is an ADRIFT 4 interactive fiction game and is © 2002 by Robert Goodwin. At the 2002 XYZZY Awards, it was a finalist in the Best NPCs category.

Review by David Welbourn

It took me a while to get into the spirit of this one—the game seemed unable to let me buy an ice cream cone or ask about specific flavours at the ice cream shop—until the true purpose of getting me to the ice cream shop was revealed: so I could witness a kidnapping, and further, introduce me to a few pretty anime girls, some of whom have powers of psychokinesis also known as PK.

So, anyway, I and one of the girls race off to the rescue, infiltrate an amazingly lacklustre office building, liberate the second girl, and then we all went to the home of the third girl. Thankfully, the home is far better furnished and implemented. There's a short discussion about the sleeping arrangements, and then we had breakfast the next morning. I played all this as a disinterested gentleman (I opted to sleep on the couch), but I wondered where this was leading to.

This became clearer when a chance bug in one of the conversations appended the current score. Or maybe I should say "scores", since there was a different score associated with each girl, and there are apparently... I can't believe I'm going to write this... eight girls you can score with.

Oh-kay. I guess I'm not part of the target audience for this game, but it seems like it's also willing to let me play the celibate should I wish to, so I keep playing. Unfortunately, the game world geography suddenly opens up wide at the same time when I don't have much direction except to find out more about "them" (the kidnappers). And then my two hours runs out.

Rating: 5.

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