Key & Compass presents:Extensions report

Report author: David Welbourn
Report date: 6-Feb-2014

Notes and Caveats:

Top 10 extensions by usage (all time)

Games per library extension

Achievements by Mikael Segercrantz

Action Queuing by Jesse McGrew

Adaptive Hints by Eric Eve

Addons by Jon Ingold

Advanced Keyword Interface Sp by Johan Paz

Advanced Patrollers by Steve Blanding


Adventure Book by Jon Ingold

Adventure Book for Inform 7 by Edward Griffiths

After Not Doing Something by Ron Newcomb

Alternative Permadeath by Victor Gijsbers

Alternatives by Eric Eve

Altmenu.h by L. Ross Raszewski

Approaches by Emily Short

Approximate Quantities by Mike Ciul

Armed by David Ratliff

Assorted Text Generation by Emily Short

Atmospheric Effects by Mikael Segercrantz

Auctioneer by Juhana Leinonen

Automated Drawers by Emily Short

Basic Fornication by Purple Dragon

Basic Help Menu by Emily Short

Basic Help Menu IT by Leonardo Boselli

Basic Hyperlinks by Emily Short

Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short

Basic Screen Effects Sp by Emily Short

Biplatform Basic Help Menu by Eric Eve

Biplatform Menus by Eric Eve

Biplatform Screen Effects by Eric Eve

Boolean Values by Jon Ingold

Bulk Limiter by Eric Eve

Bulk Limiter IT by Leonardo Boselli

Bulky Items by Juhana Leinonen

Case Conversion by Eggerich Von Eggermond

Case Management by Emily Short

Center.h by L. Ross Raszewski

Changed Implicit Action by Emily Short

Choosing Objects by Jesse McGrew

Common Game Code by Eggerich Von Eggermond

Complex Listing by Emily Short

Computers by Emily Short

Conditional Backdrops by Mike Ciul

Conditional Undo by Jesse McGrew

Considerate Holdall by Jon Ingold

Conversation Builder by Emily Short

Conversation Framework by Eric Eve

Conversation Framework IT by Leonardo Boselli

Conversation Framework for Sand-dancer by Aaron Reed

Conversation Nodes by Eric Eve

Conversation Nodes IT by Leonardo Boselli

Conversation Package by Eric Eve

Conversation Package IT by Leonardo Boselli

Conversation Responses by Eric Eve

Conversation Responses IT by Leonardo Boselli

Conversation Responses version 5 by Eric Eve

Conversation Rules by Eric Eve

Conversation Suggestions by Eric Eve

Conversation Suggestions IT by Leonardo Boselli

Conversation Tables by Jon Ingold

Conversational Defaults by Eric Eve

Conversational Defaults IT by Leonardo Boselli

Conversazione Quip-Based by Massimo Stella

Cortos by Johan Paz

Creative Commons Public License IT by Leonardo Boselli

Crowds by Mike Ciul

Cumberland House Rules by S John Ross

Custom Disambiguation by Eggerich Von Eggermond

Custom Library Messages by Ron Newcomb

Custom Library Messages DARKNESS MOD by David Fisher

Debugging by Al Golden

Default Messages by David Fisher

Default Messages For Promise by Sean Huxter

Defaultish Messages by David Fisher

Dialogue Punctuation by Ron Newcomb

Dice-Lock by S John Ross

Direction Response Testing by Andrew Schultz

Directional Facing by Poster

Disambiguation Control by Jon Ingold

Disambiguation Override by Mike Ciul

Divis Mortis hints by Lynnea Dally

Dynamic Objects by Jesse McGrew

Dynamic Tables by Jesse McGrew

Editable Stored Actions by Ron Newcomb

Empty Transfer by Emily Short

Episodes by Aaron Reed

Epistemology by Eric Eve

Essential Supplements by Juhana Leinonen

Excess Word Stripping by Eggerich Von Eggermond

Exit Descriptions by Matthew Fletcher

Exit Lister by Eric Eve

Exit Lister IT by Leonardo Boselli

Exit Listing by Eggerich Von Eggermond

ExpertGrammar.h by Emily Short

Extended Banner by Stephen Granade

Extended Grammar by Aaron Reed

Extended Timers by Gavin Lambert

ExtendedW by Ingo Scharmann

Facial Expressions by Emily Short

Facing by Emily Short

Far Away by Jon Ingold

First-person Approaches by Emily Short

Fixed Point Maths by Michael Callaghan

Flags.h by Adam Cadre

Flexible Action Requirements by Mike Ciul

Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold (with contributions by Erik Temple)

Floor And Ground by Eggerich Von Eggermond

Footnotes by Stephen Granade

Fornication by Purple Dragon

French by Eric Forgeot

GNU General Public License v3 by Free Software Foundation

GWindows.h by L. Ross Raszewski

General AIF by Dudeman

General Code by Eggerich Von Eggermond

German by Team GerX

German Mistype by Team GerX

GiveTo->AskFor Library Extension by Eric Eve

Glik Gear by Logan Edwards

Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing by Erik Temple

Glimmr Drawing Commands by Erik Temple

Glulx Boxed Quotation by Eliuk Blau

Glulx Entry Points by Emily Short

Glulx Image Centering by Emily Short

Glulx Predefined Styles by Michael Gentry

Glulx Status Window Control by Erik Temple

Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short

Glulx VM.h by Andrew Plotkin

Gnu General Public License V3 by Free Software Foundation

Graphic Links by Jeff Sheets

Greek to Me by Adam Thornton

Help Menu by Werner Rumpeltesz

HelpRoutines.h by Emily Short

Helpers For Gba Frotz by S John Ross

Hidden Items by Krister Fundin

Hiding Under by Eric Eve

Hilfemenu by ifwizz

Hints.h by L. Ross Raszewski

Hyperlink Interface IT by Leonardo Boselli

Hypothetical Questions by Jesse McGrew

Ignored Rules by Ron Newcomb

Implicit Actions by Eric Eve

Inform ATTACK by Victor Gijsbers

Inline Hyperlinks by Erik Temple

Intelligent Hinting by Aaron Reed

Interactive Poetic Interludes by Kazuki Mishima

Interactive Poetry by Michael Bacon

Introductions by Emily Short

Irritating Kinds by Jon Ingold

Italian by Leonardo Boselli

Kerkerkruip ATTACK Additions by Victor Gijsbers

Kerkerkruip Actions and UI by Victor Gijsbers

Kerkerkruip Dungeon Generation by Victor Gijsbers

Kerkerkruip Items by Victor Gijsbers

Kerkerkruip Locations by Victor Gijsbers

Kerkerkruip Monsters by Victor Gijsbers

Kerkerkruip Start and Finish by Victor Gijsbers

Kerkerkruip Systems by Victor Gijsbers

Keyword Interface by Aaron Reed

Keyword Interface IT by Leonardo Boselli

Keywords for Conversation by Matt Wigdahl

Landmark Events by Jon Ingold

Line Break Workaround by Jon Ingold

List Control by Eric Eve

List Controller by Eric Eve

Located Sounds by Mikael Segercrantz

Location Images by Emily Short

Locksmith by Emily Short

Lost Items by Mike Ciul

Measured Liquid by Emily Short

Mentioned In Room Description by Ron Newcomb

Menus by Emily Short

Metric Units by Graham Nelson

Mistype by Cedric Knight

Modern Conveniences by Emily Short

Modified Again Default Messages by David Fisher

Modified Exit by Emily Short

Modified Menus by Juhana Leinonen

Modified Supplemental Actions by Adri

Mood Variations by Emily Short

Multiple Sounds by Massimo Stella

Native Time Control by Tim Pittman

Neutral Library Messages by Aaron Reed

New Actions by bloodbath

Notepad by Jim Aikin

Numbered Disambiguation Choices by Aaron Reed

Numerical Inflection by Aaron Reed


Obedience by Pete Gardner

Object Response Tests by Juhana Leinonen

One-shot Text by Jesse McGrew

Ordinary Room Description by Emily Short

Past Tense Commands by Dan Efran

PastTense by Jonathan Blask

Patrollers by Michael Callaghan

Payload by Werner Rumpeltesz

Platypus by Anson Turner

Player Experience Upgrade by Aaron Reed

Plugs And Sockets by Sean Turner

Plurality by Emily Short

Poor Man's Mistype by Aaron Reed

Postures by Emily Short

Pronouns by Ron Newcomb

Property Checking by Emily Short

Punctuation Removal by Emily Short

Push Pull Turn by Eggerich Von Eggermond

Puzzle Management by Johan Paz

Questions by Michael Callaghan

Quip-Based Conversation by Michael Martin

Reactable Quips by Michael Martin

Real-Time Delays by Erik Temple

Regional Travel by Juhana Leinonen

Remembering by Aaron Reed

Remembering IT by Leonardo Boselli

Repeat Through Actions by Ron Newcomb

Reversed Persuasion Correction by Juhana Leinonen

Rideable Vehicles by Graham Nelson

Rideable Vehicles IT by Leonardo Boselli

Roodylib by Jonathan Blask

Room Description Control by Emily Short

Runic Characters by Adam Thornton

Scheduled Activities by John Clemens

Second Gender by Felix Larsson

Secret Doors by Andrew Owen

Senses by Shadowchaser

Shipboard Directions by Samuel Byron

Simple Chat by Mark Tilford

Simple Chat fr by Eric Forgeot

Simple Clothing by Sir Gareth

Simple Debugger by Michael Hilborn

Simple Followers by Emily Short

Simple Graphical Window by Emily Short

Single Move Game by Adri

Single Paragraph Description by Emily Short

Small Kindnesses by Aaron Reed

SmartCantGo.h by Roger Firth

Smarter Parser by Aaron Reed

Snippetage by Dave Robinson

Spanish by Sebastian Arg

Spanish Localization by Sarganar

Spanishdevil by Johan Paz

Specified Exits by Roger Firth

Speech Motivations by Mike Ciul

Spellcasting by Jim Aikin

Standard Stuff by Eggerich von Eggermond

StartEnd MenuPages by ShadowChaser

Status Line Removal by Emily Short

String Buffers by Jesse McGrew

String Management by Emily Short

TCommandTopic Library Extension by Eric Eve

Tailored Room Description by Emily Short

Telephones by George Tryfonas

Text Capture by Eric Eve

Text Variations by Jon Ingold

Things by Ingo Scharmann

Third Feminine Past by Angela Shah

Threaded Actions by Emily Short

Threaded Conversation by Emily Short

Title Page by Jon Ingold

Title Page IT by Leonardo Boselli

Transit System by Emily Short

Tutorial Mode by Emily Short

Underside by Eric Eve

Underside IT by Leonardo Boselli

Undo Output Control by Erik Temple

Unicode Character Names by Graham Nelson

Unknown Word Error by Mike Ciul

Useful Functions by ShadowChaser

Usual Shortcuts by Angela Shah

VCM Extensions 1

Variable Time Control by Eric Eve

Vorple Core by The Vorple Project

Vorple Media by The Vorple Project

Walls by Deathalicious

WorldClass library

Written Inventory by Jon Ingold

Written Inventory IT by Leonardo Boselli

Xactor by Choices

Xsounds by Sarganar

Zicklefick by Taro

Zork Extensions for Inform by Joe Merical

a lot of MFS libraries by Giancarlo Niccolai

betatest.h by Marnie Parker

daemons.h by Andrew Plotkin and Roger Firth

doors.h by L. Ross Raszewski

easydoors.h by Andrew MacKinnon

help.inf by Gareth Rees

istring.h by L. Ross Raszewski

lclothes.t by Arkane

newflags.h by Frederik Ramsberg and Adam Cadre

phtalkoo.h by David Glasser

pluralobj by Andrew Clover

scenic.h by Roger Firth and Stefano Gaburri

unknown by Emily Short

unnamed by Graham Nelson

No extensions credited

Inform 7 games as yet unchecked for extension usage