Review of "Tears of a Tough Man"

Tears of a Tough Man is an ADRIFT 4 interactive fiction game and is © 2004 by Bruce Humphrey.

Review by David Welbourn (originally posted at Baf's Guide)

It's not easy being a tough brute of a man. Everyone, including yourself, sees you as a monster. And when terrible things happen, you forget exactly what happened or what you did.

Fortunately, you're the sort of tough man who keeps a diary. If only you could read it, you might be able to come to terms with the horrible truth. You must hope that looking around and examining what you find will break down your inner barriers and let you read more of your diary. You must find out the truth.

Guess-the-Verb: EXTINGUISH

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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