Key & Compass presents:ClubFloyd report

Report author: David Welbourn
Report date: 6-Feb-2014

Session dateTranscriptGame Title and Author
2009-05ClubFloyd Transcript69,105 Keys (David Welbourn; 2009)
2010-09ClubFloyd Transcript9:05 (Adam Cadre; 1999)
2011-02ClubFloyd Transcript> by @ (Aaron A. Reed; 2010)
2007-11ClubFloyd TranscriptAn Act of Murder (Christopher Huang as "Hugh Dunnett"; 2007)
2009-01ClubFloyd TranscriptAd Verbum (Nick Montfort; 2000)
2010-09ClubFloyd TranscriptAdventurer's Consumer Guide (Øyvind Thorsby; 2007)
2009-09ClubFloyd TranscriptAfflicted (Dave as "Doug Egan"; 2008)
2010-06ClubFloyd TranscriptAlien Abduction? (Charles Gerlach; 1996)
2011-07ClubFloyd TranscriptAll Things Devours (half sick of shadows; 2004)
2013-03ClubFloyd TranscriptAnd A Hippo New Year (Adri as "Erin Gigglecreek"; 2012)
2012-11ClubFloyd TranscriptAndromeda Apocalypse (Marco Innocenti; 2012)
2013-02ClubFloyd TranscriptAndromeda Dreaming (Joey Jones; 2012)
2009-02ClubFloyd TranscriptAnother Earth, Another Sky (Paul O'Brian; 2002)
2010-11ClubFloyd TranscriptAotearoa (Matt Wigdahl; 2010)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptApoptosis (Kate McKee; 2010)
2008-03ClubFloyd TranscriptAt Wit's End (Mike Sousa; 2000)
2008-07ClubFloyd TranscriptAttack of the Yeti Robot Zombies (Øyvind Thorsby; 2006)
2010-01ClubFloyd TranscriptAwakening (Pete Gardner; 2009)
2008-06ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Awakening (Dennis Matheson; 1998)
2011-01ClubFloyd TranscriptBaby Uncle New Year (Jon Blask as "Roody Yogurt"; 2011)
2008-05ClubFloyd TranscriptA Bear's Night Out (David Dyte; 1997)
2008-09ClubFloyd TranscriptBedtime story (Marius Müller; 2008)
2009-07ClubFloyd TranscriptBeing Andrew Plotkin (J. Robinson Wheeler; 2000)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptBeing the Ending of the Beginning (Chris Conley; 2011)
2012-09ClubFloyd TranscriptBelief (Justin de Vesine; 2012)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Best Man (Rob Menke; 2000)
2013-02ClubFloyd TranscriptBigger Than You Think (Andrew Plotkin as Anonymous; 2012)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptBirth of Mind (Justin de Vesine; 2011)
2010-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Blind House (Amanda Allen as "Maude Overton"; 2010)
2008-09ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Bloody Guns (Stuart Allen; 2008)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Blue Death (Eric Forgeot as "Otto Grimwald"; 2011)
2012-02ClubFloyd TranscriptBonehead (Sean M. Shore; 2011)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptBook and Volume (Nick Montfort; 2005)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptBored Ladders (Marius Müller as "Taleslinger"; 2011)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptBrain of the Night Guest (Colin Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine; 2011)
2009-06ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Bryant Collection (Gregory Weir; 2009)
2009-08ClubFloyd TranscriptBSE (Chris Smith; 1996)
2009-08ClubFloyd TranscriptCacophony (Owen Parish; 2009)
2012-02ClubFloyd TranscriptCana According To Micah (Christopher Huang as "Rev. Stephen Dawson"; 2011)
2010-07ClubFloyd TranscriptCatapole (Adrien Saurat as "Noireaud"; 2010)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Cavity of Time (Sam Kabo Ashwell; 2011)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptCentipede (J. Robinson Wheeler; 2001)
2008-08ClubFloyd TranscriptA Change in the Weather (Andrew Plotkin; 1995)
2012-12ClubFloyd TranscriptChanges (David Given; 2012)
2008-09ClubFloyd TranscriptChapter Zero: Welcome to Cicada Creek (P. F. Sheckarski; 2008)
2008-04ClubFloyd TranscriptCheater (Wesley Osam; 1996)
2008-01ClubFloyd TranscriptChild's Play (Stephen Granade; 2006)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Chinese Room (Harry Giles and Joey Jones; 2007)
2011-06ClubFloyd TranscriptChoice of Broadsides (Adam Strong-Morse (lead writer), Heather Albano, and Dan Fabulich; 2010)
2013-02ClubFloyd TranscriptChoice of Kung Fu (Alana Joli Abbott; 2012)
2011-07ClubFloyd TranscriptChoice of the Petal Throne (Danielle Goudeau; 2011)
2011-07ClubFloyd TranscriptChoice of Zombies (Heather Albano; 2011)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptClosed Circles (M. M. Kathrel; 2010)
2011-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Coast House (Dan Newton and Stephen Newton; 2001)
2012-08ClubFloyd TranscriptCoffins (Christopher Huang; 1998)
2008-05ClubFloyd TranscriptCoke Is It! (Lucian P. Smith, Adam Thornton, J. Robinson Wheeler, Michael Fessler, Dan Shiovitz, and David Dyte; 1999)
2012-04NightFloyd TranscriptA Comedy of Error Messages (Adam Le Doux; 2011)
2007-09ClubFloyd TranscriptCommon Ground (Stephen Granade; 1999)
2012-08ClubFloyd TranscriptCompliance (Christopher Conley; 2012)
2012-11NightFloyd TranscriptConan Kill Everything (Ian Haberkorn; 2005)
2009-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Cove (Kathleen M. Fischer; 2000)
2012-03ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Cruise (Norman Perlmutter; 2001)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptCryptozookeeper (Robb Sherwin; 2010)
2011-11ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Crystal Palace (Peter Orme; 2011)
2013-03ClubFloyd TranscriptCut the Red Wire! No, the Blue Wire! (David Whyld; 2012)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptDanse Nocturne (Joey Jones as "Eggerich von^Eggermond"; 2011)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptDash Slapney, Patrol Leader (Andrew Schultz as Andrew; 2011)
2008-05ClubFloyd TranscriptA Day for Fresh Sushi (Emily Short; 2001)
2010-06ClubFloyd TranscriptA Day for Soft Food (Tod Levi; 1999)
2013-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Day I died (Marius Müller a.k.a. Taleslinger; 2013)
2011-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe day I hugged Ghandi! (Taleslinger; 2011)
2008-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Day I mauled ... (Taleslinger; 2008)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Day I saved Elvis (Marius Müller as "Taleslinger"; 2011)
2007-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Day I shot ... (Marius Müller as "Taleslinger"; 2007)
2010-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Day I stabbed Stalin (Taleslinger; 2010)
2009-04ClubFloyd TranscriptDead Like Ants (C.E.J. Pacian; 2009)
2011-01ClubFloyd TranscriptDeath Off the Cuff (Simon Christiansen; 2010)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptDegeneracy (Leonard Richardson; 2001)
2012-09ClubFloyd TranscriptDelusions (C. E. Forman as "the author"; 1996)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptDelusions Again (Duncan Bowsman; 2011)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptDig My Grave (Ryan Veeder; 2012)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptDigging Time! (Rob Wheeler; 2011)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptDinner Bell (Jenni Polodna; 2012)
2013-01ClubFloyd TranscriptDisenchantment Bay (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2013)
2011-02ClubFloyd TranscriptDivis Mortis (Lynnea Dally; 2010)
2012-03ClubFloyd TranscriptDjibouti Dirigible Discombobulation (Sam Kabo Ashwell; 2007)
2008-06ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Djinni Chronicles (J. D. Berry; 2000)
2009-08ClubFloyd TranscriptDowntown Tokyo, Present Day (John Kean; 1998)
2011-11ClubFloyd TranscriptDragon Flies Like Labradorite (Troy Jones III; 2011)
2011-01ClubFloyd TranscriptDrama Queen 7 - Mother Knows Best (HermDog; 2010)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Dream-Trap of Zzar (S. John Ross; 2011)
2010-05ClubFloyd TranscriptDual Transform (Andrew Plotkin as "Nigel Smith"; 2010)
2010-01ClubFloyd TranscriptDulle Griet and the Antenorian Icebox (Sam Kabo Ashwell; 2010)
2009-01ClubFloyd TranscriptEarth and Sky (Paul O'Brian; 2001)
2009-04ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Edifice (Lucian P. Smith; 1997)
2008-06ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Elysium Enigma (Eric Eve; 2006)
2013-01ClubFloyd TranscriptEmma II (David Fletcher; 2013)
2012-04NightFloyd TranscriptEndless, Nameless (Adam Cadre; 2012)
2009-03ClubFloyd TranscriptEscapade! (Juhana Leinonen; 2008)
2011-12ClubFloyd TranscriptEscape From Santaland (Jason Ermer; 2011)
2008-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Escapist (Rick Dague; 2008)
2012-11ClubFloyd TranscriptEurydice (Anonymous; 2012)
2010-07ClubFloyd TranscriptEvery Day the Same Dream (Luis Gonzalez; 2010)
2008-12ClubFloyd TranscriptEverybody Dies (Jim Munroe; 2008)
2011-09NightFloyd TranscriptEverybody Loves a Parade (Cody Sandifer; 1997)
2013-01ClubFloyd TranscriptEx Nihilo (Juhana Leinonen; 2013)
2008-04ClubFloyd TranscriptEXTERMINATE! (Michael C. Martin; 2008)
2011-11ClubFloyd TranscriptThe extraordinary events of the last day of Professor Mangleworth (Marius Müller a.k.a. "Taleslinger"; 2011)
2008-07ClubFloyd TranscriptFail-Safe (Jon Ingold; 2000)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptFang Vs. Claw (Oliver Ullmann; 2010)
2007-09ClubFloyd TranscriptFear (Chuan-Tze Teo; 1996)
2008-09ClubFloyd TranscriptFiendish Zoo (Elizabeth Heller; 2008)
2009-08ClubFloyd TranscriptFinding the Mouse (James Dessart; 2009)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptA Fine Day for Reaping (James Webb a.k.a. "revgiblet"; 2007)
2008-02ClubFloyd TranscriptFine-Tuned (Dennis Jerz; 2001)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: All Alone (Joey Jones; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Aren't You the Guy Who Hit Me in the Eye? (Michael Hilborn; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Come On and Wreck My Car (Paul Laroquod; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Everything Is Catching On Fire (E. Joyce; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Fingertips (Michael Hilborn; 2012)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Fingertips (Reprise) (Melvin Rangasamy; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Hey Now, Everybody (Melvin Rangasamy; 2012)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: I Don't Understand You (Matt Weiner; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: I Found a New Friend (Adri; 2012)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: I Hear the Wind Blow (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2012)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: I Heard a Sound (Kevin Jackson-Mead; 2012)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: I Walk Along Darkened Corridors (Andrew Schultz; 2012)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: I'm Having a Heart Attack (Andrew Schultz; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Leave Me Alone (Kevin Jackson-Mead; 2012)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Mysterious Whispers (Peter Nepstad; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Please Pass the Milk Please (Adri; 2012)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Something Grabbed Ahold of My Hand (Melvin Rangasamy; 2012)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: The Day That Love Came to Play (S. John Ross; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: What's That Blue Thing Doing Here? (Ruth Alfasso; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Who's Knockin' on the Wall? (Melvin Rangasamy; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFingertips: Who's That Standing Out the Window (Melvin Rangasamy; 2012)
2008-03ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Fire Tower (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2004)
2008-03ClubFloyd TranscriptFirebird (Bonnie Montgomery; 1998)
2011-06ClubFloyd TranscriptFish! (John Molloy, Pete Kemp, Phil South, and Rob Steggles; 1988)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptA Fleeting Case of Self-Possession, or, Memento Moratori (Lea Albaugh; 2010)
2011-02ClubFloyd TranscriptFlight of the Hummingbird (Michael Martin; 2010)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptFoggywood Hijinx (Ivan Cockrum; 1998)
2010-07ClubFloyd TranscriptFolkar Station (Doug Jones; 2007)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptFood Magic (Paul Hughes, Caolan Madden, Rory Madden, Laura Hughes, and with a little help from: Carl Muckenhoupt; 2010)
2011-08ClubFloyd TranscriptFor A Change (Dan Schmidt; 1999)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptFor the Love Of Ornery Blue Yaks (Doug Jones; 2010)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Forests of Lachryma (Roger Carbol; 2011)
2013-03ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Forgotten Girls (Brent H.; 2012)
2010-07ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Fox, The Dragon, and The Stale Loaf of Bread (David Welbourn; 2005)
2010-05ClubFloyd TranscriptFragile Shells (Stephen Granade; 2010)
2008-02ClubFloyd TranscriptFrobozz Magic Support (Nate Cull; 1996)
2009-12ClubFloyd TranscriptGalatea (Emily Short; 2000)
2009-06ClubFloyd TranscriptGame Developers Conference 2009 (Jim Munroe; 2009)
2008-04ClubFloyd TranscriptGardening for Beginners (Juhana Leinonen; 2008)
2012-11NightFloyd TranscriptGardening for Beginners (Juhana Leinonen; 2008)
2013-01NightFloyd TranscriptGhosterington Night (Wade Clarke; 2012)
2009-01ClubFloyd TranscriptGlowgrass (Nate Cull; 1997)
2010-03ClubFloyd TranscriptGoldilocks is a FOX! (J.J. Guest; 2002)
2009-09ClubFloyd TranscriptGossip (Hugo Labrande; 2009)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Green Mountains (Clark Radwin; 2011)
2009-02ClubFloyd TranscriptGuess the Verb! (Leonard Richardson; 2000)
2012-12ClubFloyd TranscriptGuilded Youth (Jim Munroe; 2012)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (Jason B. Alonso, Catherine Havasi, and Val Grimm; 2012)
2008-07ClubFloyd TranscriptGun Mute (C.E.J. Pacian; 2008)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptHall of Heads (Dan Efran and 'Becca Stallings (additional story); 2012)
2012-10ClubFloyd TranscriptHallow Eve (Michael Wayne Phipps Jr.; 2011)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Halloween Horror (Jon Blask as Roody Yogurt; 2011)
2008-07ClubFloyd TranscriptHalothane (Ravi Rajkumar as Quentin D. Thompson; 1999)
2012-08ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Hand That Rocks The Pumpkin (Christopher Huang; 1998)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptHangar 22 (Rob O'Hara; 2011)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptHaunted House (rockersuke; 2011)
2012-04NightFloyd TranscriptHeist (Andy Phillips; 1997)
2008-02ClubFloyd TranscriptHero, Inc. Part 1: Calling All Heroes (Nate Cull; 1997)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptHeroes (Sean Barrett; 2001)
2012-05NightFloyd TranscriptHeroine's Mantle (Andy Phillips; 2000)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptHey, Jingo! (Caleb Wilson; 2002)
2010-07ClubFloyd TranscriptHoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home (Andrew Plotkin; 2010)
2010-03ClubFloyd TranscriptHoosegow (Ben Collins-Sussman and Jack Welch; 2010)
2007-12ClubFloyd TranscriptHouse of Dream of Moon (IF Whispers Team 3: Tom Blawgus, Carl Muckenhoupt, Ricardo Dague, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Jacqueline A. Lott, Mark J. Musante, Lucian P. Smith, Admiral Jota, Marius Müller as "Taleslinger", and N. B. Horvath; 2007)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Hugo Clock (Jason McWright; 2012)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptHunter, in Darkness (Andrew Plotkin; 1999)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptHypnotist of Ladies (David Cornelson; 2012)
2010-09ClubFloyd TranscriptI Am the Law (djchallis; 2008)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptI Palindrome I (Nick Montfort; 2012)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptIf I Wasn't Shy (Joey Jones; 2012)
2010-06ClubFloyd TranscriptIF Progressive One (The IF Progressive Team:: Sarah Morayati, Rick Dague, Dan Shiovitz, Carl Muckenhoupt, Taleslinger, Mark J. Musante, and Tom Blawgus; 2009)
2012-07ClubFloyd TranscriptIF Whispers 5 (Chris Conley, Joey Jones, Marius Müller, Tom Blawgus, and Porpentine; 2012)
2012-12NightFloyd TranscriptThe Immortal (Rob Anthony as Just Rob; 2007)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptIn Memory (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2011)
2011-12ClubFloyd TranscriptIn Search of Velocitas fictus (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2007)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptIN-D-I-GO SOUL (Jon Blask as Roody Yogurt; 2011)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptIndigo (Emily Short; 2011)
2010-07ClubFloyd TranscriptIntro to Jabberwocky (Gregory Weir; 2004)
2009-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Invisible Argonaut (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2003)
2011-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Invisible Argonaut (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2003)
2010-03ClubFloyd TranscriptJanitor (Peter Seebach and Kevin Lynn; 2002)
2008-02ClubFloyd TranscriptJohn's Fire Witch (John Baker; 1995)
2010-05ClubFloyd TranscriptKa (Dan Efran; 2010)
2013-03ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Kazooist (Charlie Marcou; 2012)
2012-02ClubFloyd TranscriptKerkerkruip (Victor Gijsbers; 2011)
2008-05ClubFloyd TranscriptKids, don't eat your Halloween candy without having your parents inspect it first because there are SICKOS out there who will put RAZOR BLADES in it and you will CUT YOUR MOUTH and GET A POISONED INFECTION and DIE, all from eating your candy early. So don't do that. (Dan Shiovitz; 1998)
2012-03ClubFloyd TranscriptKids, don't eat your Halloween candy without having your parents inspect it first because there are SICKOS out there who will put RAZOR BLADES in it and you will CUT YOUR MOUTH and GET A POISONED INFECTION and DIE, all from eating your candy early. So don't do that. (Dan Shiovitz; 1998)
2013-04ClubFloyd TranscriptA Killer Headache (Mike Ciul; 2012)
2008-06ClubFloyd TranscriptKissing the Buddha's Feet (Leon Lin; 1996)
2009-05ClubFloyd TranscriptKrakatoa Tuna Melt (David Welbourn; 2002)
2008-12ClubFloyd TranscriptLeap Time (Sarah Morayati; 2008)
2012-09NightFloyd TranscriptThe Legend Lives! (David M. Baggett; 1994)
2009-07ClubFloyd TranscriptLethe Flow Phoenix (Dan Shiovitz; 1995)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptLight Of My Stomach (David Fletcher; 2011)
2010-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Lighthouse (Marius Müller; 2009)
2008-05ClubFloyd TranscriptLittle Blue Men (Michael S. Gentry; 1998)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptLobsters On A Plane (Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman; 2010)
2007-12ClubFloyd TranscriptLord Bellwater's Secret (Sam Gordon; 2007)
2007-11ClubFloyd TranscriptLost Pig (Admiral Jota as "Grunk"; 2007)
2010-01ClubFloyd TranscriptLove Is as Powerful as Death, Jealousy Is as Cruel as the Grave (Michael Wittington; 2009)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptLove, Hate and the Mysterious Ocean Tower (C.E.J. Pacian; 2011)
2009-02ClubFloyd TranscriptLuminous Horizon (Paul O'Brian; 2004)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptMadrigals of War and Love (Jason Dyer; 2002)
2010-07ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Mage Wars: Statue (Jim Fisher; 2003)
2010-09ClubFloyd TranscriptMain Course (quantumsheep; 2008)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptMammal (Joey Jones; 2012)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptMammoth Vacuum Button of Death (Daniel Airey; 2011)
2009-03ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Man from DEFRA (Kevan Davis; 2002)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptThe man-eating, halitosic gorilla of Brazil (Marius Müller as "Leaner Gilts, 'Strangle' Lei, Gain Tellers and Slat Leering"; 2011)
2012-02ClubFloyd TranscriptMangiasaur (DCBSupafly; 2011)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptMango (Aaron Reed, Alexei Othenin-Girard, and Duncan Bowsman; 2010)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptMarika the Offering (James Webb as "revgiblet"; 2007)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Matter of the Monster (Andrew Plotkin; 2011)
2012-02ClubFloyd TranscriptMentula Macanus: Apocolocyntosis (Adam Thornton as "One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard"; 2010)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptMerk (Jesse McGrew and Kate Matthews; 2011)
2008-07ClubFloyd TranscriptMetamorphoses (Emily Short; 2000)
2009-03ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Meteor, the Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet (Graham Nelson as "Angela M. Horns"; 1996)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptMidair Madness (Paul J. Furio; 2010)
2009-03ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Mind Electric (Jason Dyer; 1995)
2009-06ClubFloyd TranscriptMingsheng (Deane Saunders; 2004)
2011-01ClubFloyd TranscriptMite (Sara Dee; 2010)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptMoondarkling: Elfboon (Sam Kabo Ashwell; 2011)
2008-06ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Moonlit Tower (Yoon Ha Lee; 2002)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptMoonwrecked (Colin Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine; 2011)
2007-09ClubFloyd TranscriptMother Loose (Irene Callaci; 1998)
2010-06ClubFloyd TranscriptMrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret (Jim Aikin and Eric Eve; 2008)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptMuggle Studies (M. Flourish Klink; 2012)
2011-08NightFloyd TranscriptThe Multi-Dimensional Thief (Joel Finch; 1991)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptMy Evil Twin (Carl Muckenhoupt; 2012)
2012-02ClubFloyd TranscriptMy Girlfriend's An Evil Bitch (Divarin; 2011)
2013-02ClubFloyd TranscriptNautilisia (Ryan Veeder; 2012)
2007-12ClubFloyd TranscriptNazi Mice (Ricardo Dague; 2007)
2007-09ClubFloyd TranscriptNevermore (Nate Cull; 2000)
2008-12ClubFloyd TranscriptNightfall (Eric Eve; 2008)
2008-09ClubFloyd TranscriptNine-tenths of the Law (Jack Welch; 2008)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptNord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It (Jeff O'Neill; 1987)
2012-03ClubFloyd TranscriptNostrils of Flesh and Clay (Porpentine; 2012)
2007-12ClubFloyd TranscriptNot the Same Old Lang Syne (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2007)
2009-09ClubFloyd TranscriptObituary (Drew Mochak (writer) and Johnny Rivera (programmer); 2009)
2012-07ClubFloyd TranscriptOlivia's Orphanorium (Sam Kabo Ashwell; 2012)
2013-04NightFloyd TranscriptOlivia's Orphanorium (Sam Kabo Ashwell; 2012)
2010-12ClubFloyd TranscriptOne Eye Open (Colin Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine; 2010)
2010-05ClubFloyd TranscriptThe One That Got Away (Leon Lin as "The Author"; 1995)
2010-12ClubFloyd TranscriptOnly After Dark (Gunther Schmidl; 1999)
2009-08ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Oracle (Brandon Allen; 2002)
2010-02ClubFloyd TranscriptOrevore Courier (Brian Rapp; 2007)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptPainting the Rainbow (Royce Odle; 2011)
2012-02ClubFloyd TranscriptPale Blue Light (Dominic Delabruere as "Kazuki Mishima"; 2011)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptParty Arty, Man of La Munchies (Jonathan Blask as "Roody Yogurt"; 2011)
2010-05ClubFloyd TranscriptParty Foul (Brooks Reeves; 2010)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptPathway To Destruction (Richard Otter; 2005)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptPAX East 2010 Speed-IF (Jesse McGrew and Kate Matthews; 2010)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptPAXLess (Royce Odle; 2010)
2011-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe People's Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game (Taylor Vaughan; 2010)
2008-09ClubFloyd TranscriptPhoenix's Landing: Destiny (Carolyn VanEseltine; 2008)
2009-05ClubFloyd TranscriptPhotograph (Steve Evans; 2002)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptPigpancake (Aubra Penner; 2011)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptPlan 6 from Inner Earth (Adrien Saurat; 2010)
2012-07ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Plant (Michael J. Roberts; 1998)
2011-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Play (Deirdra Kiai; 2011)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptPlundered Hearts (Amy Briggs; 1987)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptPost-Christmas Letdown (E. Joyce; 2011)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Price (Chris Conley; 2011)
2009-09ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Primrose Path (Nolan Bonvouloir; 2006)
2008-03ClubFloyd TranscriptPunk Points (Jim Munroe; 2000)
2008-09ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Queen of Swords (Jessica Knoch; 2003)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptQueuelty (Sarah Morayati; 2010)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptRagnarok: Twilight of the Gods (Admiral Jota; 2011)
2010-01ClubFloyd TranscriptRaising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma (Juhana Leinonen; 2010)
2008-03ClubFloyd TranscriptRameses (Stephen Bond; 2000)
2008-04ClubFloyd TranscriptRecluse (Stephen Gorrell; 2008)
2012-08ClubFloyd TranscriptResonance (Nereida Scales; 2012)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptRetro-Nemesis (Robb Sherwin; 2012)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptRetro-Nemesis (Robb Sherwin; 2012)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Right Tool (Christopher Huang; 2011)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Rocket Man from the Sea (Janos Honkonen; 2012)
2010-11ClubFloyd TranscriptRogue of the Multiverse (C.E.J. Pacian; 2010)
2010-06ClubFloyd TranscriptRoofed (Jim Munroe; 2010)
2009-12ClubFloyd TranscriptRover's Day Out (Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman; 2009)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptSafehouse (Benjamin Sokal; 2010)
2009-07ClubFloyd TranscriptSam Fortune - Private Investigator (Steve Blanding; 2009)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptScary House Amulet! (Ricardo Dague as "Shrimpenstein"; 2002)
2009-07ClubFloyd TranscriptScavenger (Quintin Stone; 2003)
2011-09NightFloyd TranscriptScavenger (Quintin Stone; 2003)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptA Scurvy of Wonders (Rob Dubbin, Courtney Stanton, and Darius Kazemi; 2011)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptSee the Constellation (Ed Blair; 2012)
2009-04ClubFloyd TranscriptLa Seine (Derek Sutcliffe; 2009)
2009-09ClubFloyd TranscriptSelves (J'onn Roger; 2009)
2012-12NightFloyd TranscriptSentencing Mr Liddell (I-K. Huuhtanen; 2011)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptA Shadow of Helpfulman (Clara Raubertas; 2011)
2010-02ClubFloyd TranscriptShadows On The Mirror (Chrysoula Tzavelas; 2003)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptShe's Actual Size (Jake Eakle; 2012)
2008-04ClubFloyd TranscriptShe's Got a Thing for a Spring (Brent VanFossen; 1997)
2009-06ClubFloyd TranscriptShelter from the Storm (Eric Eve; 2009)
2013-01ClubFloyd TranscriptShort of Sushi (Paul Stanley; 2013)
2010-09ClubFloyd Transcriptshrapnel (Adam Cadre; 2000)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Silence of the Gods (Adele Riquefort; 2011)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptA Simple Theft (Mark J. Musante; 1999)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptA Simple Theft 2: A Simple Theftier (Mark J. Musante; 2010)
2011-05ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Singular Adventure of the Indigo Violet (David Fletcher; 2011)
2010-01ClubFloyd TranscriptSins Against Mimesis (Adam Thornton as "One of The Bruces"; 1997)
2011-12ClubFloyd TranscriptSix (Wade Clarke; 2011)
2010-02ClubFloyd TranscriptSlap That Fish (Peter Nepstad; 2007)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptSmoochiepoodle and the Bastion of Science (Carolyn VanEseltine; 2011)
2009-04ClubFloyd TranscriptSnack Time! (Hardy the Bulldog and Renee Choba; 2008)
2008-09ClubFloyd TranscriptSnowblind Aces (C.E.J. Pacian; 2007)
2012-06ClubFloyd TranscriptSpace Suit (Andrew Schultz; 2012)
2011-04ClubFloyd TranscriptSpectrum (Colin Sandel; 2011)
2011-07ClubFloyd TranscriptSpeculative Fiction (Diane Christoforo and Thomas Mack; 2011)
2012-07ClubFloyd TranscriptSpeculative Fiction (Diane Christoforo and Thomas Mack; 2011)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptSpider (Andrew Schultz; 2012)
2008-09ClubFloyd TranscriptSpider and Web (Andrew Plotkin; 1998)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptSpinning (Rob O'Hara; 2012)
2012-12ClubFloyd TranscriptSpiral (Justin Morgan; 2012)
2008-04ClubFloyd TranscriptSpring Cleaning (Roger Carbol; 2008)
2007-12ClubFloyd TranscriptSpur (Kent Tessman; 1995)
2011-01ClubFloyd TranscriptStarborn (Juhana Leinonen; 2011)
2012-04ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Statue Got Me High (Ryan Veeder; 2012)
2012-07ClubFloyd TranscriptSting of the Wasp (Jason Devlin; 2004)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptStupid Creek. Stupid Christmas. (Troy Jones III; 2011)
2013-03ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Subtropical Server Room (Andrew Schultz; 2012)
2012-12ClubFloyd TranscriptSunday Afternoon (Christopher Huang as "Virgil Hilts"; 2012)
2008-01ClubFloyd TranscriptSunset Over Savannah (Ivan Cockrum; 1997)
2011-06ClubFloyd TranscriptSuspended (Michael Berlyn; 1983)
2008-01ClubFloyd TranscriptSuveh Nux (David Fisher; 2007)
2011-11ClubFloyd TranscriptTaco Fiction (Ryan Veeder; 2011)
2008-08ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Tale of the Kissing Bandit (J. Robinson Wheeler; 2001)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptTales of a Clockwork Boy (Marius Müller; 2012)
2009-05ClubFloyd TranscriptTapestry (Daniel Ravipinto; 1996)
2012-11NightFloyd TranscriptTenth Plague (Lynnea Dally; 2011)
2009-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThings (Sam Kabo Ashwell and Jacqueline A. Lott; 2004)
2011-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThings (Sam Kabo Ashwell and Jacqueline A. Lott; 2004)
2011-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThis is the game that I wrote (David Welbourn; 2006)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThree More Visitors (Paul Stanley; 2011)
2009-05ClubFloyd TranscriptTill Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me (Jon Ingold and Mike Sousa; 2002)
2011-09NightFloyd TranscriptTill Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me (Jon Ingold and Mike Sousa; 2002)
2010-07ClubFloyd TranscriptTin (Jim Aikin; 2007)
2011-11ClubFloyd TranscriptTo Catch A Dragonfly (Andrew Metzger; 2011)
2010-07ClubFloyd TranscriptTo Hell in a Hamper (J.J. Guest; 2003)
2008-08ClubFloyd TranscriptToonesia (Jacob Weinstein as "C. J. T. Spaulding"; 1995)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptTourist Trap (Iain Merrick; 2010)
2008-05ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Tower of Beef (Ricardo Signes; 2003)
2012-09ClubFloyd TranscriptTreasures of a Slaver's Kingdom (S. John Ross; 2007)
2011-02ClubFloyd TranscriptTryst of Fate (G. M. Zagurski; 1995)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptTurn Around (Andrew Schultz; 2012)
2010-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Twelve Heads of St. John the Baptist (Jake Wildstrom; 2007)
2008-02ClubFloyd TranscriptUncle Zebulon's Will (Magnus Olsson; 1995)
2013-03ClubFloyd TranscriptUnder the Bed (Dan Doyle III; 2012)
2009-02ClubFloyd TranscriptUndertow (Stephen Granade; 1995)
2011-01ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Unicorn Pool (Tiddy Ogg; 2010)
2009-04ClubFloyd TranscriptUnnkulia One-Half: The Salesman Triumphant (D. A. Leary; 1993)
2009-08ClubFloyd TranscriptUnscientific Fiction (Tom Tervoort; 2008)
2010-02ClubFloyd TranscriptVarkana (Maryam Gousheh-Forgeot as "Farahnaaz"; 2007)
2011-03ClubFloyd TranscriptVault of Hugo II: Electric Boogaloo (Jon Blask as "Roody Yogurt"; 2011)
2012-03ClubFloyd TranscriptVespers (Jason Devlin; 2005)
2008-11ClubFloyd TranscriptViolet (Jeremy Freese; 2008)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptVortex 2305 (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2010)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptWaker (Kevin Jackson-Mead; 2010)
2010-01ClubFloyd TranscriptWalker & Silhouette (C.E.J. Pacian; 2009)
2007-12ClubFloyd TranscriptThe War On New Year's or, Dance Dance January Revolution (Sam Kabo Ashwell; 2007)
2010-08ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Waterhouse Women (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2002)
2008-04ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Weapon (Sean Barrett; 2001)
2009-09ClubFloyd TranscriptThe Wedding (Neil James Brown; 1996)
2007-09ClubFloyd TranscriptWeishaupt Scholars (Michael C. Martin; 2005)
2008-12ClubFloyd TranscriptWhat Happens in Vagueness (Tom Blawgus, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Justin Larue, Marius Müller, Carl Muckenhoupt, Michael Martin, N. B. Horvath, Jacqueline A. Lott, Brian Rapp, and Mark Musante; 2008)
2012-05ClubFloyd TranscriptWhich Describes How You're Feeling (Adam Parrish; 2012)
2009-12ClubFloyd TranscriptWinter Wonderland (Laura Knauth; 1999)
2011-07ClubFloyd TranscriptWishbringer: The Magick Stone of Dreams (Brian Moriarty; 1985)
2009-03ClubFloyd TranscriptWithin a Wreath of Dewdrops, or, A Poisoned Zenith (Jacqueline A. Lott and Sam Kabo Ashwell (together as "Alphonse de l'Entaille"); 2005)
2011-12ClubFloyd TranscriptWithin a Wreath of Dewdrops, or, A Poisoned Zenith (Jacqueline A. Lott and Sam Kabo Ashwell (together as "Alphonse de l'Entaille"); 2005)
2010-04ClubFloyd TranscriptA Wizard Goes Shopping (Kevin Jackson-Mead; 2010)
2012-01ClubFloyd TranscriptWorld Builder (Paul Lee; 2012)
2010-09ClubFloyd TranscriptYak Shaving for Kicks and Giggles! (J. J. Guest; 2008)
2008-05ClubFloyd TranscriptYou are a Chef! (Dan Shiovitz; 2000)
2010-03ClubFloyd TranscriptYou are a Chef! (Dan Shiovitz; 2000)
2011-11ClubFloyd TranscriptYou are a Turkey! (Jacqueline A. Lott; 2011)
2011-11ClubFloyd TranscriptYours is the Earth and everything that's in it (Justin de Vesine; 2011)
2013-03ClubFloyd TranscriptZorkian Stories 1: G.U.E. (Marshal Tenner Winter; 2012)
2008-02ClubFloyd TranscriptZugzwang (Magnus Olsson as "Alfred Timpson"; 1998)