Key & Compass presents:Room count report

Report author: David Welbourn
Report date: 6-Feb-2014


I haven't done much recording of this stat yet (obviously), but it's always been of some interest to know which games have lots and lots of rooms. Unfortunately, it's usually a lot easier to count the number of rooms in smaller games. And, of course, one can't really count up all the rooms in a game until one has finished it. And even then, one had better have good notes and have been as thorough as possible.

An obvious question in collecting room counts is "what counts as a room?" Well, I can only go by my best judgment here, but here goes...

Oh, and when different versions of a game have different room counts, I'll try to report on the larger room-count version for which I have info.

What's that? "Will I ever list the room names as well?" Um, maybe later? Let's see if I can manage the simpler task first, okay?

▶ See also section 7 of "Towards a Theory of Interactive Fiction" by Nick Montfort for his take on counting rooms. It begins on page 42 of the IF Theory Reader.

List of games, from most rooms to least