Key & Compass presents:Timeline report

Report author: David Welbourn
Report date: 6-Feb-2014

Notes and Caveats

0000ADRIFT port of Crime Adventure released.
1961-01-11Birthday of David Welbourn.
1963-12-08Birthday of David A. Cornelson.
1967-08-05Birthday of Sean Barrett.
1969-09-12Birthday of Carl Muckenhoupt.
1972-01-01Birthday of Jose Borges.
1973-03-04Birthday of Roger Carbol.
1974-01-24Birthday of Jacqueline A. Lott.
1974-02-05Birthday of Adam Cadre.
1975Original version of Adventure released.
1976Crowther and Woods version of Adventure released.
1976Gillogly version of Adventure released.
1976-04-06Birthday of Chrysoula Tzavelas.
1976-12-03Birthday of Gunther Schmidl.
1977-04-17Birthday of John Cater.
1977-07-28Birthday of Dan Shiovitz.
1977-08-10Birthday of Jon Blask.
1980-07-25Birthday of Storme Winfield.
1981Software Toolworks version of Adventure as The Original Adventure released.
1981Apple II version of Softporn Adventure released.
1983-01-11Birthday of Sam Kabo Ashwell.
1984-03-27Birthday of Brendan Barnwell.
1985Original version ( of French Mansion released.
1985-10-04Birthday of Søren J. Løvborg.
1986Commercial version of The Colour of Magic released.
1986Apple Macintosh original of Uninvited released.
1987Original version of Crime Adventure released.
1988Susan, a Lustful Game released.
1988-05-01Passion Pit released.
1989Release 1.01 of The Holy Grail released.
1989-10-22Wuz released.
1990-02-25Drive-In released.
1990-07-23Cruisin released.
1991AGT port of The Spelunker's Tremendous Cave Adventure released.
1991-06-15The Awe-Chasm released.
1991-07-10ST-NG (X-Trek) released.
1991-08-16Smut City released.
1991-09-10ST-NG A Night with Troi released.
1992Version 3.0 of Frankenstein's Legacy released.
1992Original release of Shades of Gray released.
1992-08-31Voyeur released.
1993Baggett's TADS port of Adventure released.
1993-05-23South Beach Rum Runner released.
1993-09-01Young Stuff released.
1994Nelson's Z-code ports (350 pts) of Adventure released.
1994The Legend Lives! released.
1994Z-code port of Odieus's Quest for the Magic Flingshot released.
1995Release 2 of Inhumane released.
1995Version 1.01 (02/04/95) of John's Fire Witch released.
1995Opus 2, Version 1.1 of The Legend Lives! released.
1995Through the Looking Glass released.
1995-08Release 1 of Lethe Flow Phoenix released.
1995-09-18Release 2 with I/O of Lethe Flow Phoenix released.
1995-09-18Release 2 without I/O of Lethe Flow Phoenix released.
1996TADS port v1.02 of Frustration released.
1996Version 2.5G for Great Underground Adventures CD of The Horror of Rylvania released.
1996Version 1.00 (Competition release) of Kissing the Buddha's Feet released.
1996-01-20SafeSex released.
1996-02-27TADS port, Version 1.01 Release 960227 of The Holy Grail released.
1996-03-31TADS port Version 1.02 of The Mission released.
1996-07-11Original AGT version of Getting laid in all the wrong places released.
1996-09-06Project: Velvet released.
1996-12-16Z-code version 5 of Balances released.
1996-12-16Glulx version 5 of Balances released.
1997Spanish translation (350 points) of Adventure as Aventura: La Original Interactiva released.
1997IF Comp 1996 demo of CompXX as Competition '96 released.
1997IF Comp 1997 version of CompXX as Competition '97 released.
1997Release 4 of Delusions released.
1997Release 2 of The Lost Spellmaker released.
1997Updated release of Shades of Gray released.
1997-01-10Release 3 of BSE released.
1997-03-07I-0 released.
1997-09-26Stiffy Makane: Mystery Science Theater 3000 released.
1997-10-18Inform port of Softporn Adventure released.
1998German translation (350 points) of Adventure as Abenteuer: Das Interaktive Original released.
1998IF Comp 1998 version of CompXX as Competition '98 released.
1998Release 1 of The Hand That Rocks The Pumpkin released.
1998Release 3 of The Lost Spellmaker released.
1998-03-29Inform port of Golden Voyage released.
1998-05-06ST-DS9 released.
1998-05-27ST-NG The Sexed Generation released.
1998-05-31ST-VOY The Bodysnatcher released.
1998-06The comp for ChickenComp.
1998-06-17Rakish released.
1998-07-07ST-VOY Paris and Torres released.
1998-07-22An Afternoon Visit released.
1998-07-24ST Casanova Captain Kirk released.
1998-07-26Star Trek: The Next Generation... CLOSE CONTACT released.
1998-08-31Emy Discovers Life released.
1998-09-04Xtrek Deep Space Nine - The Second Coming released.
1998-09-08Docked at Deep Space Nine released.
1998-09-25ST-VOY Naked Time Revisited released.
1998-10-02The Babysitter released.
1998-11-03Release 5 of Blow Job Drifter released.
1998-11-03Release 1.1 of Ideal New England Prep School released.
1999IF Comp 1999 version of CompXX as Competition '99 released.
1999Release 0 (Competition entry) of Lomalow released.
1999-02-20Docked at Deep Space Nine: Dax released.
1999-02-24Release 5 of A Bear's Night Out released.
1999-03-17The Generic New York Apartment Building released.
1999-04-27Release 9 of Spur released.
1999-05-28Moist released.
1999-06-26Rogue Cop released.
1999-07-24Rogue Redux released.
1999-08-06ST(-NG) Boffing both generations released.
1999-11-04Deanna released.
1999-12-09Wraith (Trailer) released.
1999-12-10Release 1 of Deephome released.
1999-12-18Release 1 of Reverzi released.
2000Release 1 of Being Andrew Plotkin released.
2000Z-code port of Camel released.
2000IF Comp 2000 version of CompXX as Competition Aught-Zero released.
2000Release 2 of Downtown Tokyo, Present Day released.
2000Release 1 of Guess the Verb! released.
2000Version 2.1 (Post-comp release) of Kissing the Buddha's Feet released.
2000Spanish original of Olvido Mortal released.
2000-01-01The Adventures of Koww the Magician released.
2000-01-01Space: The Final F*** Up released.
2000-01-13The Devil's Bargain released.
2000-03-26Uranus or Bust! Episode 1: Escort released.
2000-04-21Venus Flytrap: Romantic Music released.
2000-08-26House of the Damned released.
2000-09-01Fade to White released.
2000-09-15The book of Fistandantalus released.
2000-09-28Release 1 of Desert Heat released.
2000-09-30Competition Release of A Crimson Spring released.
2000-11-04The Twilight released.
2000-11-07The Great Escape released.
2000-11-09A Night With Beverly released.
2000-11-28Tom Ceader: Escape From The South released.
2000-11-30Version 1 of The Fortress of Fear released.
2000-12-01The Dragon of Aldaar released.
2000-12-10Release 4 of Guess the Verb! released.
2000-12-22A Certain Oscar released.
2000-12-22Easy Money released.
2000-12-27The Timmy Reid Adventure released.
2001Competition Release ver. 1.0 of The Coast House released.
2001IF Comp 2001 version of CompXX as Competition Aught-One released.
2001English translation of Olvido Mortal as Shattered Memory released.
2001TravelComp entry of Suddenly, The Trains Departed released.
2001-01-07Super Liam 1: A Hero Is Born released.
2001-01-25French translation (350 points) of Adventure as Aventure released.
2001-01-28Colony released.
2001-01-31The Strange Adventure released.
2001-02-07Doomed World of Aquarius (part 1) released.
2001-02-09Doomed World of Aquarius (part 2) released.
2001-02-11House of Death released.
2001-02-13A Morning With A Headache released.
2001-02-14Games released (with judges reviews) for SmoochieComp.
2001-02-17Death's Door released.
2001-03-01The Stainless Steel Rat released.
2001-03-14Chosen released.
2001-03-14Version 1.00 (Competition release) of Menagerie released.
2001-03-14Outside released.
2001-03-14The Wheels Must Turn released.
2001-03-21Captive Universe released.
2001-04-14Go! released.
2001-04-15Inverness Castle released.
2001-04-17The Dream Weaver released.
2001-04-18Melbourne Beach released.
2001-04-18The Town of Azra released.
2001-04-23Where Is Richard? released.
2001-05-05a day in toronto released.
2001-05-06The House released.
2001-05-12Jeenin Tonn-nx released.
2001-05-14The Relentless Adventures of Captain Speedo Episode 42 - So Long, and Thanks for All the Books released.
2001-05-15First version of Cyber Warp released.
2001-05-27Theatre: A Knight at the Opera released.
2001-05-31The Vampire With A Conscience released.
2001-06-02Legends of Akhbar released.
2001-06-14Gateway: Guardian Child released.
2001-06-14The Mages of Costrador released.
2001-06-25The Cell released.
2001-07-01Version 1.0 of Ruins released.
2001-07-03Escape The Basement From Hell released.
2001-07-03Matt's House released.
2001-07-04Peril in the Skies released.
2001-07-10Duchess of Desire released.
2001-07-10Inside Job released.
2001-07-10The Spirit's Flight released.
2001-07-20Ebony's World released.
2001-07-25First Day released.
2001-07-26SK8 Sponsorz released.
2001-07-26The Sorcerer released.
2001-07-31Zomelec released.
2001-08-01Villains And Kings released.
2001-08-04A Day at the Iachini House released.
2001-08-17Academy of Spies released.
2001-08-17Burtainian Fly's House released.
2001-08-17Phoenix Destiny released.
2001-08-19Stalker released.
2001-08-21The Quest For More Hair released.
2001-08-26MagicSword Part 1: Legacy of Earth released.
2001-09-05The Fox released.
2001-09-12The Cleft in the Rock released.
2001-09-17Silk Noil released.
2001-09-19The Quest released.
2001-09-24Office Breakout released.
2001-09-26Report Espionage released.
2001-09-27Version 1.05 of Fallacy of Dawn released.
2001-10Release 1 of Demon Hunt released.
2001-10Release 1 of Fortune Hunter released.
2001-10Release 1 of The Gates Escape released.
2001-10Release 1 of Haunted House released.
2001-10Release 1 of Lymon's Adventure released.
2001-10Release 1 of Monty Bing and his Search for the King released.
2001-10Release 1 of Search for the Sorcerer's Stone released.
2001-10Release 1 of Silicon Quest released.
2001-10-01IF Comp release (the first Release 1) of All Roads released.
2001-10-06Shanilor's Tower released.
2001-10-07Chicago released.
2001-10-14Life released.
2001-10-16Dragon's Heart released.
2001-11-06Info Space released.
2001-11-13Dicky Noodle released.
2001-11-14One Girl released.
2001-11-18Blood Relatives released.
2001-11-19Post-comp release (the second Release 1) of All Roads released.
2001-11-21Druggy Lane released.
2001-11-22Release 1 of Selma's Will released.
2001-11-24Murder In Great Falls released.
2001-12-02Bedlam released.
2001-12-18The X-Files: A New Beginning released.
2001-12-23The Average Life released.
2001-12-24Urban Dragon released.
2001-12-27The Search For Orcho's Pot Of Gold released.
2001-12-27Textident Evil released.
2001-12-27When The Lights Go Out released.
2002Release 1 of And Then is Heard no More released.
2002Release 1 of The Case of Samuel Gregor released.
2002IF Comp 2002 version of CompXX as Competition Aught-Two released.
2002Hugo version, Release 1.01 of Hammurabi released.
2002Release 1 of Oth. released.
2002Release 1 of Romeo, Juliet and the Dog released.
2002Release 1 of Tightest released.
2002Speed-IF release of The Weird Sister released.
2002English original of William Tell released.
2002German translation of William Tell as Wilhelm Tell released.
2002Release 4 of Words of Power released.
2002-01Bug Fix Release ver. 1.1 of The Coast House released.
2002-01-05Scene Of The Crime released.
2002-01-11The Dark Tower released.
2002-01-18Farmers Daughter released.
2002-01-19Version 1.4 of Depravity Bites released.
2002-02-01Submission deadline for SmoochieComp.
2002-02-03A Night with Dr. Crusher released.
2002-02-08ADRIFT port of Jacaranda Jim released.
2002-02-10Posh's New Year's Eve released.
2002-02-15The Search For Mr Smith released.
2002-02-15Troll! released.
2002-02-21Adventures of Thumper™ - Wonder Wombat released.
2002-02-26House of Horror released.
2002-02-27TADS port version 1.1 of French Mansion released.
2002-03-01Grand Journey released.
2002-03-01The Night That The Moon Shone Grey released.
2002-03-03Quest For The Magic Healing Plant released.
2002-03-04Naughty Tales released.
2002-03-05Release 2 of The Gostak released.
2002-03-08Space Run released.
2002-03-17Dexter Dixon: In Search of the Prussian Pussy released.
2002-03-17Luola released.
2002-03-20Praxis released.
2002-03-24Getting Even released.
2002-03-27Quest for The Whorehouse Queen released.
2002-04-12The Love Doctor released.
2002-04-13XClue released.
2002-04-16Panic! released.
2002-04-18Mud Monster released.
2002-04-22Release 1 Version 2 of Appallatron: Annoyotron 3 released.
2002-04-25Y.A.D.F.A. released.
2002-04-26Sleaze City released.
2002-04-27The Screen Savers On Planet X released.
2002-05-10Whatever Happened To Uncle Grumble? released.
2002-05-11Black Forest Part 1: Winterside released.
2002-05-11The Legend of Cyrn released.
2002-05-11Version 1.05 of Menagerie released.
2002-05-20Release 8 of Fine-Tuned released.
2002-05-22Invasion of the Second-Hand Shirts released.
2002-05-27Crime Life released.
2002-05-30Silverwolf released.
2002-06-03The Lost Mines released.
2002-06-05Encounter 1: Tim's Mom released.
2002-06-09The Shetland Enigma released.
2002-06-10Dear Diary released.
2002-06-19Camp Windy Lake released.
2002-06-19Version 1.2 of The Gamma Girls released.
2002-06-25Far From Home released.
2002-07-05Doctor Who and the Vortex of Lust released.
2002-07-15Storm Tossed released.
2002-07-18Version 1.2 of Graduation Day released.
2002-07-30Broken Mirror: The Screaming Fountain (Demo) released.
2002-07-30Smoke 2: Time of your life Demo 1 released.
2002-08-03Alias: Undercover Agent released.
2002-08-11Blue Sky released.
2002-08-14Encounter 2: The Study Group released.
2002-08-14The Lost Tomb released.
2002-08-24Green Light released.
2002-08-26Professor Von Witt's Fabulous Flying Machine released.
2002-09-04A Poor Man's Life released.
2002-09-09Version 2.0 of Unease released.
2002-09-11Mysts Demo released.
2002-09-15Memories are Made of These released.
2002-09-16Post-comp release of Marooned released.
2002-09-18Enigma Creature released.
2002-09-18Illegal Socks released.
2002-09-18Invert's Road Trip released.
2002-09-18Sam Shooter II: Through the Dimensional Rift released.
2002-09-18Sam Shooter: Graduation Day released.
2002-09-18Version 1.1 of Through the Dimensional Rift released.
2002-09-25The Extra Lessons released.
2002-09-25Filthy Bill Does Everyone But His Mother released.
2002-09-25Sad Obsession released.
2002-10Release 1 of The bully released.
2002-10Release 1 of Clue released.
2002-10Release 1 of The Demon of Sumaria released.
2002-10Release 1 of Escape From Uberstein released.
2002-10Release 1 of George Constanza : Looking for Love released.
2002-10Release 1 of Immortal Majesty released.
2002-10Release 1 of Lost? released.
2002-10Release 1 of Metagame! released.
2002-10Release 1 of Monkeys Stole my Pants! released.
2002-10Release 1 of Onimusha Warlords released.
2002-10Release 1 of Rough Night released.
2002-10Release 1 of Space Escape released.
2002-10Release 1 of Vendetta released.
2002-10-01Version 1.0 of The Granite Book released.
2002-10-07Eterna Corp released.
2002-10-13Fun Town released.
2002-10-16Version 1 of Defenders of Gondor released.
2002-10-17The Door To Utopia released.
2002-10-21Encounter 3: Lynn's Sleepover released.
2002-11-01Version 17-05-2013 of Ziege's Mansion released.
2002-11-07The Dinner Party released.
2002-11-09O.N.N.A.F.A. released.
2002-11-14Version 2.0 of The Search as The Search Version 2.0 released.
2002-11-20Big Day Out released.
2002-11-22When Beer Isn't Enough released.
2002-11-24Lara Croft: The Sun Obelisk released.
2002-11-25The Night That Dripped Blood released.
2002-11-29Original Italian version of War Mage released.
2002-12-02ADRIFTMAS Party released.
2002-12-16The Lazst Resort, Part 1 released.
2002-12-16Spectrum released.
2002-12-31Assassin released.
2002-12-31Kingdom released.
2002-12-31Prom Night released.
2003Release 8 (Post-comp release) of BOFH released.
2003IF Comp 2003 version of CompXX as Competition Aught-Three released.
2003Post-comp release ("Release 419") of Death to my Enemies released.
2003-01-28To Be King released.
2003-02-01The Sword of Inari released.
2003-02-08Camp Windy Lake: Part 2 released.
2003-02-08Home released.
2003-02-09Black Sheep's Gold released.
2003-02-12Sex, Monsters and Video Tape released.
2003-02-24Big Stuff released.
2003-02-27Version 6 of Drakmagi released.
2003-03-01The Dead Man released.
2003-03-01Dreamland released.
2003-03-01I... released.
2003-03-01Montahue Scott & The Mobius Belt released.
2003-03-01Trapped With A Girl released.
2003-03-16Serving Your Country released.
2003-03-19Encounter 4: Mrs Parker released.
2003-03-21Unexpected Proposal released.
2003-03-22Time released.
2003-03-25The Passages released.
2003-03-28Eva's Secret released.
2003-03-28Version 1.0b of An Interlude in Nuln released.
2003-03-28Salvation released.
2003-04-05Netherworld: The Depths of Kavon'ar released.
2003-04-08Fairytails Remixed released.
2003-04-10Lara Croft: The Sun Obelisk released.
2003-04-12Sam Shooter III: Come In Sixty Seconds released.
2003-04-13Mitchell Quest released.
2003-04-15Version 1.1 of Kissing Cousins released.
2003-04-15Last Minute Gift released.
2003-04-15Planescape: Encounters 1 released.
2003-04-19Dear Brian released.
2003-04-22Ginger's Island released.
2003-04-23Amy And The Raging Hormones released.
2003-04-28Becky released.
2003-05-01Pay Back released.
2003-05-05Isis released.
2003-05-20Cruise released.
2003-05-23X-Men Evolution: Jean's quest for rogue's nookie released.
2003-05-24FunHouse released.
2003-05-24Raiders of Sheppey released.
2003-05-24The Tunnels of Athylon released.
2003-05-24Welcome To Wonderland released.
2003-06-03The Studio released.
2003-06-14Diary of a Stripper released.
2003-06-27Original ADRIFT 4 version of The Thorn released.
2003-07-05Plan 69 released.
2003-07-24Relatives released.
2003-09-07Asylum released.
2003-09-12Virgin released.
2003-09-13Version 1.0 of To Hell in a Hamper released.
2003-09-13Competition release of To Hell in a Hamper released.
2003-09-16Hidden Assets released.
2003-09-16Home Alone released.
2003-09-18Mystery Quest released.
2003-09-25Release 1 of Slouching Towards Bedlam released.
2003-09-28Devil Child released.
2003-10Release 1 of untitled released.
2003-10Release 1 of Delta Force: Terror on 5th Ave. released.
2003-10Version 1.0 of Delvyn released.
2003-10Release 1 of Deric's Big Adventure released.
2003-10Release 1 of A Divine Errand released.
2003-10Release 1 of Escape released.
2003-10Release 1 of Escape from the banana prison released.
2003-10Release 1 of Escape from Zanzabar's Dungeon released.
2003-10Release 1 of FarmCraft released.
2003-10Release 1 of Fly the Plane released.
2003-10Release 1 of Freshman Registration released.
2003-10Release 1 of Harry Potter and Triwizard Cup released.
2003-10Release 1 of Hungry Hungry Hobo released.
2003-10Release 1 of Interview with the Headhunter Part 1 released.
2003-10Release 1 of The lights went out in the Mid-west released.
2003-10Release 1 of Monday Morning released.
2003-10Release 1 of Monty Python & The Holy Grail released.
2003-10Release 1 of The Tomb of Erdrick released.
2003-10-07Enterprising released.
2003-10-08The Silver Maiden released.
2003-10-17The Pyramid Of Hamaratum released.
2003-10-17Quest For Flesh released.
2003-10-17Saffire released.
2003-10-17That Crazy Radioactive Monkey! released.
2003-10-22Three Monkeys, One Cage released.
2003-10-26Halloween Hijinks released.
2003-11-08The Hornets' Nest released.
2003-11-10PTA Dance released.
2003-11-13Practice Policy released.
2003-12-07Santa Baby released.
2003-12-15Christmas Present released.
2003-12-21Dead Reckoning released.
2003-12-21ADRIFT port of Humbug released.
2003-12-21Temple Of The Sun released.
2003-12-23The Birthday released.
2003-12-29G7056 released.
2004770 points version of Adventure as Adventure 770 released.
2004IF Comp 2004 version of CompXX as Competition Aught-Four released.
2004Release 2 (Gamma 1.4f) of Gamlet released.
2004Original Release of Lost Kingdom released.
2004-01-02Barney's Problem released.
2004-01-02The Sleep Over released.
2004-01-08Version 1.5 of Practice Procedures released.
2004-01-08Private Teacher released.
2004-01-12Thy Dungeonman released.
2004-01-17Loving Family released.
2004-01-20TADS port of Getting laid in all the wrong places released.
2004-01-22Version 1 of Janey's Diary released.
2004-01-23Beethro's Text Adventure released.
2004-01-25The Legend of Zelda: Legacy of a Princess released.
2004-01-30The Burbs released.
2004-01-31Release 1 of Guss's Death released.
2004-01-31Hammurabi released.
2004-01-31Kenny's Christmas Presents released.
2004-01-31Original English version of The Mansion released.
2004-02-13Version 1.1 of Janey's Diary as Janey's Diary - Gold Edition released.
2004-02-13The Last Hour released.
2004-02-14War of Hyrule Castle released.
2004-02-20Release 5 of The Act of Misdirection released.
2004-02-29Crossworlds Part 1 - Normville released.
2004-03Inform 6 port of Frankenstein's Legacy as Frankenstein Adventure released.
2004-03Acorn RISC OS port of Frankenstein's Legacy as Frankenstein Adventure released.
2004-03-02ADRIFT Maze released.
2004-03-02Agent 4-F From Mars released.
2004-03-02ARGH's Great Escape released.
2004-03-02Cruel and Hilarious Punishment released.
2004-03-02Dark Fantasy released.
2004-03-02An Evening with the Evil Chicken of Doom released.
2004-03-02Get Treasure For Trabula released.
2004-03-02Goblin Hunt released.
2004-03-02Ice Cream released.
2004-03-02The Quest for Spam released.
2004-03-02Shred 'Em released.
2004-03-02Topaz released.
2004-03-02Undefined released.
2004-03-02Vagabond released.
2004-03-02Woof released.
2004-03-02Wreckage released.
2004-03-05Crossworlds Part 2 - The Flower Opens released.
2004-03-15Namiki's Day released.
2004-03-17TADS port of To Hell in a Hamper released.
2004-03-22Making the Grade released.
2004-03-26Santa's Little Helper released.
2004-03-28The Hindenburg Ogre released.
2004-04-01Breakout released.
2004-04-01The Corruption of Alex released.
2004-04-01Escape Pod released.
2004-04-01Freshman Orientation released.
2004-04-01Gotcha released.
2004-04-01Late Work released.
2004-04-01Normville High released.
2004-04-01The Oval Office released.
2004-04-01The Prostitute released.
2004-04-01To Score or Not To Score released.
2004-04-01Truck released.
2004-04-06Fantasy released.
2004-04-08Amnesia Kid released.
2004-04-10Cranial Pounding released.
2004-04-10Things released.
2004-04-10Time Place People Water Way released.
2004-04-14The Cabal released.
2004-04-18Sommeril released.
2004-04-18Wax Worx released.
2004-04-20Reefer Island released.
2004-04-24Thy Dungeonman II released.
2004-04-26The Night of the Sexbot released.
2004-05Habeas Dorkus released.
2004-05-02ImagiDroids released.
2004-05-02Shards of Memory released.
2004-05-11Cat Burglar released.
2004-05-12Handyman released.
2004-05-13Casino released.
2004-05-24Version 1.3c of Power Play released.
2004-06-07The Tale of the Unlikely Harem Girl, Prologue released.
2004-06-08Ghost Story released.
2004-06-10The Curse of DragonShrine released.
2004-06-13The Battle of Walcot Keep released.
2004-06-13Release 1 of The Fire Tower released.
2004-06-13Last Ride of the Night released.
2004-06-13Return to Ditch Day released.
2004-06-15I'm Gonna Take You To The Video Bar! released.
2004-06-27Jailbreak Bob released.
2004-06-27The Quest of the Golden Banana released.
2004-06-28Enterprise released.
2004-06-28Killer Syringe released.
2004-06-28Recess: the Golden Kickball released.
2004-07-04Annihilation of released.
2004-07-05The Amulet released.
2004-07-05Briefcase released.
2004-07-05Lost Souls released.
2004-07-05Shadrick's Travels released.
2004-07-05Zombie Cow released.
2004-07-10At the Top of Your Game released.
2004-07-10Digging thru Doctrine of the Dead released.
2004-07-13Original ADRIFT version of British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions released.
2004-07-21Release 1 of Auden's Eden released.
2004-07-21A Bet's a Bet released.
2004-07-21Release 0 of The Homework of Little Carl Gauss released.
2004-07-23Stowaway released.
2004-07-24Version 1.0 of Russian Beauties released.
2004-07-25Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned released.
2004-07-26Parlour released.
2004-08-12Release 1 of IF Quake released.
2004-08-16Tutor released.
2004-08-22Dear Diary 2 - Prom Night released.
2004-08-23Release 1 of Endgame released.
2004-08-27Ghost Justice released.
2004-08-29Choose Your Own... released.
2004-08-29Competition Release of The Mystery Of The Darkhaven Caves released.
2004-08-30The ADRIFT Project: Classified released.
2004-08-31Shadrick's Underground Adventures released.
2004-09-05Mount Voluptuous released.
2004-09-05Release 1 of The Stars Are Right released.
2004-09-14Midsomer Bottom Manor released.
2004-09-19Get Out of The House! released.
2004-09-26Hoe-down in Ho-town released.
2004-10-01Release 1 (Competition release; Gamma 1.3z) of Gamlet released.
2004-10-01Release 1 (Competition version) of The Great Xavio released.
2004-10-01Release 42.00.009 of I Must Play released.
2004-10-01Kurusu City released.
2004-10-01A Light's Tale released.
2004-10-01Luminous Horizon released.
2004-10-01Magocracy released.
2004-10-01PTBAD3: A Mystery released.
2004-10-01The Realm released.
2004-10-01Redeye released.
2004-10-01Ruined Robots released.
2004-10-01Square Circle released.
2004-10-01Trading Punches, Part 1 of The Convergence Saga released.
2004-10-01Die Vollkommene Masse released.
2004-10-01Who Created That Monster? released.
2004-10-01Zero released.
2004-10-05Turnberry Manor released.
2004-10-10Where Are My Keys? released.
2004-10-13Community Policing released.
2004-10-13Gumball Gary Leaves The House released.
2004-10-15Roadside Adventure released.
2004-10-16The Time Machine released.
2004-10-27Ghoster released.
2004-10-29Saturday Night released.
2004-10-29Zara's mansion released.
2004-10-30Hell in Highwater released.
2004-11-03On Time released.
2004-11-07The Reunion released.
2004-11-12Future Boy! released.
2004-11-21The Magic Show released.
2004-11-28Conversation with a Picture released.
2004-11-28The Old Church released.
2004-11-28Portrait released.
2004-11-28Sigurd Fafnesbane released.
2004-12Buried Alive released.
2004-12Snakes and Ladders released.
2004-12Veteran Experience released.
2004-12We are coming to get you! released.
2004-12Zombies Are Cool, But Not So Cool When They're Eating Your Head released.
2004-12-02Back to Life... Unfortunately released.
2004-12-12Pool Party released.
2004-12-20Release 3 of Azteca released.
2004-12-22PTBAD4: How the Record Got Its Groove Back released.
2004-12-23Release 1 of The Isle of the Cult released.
2005IF Comp 2005 version of CompXX as Competition Aught-Five released.
2005Brainfuck port of Lost Kingdom released.
2005IntroComp release of Weishaupt Scholars as Weishaupt Scholars: Prologue released.
2005-01-02Release 1 of Dastardly released.
2005-01-03Crossworlds Part 3 - The Final Far Far Away Frontier released.
2005-01-07King's Quest V - The Text Adventure (Part 1 of 2) released.
2005-01-16Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Sex released.
2005-01-16ESPER: The Secret of Drom Bennacht released.
2005-01-18Graduation Night at the Brothel released.
2005-01-19The Cabin - Inspiration Does Not Come Standard released.
2005-01-19A Walk At Dusk released.
2005-01-23Of Masters and Mistresses Part 1: Abduction released.
2005-01-30The Early Years released.
2005-02Wumpus 2000 released.
2005-02-04Tomorrow Never Comes released.
2005-02-07Oakwood School released.
2005-02-09Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots released.
2005-02-09Wizard's Playground released.
2005-02-11Veteran Knowledge released.
2005-02-14Choices released.
2005-02-27Meine Dalix released.
2005-02-28TADS port of British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions released.
2005-03-06Gross: The Game released.
2005-03-06Microwave Man! released.
2005-03-07Release x of Las Aventuras de Rudolphine Rur released.
2005-03-08Rachel's Bad Day released.
2005-03-20The Nem Rehsif released.
2005-03-26Mystery House: Occluded Vengeance released.
2005-03-31Release 1 of Authority released.
2005-03-31Version 1 of Bolivia By Night released.
2005-03-31Release 1 of Flat Feet released.
2005-03-31Version 1.0 of The Great Machine: A Fragment released.
2005-03-31Competition version of Second Chance released.
2005-03-31Version 1.0b of Threnody released.
2005-03-31Release 1 of Whom The Telling Changed released.
2005-04l'Armando released.
2005-04-01Bananenrepublik released.
2005-04-01Das Kopialbuch released.
2005-04-01Die Queste I released.
2005-04-13Release 1 of Conan Kill Everything released.
2005-04-16Attempted Assassination released.
2005-04-16A Day At The Seaside released.
2005-04-17Fire in the Blood released.
2005-04-17Frustrated Interviewee released.
2005-04-17The House Husband released.
2005-04-17Private Eye released.
2005-04-22Ideal Pacific Coast University released.
2005-04-28Release 2 of Conan Kill Everything released.
2005-04-29Praser 5 released.
2005-04-30Things that Don't Exist released.
2005-05-03Creepy Mansion (demo) released.
2005-05-07All Hope Abandon released.
2005-05-07Demo of Beethro's Text Adventure released.
2005-05-07Expanded edition of Escape Pod released.
2005-05-10Annihilation of 3 released.
2005-05-18In The Claws Of Clueless Bob released.
2005-05-21The Final Question released.
2005-05-21Murder Mansion released.
2005-05-21Intro version (ADRIFT Intro Comp Release) of Must Escape! released.
2005-05-21Outline released.
2005-05-21Point 2 Point released.
2005-05-21Rift released.
2005-05-21Silk Road Secrets: Samarkand to Lop Nor released.
2005-05-21Zack Smackfoot released.
2005-05-23Release 0 of Dawn of the Demon released.
2005-05-26Weekend released.
2005-05-27Little Falls released.
2005-06Lauren's Awakening released.
2005-06-05Decisions released.
2005-06-07Marmalade Skies released.
2005-06-15Pink Bunnies from the Planet Zorptizon released.
2005-06-15Space War!...and the PDP-1 released.
2005-06-16ADRIFT port of Escape to Freedom released.
2005-06-20Exploring AGC released.
2005-06-21Train released.
2005-06-30The Adventure of Space Boy! released.
2005-07-05Façade released.
2005-07-06Casting released.
2005-07-10Release 1 of Dog Show released.
2005-07-12Release 1 of Eragon released.
2005-07-14Crawler's Delight released.
2005-07-15Release 1 of The First Mile released.
2005-07-16Crazy Old Bag Lady released.
2005-07-24Games released for IntroComp 2005.
2005-07-26The White Singularity released.
2005-07-28Event date for Speed-IF Jacket 3.
2005-07-30Building released.
2005-08-02X-Men: First Day at the Institute released.
2005-08-06Options released.
2005-08-06T11:59:00ESTVoting deadline for IntroComp 2005.
2005-08-10Laboratory R.A.T.S. released.
2005-08-11Version 2.0 of Space Boy's First Adventure released.
2005-08-14The Last Detective released.
2005-08-21Can It Be All So Simple? released.
2005-08-21Lights, Camera, Action! released.
2005-08-21Version 2 (ADRIFT Summer Comp Release) of Must Escape! released.
2005-08-21Regrets released.
2005-08-21Target released.
2005-08-23Event date for Speed-IF Zombie.
2005-08-23Release 1 of speedif zombie released.
2005-08-28Release 1 of The Fluid of Life released.
2005-08-28Release 1 of The Hentai Adventures of Captain Cumshot released.
2005-08-29Release 1 of Upwards released.
2005-09-04The Former released.
2005-09-04Haunted Horror released.
2005-09-04The Lazy Gun Cult released.
2005-09-04Operation: Sleepover released.
2005-09-04Star Wars: Escape from Dagobah released.
2005-09-04Three Worlds released.
2005-09-05Release 1 of The Corn Identity released.
2005-09-06Smile released.
2005-09-1023:15 released.
2005-09-11Los alegres hombres de Sherwood released.
2005-09-11La Caja de Sarimek released.
2005-09-25Games released for ADRIFT Finish The Game Comp 2005.
2005-09-25The Demon Hunter released.
2005-09-25The Hunter released.
2005-09-25Jack of Shadows released.
2005-09-25Pathway To Destruction released.
2005-09-25Shadow Of The Past released.
2005-09-25Take One released.
2005-09-27Fever Cabin released.
2005-10Version 1.0 of La Canción del Bardo released.
2005-10Le Cercle des Gros Geeks disparus released.
2005-10Echappée Belle Dans Les Contrées du Rêve released.
2005-10Les Feux de l'enfer released.
2005-10Qui a tué Dana ? released.
2005-10Le Temple de Feu released.
2005-10El Trono de Inglaterra released.
2005-10-01Amissville II released.
2005-10-01Release 1 (Glulx version) of Beyond released.
2005-10-01Chancellor released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of Cheiron released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of The Colour Pink released.
2005-10-01Distress released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of Dreary Lands released.
2005-10-01Escape to New York released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of FutureGame (tm): The Game of the Future released.
2005-10-01Version 0.9 of Gilded: The Lily and the Cage released.
2005-10-01Release 1 (English) of Hello Sword as Hello Sword - The journey released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of History Repeating released.
2005-10-01Internal Vigilance released.
2005-10-01Jesus of Nazareth released.
2005-10-01Mix Tape released.
2005-10-01Mortality released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of Neon Nirvana released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of A New Life released.
2005-10-01Ninja II (IF Comp 2005 entry) of Ninja as Ninja II released.
2005-10-01Off the Trolley released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of On Optimism released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of Phantom: Caverns of the Killer released.
2005-10-01The Plague (Redux) released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of Psyche's Lament: An Interactive Geek Myth released.
2005-10-01PTBAD6.5: The URL That Didn't Work, or:Have You Seen the Muffin Man? He Is Quite Large! released.
2005-10-01Version a of Sabotage on the Century Cauldron released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of Snatches released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of Son of a... released.
2005-10-01Space Horror I: Prey for Your Enemies released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of The Sword of Malice released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of Tough Beans released.
2005-10-01Release 1 of Unforgotten released.
2005-10-01Vendetta released.
2005-10-01Release 1a of Vespers released.
2005-10-01Waldo's Pie released.
2005-10-01Xen: The Contest released.
2005-10-10Palace of Shadows released.
2005-10-15txt adventure released.
2005-10-27Can I do it? released.
2005-10-29Archie's Birthday - Chapter 1: Reggie's Gift released.
2005-11-17Release 8 of Book and Volume released.
2005-11-28Notice Me released.
2005-12The Escape released.
2005-12-01Consequences released.
2005-12-10Chasing the Russian released.
2005-12-12A Spot Of Bother released.
2005-12-13Escape From St. Mary's released.
2005-12-16Provenance released.
2005-12-18Showtime at the Gallows released.
2005-12-22The Village of Love and Lust released.
2005-12-30A Sugared Pill released.
2006Incomplete version of The Apprentice released.
2006IF Comp 2006 version of CompXX as Competition Aught-Six released.
2006Acorn Electron port of To Hell in a Hamper released.
2006-01-04Drone Academy: Building Tomorrow's Soldiers released.
2006-01-19Therapy released.
2006-01-20Release 1 of Deep Breathing released.
2006-01-21Release 1 of Bronze released.
2006-01-21Release 1 of Little Green Robbing Hood released.
2006-01-21Release 1 of This is the game that I wrote released.
2006-01-22Release 2 of Dastardly released.
2006-01-23Voting deadline for Erins 2005.
2006-01-26Falcon: Mean Streets released.
2006-01-30T21:00:00ESTCeremony for Erins 2005 at ifMud.
2006-02The Makeshift Magician released.
2006-02-06The Google Adventure released.
2006-02-25Release 9 of Bronze released.
2006-03-01Release 3 of Damnatio Memoriae released.
2006-03-01Release 1 of The Reliques of Tolti-Aph released.
2006-03-04Release 6 of The Act of Misdirection released.
2006-03-10Vengance released.
2006-03-11To Cage a Magpie released.
2006-03-18Glum Fiddle released.
2006-03-18Jonathan Grimshaw: Space Tourist released.
2006-03-18Man Overboard!!! released.
2006-03-18Too Much Exercise released.
2006-03-31De Baron released.
2006-03-31The Baron released.
2006-03-31Version a of Pantomime released.
2006-03-31The Potter and the Mould released.
2006-03-31The Warlord, The Princess & The Bulldog released.
2006-04-01Das Felleisen released.
2006-04-01P. Mason und der Schlitzerhans und die Busenkathi released.
2006-04-01Die Probe released.
2006-04-01Schatten über London released.
2006-04-04For Love Of Digby released.
2006-04-07The Clairvoyant released.
2006-04-07Version 1.0 of Detention released.
2006-04-07A Dream Come True released.
2006-04-07Neon Genesis Evangelion: Nightmares released.
2006-04-07Shamelessly Slutty: Teacher released.
2006-04-07Release 1 of Super Blow released.
2006-04-07Warlock released.
2006-04-07WWE - RAW's New GM released.
2006-04-25Version 1.3 of The GameMaster: Resident Lust released.
2006-04-27Paradise Hotel released.
2006-04-30Release 1 of Glass released.
2006-04-30Release 2 of When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste released.
2006-04-30Release 1 of When in Rome 2: Far from Home released.
2006-05-09Gifts of Phallius 1: The Baron's Plot released.
2006-05-12Largo Winch released.
2006-05-13Release 1023 of Alma Mater released.
2006-05-13Release 1 of Revenge of the Nockle : A Speed IF released.
2006-05-14Release 1 of Captain Cumshot's Second Adventure: The Rim Job released.
2006-05-14Release 1 of Define Far released.
2006-05-14Release 1 of Il Diavolo a Venezia released.
2006-05-14Release 1 of Expedition released.
2006-05-14Release 2 of Final Selection released.
2006-05-14Version 1 of Forma Mentis released.
2006-05-14Version 1 of Frankenstein III released.
2006-05-14Galeotto fu il canotto (Tre modi per buttare l'ancora) released.
2006-05-14ADRIFT original of It's Easter, Peeps! released.
2006-05-14Inform 6 port of It's Easter, Peeps! released.
2006-05-14Lazy Jones e l'ultima crostata! released.
2006-05-14Release 1 of A Minimum Wage Job released.
2006-05-14De Reditu released.
2006-05-14Lo Sforacchiato giallo released.
2006-05-31The Amazing Interactive Turing Machine released.
2006-06The Ludicorp Mystery released.
2006-06-10Version 1 of SERE - Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape released.
2006-06-10Version 1 without music of SERE - Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape released.
2006-06-19The New Superstud released.
2006-06-23Goteras released.
2006-07The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters: Cardinal Chang released.
2006-07The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters: Celeste Temple released.
2006-07-01Pestilence released.
2006-07-01The Reluctant Vampire released.
2006-07-01Spooked! The Wonders of Science released.
2006-07-04Release 1 of An Escape To Remember released.
2006-07-07Professional released.
2006-07-17The Art of Deception released.
2006-07-17IntroComp release of Child's Play released.
2006-07-17Mechs released.
2006-07-17Nothing But Mazes released.
2006-07-17Sabotage! released.
2006-07-17Southern Gothic released.
2006-07-17Unyielding Fury released.
2006-07-21Spooked! The Haunted Horror House released.
2006-07-23Dreadwine released.
2006-08-12Choose Your Own Three Hour Adventure released.
2006-08-13Version 1 of Over the Edge released.
2006-08-14The Camping Trip released.
2006-08-17No Famous released.
2006-08-17The Retreat released.
2006-08-22Rodney and the Princess released.
2006-08-25Release 2 (Freeware version, Inform 6) of Shapes released.
2006-08-27Release 0 of Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies released.
2006-09-05Release 11 of Ad Verbum released.
2006-09-06Enquête à hauts risques released.
2006-09-08Release 1 of The Citizen of the Year: The Game released.
2006-09-13Adventure Strikes When You Least Expect It released.
2006-09-23Time to Shine released.
2006-09-25Crossworlds Part 0 - The Girl Next Door released.
2006-09-25Version 1.1 for ADRIFT Runner of Over the Edge released.
2006-09-25Version 1.1 for SCARE/Gargoyle of Over the Edge released.
2006-09-28The View Is Better Here released.
2006-09-30Another Goddamn Escape the Locked Room Game released.
2006-09-30The Apocalypse Clock released.
2006-09-30Aunts and Butlers released.
2006-09-30Version 1 of Ballymun Adventure released.
2006-09-30Competition Release of Beam released.
2006-09-30Release 7 of The Bible Retold: The Bread and the Fishes released.
2006-09-30Competition release of A Broken Man released.
2006-09-30Carmen Devine: Supernatural Troubleshooter released.
2006-09-30Release 4 of Delightful Wallpaper released.
2006-09-30The Elysium Enigma released.
2006-09-30Enter the Dark released.
2006-09-30Fetter's Grim released.
2006-09-30Release 1 of Fight or Flight released.
2006-09-30Release 1 of Floatpoint released.
2006-09-30Release 1 of Game Producer! released.
2006-09-30Green Falls released.
2006-09-30Release 1 of Hedge released.
2006-09-30The Initial State released.
2006-09-30Release 1 of Labyrinth released.
2006-09-30Lawn of Love released.
2006-09-30Legion released.
2006-09-30Locked Out released.
2006-09-30Madam Spider's Web released.
2006-09-30Release 2 of MANALIVE, A Mystery of Madness - I released.
2006-09-30Release 2 of MANALIVE, A Mystery of Madness - II released.
2006-09-30Release 1 of Möbius released.
2006-09-30Moon-Shaped released.
2006-09-30Release 1 of Pathfinder released.
2006-09-30Polendina released.
2006-09-30The Primrose Path released.
2006-09-30PTGOOD 8*10^23 released.
2006-09-30Requiem released.
2006-09-30Simple Adventure released.
2006-09-30The Sisters released.
2006-09-30Sisyphus released.
2006-09-30Star City released.
2006-09-30Strange Geometries released.
2006-09-30Tentellian Island released.
2006-09-30The Tower of the Elephant released.
2006-09-30The Traveling Swordsman released.
2006-09-30Unauthorized Termination released.
2006-09-30Visocica released.
2006-09-30Wumpus Run released.
2006-09-30Xen: The Hunt released.
2006-10The Adventures of Bobo the Monkey released.
2006-10The Alchemist's Home released.
2006-10Ali and his Search for his Father released.
2006-10Aqua Flyer released.
2006-10Bad Night released.
2006-10Brainfreeze released.
2006-10Breakout released.
2006-10The Cabin released.
2006-10Captive released.
2006-10CASL Rush released.
2006-10Contrived Text Adventure Game released.
2006-10Dead in the Water released.
2006-10Death at Sea released.
2006-10Release 1 of Disaster at the Acme Tower released.
2006-10Escape from Shalegate released.
2006-10Release 1 of Escape from the CIS Building released.
2006-10Escape from the sixth floor released.
2006-10Escape of the Prince released.
2006-10Escape the Eternal Tower released.
2006-10Grounded released.
2006-10Release 1 of Halloween Beer Party released.
2006-10Release 1 of Hattori Hanzo's Escape released.
2006-10Release 1 of The Island released.
2006-10The Knight Trials released.
2006-10The Last Ninja released.
2006-10The Last Roman released.
2006-10Life Goes On released.
2006-10Looking For A Fortune released.
2006-10Lost Space Colony: Infestation released.
2006-10The M Adventure released.
2006-10Magic Star released.
2006-10Master Thief released.
2006-10Release 1 of Merlin's Treasure released.
2006-10Neighbor from Hell released.
2006-10Ogre Woes released.
2006-10Old Man Simmons released.
2006-10Release 1 of Project Seed released.
2006-10Release 1 of The Projector of Maxim released.
2006-10The Quest for the Sword of 1000 Truths released.
2006-10Sneaky Game released.
2006-10Something to do in a library released.
2006-10Stealing Candy From A Baby released.
2006-10Stole Your Bike! released.
2006-10Stranded released.
2006-10The Testing released.
2006-10The Three Rooms Game released.
2006-10Tyrant released.
2006-10Worthy Witch released.
2006-10You're Fired released.
2006-10-09Release 3 of Final Selection released.
2006-10-12S Tar Dus T released.
2006-10-16Amazing TV Caper released.
2006-10-17Malaise released.
2006-10-21Version 1.0 of The Good Neighbor released.
2006-10-21Glulx version of Sarvegne released.
2006-10-23Release 1 of Pirates of the Caribou released.
2006-10-23Release 1 of Sharing All The Way To The Bank released.
2006-10-24Release 1 of La Cité des Eaux released.
2006-10-25Release 3 of Bob's Garage released.
2006-10-25Version 1.1 of Gifts of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity released.
2006-10-30Ron Weasley and the Quest for Hermione released.
2006-11Release 0 of Ekphrasis released.
2006-11Moments Out of Time (Adventure Type) released.
2006-11-04Release 3 of In the House of Professor Evil: The HAM HOUSE released.
2006-11-06Release 1 of Collision ... In Space! released.
2006-11-17Release 5 of Delightful Wallpaper released.
2006-11-26Version 1.1 of The Journey of the King released.
2006-12Original version (Release 1) of Lydia's Heart as Last Resort released.
2006-12Гзд released.
2006-12Джинн из машины (Genie ex machine) released.
2006-12Дримор. Часть первая released.
2006-12Клара - расхитительница варенья released.
2006-12Ожидание утра released.
2006-12-16Version 1.1 of The Ebb and Flow of the Tide released.
2006-12-17Getfeldt's Treasure released.
2007Updated and expanded remake (version 2.0.03) of Lydia's Heart as Lydia's Heart released.
2007-01-02Release 2 of Bareback Mountain released.
2007-02-01Escape from the House released.
2007-02-01Version 1.1 of Escape from this house released.
2007-02-01Nami Adventure released.
2007-02-01Something 'Bout A Hex released.
2007-02-01Where's Annabel? released.
2007-02-02Crossworlds Part 4 - Scream For Me released.
2007-02-03Suprematism in IF released.
2007-02-05Terrified released.
2007-02-07Ring of Power released.
2007-03-07Inheritance released.
2007-03-09Sunburst Contamination released.
2007-03-13PiggeryJokery released.
2007-03-14Release 1 of A Little Like Rogue released.
2007-03-20Mario is Missing 2: The Foes released.
2007-03-21Release 4 of Accuse released.
2007-04-01Sir Loin and the coming of age released.
2007-04-02The Epic Origins of CamelGirl! released.
2007-04-02Release 1 of Fate released.
2007-04-02Version a of The Reluctant Resurrectee released.
2007-04-02Starship Volant: Stowaway released.
2007-04-17Les espions ne meurent jamais released.
2007-04-21House Adventure released.
2007-04-22Naughty Boy released.
2007-05Gare released.
2007-05Jeu vidéo released.
2007-05-01Release 1 of Figaro - an example released.
2007-05-01Release 1 of Perry's World released.
2007-05-06Mystery Locker released.
2007-05-14Release 1 of Adventurer's Consumer Guide released.
2007-05-14The Casabian Virus released.
2007-05-14The Fiendish Revenge of Baron von Glockenspiel released.
2007-05-14Flexibility released.
2007-05-14A Goblin's Life released.
2007-05-14Hard Core released.
2007-05-14HORSE released.
2007-05-14Lysistrata released.
2007-05-14Plains of Fantasy released.
2007-05-14Scandal on the Seven Seas released.
2007-05-14The Second Guest released.
2007-05-14Stalker Neighbor released.
2007-05-14Time in the Dark released.
2007-05-20Cell (Part I) released.
2007-05-24Pentari: The Apprentice released.
2007-05-26Around The House released.
2007-05-26Release 1 of Food for Thought released.
2007-05-28The Angel, the Devil and the Human released.
2007-06Les autres released.
2007-06-01Digimon released.
2007-06-02Sir Loin 2: The Phantom Dennis released.
2007-06-15Version 1.6 of Ecdysis released.
2007-06-15Glulx version of Lieux Communs released.
2007-06-15Z-code version of Lieux Communs released.
2007-06-18Backstreet Boy - Demo released.
2007-06-19Beyond the Threshold released.
2007-06-19The Cellar released.
2007-06-19Release 6 of Dead Cities released.
2007-06-19Handyman Wanted released.
2007-06-21Fenom Online released.
2007-06-25House of Horror released.
2007-06-27Q&A v.o1 released.
2007-07-02Day in the Life of a Teacher released.
2007-07-03Dim released.
2007-07-04Dim 2 released.
2007-07-04eScaPe ThE aPaRtMenT!!! released.
2007-07-14Blighted Isle released.
2007-07-21School Dreams 2: Forfeit Fantasy released.
2007-07-23Pain Labyrinth released.
2007-08Pentari: Second Dawn released.
2007-08-02Release 1 of Ghost Town: The Lost Treasure released.
2007-08-02Zhoom's Defenders test game released.
2007-08-05Folkar Station released.
2007-08-05Release 1 ("IntroCompEdition") of Jack in the box released.
2007-08-05Release 1 of Jacob's Travels released.
2007-08-05Introcomp version of The King of Shreds and Patches released.
2007-08-05Release 1 of Three Princes released.
2007-08-05Tin released.
2007-08-05Release 7 of Trainstopping released.
2007-08-08The Isle released.
2007-08-10Dungeon released.
2007-08-19Release 1 of Initiation released.
2007-08-19Initiation - Les aventures d'un apprenti sorcier released.
2007-08-19Ma princesse adorée released.
2007-08-19Plic Ploc, (Mohive, saoûlé des eaux) released.
2007-08-19Sorcière au balcon, apprenti en déraison ! released.
2007-08-19Full version (Release 1) of Weishaupt Scholars released.
2007-08-20Shiversword: The Beginning released.
2007-08-21The World According To CBN released.
2007-08-25Release 1 of Djibouti Dirigible Discombobulation released.
2007-08-25Release 2 of Fætt Tiw released.
2007-08-26Release 1 of AFGNCAAP - IF Agent! Todays Adventure: Holy Goat! released.
2007-08-26Release 1 of Alcohol solves everything released.
2007-08-26Châtiment divin released.
2007-08-26Release 2 of In Search of Velocitas fictus released.
2007-08-26Kheper, une aventure égyptienne released.
2007-08-26Mon voisin est un gros sacarabée released.
2007-08-26Reflets released.
2007-08-26Le Scarabée et le Katana released.
2007-08-26Release 1 of The Twelve Heads of St. John the Baptist released.
2007-08-26English Release 3 of Ze French countryside is full of fresh air released.
2007-09Lavoir released.
2007-09Sortir de la chambre released.
2007-09-01El Edificio 25 released.
2007-09-01Release 1 of Error de Copia released.
2007-09-01Macetas released.
2007-09-01Regreso al Edén released.
2007-09-06Lo Scarafaggio released.
2007-09-14The Last Hurrah! released.
2007-09-28ESCAPE! released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of Across The Stars released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of An Act of Murder released.
2007-09-30Adventure XT released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of Beneath: a Transformation released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of The Chinese Room released.
2007-09-30Competition release of Deadline Enchanter released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of Eduard the Seminarist released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of Ferrous Ring released.
2007-09-30A Fine Day for Reaping released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of Fox, Fowl and Feed released.
2007-09-30Gathered In Darkness released.
2007-09-30Ghost of the Fireflies released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of The Immortal released.
2007-09-30In The Mind Of The Master released.
2007-09-30Jealousy Duel X released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of Lord Bellwater's Secret released.
2007-09-30The Lost Dimension released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of Lost Pig released.
2007-09-30A Matter of Importance released.
2007-09-30My Mind's Mishmash released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of My Name is Jack Mills released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of Orevore Courier released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of Packrat released.
2007-09-30Press [Escape] to Save released.
2007-09-30Reconciling Mother released.
2007-09-30Slap That Fish released.
2007-09-30Release 1 of Varkana released.
2007-09-30Wish released.
2007-10-04Spoutnik released.
2007-10-07Un matin released.
2007-10-21ryan's own msn released.
2007-10-30IF Comp 2007 version of CompXX as Competition Aught-Seven released.
2007-10-30Version 1.0 of Ghost released.
2007-10-30Missing Person released.
2007-11-03The Forest House released.
2007-11-03Greek School Adventure released.
2007-11-03The Stowaway released.
2007-11-03Video.Tape / Decay released.
2007-11-03Witness: Demon vs Vampire released.
2007-11-06Captain Lighthouse released.
2007-11-09The Convenience Store of Doom!!! released.
2007-11-10Little Slave Lost - Chapter Zero released.
2007-11-10S.U.B.Mission Spa and Resort released.
2007-11-12Captain Lighthouse's Museum Mystery released.
2007-11-18The Adventures of Space Boy! Volume II released.
2007-11-19Cabin Fever released.
2007-11-19Release 1 of A dream imprint released.
2007-11-19Glulx version of Kinesis released.
2007-11-19Z-code version of Kinesis released.
2007-11-19Marika the Offering released.
2007-11-19Il Necromante released.
2007-11-19Notte prima dell'esame released.
2007-11-19The Puzzle Box released.
2007-11-19Suveh Nux released.
2007-11-19Release 1 of Urban Conflict released.
2007-11-23Release 1 of The Musician released.
2007-12Afuera released.
2007-12Release 1 of Antes o después released.
2007-12Boxman released.
2007-12Release 1 of Como el diablo esnifando una raya released.
2007-12Estación released.
2007-12Release 0 of Hierba tras el cristal released.
2007-12Roleando released.
2007-12Release 1 of Yuriko in the Mausoleo released.
2007-12-04Version 1.0 of ZRacer released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Andreas Thorwald Cross released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Balladoole Interactive Fiction Project released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Braaid released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of The Brough of Birsay released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of The Christian Lady of Rushen Abbey released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Fork: The Great Underground Dining Room released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of I Never Wanted to Go to Tingwall! released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Jarlshof released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Knock y Doonee released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Lindisfarne released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Maes Howe released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Maughold Otter released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Mauhold Boar released.
2007-12-05Original Release 1 (Z-code version) of The Roolwer Cross-slab released.
2007-12-05State of Mind released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Sullom Voe released.
2007-12-05Release 1 of Tynwald released.
2007-12-062007 release of Ghost Town released.
2007-12-06Release 1 of House of Dream of Moon released.
2007-12-06Release 1 of Magical Shetland Adventure released.
2007-12-16Sandbox Samurai released.
2007-12-22OoTaS released.
2007-12-22TimeRift released.
2007-12-23As Darkness Falls released.
2007-12-24Spanish original of Subterránea released.
2007-12-26Breathe released.
2007-12-26Release 1 of Capture Santa! released.
2007-12-26The Christmas Party released.
2007-12-26Release 1 of L'île du Phare Abandonné released.
2007-12-26Midwinter Rites released.
2007-12-26Release 1 of My Magic Tire Hoax released.
2007-12-26Panorama released.
2007-12-26Snowblind Aces released.
2007-12-26The Snowman released.
2007-12-26French translation of Subterránea as Souterraine released.
2007-12-26TIGSaga released.
2007-12-26Release 1 of Xmaton released.
2007-12-27Release 7 of Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom released.
2007-12-28Brrr ! released.
2007-12-28Release 1 of Divine bonace released.
2007-12-28Release 1 of Les Heures du vent released.
2007-12-30Release 1 of The Day I shot ... as The Day I shot Hitler released.
2007-12-30Release 1 of Nazi Mice released.
2007-12-30Release 0 of Not the Same Old Lang Syne released.
2007-12-30Release 1 of The War On New Year's or, Dance Dance January Revolution released.
2007-12-31Release 4 (Full version) of Child's Play released.
2008Release 1 of 30 Minutes released.
2008Release 2 of Being Andrew Plotkin released.
2008IF Comp 2008 version of CompXX released.
2008Release 1 (Competition release) of Escapade! released.
2008Inform 7 port of Trollslayer as Trollslayer released.
2008Spanish translation of Werewolf as Lobos y Aldeanos released.
2008-01Release 2 of Somewhere released.
2008-01-02sword masters released.
2008-01-02sword masters 2 released.
2008-01-02sword masters 3 released.
2008-01-04mystery cell released.
2008-01-04sword masters 11 released.
2008-01-04sword masters 4 released.
2008-01-04sword masters 5 released.
2008-01-04sword masters 6 released.
2008-01-04sword masters 7 released.
2008-01-04sword masters fight for the planet released.
2008-01-04sword masters, a new fighting experience released.
2008-01-04sword masters, a warrior is born released.
2008-01-05Do What You Want released.
2008-01-06escape 2 released.
2008-01-06Escape the Bear Campsite released.
2008-01-06The tavern released.
2008-01-09Doomed! released.
2008-01-11Release 1 of Sporkery 1: There Will Be Sporking released.
2008-01-17Assasinating Dr. Froth released.
2008-01-17Spanish translation of The Mansion as La Mansión released.
2008-01-18Release 1 of Housekey, Part I released.
2008-01-22Spanish translation of The Mansion II as La Mansión II released.
2008-01-23Release 1 of The Care and Feeding of Adjuncts. released.
2008-01-30Nearco released.
2008-01-31The Bomb released.
2008-01-31Release 88 of Iraqi Invasion released.
2008-02-01Bob's Adventure released.
2008-02-04Release 1 of The Airport released.
2008-02-08Nearco 2 released.
2008-02-08vikings released.
2008-02-09Version 1.2 of Goldilocks - Breaking & Entering released.
2008-02-11Escape The House! released.
2008-02-12Escape The House 2! released.
2008-02-16Release 2 of Connect released.
2008-02-16Version 1.9beta of Germania released.
2008-02-16Release 1 of Limelight released.
2008-02-16Version 1.02 of Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret released.
2008-02-16Version 1.1 of The Sleeping Princess released.
2008-02-18Bandera released.
2008-02-19Release 1 of Parallel released.
2008-02-22Release 1 of Fugue released.
2008-02-25Kill All Enemys released.
2008-02-28battle released.
2008-03-05Rocky Raccoon released.
2008-03-07clash released.
2008-03-08hotel released.
2008-03-10A Day at School released.
2008-03-13Release 1 of Back to WakeUp released.
2008-03-18Version 1.0 of Recluse released.
2008-03-20Release 1 of LMS The Video Game released.
2008-03-24Rising Blood released.
2008-03-25Beyond Manage released.
2008-04-02Release 1 of Blue Lacuna released.
2008-04-02Release 1 of Pascal's Wager released.
2008-04-02Version a of Without A Clue released.
2008-04-05You Have To BURN ROPE WITH TORCH released.
2008-04-06Release 1 of A day in life released.
2008-04-06Release 1 of EXTERMINATE! released.
2008-04-06Release 1 of Gardening for Beginners released.
2008-04-06Release 1 of Spring Cleaning released.
2008-04-22Le Pantin Electrique released.
2008-04-22English translation of Le Pantin Electrique as The Electric Puppet released.
2008-04-24Release 1 of Cronk ny Merriu released.
2008-04-25Version 8.01 of Klub Karisma released.
2008-05-01in the woods released.
2008-05-11Shiversword 2: The Magic Harp released.
2008-05-15Release 1 of Attack of the Terror Tabby!!! released.
2008-05-20Release 1 of Conversion of the Franks released.
2008-05-20Release 1 of Missionaries released.
2008-05-20Release 1 of Paulinus fights for Christianity released.
2008-05-23Italian translation of The Thorn as Il rovo released.
2008-05-27Release 1 of Lowell Prison released.
2008-05-27Release 2 of Seeking Solace released.
2008-05-28Release 1 of Lowell's Paradise released.
2008-05-28Release 1 of Pick up the pine box and die released.
2008-05-28Release 1 of The Wide-Open Gate released.
2008-05-30Release 1 of A Mission from God released.
2008-05-311st Time released.
2008-06Release 1 of Winter Break released.
2008-06-01Agent de la Paix Terrestre released.
2008-06-01Citronille released.
2008-06-01Escape from Lowell Prison released.
2008-06-01Version 1.0.0 of Macrocosm released.
2008-06-01Release 1 of A Night With Kes released.
2008-06-01La quête du Baal released.
2008-06-01La route des vins released.
2008-06-02Ab in die Berge? released.
2008-06-02Abenteuer von Antonius Bartscher released.
2008-06-02Der Brief released.
2008-06-02CRAZY??? released.
2008-06-02Das eindeutig unbestreibar individuell ablaufende Leben released.
2008-06-02Er trug schwarz... released.
2008-06-02Der Fall LFS released.
2008-06-02Giftiges Dinner released.
2008-06-02Die Karte released.
2008-06-02Die Suche nach dem Glück released.
2008-06-02wüste released.
2008-06-02Die Zeitreise auf den Spuren von Bartholomäus released.
2008-06-04Version 1.0 of Beanstalk the and Jack released.
2008-06-04The Perfect Spy released.
2008-06-04Pieces of eden released.
2008-06-06Release 1 of Inventory released.
2008-06-09Aladin, oder der Orient mal anders. released.
2008-06-09Ein beschwerlicher Aufstieg released.
2008-06-09Fahrt nach Irgendwo released.
2008-06-11Release 1 of Flawed Addendum released.
2008-06-12Release 1 of Taunting Donut released.
2008-06-13Colonia mortalis released.
2008-06-17Release 1 of The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp released.
2008-06-22The Foggy Banana Adventure released.
2008-06-23Release 1 of Dog Saves Baby released.
2008-07-06Door released.
2008-07-06Happy Valley released.
2008-07-06Hunting Ground released.
2008-07-06The Marlin Affair: Prologue released.
2008-07-06Wolves At The Door released.
2008-07-27the virtual human released.
2008-08-15Updated Release 1 (Glulx version) of The Roolwer Cross-slab as Roolwer Cross Slab released.
2008-08-17Release 1 of A AAAAA AAAAAAAAA released.
2008-08-21Release 1 (IntroComp version) of Bedtime story released.
2008-08-21The Bloody Guns released.
2008-08-21Release 1 of Chapter Zero: Welcome to Cicada Creek as Storm Cellar released.
2008-08-21Release 1 of Fiendish Zoo released.
2008-08-21Release 112 of Nine-tenths of the Law released.
2008-08-21The Phoenix Move released.
2008-08-21Release 1 of Phoenix's Landing: Destiny released.
2008-08-25Deadly Climax released.
2008-08-26Release 1 of What Happens in Vagueness released.
2008-09-01Release 1 of Unscientific Fiction released.
2008-09-02Rats released.
2008-09-09Ofrenda a la Pincoya released.
2008-09-27Asteroid Aftermath released.
2008-09-27Business As Usual released.
2008-09-27Gorxungula's Curse released.
2008-09-27I Am the Law released.
2008-09-27Main Course released.
2008-09-27Oh, Human released.
2008-09-27Return to the Forest House released.
2008-09-27Seance released.
2008-09-27A Witch Tale released.
2008-09-27Yak Shaving for Kicks and Giggles! released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of The Absolute Worst IF Game in History released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Afflicted released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Ananachronist released.
2008-10-01Version 1.0 of April in Paris released.
2008-10-01Berrost's Challenge released.
2008-10-01Buried In Shoes released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Channel Surfing released.
2008-10-01Cry Wolf released.
2008-10-01A Date With Death released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Dracula's Underground Crypt released.
2008-10-01Escape from the Underworld released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Everybody Dies released.
2008-10-01Release 0 of Freedom released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Grief released.
2008-10-01The Hall of the Fount of Artois released.
2008-10-01LAIR of the CyberCow released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of The Lighthouse released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of The Lucubrator released.
2008-10-01Version 1.01 of Magic released.
2008-10-01A Martian Odyssey released.
2008-10-01The Missing Piece released.
2008-10-01Nerd Quest released.
2008-10-01The Ngah Angah School of Forbidden Wisdom released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Nightfall released.
2008-10-01Release 3 of Opening Night released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Piracy 2.0 released.
2008-10-01Project Delta released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Recess At Last released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Red Moon released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Riverside released.
2008-10-01Search for the Ultimate Weapon released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Snack Time! released.
2008-10-01Release 2 of Trein released.
2008-10-01Release 1 of Violet released.
2008-10-01wHen mAchines aTtack released.
2008-10-12Release 2 of Spaceship! released.
2008-10-25Release 1 of Shadowpeak released.
2008-10-26Sir Loin 3: The Quest for the Holy Quail released.
2008-10-28Release 1 of Phantom of the Arcade released.
2008-10-30Release 1 of Robot Gardening released.
2008-11-02Version 1.0 of Blast released.
2008-11-02Conversation with a Hitchhiker released.
2008-11-02DeL SoL MADNESS released.
2008-11-02Drinks With Lord Hansom released.
2008-11-02Forest House 3: Sacrifice released.
2008-11-02Return to Dracula's Castle II: Revenge of Dracula's Castle released.
2008-11-02Salutations released.
2008-11-21Le Loup, la Chèvre et la Salade released.
2008-11-22Survivre released.
2008-11-23Brume released.
2008-11-23Les lettres volées released.
2008-11-23Version 2.0 of Martha's Big Date released.
2008-11-24Release 1 of HelgaFellTest released.
2008-11-24Version 14 of Jibbidu released.
2008-11-24Lazy Jones e il meritato riposo released.
2008-11-24Release 1 of The Moon Watch released.
2008-11-24La stanza orientale released.
2008-11-25Release 1 of Off to Chesters released.
2008-12Sidequest released.
2008-12-02Release 1 of Broch of Gunness released.
2008-12-02Release 1 of ENG 401 released.
2008-12-03Release 1 of Brodgar Beasties: "We're Not In Gettysburg Anymore, ToTo" released.
2008-12-03Le donjon aux 1001 dangers et mystères released.
2008-12-03Release 1 of Laguar released.
2008-12-06Release 2 of The Day I shot ... as The Day I shot Hitler released.
2008-12-07Career Change released.
2008-12-08Special Detective Agent released.
2008-12-09Release 1 of Hadrian's Wall released.
2008-12-10Release 1 of Skara Brae released.
2008-12-10Release 1 of Stenness released.
2008-12-10Release 1 of Yell released.
2008-12-11Release 1 of Mousa released.
2008-12-15Debutante released.
2008-12-22Magic Wishing Fountain released.
2008-12-26zr3 of PDFA Ottumwa released.
2008-12-27Release 4 of Santa's Sleigh Ride released.
2008-12-28Release 1 of The Day I mauled ... as The Day I mauled Mao! released.
2008-12-28Release 1 of The Escapist released.
2008-12-28Release 1 of Leap Time released.
2008-12-28Livraison express released.
2008-12-28Récits de grand-père released.
2008-12-28Sueurs froides à l'institut François-Marie Raoult released.
2008-12-28Un jeu d'enfant released.
2008-12-30Release 2 of Leap Time released.
2009Release 2 (Post-competition release) of Escapade! released.
2009MultiMaze released.
2009-01Release 1 of Champion of Guitars released.
2009-01-02Release 4 of The Moon Watch released.
2009-01-03the ghost and the subway phantom released.
2009-01-04Version 1 of The Pizza Boy released.
2009-01-05Release 1 of Stink or Swim released.
2009-01-09the last crusader:the demo released.
2009-01-11Release 2 of The Mysterious Case of the Acrobat and His Peers released.
2009-01-13Version 2 of The Pizza Boy released.
2009-01-23Version 0.8 of Deadly Climax released.
2009-01-26Blue Lacuna released.
2009-01-28White House Escape released.
2009-01-29Room 206 released.
2009-01-29A Very Hairy Fish-Mess released.
2009-01-30Schools out released.
2009-02-03Release 1 of A Night With Dani and Liz released.
2009-02-05Easter Day released.
2009-02-06Nearco 3 released.
2009-02-10The World of Bombs released.
2009-02-11The Statue of Riddles released.
2009-02-12Forward and Back released.
2009-02-16Don't Shit Your Pants released.
2009-02-17Release 0 of The Endling Archive released.
2009-02-20Release 1 Version 1 of Frater Evanesco as Heavenly Rest Switcheroo released.
2009-02-21Release 1 of Artifice released.
2009-02-21Release 1 of Assignment One released.
2009-02-21Release 1 of Breaking and Entering released.
2009-02-21Release 1 of Heaven-Sent released.
2009-02-21Release 1 of Inheritance released.
2009-02-21Release 1 of Metro Hobo released.
2009-02-21Release 1 of Perilkeet released.
2009-02-21Release 1 of Rolled released.
2009-02-21Release 1 of Trails released.
2009-02-21Release 1 of Winter released.
2009-02-22Release 1 Version 1 of Bus station released.
2009-02-22Release 1 of Checkpoint released.
2009-02-22Release 1 of Hello World! released.
2009-02-22A hitmans life released.
2009-02-22Release 1 of if-month-zero released.
2009-02-22Release 1 of The office released.
2009-02-22Release 1 Version 1 of Tower released.
2009-02-23Release 1 of Blasphemy released.
2009-02-23Release 1 Version 1 of Colophon released.
2009-02-28Release 1 of Blackberry released.
2009-02-28Release 1 Version 2 of Frater Evanesco as Heavenly Rest released.
2009-02-28Holes the game. released.
2009-02-28Release 1 Version 1 of Laura released.
2009-02-28Release 2 of Metro Hobo released.
2009-02-28Release 1 of Octopus's Garden released.
2009-02-28Release 1 Version 2 of Tower released.
2009-03Version 1.0 of Galactic Peace released.
2009-03-01Release 1 of Grocery Shopping released.
2009-03-01Release 1 of Searching for Answers as Searching for Anwsers released.
2009-03-02Release 1 of 69,105 Keys released.
2009-03-02Release 1 Version 2 of Bus station as Bus station v2 released.
2009-03-02ALAN 3 port of The Hollywood Murders released.
2009-03-02Release 1 Version 1 of Up Your Sleeve released.
2009-03-06Release 1 of Late Train To Nowhere released.
2009-03-06Release 1 of Smugglers Rest released.
2009-03-07Release 1 Version 3 of Bus station as Bus station v3 released.
2009-03-07Release 1 Version 2 of Laura released.
2009-03-07Release 1 of Spare Some Change released.
2009-03-08Release 1 Version 3 of Frater Evanesco released.
2009-03-09Release 1 of No Muse released.
2009-03-13Release 1 of Sea Dreams released.
2009-03-14Realm of chaos 1.0 demo released.
2009-03-15Release 1 Version 2 of Colophon released.
2009-03-15Release 1 Version 4 of Frater Evanesco released.
2009-03-15Release 1 of Seestraße released.
2009-03-15Release 1 Version 2 of Up Your Sleeve released.
2009-03-16Asalto y castigo released.
2009-03-16Release 1 Version 4 of Bus station as Bus station v4 released.
2009-03-17Release 1 of painterly (fragment) released.
2009-03-23Version 6 of Dead Like Ants released.
2009-03-23Release 1 of La Seine released.
2009-03-24Squoufy released.
2009-03-26Release 1 (versions 4 and 7) of Jeffrey the Homicidal Mimic released.
2009-03-28Release 2 of Down and Out at the Big Creepy House on the Poison Lake released.
2009-03-30Release 3 of Eric's Bender released.
2009-03-31Release 1 of Bunt released.
2009-03-31Release 1 (Firstest Draft) of Down with the Underpig released.
2009-03-31Release 1 of Let Us Burn Down Science released.
2009-03-31Release 1 of The Questionable Substitute released.
2009-03-31Release 1 of Rockrider released.
2009-04-01Release 1 of The Bryant Collection released.
2009-04-01Release 1 of A Flustered Duck released.
2009-04-01Version 1.4 of The Milk of Paradise released.
2009-04-01Version 0.62 of Realm of Obsidian released.
2009-04-01Version 1.00 of Vague released.
2009-04-01Version 1.01 of The Whispered World released.
2009-04-10Firebird Island released.
2009-04-10Z-code port of Goldilocks is a FOX! released.
2009-04-13Release 1 of Make It Good released.
2009-04-14Do what you want released.
2009-04-15Los placeres de Megara released.
2009-04-20A View to a Home released.
2009-04-22Version 1.0 of ESS Chance: Reactor 1 released.
2009-04-222009 release of Ghost Town released.
2009-04-22Homeless Harry released.
2009-04-22Version 1.0 of Mr. Fluffykin's Most Harrowing Misadventure released.
2009-04-22Version 1.0 of Sandy's Lost Doll released.
2009-04-23El Anillo 3 released.
2009-04-27Release 2 of Arid and Pale released.
2009-04-27Can't think of one released.
2009-05-04Fantasy BriceBall, Episode One: the 2002 Revival released.
2009-05-05Release 1 of Game Developers Conference 2009 released.
2009-05-07Release 4 of Inside Woman released.
2009-05-09Release 1 of The Equivocal Ingredient released.
2009-05-10School Dreams 3: School Dreams Forever released.
2009-05-11Version 1.0 of Prison Break released.
2009-05-13International English released.
2009-05-13Version 1 of Newton released.
2009-05-15Llama Adventure released.
2009-05-17Release 1 of Sam Fortune - Private Investigator released.
2009-05-19Release 2 of Cacharens dilemma released.
2009-05-23Version 2.2 of Beyond Exile released.
2009-05-29The Shifting City released.
2009-05-29Release 1 of Trampelviecher - eine Halloween-Kurzgeschichte released.
2009-05-31intro of Apokalupsis released.
2009-05-31intro of Dead Race released.
2009-05-31intro of Dish Duty released.
2009-05-31intro of Donuts released.
2009-05-31intro of Dung Beetles Are Aliens! released.
2009-05-31intro of Existence released.
2009-05-31intro of The Magician's Niece released.
2009-05-31intro of The Merlin Bird of Prey released.
2009-05-31Scandal on the Seven Seas v2.0 released.
2009-05-31Shelter from the Storm released.
2009-05-31intro of Through time released.
2009-05-31intro of To End All Wars released.
2009-05-31intro of Ye Intro for Yon Astounding Castle! of Some Sort released.
2009-06-02Caravan chaos released.
2009-06-08BSG: Twenty Two released.
2009-06-08Version 1.0 of In Darkness released.
2009-06-08Version 1.1 of The Mechano-Menace! released.
2009-06-08Release 1 of Obedience released.
2009-06-08Release 1 of Prosperity of Cheaters released.
2009-06-08Sex is Mental released.
2009-06-16pure chaos demo released.
2009-06-23Release 1 of IF Progressive One released.
2009-06-26Jack Toresal and The Secret Letter released.
2009-06-26Version 0.1 (demo) of RPN released.
2009-06-27Version 1 of Grimbis Quest released.
2009-06-29This is a work in progress. released.
2009-07-09BirdBath released.
2009-07-14Release 1 of My Uncle George released.
2009-07-15Release 8 (Full version) of The King of Shreds and Patches released.
2009-07-17Version 1.0 of World's End released.
2009-07-18Version 1 of Afternoon in the House of Secrets released.
2009-07-21Magic World released.
2009-07-21Version 1 of Paranoia released.
2009-07-23The J. Redd Mine released.
2009-07-25Release 3 of Cacophony released.
2009-07-28Release 3 of Counting Crabs: How many crabs can you count? released.
2009-08-02Release 2 of Shadowpeak released.
2009-08-03Release 1 of Asylum released.
2009-08-03Version 1.1 of Paranoia released.
2009-08-03Release 2 of Unscientific Fiction released.
2009-08-04Release 3 of Shadowpeak released.
2009-08-14Release 1 of Finding the Mouse released.
2009-08-17Version 1.0 of Last Week Before The Wedding released.
2009-08-19Escape From Camelot released.
2009-08-29French original version (unreleased) of Gossip released.
2009-08-31English translation (IntroComp version) of Gossip released.
2009-08-31Release 1 of Obituary released.
2009-08-31Release 1 of Selves released.
2009-09-01Release 1 of Marvex the Super-Robot versus Bolo! released.
2009-09-01Release 1 of Not Quite an Anniversary released.
2009-09-01Release 1 of Reptile released.
2009-09-01Release 1 of Teaching her to dance released.
2009-09-10Where Am I? released.
2009-09-15Motorbike keyfinder released.
2009-09-16Perdu en forêt released.
2009-09-18English translation (update) of Gossip released.
2009-09-18French version (update) of Gossip released.
2009-09-18Version 1.1 PDF port of Mines released.
2009-09-24Top Hat released.
2009-09-25Release 1 of HTP released.
2009-09-26Version 1 of Colossal Cave Afterhours released.
2009-09-28Release 1 of Chaos released.
2009-09-28Release 4 of Geo Quest released.
2009-10-01The Ascot released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Beta Tester released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Broken Legs released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Byzantine Perspective released.
2009-10-01IF Comp 2009 version of CompXX as Competition Aught-Nine released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Condemned released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of The Duel in the Snow released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of The Duel That Spanned the Ages released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Earl Grey released.
2009-10-01Release 2 of Eruption released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of GATOR-ON, Friend to Wetlands! released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Gleaming the Verb released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of The Grand Quest released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Grounded in Space released.
2009-10-01The Hangover released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Interface released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Resonance released.
2009-10-01Release 11 of Rover's Day Out released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Snowquest released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Spelunker's Quest released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of Star Hunter released.
2009-10-01Version 1.0 English of Trap Cave released.
2009-10-01Version 1.0 German of Trap Cave released.
2009-10-01Where's my cell phone released.
2009-10-01Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort released.
2009-10-01Release 1 of zork, buried chaos released.
2009-10-02Crashland released.
2009-10-02Cumberbund released.
2009-10-02Melancholy Blood - Act 1 released.
2009-10-04Give Me Your Lunch Money released.
2009-10-04Version 1.2 of Last Week Before The Wedding released.
2009-10-06Version 01.01.02 of Pan de ajo released.
2009-10-07Shipwrecked released.
2009-10-08Water-Venture released.
2009-10-09Lady's Story released.
2009-10-09lostJasmine released.
2009-10-11Dog catcher released.
2009-10-12Latrix War Forever! released.
2009-10-15Release 1 of Fantastic Finale IV released.
2009-10-19Exits of the World released.
2009-10-19TARDIS Escape released.
2009-10-23Version 1 of Twenty-One! released.
2009-10-26Release 1 of Phantom of the Arcade 2: Shadows, Darkness, and Dread released.
2009-10-26Sorority House released.
2009-10-28Wizard released.
2009-10-30As Darkness Falls 2 released.
2009-10-31Release 1 of Awakening released.
2009-10-31Release 1 of The Lighthouse released.
2009-10-31Love Is as Powerful as Death, Jealousy Is as Cruel as the Grave released.
2009-11-02Release 2 of Awakening released.
2009-11-02Version 1 of Tic-Tac-Toe released.
2009-11-06Version 1.1 of The Shadow in the Cathedral released.
2009-11-07The Escape released.
2009-11-111.0 of Epyk released.
2009-11-11Version 1.0 of Vigilante released.
2009-11-17Version 1 of Igor released.
2009-11-23Barbarian released.
2009-11-27Visitantes released.
2009-11-28The Maze released.
2009-12-01Version 1 of Rock Band: Revenge of Gigantor! released.
2009-12-02Mystery of Digital Studies released.
2009-12-07The fifth Grand Prix was announced. for Grand Prix 2010.
2009-12-09Version 8 of Walker & Silhouette released.
2009-12-12Release 1 of Backup released.
2009-12-15Attack of the Mutaydid Meat Monsters released.
2009-12-15Bringing the Rain released.
2009-12-15Perspectives released.
2009-12-19Release 1 of Intimate Encounters released.
2009-12-19My Special Gift released.
2009-12-20Panne d'essence released.
2009-12-24MRT Game (Singapore Version) Trial released.
2009-12-30El regalo de Gorbag released.
2009-12-30Wizard's Quest: Morluck's Lair released.
2009-12-31Release 1 of Homo Homini Orcus released.
2010Complete version of The Apprentice released.
2010Release 2 (Full version) of Bedtime story released.
2010-01-02Test version of Supermarket Robbery released.
2010-01-08Release 2 of Homo Homini Orcus released.
2010-01-09Release 1 of The Day I stabbed Stalin released.
2010-01-09Release 1 of Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma released.
2010-01-12Release 1 of La chambre de Syrion released.
2010-01-14Release 1 of Catapole released.
2010-01-14Release 5 of Homo Homini Orcus released.
2010-01-14Release 1 of Magic Travels released.
2010-01-14Release 1 of The Tiny House released.
2010-01-15Release 1 of Figueres in my Basement released.
2010-01-16Release 3 of Dulle Griet and the Antenorian Icebox released.
2010-01-17Ending Edition of Big Red Button released.
2010-01-17Release 1 of Les méchants meurent au moins deux fois released.
2010-01-18Release 1 of The Quaking of WarCrysis 3: Resistance of Black Doom released.
2010-01-20Version 0.8 of Aquila Station released.
2010-01-27Release 1 of So Reality released.
2010-02Version 1.1 of Digital: A Love Story released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Basic Train-ing released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of The Blueprint released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Containment released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Couch of Doom released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Critical Breach released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of The Cube released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Drama Queen 7 - Mother Knows Best released.
2010-02-02Release 4 of Dual Transform released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Escape In The Dark released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Escape Into Fiction released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Fragile Shells released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Golden Shadow released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Heavenly released.
2010-02-02Release 9 of Hoosegow released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of I Expect You To Die released.
2010-02-02Release 200 of Into the Open Sky released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Ka released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Lurid Dreams released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of The Manor at Whitby released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Monday, 16:30 released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of An Open Field released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Paint released.
2010-02-02Release 3 of Party Foul released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Roofed released.
2010-02-02Release 2 of Survive released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Terminal released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of The Usher released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Virtuality released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of Zegrothenus released.
2010-02-02Release 1 of A Zeroeth Dimension released.
2010-02-08Ziva released.
2010-02-13The Down Dragon released.
2010-02-13Release 1 of A Walk in the Park released.
2010-02-27Release 1 of Delicious Breakfast released.
2010-02-27Release 1 of ToK released.
2010-02-28Release 3 of Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma released.
2010-03-01Cold As Death released.
2010-03-01Intents deadline for Grand Prix 2010.
2010-03-04Release 1 of Wedding released.
2010-03-09Release 1 of Find Andy Part 1 (Little Britain) released.
2010-03-19JINXTRON released.
2010-03-24Kidnapped released.
2010-03-26Release 1 of The Awakening: Prologue to the Saturn Chronicles released.
2010-03-26Release 1 of Mansion released.
2010-03-27Release 1 of Apoptosis released.
2010-03-27Release 1 of Food Magic released.
2010-03-27Release 1 of Lobsters On A Plane released.
2010-03-27Release 1 of Mango released.
2010-03-27Release 1 of Midair Madness released.
2010-03-27Release 1 of PAX East 2010 Speed-IF released.
2010-03-27Release 1 of Queuelty released.
2010-03-27Release 1 of Safehouse released.
2010-03-27Release 10 of Surreal Blind Collab #0: Stone Base released.
2010-03-27Release 3 of Vortex 2305 released.
2010-03-27Release 1 of A Wizard Goes Shopping released.
2010-04-03PAXLess released.
2010-04-05Release 1 of Absturzmomente released.
2010-04-05Release 1 of Ares released.
2010-04-05Battle of the Bitches released.
2010-04-05Version 09.03.2010 of Das drakonische Grinsen released.
2010-04-05Ein Fall in Jashpur released.
2010-04-05Das Erbe released.
2010-04-05Release 6 of Die Hausaufgabe released.
2010-04-05Mondbasis Palindrom II released.
2010-04-05T19:00Submissions deadline for Grand Prix 2010.
2010-04-06Judging period begins for Grand Prix 2010.
2010-04-08Version 1 of EGC Paper Chase released.
2010-04-10What do you do? released.
2010-04-14Release 1 of PUTPBAT released.
2010-04-17Albert is Lost!: An Adventure in Real Life released.
2010-04-20Big City Laundry released.
2010-04-22T23:45:00CETJudging period ends for Grand Prix 2010.
2010-04-23Results announced for Grand Prix 2010.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Untitled released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of 43 released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of :-| released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of > by @ released.
2010-04-25TWIFcomp entry of Adventwiture released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Bird released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Burning released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Buttons released.
2010-04-25CHZBGR released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of COD released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Daigoro released.
2010-04-25Decisions, Decisions released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Dementia. An Epilogue. released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Do. released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Duel in the Snow: abridged version released.
2010-04-25Dyepryessiya released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Escape released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of FGBG released.
2010-04-25Hunter released.
2010-04-25I have hands and I'm ready to LOOT! released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of LOTR released.
2010-04-25Love released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of LP0: A Prequel released.
2010-04-25Maigo released.
2010-04-25Make all sad released.
2010-04-25Manifest Destiny released.
2010-04-25TWIFcomp Release of Mentula Macanus: Apocolocyntosis released.
2010-04-25Metalanguage of Feeling released.
2010-04-25METEOR released.
2010-04-25Money released.
2010-04-25Monty Hall! released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of The Mourning Do in Pinellas Park released.
2010-04-25Navigator released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Ocn bttm released.
2010-04-25L'oiseau released.
2010-04-25Oo popa bila sobaka... released.
2010-04-25Paradox released.
2010-04-25Prepare sheet of squared paper and red pencil. released.
2010-04-25Profyessional'naya oshibka released.
2010-04-25Raison d'être, raison de ne pas être released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Ramirez released.
2010-04-25Ring released.
2010-04-25Roulette released.
2010-04-25Short-Lived released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Sin 4 released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Sin 5 released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Sin 6 released.
2010-04-25A-small-casual-game-with-138-characters-where-you-may-die-and-have-a-lot-of-extensive-conversation-and-maybe-some-fun-and-all-for-freee released.
2010-04-25SWEDUN released.
2010-04-25To be or not to be? released.
2010-04-25Travel released.
2010-04-25Russian release of Tri dyeryeva released.
2010-04-25English translation of Tri dyeryeva as Three trees released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Tumbleweed Hero released.
2010-04-25Turns of Karma released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of TWIF released.
2010-04-25Twitterific released.
2010-04-25Void released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Why? released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of You See Chaos Here. released.
2010-04-25Release 1 of Zed released.
2010-04-25T16:00:00GMTEntry Deadline for TWIFcomp.
2010-04-27Release 1 of Begatron released.
2010-04-27Release 1 of Go North released.
2010-04-27Release 1 of Quack released.
2010-04-28Release 1 of Cogito released.
2010-04-28Release 1 of Logic released.
2010-04-28mz10 released.
2010-04-28Release 1 of Romeo and Juliet released.
2010-04-29Release 1 of LoveBot released.
2010-04-29Release 1 of MMO released.
2010-04-30Release 1 of Different released.
2010-04-30Release 1 of Gruesome released.
2010-04-30Release 1 of If Suicide released.
2010-04-30Release 0 - First Draft of Improvised Story #0 released.
2010-04-30Release 1 of Mars Needs Women released.
2010-04-30Space released.
2010-05-01Release 1 of Farmville: The Compleat Text Adventure released.
2010-05-01T16:00:00GMTVoting Deadline for TWIFcomp.
2010-05-02T16:00:00GMTResults Tweeted for TWIFcomp.
2010-05-02T22:00:00GMTResults Posted for the Tweet-Challenged for TWIFcomp.
2010-05-09redsauce - the game released.
2010-05-15Release 2 of IF Aquarium released.
2010-05-16Release 1 of Explore! released.
2010-05-16Version 1 of Silent Colony released.
2010-05-18British Fox and the Nationalist Conspiracy released.
2010-05-24A Pinch in Saint Petersburg released.
2010-05-25Morne Lune released.
2010-05-26Sim Political Career released.
2010-05-31Release 1 of The Great Rent Money Adventure released.
2010-05-31Release 1 of Time For Tea released.
2010-06-01Release 1a (June 14, 2010) of Along the River released.
2010-06-01Easter Egg Hunt released.
2010-06-01Wes Garden's Halting Nightmare released.
2010-06-07T09:00:00CSTSubmission deadline for 2010 AIF Mini-comp.
2010-06-11Games released for 2010 AIF Mini-comp.
2010-06-11Version 1 of Entrancing Sin released.
2010-06-11Release 1 of A Green Rain released.
2010-06-11Release 1 of Once Upon a Dream released.
2010-06-11Release 1 of Redskirt released.
2010-06-11Version 1 of Sibling Seduction released.
2010-06-19Release 1 of Every Day the Same Dream released.
2010-06-19Release 5 of Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home released.
2010-06-25Introcomp release of For the Love Of Ornery Blue Yaks released.
2010-06-30Release 1b (June 30, 2010) of Along the River released.
2010-07-07Version 0.5 of Closed Circles released.
2010-07-07Cryptozookeeper released.
2010-07-07Release 1 of Fang Vs. Claw released.
2010-07-07Release 1 of A Fleeting Case of Self-Possession, or, Memento Moratori released.
2010-07-07Peanut Orchestra released.
2010-07-07Release 1 of Plan 6 from Inner Earth released.
2010-07-07Release 3 of Tourist Trap released.
2010-07-07Release 1 of Waker released.
2010-07-08Release 1 of Find the Bed released.
2010-07-13Release 1 of Hotel Tutorial released.
2010-07-28Version 006 of Being There released.
2010-08-02Summer Comp release of Aegis released.
2010-08-02Ba'Roo! released.
2010-08-02Camelot released.
2010-08-02Just Another Day released.
2010-08-02Light Up released.
2010-08-02Motion released.
2010-08-02Summer Comp release (Version 0) of Pirate's Plunder! released.
2010-08-05Release 1 of Trapped in a Small Room released.
2010-08-07Escape the Prison released.
2010-08-17Sand-dancer released.
2010-08-19Bork, The Great Abortion of A Coherent Narrative released.
2010-08-21Release 1 of Mariel released.
2010-08-25Release 4 of BiCon released.
2010-08-29The Quest to find The Dark Hills released.
2010-09-01Release 1 of The Argument released.
2010-09-05Rainbow room released.
2010-09-11Release 1 of The Art of Fugue released.
2010-09-11Release 1 of The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode released.
2010-09-18Release 1 of 'Mid the Sagebrush and the Cactus released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of The 12:54 to Asgard released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Aotearoa released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of The Bible Retold: Following a Star released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of The Blind House released.
2010-10-01Release 0 of The Chronicler released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Death Off the Cuff released.
2010-10-01Divis Mortis released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of East Grove Hills released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Flight of the Hummingbird released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Gigantomania released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Gris et Jaune released.
2010-10-01Teaser of Hadean Lands as Hadean Lands -- Teaser Scene released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Heated released.
2010-10-01Version 1.0 of Leadlight released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Mite released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Ninja's Fate released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of One Eye Open released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Oxygen released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Pen and Paint released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of The People's Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of A Quiet Evening at Home released.
2010-10-01R released.
2010-10-01Version 1 of Rogue of the Multiverse released.
2010-10-01The Sons of the Cherry released.
2010-10-01Release 1 of Under, In Erebus released.
2010-10-01Release 14 of The Warbler's Nest released.
2010-10-04Competition announced for Ectocomp 2010.
2010-10-06Release 1 of The Unicorn Pool released.
2010-10-29ThunderClan Mystery 1- Unseen Enemy! (PART ONE!) released.
2010-10-31ecto of All Hallows Eve released.
2010-10-31Submission deadline for Ectocomp 2010.
2010-10-31Games released for Ectocomp 2010.
2010-10-31ecto of The Fly Human released.
2010-10-31Ectocomp entry of I Was a Teenage Headless Experiment released.
2010-10-31ecto of Pete's Punkin Junkinator released.
2010-10-31ecto of Renegade Brainwave released.
2010-10-31ecto of Steve Van Helsing: Process Server released.
2010-10-31ecto of Tenebrae Semper released.
2010-10-31ecto of The Vault released.
2010-11-03Release 1 of Suicide released.
2010-11-05Release 1 of The Dog/House released.
2010-11-05Pilgrims Progress Stage 1 released.
2010-11-15alpha of Naked on Pluto released.
2010-11-18Release 1 of Aurora released.
2010-11-18Version 1.1 of Leadlight released.
2010-11-25Schoolgirl Jan-Ken-Pon! released.
2010-11-28Release 1 of Burn The Koran and Die released.
2010-12-01Release 1 of The End of Earth, and you are a victim/survivor of this incident at least, depending on which way you look at it. released.
2010-12-03The Things That Go Bump In The Night released.
2010-12-07Results announced for Ectocomp 2010.
2010-12-17Release 1 of Sleep Cycle released.
2010-12-19Release 3 of Allein mit Kai released.
2010-12-27Colditz released.
201115 meses y un dia released.
2011Darling, or one wrong look released.
2011Password recovery released.
2011Start menu released.
2011El último Jedi released.
2011-01-01Release 2 (Original Beta version) of Necron's Keep released.
2011-01-02Monster Island released.
2011-01-05First version of Darkiss! Il bacio del vampiro released.
2011-01-07MichaelsGame released.
2011-01-08Release 1 of The day I hugged Ghandi! released.
2011-01-08Version 5 (Glulx) of La Pietra della Luna released.
2011-01-08Speed-IF version (Release 1) of Starborn released.
2011-01-09Release 1 of Safe released.
2011-01-15Post-comp version (Release 2) of Starborn released.
2011-01-16Release 1 of The Green Mountains released.
2011-01-19Release 4 of The First Day of My New Life released.
2011-01-21Release 1 (110121) of Dard'enFer released.
2011-01-29Baby Uncle New Year released.
2011-01-30Release 2 (Latest build) of Necron's Keep released.
2011-02-05Release 1 of Home released.
2011-03Demo of maybe make some change as what if im the bad guy released.
2011-03-02Release 1 of Escape Room released.
2011-03-04Version 1.2 of Leadlight released.
2011-03-07Release 28 of Flexible Survival released.
2011-03-09Release 1 of Moonwrecked released.
2011-03-12Release 1 of Bored Ladders released.
2011-03-12Release 1 of Brain of the Night Guest released.
2011-03-12Release 1 of Delusions Again released.
2011-03-12Release 1 of Digging Time! released.
2011-03-12Release 1 of Merk released.
2011-03-12Release 1 of The Right Tool released.
2011-03-12Release 1 of A Scurvy of Wonders released.
2011-03-12Release 1 of A Shadow of Helpfulman released.
2011-03-12Speed-IF Release of Vault of Hugo II: Electric Boogaloo released.
2011-03-13English version of Adventure in Egypt as Adventure in Egypt released.
2011-03-13Dutch version of Adventure in Egypt as Avontuur in Egypte released.
2011-03-13Release 1 of Looking to the Sky released.
2011-03-18El expreso de los vampiros released.
2011-03-21Release 1 of Scopa released.
2011-03-23Release 3 (first Beta release) of My Girlfriend's An Evil Bitch released.
2011-04-01Release 1 of Motel California released.
2011-04-01Release 7 (Beta) of My Girlfriend's An Evil Bitch released.
2011-04-01Version .1 of Trenches released.
2011-04-02Release 1 of Ausgerechnet Mamph Pamph! released.
2011-04-02Release 1 of Gorgonir released.
2011-04-02Release 1 of Die rote Blume released.
2011-04-02Release 1 of Schießbefehl released.
2011-04-04Release 1 of Bonehead released.
2011-04-04Release 1 (Glulx) of Hallow Eve released.
2011-04-04Release 1 (Z-code) of Hallow Eve released.
2011-04-04Release 1 of The Lost Islands of Alabaz released.
2011-04-04Release 1 (Spring Thing Release) of Mentula Macanus: Apocolocyntosis released.
2011-04-04Release 1 of The Promise released.
2011-04-04Release 1 of Wetlands released.
2011-04-06Release 1 of Empty rooms released.
2011-04-08Release 8 (Beta) of My Girlfriend's An Evil Bitch released.
2011-04-09Release 9 (Beta) of My Girlfriend's An Evil Bitch released.
2011-04-09Release 1 of New Cat released.
2011-04-10Release 1 of Pigpancake released.
2011-04-12"Version 1.1" of A Quest Only For The Noble released.
2011-04-13Release 2 ("Version 1.2") of A Quest Only For The Noble released.
2011-04-14Release 2 ("Version 1.3") of A Quest Only For The Noble released.
2011-04-14Release 1 of Trapped released.
2011-04-16Release 0 of The Dream-Trap of Zzar released.
2011-04-16Release 1 of The Forests of Lachryma released.
2011-04-16Version 1 of Light Of My Stomach released.
2011-04-16Release 1 of Love, Hate and the Mysterious Ocean Tower released.
2011-04-16Release 1 of The man-eating, halitosic gorilla of Brazil released.
2011-04-16Release 1 of Moondarkling: Elfboon released.
2011-04-16Release 1 of Smoochiepoodle and the Bastion of Science released.
2011-04-16Release 1 of Spectrum released.
2011-04-17Announced/Begins for Indigo New Language Speed-IF.
2011-04-21Release 2 of The Dream-Trap of Zzar released.
2011-04-22Submission deadline for The Challenge.
2011-04-24Release 1 of Mangiasaur released.
2011-04-24Release 1 of Suburban Prodigy released.
2011-04-24Games released for The Challenge.
2011-04-24Release 1 of Whitterscap's Key released.
2011-04-30T23:59Submission deadline for Indigo New Language Speed-IF.
2011-04-30T23:59:59Voting deadline for The Challenge.
2011-05-04Adventure! released.
2011-05-04Poll closed for The Challenge.
2011-05-05Winner announced for The Challenge.
2011-05-07Version 2011-04-30 of The Blue Death released.
2011-05-07Version 1.0 of The Cavity of Time released.
2011-05-07Release 1 of Haunted House released.
2011-05-07In Memory released.
2011-05-07IN-D-I-GO SOUL released.
2011-05-07Version 1 of Indigo released.
2011-05-07Games released (and played by ClubFloyd) for Indigo New Language Speed-IF.
2011-05-07The Matter of the Monster released.
2011-05-07Painting the Rainbow released.
2011-05-07The Price released.
2011-05-07The Singular Adventure of the Indigo Violet released.
2011-05-15Release 1 of Out of the Pit released.
2011-05-16Release 1 of Pale Blue Light released.
2011-05-16T09:00:00CSTSubmission deadline for 2011 AIF Mini-comp.
2011-05-19Games released for 2011 AIF Mini-comp.
2011-05-19Release 1 of Ashley's Story released.
2011-05-19Mini-comp release of Buffy: Before the Date released.
2011-05-19Version 1.0mini of Last Horizons released.
2011-05-19Version 1.0 of The Princess and the Dragon released.
2011-05-19Release 1 of Redskirt II: Another Piece of the Action released.
2011-05-19Version 1.0 of SS Whore released.
2011-05-19Mini-comp release of The Wingman released.
2011-05-20Release 1 of Toxin X released.
2011-05-21the virtual human released.
2011-05-23Release 1 of Edge of the Cliff released.
2011-05-25Release 1 (Beta) aka Version 0.5 of 404- Life not Found released.
2011-06-08Release 1 of Imiagination released.
2011-06-10Version 1 (original) of Pervert Action: Crisis released.
2011-06-14Release 3 of Kidnapped - On the Sea released.
2011-06-17Version 1 of The Crooked Estate released.
2011-06-18Submission deadline for @party competition 2011.
2011-06-19Award date for @party competition 2011.
2011-06-23Murmellius 2 released.
2011-06-28Valley of Treasures released.
2011-06-30Release 1 of Adventure Time released.
2011-07-01Release 0 (IntroComp entry) of Bender released.
2011-07-01IntroComp entry of Choice of the Petal Throne released.
2011-07-01IntroComp entry of Choice of Zombies released.
2011-07-01Release 0 (IntroComp entry) of Chunky Blues released.
2011-07-01Release 1 (IntroComp entry) of The Despondency Index released.
2011-07-01IntroComp entry of Exile released.
2011-07-01IntroComp entry of Gargoyle released.
2011-07-01IntroComp entry of Of Pots and Mushrooms released.
2011-07-01Release 1 (IntroComp entry) of Parthenon released.
2011-07-01Release 17 (IntroComp entry) of Seasons released.
2011-07-01Release 1 (IntroComp entry) of Speculative Fiction released.
2011-07-01Release 1 (IntroComp entry) of Stalling for Time released.
2011-07-01Release 1 (Game version 0.28; IntroComp entry) of The Z-Machine Matter released.
2011-07-03Release 1 of Run for the Oregon Legislature! released.
2011-07-08Release 2 of Pale Blue Light released.
2011-07-10Release 1 of Sturdlint (The Mempotnaclob) released.
2011-07-11Release 1 of You've Got A Stew Going! released.
2011-07-12Release 1 of "Calm, Mute, Moving" interview with Sonny Rae Tempest released.
2011-07-20Release 1 (110720) of Dard'enFer released.
2011-07-21Release 2 of D-Day released.
2011-07-27Persistant Development of Calbrenth's Journey released.
2011-08-04ADRIFT 5 port (350 points) of Adventure released.
2011-08-05The Ascot released.
2011-08-05Version 1.2 of Bear's Epic Quest released.
2011-08-11Release 1 (110811) of Dard'enFer released.
2011-08-16Release 1 of Reflejos blancos released.
2011-08-21First release of Go West released.
2011-08-29Brain Dead Weekend released.
2011-09-01Voting begins for Interactive Fiction Top 50 of all time (2011 edition).
2011-09-07Version 1 of Encyclopedia Fuckme and the Case of the Vanishing Entree released.
2011-09-30Voting ends for Interactive Fiction Top 50 of all time (2011 edition).
2011-10-01Release 1 of Andromeda Awakening released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Awake the Mighty Dread released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Beet the Devil released.
2011-10-01Competition release of The Binary released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Blind released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Calm released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Cana According To Micah released.
2011-10-01Release 4 (Competition release) of Cold Iron released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of A Comedy of Error Messages as The Elfen Maiden released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Cursed released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Dead Hotel released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Death of Schlig released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Escape From Santaland released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Fan Interference released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Fog Convict released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of The Guardian released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of The Hours released.
2011-10-01Competition release of How Suzy Got Her Powers released.
2011-10-01Award date for Interactive Fiction Top 50 of all time (2011 edition).
2011-10-01Competition release of It released.
2011-10-01Release 3 (Competition release) of Keepsake released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Kerkerkruip released.
2011-10-01Release 5 (Competition release) of Last Day of Summer released.
2011-10-01Release 5 (Competition release) of The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Luster released.
2011-10-01Competition release of The Myothian Falcon released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Operation Extraction released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of PataNoir released.
2011-10-01Competition release of The Play released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Playing Games released.
2011-10-01Release 1 (Version 12; Competition release) of Professor Frank released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Return to Camelot released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Sentencing Mr Liddell released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of The Ship of Whimsy released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Six released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Taco Fiction released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Ted Paladin And The Case Of The Abandoned House released.
2011-10-01Competition release of Tenth Plague released.
2011-10-01Release 1 of Vestiges released.
2011-10-03Skeleton in the Sheets released.
2011-10-07Version 1.0 of maybe make some change released.
2011-10-09Version 1 of Back Home released.
2011-10-11ADRIFT 5 port of Jacaranda Jim released.
2011-10-15Release 2 of Delicious Breakfast released.
2011-10-20Version 1.0 of Out of Babylon released.
2011-10-28Release 1 of FarmQuest released.
2011-10-29Release 1 (Original release) of Gourmet Gaffe released.
2011-10-29Release 1 of The Thief of Woven Woods released.
2011-10-30Release 2 of Edge of the Cliff released.
2011-10-30Release 1 of Tutorial released.
2011-10-31Original release of The Halloween Horror as Ecto Horror released.
2011-10-31Release 1 of Hauntings released.
2011-11-03Ectocomp release of Attack of Doc Lobster's Mutant Menagerie of Horror released.
2011-11-03Ectocomp release of Bloodless on the Orient Express released.
2011-11-03Ectocomp release of Blue released.
2011-11-03Ectocomp release of Dark Deeds released.
2011-11-03Ectocomp release of Dash Slapney and the Calamitous Candy Corn Cornucopia released.
2011-11-03Ectocomp release of Death Shack released.
2011-11-03Ectocomp release of The House released.
2011-11-03Ectocomp release of Hungry released.
2011-11-03Ectocomp release of Ignis Fatuus released.
2011-11-03Ectocomp release of Stuck Piggy released.
2011-11-07Release 1 of Balder's Death released.
2011-11-07Release 1 (Version 0.1) of Cramming released.
2011-11-08Release 1 of Hangar 22 released.
2011-11-09Release 1 of The House of Fear, or, Loplop Introduces the World, a Hermetic Journey released.
2011-11-13Release 2 of Hauntings released.
2011-11-16Release 5 of Signal Error released.
2011-11-19Release 30 of Il giardino incantato released.
2011-11-19Version 1 of Police Bear released.
2011-11-22Release 1 of Dr. Kong in: Exploding Poodle Inevitable released.
2011-11-22Release 1 of Homunculus released.
2011-11-27Release 1 of The Crystal Palace released.
2011-11-27El día después released.
2011-11-27Release 1 of Dragon Flies Like Labradorite released.
2011-11-27Release 1 of The extraordinary events of the last day of Professor Mangleworth released.
2011-11-27Version 1 of To Catch A Dragonfly released.
2011-11-27Release 1 of You are a Turkey! released.
2011-11-27Release 2 of You are a Turkey! released.
2011-11-27Release 1 of Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it released.
2011-12Burbuja released.
2011-12-01Jabberwocky - The Untold Story released.
2011-12-05Beowulf released.
2011-12-05Birth of the Phoenix released.
2011-12-06Release 1 of Jour de Chance released.
2011-12-06Release 1 of Le Temple Nâga released.
2011-12-11Release 1 of Glik I released.
2011-12-12WIP Version of All the news that's fit to print (WIP) released.
2011-12-12Death of a Nobleman released.
2011-12-19Release 1 of The Star Gods as thestargods released.
2011-12-20La isla misteriosa released.
2011-12-20Release 1 of The Valley House released.
2011-12-22Querido released.
2011-12-25Prison Break: Story of an unfortunate boy released.
2011-12-27Release 1 of LiveJoseph released.
2011-12-30Version 01.01.01 of Forrajeo released.
2011-12-30Pirate Adventure Quest released.
2011-12-31Release 1 of Being the Ending of the Beginning released.
2011-12-31Release 1 of Birth of Mind released.
2011-12-31Speed-IF release of Danse Nocturne released.
2011-12-31Release 1 of Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader released.
2011-12-31Release 1 of The Day I saved Elvis released.
2011-12-31GEO released.
2011-12-31Speed-IF release of Mammoth Vacuum Button of Death released.
2011-12-31Speed-IF release of Party Arty, Man of La Munchies released.
2011-12-31Release 1 of Post-Christmas Letdown released.
2011-12-31Release 1 of Ragnarok: Twilight of the Gods released.
2011-12-31Release 1 of The Silence of the Gods released.
2011-12-31Release 1 of Stupid Creek. Stupid Christmas. released.
2011-12-31Release 1 of Three More Visitors released.
2012Spanish translation of Afternoon in the House of Secrets as Tarde en la casa de los secretos released.
2012The free mini demo of The Inheritance released.
2012Version 0.3 beta of Tripkey released.
2012-01Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale released.
2012-01Teleport Test released.
2012-01-02Release 1 of The Spy Who Ate Lunch released.
2012-01-03Version 1 of The Hugo Clock released.
2012-01-04Retro-Nemesis released.
2012-01-04Spinning released.
2012-01-04Tales of a Clockwork Boy released.
2012-01-04Version 0.50 of Teleport Test released.
2012-01-04Release 1 of World Builder released.
2012-01-05Version 0.51 of Teleport Test released.
2012-01-08Inform version of A Reading in May released.
2012-01-08ADRIFT version of A Reading in May released.
2012-01-09Release 1 of Ibo released.
2012-01-11Inform version of Color of Milk Coffee released.
2012-01-11ADRIFT version of Color of Milk Coffee released.
2012-01-11Release 2 of Party Arty, Man of La Munchies released.
2012-01-11Release 2 of World Builder released.
2012-01-12Release 3 of The Hours released.
2012-01-13Release 2 of Three More Visitors released.
2012-01-14Another Friday Party 2 released.
2012-01-14Version 1.0 of The Door released.
2012-01-16Version 2 of The Colder Light released.
2012-01-17Release 1 of Not in Venice released.
2012-01-17Inform port of What the Murderer Had Left released.
2012-01-18Version 2 of The Hugo Clock released.
2012-01-18Settler of the Wastes released.
2012-01-19Inform version of Don't Go released.
2012-01-19ADRIFT version of Don't Go released.
2012-01-21Release 3 (The Final Cut) of Andromeda Awakening released.
2012-01-22Les aventures de Zeus released.
2012-01-22Le camion frigorifique released.
2012-01-22Release 1 of Entre Terre et Ciel released.
2012-01-22Find out how Entertainment effects the local, world, and US economy released.
2012-01-22Release 1 of La Grande Prédiction ou l'Astrologue étourdi released.
2012-01-22Incident of the Undead Part 1 released.
2012-01-24City of Blood released.
2012-01-24Release 1 of Homeland Security released.
2012-01-24Release 1 of Nostrils of Flesh and Clay released.
2012-01-28Version 2 of Bariscebik released.
2012-01-29ADRIFT version of What the Murderer Had Left released.
2012-02-02Version 1.0 of Ambassador to Dupal released.
2012-02-02Version 1 of Can You Stand Up? released.
2012-02-02Version 1 of Cut the Red Wire! No, the Blue Wire! released.
2012-02-07Version Alpha 1.0.1 of Imaginaughts of Mochadia released.
2012-02-08Version 1 (Release 326) of The Garlic Cage, Episode I released.
2012-02-08Release 332 of Three Cows and Two Doors released.
2012-02-18Escape from Byron Bay released.
2012-02-19Release 6 (Post-comp release) of The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M released.
2012-02-22Version 1 of The Nasty Escape released.
2012-02-29Release 2 of Bonehead released.
2012-03Release 1 of Rentrer à la mansion released.
2012-03-04Text Adventure 2012 released.
2012-03-05Release 3 of Back to the Future: Marty Quest released.
2012-03-07Incident of the Undead Part 2 released.
2012-03-10System Restore v1.8 released.
2012-03-11Release 1 of IF Whispers 5 released.
2012-03-11Version 1 of It Is Your Responsibility released.
2012-03-11Mystery of Silver Mountain released.
2012-03-12Release 2 of IF Whispers 5 released.
2012-03-12Poisonous Rainbow: The Power of Memories released.
2012-03-14English translation of Úrquel, the black dragon released.
2012-03-16Sutekh Is Hiding In Your Priory released.
2012-03-19Release 1 of Missing Grandpa: Lost in Time released.
2012-03-24Version 1.1 of Bed Time released.
2012-03-24Release 1 of Mortlake Manor released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Dig My Grave released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Dinner Bell released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: All Alone as Fingertips - All Alone released.
2012-03-26Release 2 of Fingertips: Aren't You the Guy Who Hit Me in the Eye? as Fingertips: Aren't You The Guy... released.
2012-03-26Version 0.5, Release 1 of Fingertips: Come On and Wreck My Car released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: Everything Is Catching On Fire as Everything Is Catching On Fire released.
2012-03-26Release 2 of Fingertips: Fingertips released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: Fingertips (Reprise) released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: Hey Now, Everybody released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: I Don't Understand You as Fingertips: I don't understand you released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: I Found a New Friend released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: I Hear the Wind Blow released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: I Heard a Sound released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: I Walk Along Darkened Corridors as Fingertips - I Walk Along Darkened Corridors released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: I'm Having a Heart Attack released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: Leave Me Alone released.
2012-03-26Release 4 of Fingertips: Mysterious Whispers released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: Please Pass the Milk Please released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: Something Grabbed Ahold of My Hand as Fingertips - Something Grabbed Ahold Of My Hand released.
2012-03-26Release 2 of Fingertips: The Day That Love Came to Play released.
2012-03-26Version 1.05, Release 1 of Fingertips: What's That Blue Thing Doing Here? as fingertips: what's that blue thing doing here released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: Who's Knockin' on the Wall? as Fingertips - Who Is Knocking On The Wall released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Fingertips: Who's That Standing Out the Window released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) as The Guitar released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Hall of Heads released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Hypnotist of Ladies released.
2012-03-26JavaScript port of I Palindrome I released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of If I Wasn't Shy released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Mammal released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of My Evil Twin released.
2012-03-26Release 8 of Narrow Your Eyes released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of See the Constellation as see the constellation released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of She's Actual Size released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Space Suit released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Spider released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of The Statue Got Me High released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Turn Around released.
2012-03-26Release 1 of Which Describes How You're Feeling released.
2012-03-26Version 1 of Wuthering Heights released.
2012-03-31Release 1 of Muggle Studies released.
2012-04Full version of Choice of Zombies released.
2012-04-01Release 9 of Jay Is Ponies released.
2012-04-02How Did I Get Into This? released.
2012-04-02Release 2 of Nautilisia released.
2012-04-03Dragon released.
2012-04-03Opolis: Chapter One released.
2012-04-07Release 1 of The Rocket Man from the Sea released.
2012-04-07Version 1 of Sleuth released.
2012-04-07Release 1 of when i was shot by elephants released.
2012-04-07Release 1 of when i was shot by elephants 2 super elephants released.
2012-04-07Version 1.0.0 of The White Bull released.
2012-04-09Release 1 of when i was shot by elephants conclusion: the decision released.
2012-04-09Release 1 of When I Was Shot By Elephants III released.
2012-04-11Release 5 of Zegrothenus released.
2012-04-12Release 1 of O released.
2012-04-13Bumerang Jack und das Amulett des Lebens - Tiel 1 - Die Flucht released.
2012-04-13Fun Tiemz released.
2012-04-13German translation of IF Tutorial as Tutorial released.
2012-04-13Release 1 of Kierkegaard's Spider released.
2012-04-16Release 1 of Gamer: "Digital Limbo" released.
2012-04-16El Tesoro de MonteCristo released.
2012-04-18Release 1 of The Adventures of Houdini released.
2012-04-18Thy Dungeonman released.
2012-04-19Release 1 of Endless, Nameless released.
2012-04-20Space Quest! released.
2012-04-25Release 2 of Don't Pee Yourself! released.
2012-04-25Release 1 (Updated release) of Gourmet Gaffe released.
2012-04-25Treasure Island released.
2012-04-25Release 1 of The Wolf and the Seven Kids released.
2012-04-27Sandpit version of Random Life 2 as Random Life 2 (the gamebook) released.
2012-04-27The Ultimate Museum released.
2012-04-29Version 1.3 of Escape from Ice Station Hippo released.
2012-04-29Release 1 of The Quest for the Magic Muffin released.
2012-04-30Release 1 of Horatio's Story released.
2012-04-30The Island of Mysteries Beta released.
2012-04-30NecroKnight released.
2012-05-01Release 1 of The Algophilists' Penury released.
2012-05-01Release 2 of Kerkerkruip released.
2012-05-01Release 1 of when i was shot by elephants definiteive editiom released.
2012-05-03Release 3 of Go West released.
2012-05-03Release 1 of Nemesis Macana released.
2012-05-03A UFO Landing released.
2012-05-05Release 1 of Magic Muffin ~ The Desert released.
2012-05-05Release 1 of The Quest for the Magic Muffin 3 as Quest for the Magic Bagel...Err Muffin 3 released.
2012-05-07Release 2 of The Rocket Man from the Sea released.
2012-05-07Release 1 of The Town Musicians released.
2012-05-09Release 4 of The Adventures of Houdini released.
2012-05-09The Bloody Day released.
2012-05-09Bob the Unlucky Alien released.
2012-05-10Release 1 of baby tree released.
2012-05-10Release 3 of Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader released.
2012-05-15English version of A Place of Infinite Beauty released.
2012-05-16Quest For The Golden Lunchbox released.
2012-05-17Lord of the Rings released.
2012-05-17Version 798 of Safe released.
2012-05-17Release 1 of Zork N plus 9 released.
2012-05-18Camelot released.
2012-05-19Island of the Magi released.
2012-05-20Release 1 of The Car and The Ocean released.
2012-05-21Bee released.
2012-05-21Release 1 of Drama Class released.
2012-05-22Release 1 of Down The Matrix released.
2012-05-22Release 1 of Under the Bed released.
2012-05-23The Last Survivor released.
2012-05-26Release 3 of The Quest for the Magic Muffin 2 released.
2012-05-28El secreto de las tres fuentes released.
2012-05-29The Date released.
2012-05-31Version 10 of Makers Local and the Transdimensional Margarita Blender released.
2012-06Carcula released.
2012-06Das Haus der Mathomatiker released.
2012-06-01Version 1 of Der Schatten jener Sekunde released.
2012-06-04The Fall of the Daleks released.
2012-06-04Release 3 of Turn Around released.
2012-06-06Version 1.1 of Peril in Pleasantville part 1 released.
2012-06-06Release 1 (Version 1.1) of Peril in Pleasantville part 2 released.
2012-06-07Version 1.0 of Botón released.
2012-06-08Version 1.1 of First Times released.
2012-06-09Blackwood Manor released.
2012-06-09Mystery Musical released.
2012-06-09The Tome of Power released.
2012-06-10Release 6 of Pirates des Charaïbes released.
2012-06-11Release 1 of Antifascista released.
2012-06-11Release 3 of Darkness in Daytime released.
2012-06-11Eff O'Clock released.
2012-06-11Version 3 of The Feather Grange Job released.
2012-06-11Version 1 of Home Sweetie-Bot Home released.
2012-06-11Release 1 of IFDB Spelunking released.
2012-06-11Release 1 of leaves released.
2012-06-11Release 1 of The Legend of the Missing Hat released.
2012-06-11Release 1 of Monkey Business released.
2012-06-11Release 4 of Offering released.
2012-06-11Release 1 of Olivia's Orphanorium released.
2012-06-11Release 0 of Sloth on a Stroller released.
2012-06-11Release 1 of The Subtropical Server Room released.
2012-06-15Intent to Enter Deadline for IntroComp 2012.
2012-06-18Daedalis Promo released.
2012-06-21Release 3 of Historias del Hampa released.
2012-06-21Moonstone Falls released.
2012-06-21Release 1 of My Little Project Concept is Proven released.
2012-06-22Black River Alpha released.
2012-06-26Release 2 (June 26) of Room Serial released.
2012-06-27Release 2 updated (June 27) of Room Serial released.
2012-06-28A Day in the Life as the CEO of NerdSquirrel released.
2012-06-28Version 1 of Die Pionierin und die Tragödie des telematischen Typewriters released.
2012-06-28Registration Queue released.
2012-06-30Release 1 of The Adventures of Super Shlong issue 1 released.
2012-06-30Release 2 (Full version) of Speculative Fiction released.
2012-07rat chaos released.
2012-07-01Carnival of Shadows released.
2012-07-01Version 2 of Tree and Star released.
2012-07-02The facility released.
2012-07-02O Mercenário e a Meretriz: Teste released.
2012-07-02Tetudo's Quest released.
2012-07-05Doug's Amazing Adventure: a slice of interactive fiction featuring Haivercraft released.
2012-07-05Project Sparkle as Project: SPARKLE released.
2012-07-06Incident of the Undead Part 3 released.
2012-07-06Magic Math Mine released.
2012-07-06minecraft adventure released.
2012-07-09Mystery Box Of Awesome Adventure Chapter 1 released.
2012-07-11English translation of Eioioio released.
2012-07-11Evading Invasion Part 1 released.
2012-07-12Release 1 of Andromeda Dreaming released.
2012-07-12Version 2 of Cook-Off! released.
2012-07-12Version 1 of The vicar of Dribble released.
2012-07-15Introduction Submission Deadline for IntroComp 2012.
2012-07-16The After School Special released.
2012-07-16Behavioral Psychology released.
2012-07-16Release 1 of A Dog's Life released.
2012-07-16The Drunken Harlot released.
2012-07-16Version 1.0 of Gifts of Phallius: Final Sacrifice released.
2012-07-16Version 1.2 of Murder on the Hill released.
2012-07-17IntroComp release of The Bafflingly Casual Adventures of No One of Significant Import released.
2012-07-17Release 1 of Belief released.
2012-07-17Release 1 of Compliance released.
2012-07-17Release 1 of Genesis released.
2012-07-17Games released for IntroComp 2012.
2012-07-17IntroComp release of Resonance released.
2012-07-17IntroComp release of Wasteland released.
2012-07-19Random Life 2 released.
2012-07-20Version 4 of Darkiss! Il bacio del vampiro released.
2012-07-22Death by Discord DEMO released.
2012-07-22January released.
2012-07-23Deadly Climax released.
2012-07-23EXO released.
2012-07-28Release 3 of Interview with a Rock Star released.
2012-07-31Release 1 of El Circulo - Prólogo released.
2012-08-01Tabblewoop released.
2012-08-04The Mages Of Adalmo released.
2012-08-04Nooga Vol 1 Beta released.
2012-08-06The Chrnoicles of Clarnia released.
2012-08-06Release 1 of Myriad released.
2012-08-11A Pirate's Quest for Treasure released.
2012-08-13The Obelisk Part 1 released.
2012-08-13Shock in the Cinema released.
2012-08-16Project Sparkle as Project Sparkle released.
2012-08-17Release 1 of The Forgotten Girls released.
2012-08-18Release 4 of Six released.
2012-08-19Version 2 of Back Home released.
2012-08-19Rolling Dice released.
2012-08-22Release 1 (120822) of Dard'enFer released.
2012-08-25Release 3 of Death Off the Cuff released.
2012-08-25(Now Firm) Voting Deadline for IntroComp 2012.
2012-08-25The Sky in the Room released.
2012-08-26(Now Firm) Awards Ceremony Date for IntroComp 2012.
2012-08-27Release 1 of The Prize released.
2012-08-27Version 0.1.0 of PROJECT DYZ released.
2012-08-29Release 1 of Escape! released.
2012-08-31Das Topmodel im Weltall released.
2012-09-02Version 3 of The sky is above me released.
2012-09-05Release 1 of Gasparillo released.
2012-09-07Dr. Schnacks Internetpraxis released.
2012-09-07Take a Break (Demo) released.
2012-09-08Escape from the Forbidden City released.
2012-09-09Zero Summer released.
2012-09-12Office Harassment released.
2012-09-14Hulan released.
2012-09-15A Room With A Couch 2: Dino Adventure released.
2012-09-17Das Abenteuer in der Mittagspause released.
2012-09-17Version 1 of The Blank Wall released.
2012-09-17Version 1 of Trapped released.
2012-09-18Version 2.1.10 (Post-comp release) of Cursed released.
2012-09-18Version 1 (latest) of Pervert Action: Crisis released.
2012-09-19Release 1 of The Price of Freedom released.
2012-09-20Rape Escape! released.
2012-09-23Demo of Super Madball! released.
2012-09-26The Library Book released.
2012-09-27Version 1 of The Intercept released.
2012-09-27Stygia released.
2012-09-27Textos Blast from the Past released.
2012-09-30Competition release of Andromeda Apocalypse released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of Body Bargain released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of Castle Adventure! released.
2012-09-30Release 8 (Competition release) of Changes released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of Escape From Summerland released.
2012-09-30Version 1.0 of Escape Location 1: California released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of Eurydice released.
2012-09-30Competition release of Fish Bowl released.
2012-09-30Version 1.1 (Competition release) of Guilded Youth released.
2012-09-30Competition release of howling dogs released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of In a Manor of Speaking released.
2012-09-30Competition release of Irvine Quik & the Search for the Fish of Traglea released.
2012-09-30Competition release of The Island released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of J'dal released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of Kicker released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of A Killer Headache released.
2012-09-30Competition release of Last Minute released.
2012-09-30Competition release of The Lift released.
2012-09-30Competition release of Living Will released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of Lunar Base 1 released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of Murphy's Law released.
2012-09-30Version 1.2.4 (Competition release) of The Sealed Room released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of Shuffling Around released.
2012-09-30Competition release of Signos released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of Spiral released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of Sunday Afternoon released.
2012-09-30Release 1 (Competition release) of The Test is Now READY released.
2012-09-30Competition release of Transit released.
2012-09-30Competition release of Valkyrie released.
2012-10Release 2 of The Isle of Statues released.
2012-10PANIC! released.
2012-10-01IF Comp 2012 version of CompXX as Competition Twenty-Twelve released.
2012-10-02Brace released.
2012-10-02Rafael lacht! released.
2012-10-03Release 7 of the Blood Lust Warrior released.
2012-10-03Version 3 of Son of Camelot released.
2012-10-04Full Circle released.
2012-10-05Release 3 of Dracula - Prince of Darkness released.
2012-10-06Release 5 of Jet-Blue as Sci-Fi released.
2012-10-07Der Stoffhase Tino released.
2012-10-10Unauthorized Z-code port (Releases 1 and 2) of Uninvited released.
2012-10-11Mario Cards released.
2012-10-12Alice and the Wishing Tree released.
2012-10-12Klein Collins High School released.
2012-10-13The Heist released.
2012-10-15Release 2 (Z-code) of Hallow Eve released.
2012-10-15Release 1 of Zorkian Stories 1: G.U.E. released.
2012-10-16Rex Valorosa: Private Eye released.
2012-10-16Shapeshifter released.
2012-10-18Alpha Demo English of Anastasiya Alpha Demo released.
2012-10-18The Escape released.
2012-10-18Time Trip released.
2012-10-19Dickes W - Episode 1: Der Mietsteit released.
2012-10-21Version 1.0 of The Walk released.
2012-10-22>>-----?-----> released.
2012-10-22CLOSET released.
2012-10-22The Death of Analogue released.
2012-10-22Develop a Leather-based Bloodstream released.
2012-10-22Hunger City released.
2012-10-22love released.
2012-10-22Release 2 of The Mirror released.
2012-10-22Desktop version of Pilgrimage released.
2012-10-22The Porcelain Precipice of Immanence released.
2012-10-22Release 4 of The Quidditch Final of 1954 released.
2012-10-22A Synchronous Ritual released.
2012-10-22Tony the Turkey released.
2012-10-22TRASH GYRE released.
2012-10-22Walking Story released.
2012-10-22You wake up.. released.
2012-10-24Release 2 of The House of Fear, or, Loplop Introduces the World, a Hermetic Journey released.
2012-10-24Physics Adventure released.
2012-10-25HMS Victory released.
2012-10-26A Bind in Eternity's Wake released.
2012-10-31Release 2 of Ghosterington Night released.
2012-10-31Threed released.
2012-11-01Brave the Tomb of Horrors released.
2012-11-02Ditch released.
2012-11-03Inform remake of The Colour of Magic released.
2012-11-03Release 4 of PataNoir released.
2012-11-06Escape the Dark Room released.
2012-11-06Demo version of Magicassette released.
2012-11-07Internet Man released.
2012-11-08Sherlock Holmes and the Boyle Murder(Trial) released.
2012-11-08Tragedy released.
2012-11-10Release 11 of the Blood Lust Warrior released.
2012-11-11Release 6 of The Quidditch Final of 1954 released.
2012-11-12The Crooked House released.
2012-11-13IPv6 released.
2012-11-15luna at the moon released.
2012-11-18Release 3 of Olivia's Orphanorium released.
2012-11-19Stuck in a room! released.
2012-11-20The Dealers Cabin released.
2012-11-20Escape The Room released.
2012-11-20Release 1 of Maybach Molotow Massaker released.
2012-11-20The Storm released.
2012-11-20Zurculous released.
2012-11-25Release 1 of The Kazooist released.
2012-11-25Virtual Auckland released.
2012-11-26Release 8 (Freeware version, Inform 7 port) of Shapes released.
2012-11-27Curse! released.
2012-11-28Cradle released.
2012-12-01Qualification opening date for The ultimate not numbered New Year's Speed IF.
2012-12-02Release 1 of Eine Beschirmungsangelegenheit released.
2012-12-02Release 1 of Josef Kong released.
2012-12-02A Lacanian Journey released.
2012-12-02Rottenschneiders Vermächtnis released.
2012-12-02Stratos released.
2012-12-02Zombie You released.
2012-12-04Treasure of the Ghost-King released.
2012-12-06Release 1 (Post-comp release) of Eurydice released.
2012-12-06Rubicon Street released.
2012-12-09Cold released.
2012-12-11Think or Parish released.
2012-12-13Murder released.
2012-12-14The Escape released.
2012-12-16CYBERQUEEN released.
2012-12-16Demo Version 1.0 of Forest Demo released.
2012-12-16Version 1.1 of (Going:Home) released.
2012-12-16Release 4 of The Simple Tale released.
2012-12-17In the Hall of the Mountain King released.
2012-12-19Pit Ponies released.
2012-12-20Mathematicism released.
2012-12-21Der Absturz released.
2012-12-22Identified Flying Objects Part 1 released.
2012-12-22Labyrinth released.
2012-12-24Adventureman released.
2012-12-24Heliacal Hostility released.
2012-12-25Release 1 of And A Hippo New Year released.
2012-12-25Release 3 of Bigger Than You Think released.
2012-12-27The Enchanted Glade released.
2012-12-29dungeon escape part 1 released.
2012-12-31Release 1 of Counterfeit Monkey released.
2012-12-31Die Kunst das Weggehens released.
2013Release 1 of 10 Second Defence released.
2013Release 1 of Faithful Companion released.
2013German translation of PataNoir as PataNoir - Ein unvergleichlicher Kriminalfall released.
2013German translation and TADS 3 port (Version 1) of Through the Looking Glass as Durch den Spiegel released.
2013-01Klara released.
2013-01-01Version 2.0 of The Abyss released.
2013-01-01James Bond Needs You released.
2013-01-01Version 2.1 of Waiting for The End released.
2013-01-03Version 0.5 of Clockwork Boy 2 released.
2013-01-03The Dead released.
2013-01-03Qualification closing date for The ultimate not numbered New Year's Speed IF.
2013-01-04Dark Mirrors released.
2013-01-04Liebe Haut released.
2013-01-06Release 1 of The Day I died released.
2013-01-06Release 1 of Disenchantment Bay released.
2013-01-06Version 1 of Emma II released.
2013-01-06Version 1 of Ex Nihilo released.
2013-01-06Short of Sushi released.
2013-01-07My First Game - Talking to Twilight released.
2013-01-09Version 1 of The Next Day released.
2013-01-10Pervert Action: Future released.
2013-01-10The Presidential Pizza Plot released.
2013-01-12Version 1 of CRY$TAL WARRIOR KE$HA released.
2013-01-12The Mold Cage released.
2013-01-13Domesticated Vengence released.
2013-01-13Night of the Creeper released.
2013-01-14Version 1 of The Hunt for the Gay Planet released.
2013-01-14Release 1 of The Surprising Case of Brian Timmons released.
2013-01-15Release 1 of Burns Night Supper released.
2013-01-16Library released.
2013-01-16Release 2 of Pinched released.
2013-01-17Incomprehensible Casino Enforcer released.
2013-01-20Version 0.37 of Tripkey released.
2013-01-22Version 1 of You're Going To Be Fine released.
2013-01-23Full version of Magicassette released.
2013-01-26Version 2.0 of Escape from Cluster Zeta released.
2013-01-27Lost Hearts released.
2013-01-28Creedwater's Revival released.
2013-01-28Dance of the Mara released.
2013-01-28Facing Life, Facing Death released.
2013-01-28Hangman released.
2013-01-28A Most Deadly Disease released.
2013-01-28Ruby of Fire released.
2013-01-28The Sometimes Adventures of the Devil and Death released.
2013-01-28Spin released.
2013-01-28Time Enough? released.
2013-01-28Try the Swan released.
2013-01-28Your First Giant released.
2013-01-29Halleluja released.
2013-01-31Version 1.0 of Fuck That Guy released.
2013-02-03You Will Select a Decision released.
2013-02-05Es kam aus der Mülltonne! released.
2013-02-06Version 1 of Fogged Up Mirror released.
2013-02-07Die finstere Festung released.
2013-02-10A Cup of Tea released.
2013-02-11Version 1 of And the Robot Horse You Rode in On released.
2013-02-11The Four Elements released.
2013-02-11Talan eltunok released.
2013-02-14Version 1 of A Family Supper released.
2013-02-14Version 1 of The House on the Cliff released.
2013-02-14Full commercial version of The Inheritance released.
2013-02-14Die Tiefgarage Im Dunkel released.
2013-02-16Release 1 of Oh No, Mr Crab Stole Your Hat! released.
2013-02-17Viel Glück released.
2013-02-18Summoner released.
2013-02-20Auf dem richtigen Pfod? released.
2013-02-21Captain Jumbo released.
2013-02-21The Dwarf released.
2013-02-21Zombie Death Gauntlet released.
2013-02-23Day Of Honor released.
2013-02-23Version 2 of Dickes W - Episode 2: Weihnachtsterror released.
2013-02-24Filbert and the Broccoli Escape released.
2013-02-25Version 7 of Castle of the Red Prince released.
2013-02-26Release 1 of Our Island released.
2013-02-26WAKE: Evolution Through Extinction released.
2013-02-28Uryonun Demo released.
2013-03-01Liebe und Tod released.
2013-03-01Romance is Everywhere released.
2013-03-01Tzet released.
2013-03-01Version 1 of What Lies Around the Corner released.
2013-03-02Zombie Apocalypse .:It's Only The Beginning:. ~Part One~ released.
2013-03-04A Plus Adventure released.
2013-03-05Qualification opening date for Questcomp 2013.
2013-03-06Version 1 of scarfmemory released.
2013-03-11Doctor Incognitus and the Scorpion's Sting released.
2013-03-11electro primitive girl released.
2013-03-11Version 1.0 of Evylon released.
2013-03-11The House of Dom Orre released.
2013-03-12Version 1 of A Collection Of Houses released.
2013-03-14Release 1 of Castronegro Blues released.
2013-03-14Hypnagogue released.
2013-03-15The Returned released.
2013-03-15The Thing About Dungeons released.
2013-03-19The Haunting released.
2013-03-19The Tale of the Smiling Man released.
2013-03-20The Intruder released.
2013-03-20Pat Johnson released.
2013-03-22Big Wormhole Adventures released.
2013-03-22Version 0.0.1 of Epic RPG Part 1:Coolio Quest released.
2013-03-23Release 1 of I pressed on, being chased by a stapler with my name on it. released.
2013-03-25Release 1 of Interactive Fiction Player released.
2013-03-26Version 1.1 of Starlight released.
2013-03-26State of Emergency, Part 1 released.
2013-03-27Chicken Farm - An Interactive Guide to Raising Cocks released.
2013-03-30SCP Containment Breach released.
2013-03-31Display of Weakness released.
2013-04-01SCAB Intro - WIP released.
2013-04-02Version 1 of Encyclopedia of Elementals released.
2013-04-02Night is Falling released.
2013-04-02Release 1 of A Roiling Original released.
2013-04-02Version 1 of Witch's Girl released.
2013-04-03Version 1 of HOW TO SPEAK ATLANTEAN released.
2013-04-0418 Cadence released.
2013-04-06Starship Fabulous released.
2013-04-06Version 1.0 of Two released.
2013-04-07Benthic Love released.
2013-04-08Dining Table released.
2013-04-09Version 2 of Valley of Steel released.
2013-04-10Version 0.1 of Diddle Doddle | Life on a cider farm released.
2013-04-10You Are What You Eat released.
2013-04-11Version 1.0 of Corvidia released.
2013-04-11The Event Horizon released.
2013-04-12Version 1 of HIGH END CUSTOMIZABLE SAUNA EXPERIENCE released.
2013-04-12Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck released.
2013-04-14Avantus: The Island, Part I released.
2013-04-14Halloween - Defend your sweets ! released.
2013-04-15Inheritance released.
2013-04-17Technology for Breakfast! released.
2013-04-18Quills released.
2013-04-19Version 1.1 of How To Get Ahead In Advertising released.
2013-04-21Forest released.
2013-04-21The Lost Valve released.
2013-04-21The Quest to Make the Ultimate Game released.
2013-04-22CoolHigh released.
2013-04-23The Fantasic Epic of Ceradelum released.
2013-04-23Jury Duty released.
2013-04-24Version 1 of CipherText released.
2013-04-24GameBook Guide released.
2013-04-25The Life of a Computer Tech (Testing) released.
2013-04-25Night Watch released.
2013-04-25Reeves 4th grade class released.
2013-04-25Version 1 of Sacrilege released.
2013-04-27Caretaker released.
2013-04-27Minimalism released.
2013-04-27The Minimalist released.
2013-04-28Version 1 of climbing 208 feet up the ruin wall released.
2013-04-28A Elven Adventure released.
2013-04-28Version 1 of Wrenlaw released.
2013-04-29Naked Shades released.
2013-04-29RTF 319 Semester Project released.
2013-04-30Version 1.02 of La Corde sensible released.
2013-04-30Version 1.1.0 of Tresaria released.
2013-05-01University Experience released.
2013-05-03Nevermore released.
2013-05-05Life as a cat released.
2013-05-06Conversations With My Mother released.
2013-05-08De BiebSchat released.
2013-05-08Version 8 of Informatica a Mirabilandia released.
2013-05-08Punakulta released.
2013-05-09Zurculous 2 released.
2013-05-10Family Choices released.
2013-05-10"The Run" Season 1 released.
2013-05-10Wilderness Adventure released.
2013-05-12Escapadium released.
2013-05-12Version 0.3.6 of Labyrinthian released.
2013-05-12Pilgrims of Earth 7 released.
2013-05-12"The Run" Season 2 released.
2013-05-13Version 1.0.0 of Be The Best! released.
2013-05-13Cowboy Adventure released.
2013-05-15Release 1 of Ill Wind released.
2013-05-15Version Alpha of Megaman dimensions released.
2013-05-16Jigglypuff's Birthday released.
2013-05-18Despair released.
2013-05-25Monsters released.
2013-05-25Version 1.0 of The Void And The Hook released.
2013-05-27Vive La Republique! released.
2013-05-28Old Knight and Squire released.
2013-05-28Version 1.0 of Save the Date released.
2013-05-29Black Crown released.
2013-05-29Investigation at Helson Manor released.
2013-05-29Monsters: Apocalypse released.
2013-05-29Tower of the Blood Lord released.
2013-05-30Bender Lyfe released.
2013-05-30Journey to the Center of Earl released.
2013-05-30Life of Kevin released.
2013-05-30The Things They Carried Adventure released.
2013-05-30Worship the Pig released.
2013-05-31Qualification closing date for Questcomp 2013.
2013-05-31Zombie Apocalypse .:The Journey Begins:. ~Part Two~ released.
2013-06-01Choices released.
2013-06-01Is This Reality or Fantasy? released.
2013-06-02Leonard Robinson and the Quest for the Gift released.
2013-06-03Exhibit Yourself released.
2013-06-03Past of Scent released.
2013-06-04The Path to the Forbidden Fortress released.
2013-06-07Dougie Becomes An Adventurer! released.
2013-06-11Head of State released.
2013-06-11Pest released.
2013-06-13The Harsh Future released.
2013-06-13The Legend of Robin Hood released.
2013-06-14Card Warriors released.
2013-06-15Intent to Enter Deadline for IntroComp 2013.
2013-06-16A Cold Grave released.
2013-06-17KING OF BEES IN FANTASY LAND released.
2013-06-18Version 1 of On Your Back released.
2013-06-19How to find a place to stay released.
2013-06-21Credit is Due released.
2013-06-21Interactive Media - A Text Adventure Simulation released.
2013-06-21Version 1.1.2 of Sabres of Infinity released.
2013-06-22Version 1.0 of Feeling Adventurous released.
2013-06-24Beta 0.1 of Magemoor released.
2013-06-25Version 1 of parasite released.
2013-06-26Castle, Forest, Island, Sea released.
2013-06-26My Little Time Killer released.
2013-06-26The Quest for the Orb of Knowledge by CL released.
2013-06-26That One Summer released.
2013-06-27Keith's Sabbatical released.
2013-06-28Portal Dungeon released.
2013-06-28SLAMMED! released.
2013-06-29The Seer... released.
2013-07-01Release 1 of Andromeda Ascending released.
2013-07-01Version 1.02 of Horse Master released.
2013-07-01Let's Play! released.
2013-07-02Dork released.
2013-07-03Hiding released.
2013-07-03Katzensaft - The Wedding released.
2013-07-05Finding a way to get the chairs released.
2013-07-05What to Do Next? released.
2013-07-06The Cursed Sword of Shagganuthor released.
2013-07-06Version 1.0 of Indy Wrestler released.
2013-07-06Survival released.
2013-07-08Badlands - Prologue released.
2013-07-13Version 1 of My Name is Tara Sue released.
2013-07-13Welcome to Dream Valley (DEMO) released.
2013-07-14Version 1 of Es kam aus den Alpen released.
2013-07-14The Facility: Chapter One. released.
2013-07-15a kiss released.
2013-07-15Припять released.
2013-07-16Introduction Submission Deadline for IntroComp 2013.
2013-07-17Release 1 of Akkoteaque released.
2013-07-17Release 1 of Best Laid Plans released.
2013-07-17Release 1 of The Example of the Chicken Sexer released.
2013-07-17Release 1 of First released.
2013-07-17Games released for IntroComp 2013.
2013-07-17Award date for Questcomp 2013.
2013-07-17Release 1 of The Vanishing Conjurer released.
2013-07-17Version 1.0 of We Are the Firewall released.
2013-07-17Release 1 of Werewolves Rising released.
2013-07-17Release 1 of What happened in 1984 released.
2013-07-18Version 1 of ULTRA BUSINESS TYCOON III released.
2013-07-21Nibatrus™ released.
2013-07-22can you hear me? released.
2013-07-22Heavy Rain 0.1 released.
2013-07-22Qudoba (2.0) released.
2013-07-23Lost in the Shadows of Time released.
2013-07-25Version 1 of A Face Like Mine released.
2013-07-26Choice of the Ninja released.
2013-07-27Metro 2033 Russian-Learning Adventure Game released.
2013-07-27Tiny Text Adventure released.
2013-07-28Version 1 of Female Experience Simulator released.
2013-07-28Oh no! released.
2013-07-29Version 1.0.2 of Adventures in USPS-land released.
2013-07-29Version 1 of Planet X released.
2013-07-31Paradox Factor released.
2013-08-01Expedition Alpha released.
2013-08-01Une conversation avec Bruno Mortamet released.
2013-08-02Choice of the Vampire: The Fall of Memphis released.
2013-08-05Monsters: Apocalypse Chapter 2 released.
2013-08-07How do we approach the singularity? released.
2013-08-07The School of Death released.
2013-08-08The Last of us part 2 Hells abound released.
2013-08-09Who Are You Talking To? released.
2013-08-10Dengan Balon ke Sahara released.
2013-08-10The Four Masters released.
2013-08-10Star Wars: Escape the flagship released.
2013-08-10Ursake The Text Adventure released.
2013-08-11The Failed Career of Dave Goodberg released.
2013-08-12Cabulosa Mansion released.
2013-08-12Star Trek: Wrath of the Romulans released.
2013-08-12Window released.
2013-08-14Version 1.0 of Persecution: A Pakistani Perspective released.
2013-08-14The Piskie released.
2013-08-15Middle School Madness released.
2013-08-15T23:59:59ESTVoting Deadline for IntroComp 2013.
2013-08-16Akabane Nights released.
2013-08-16Life .::PART ONE::. released.
2013-08-18(Probable) Awards Ceremony Date for IntroComp 2013.
2013-08-19Clown Quest released.
2013-08-20Version Version 1.1ee of Exactly 14 syllables... er, gulps! released.
2013-08-22Flat released.
2013-08-22Johnny Blue Man released.
2013-08-22Missão Espacial released.
2013-08-23Dogleash released.
2013-08-23Final Hours released.
2013-08-24Toadstool's Adventures released.
2013-08-24The Zen Garden released.
2013-08-26The Shortest 10 released.
2013-08-27The Possessed vs. Donald Defoe released.
2013-08-27Version 1 of The Realistic Nascar eXperience released.
2013-08-28The Clockmaker's Apprentice released.
2013-08-28The Coffee Apocalypse (DEMO) released.
2013-08-28my father's long, long legs released.
2013-08-28Windows. released.
2013-08-30Locked in a dungeon (test game) released.
2013-08-31Tiblandith released.
2013-09-03Version 1 of [mutant]heat released.
2013-09-04Drainos the Paladin 1.8 released.
2013-09-05Charlie's Election Voting Game released.
2013-09-06A Hobbit Trek released.
2013-09-06The Walking Dead Volume One released.
2013-09-08Agoraphobia released.
2013-09-09Reflection released.
2013-09-10Groover released.
2013-09-10History of the Trumpet released.
2013-09-10O Sobrevivente. released.
2013-09-10Umbra released.
2013-09-11Jogo da Morte released.
2013-09-12Welcome To The World of Pridemore released.
2013-09-16Generic Quest released.
2013-09-16The Mist released.
2013-09-16The Prince on a Tightrope released.
2013-09-16Vou a aula? released.
2013-09-17The Captain released.
2013-09-17Dreamz released.
2013-09-18The Screw! released.
2013-09-19Version 1 of Swan Hill released.
2013-09-20Heroes Rise: The Hero Project released.
2013-09-21One Man Space Program released.
2013-09-24Release 1 of Dark Carnival released.
2013-09-28Blackout Crysis released.
2013-09-28A dark place of mind released.
2013-09-28Escape released.
2013-09-28Laboratory Madness released.
2013-09-28Paradox released.
2013-09-29100,000 years released.
2013-09-29Release 1 of 9Lives released.
2013-09-29Autumn's Daughter released.
2013-09-29Bell Park, Youth Detective released.
2013-09-29Blood on the Heather released.
2013-09-29Release 1 of Captain Verdeterre's Plunder released.
2013-09-29The Cardew House released.
2013-09-29The Challenge released.
2013-09-29Version 1.0 of Chess for Quest released.
2013-09-29Release 1 of Colonists released.
2013-09-29Coloratura released.
2013-09-29Dad vs. Unicorn released.
2013-09-29Door Simulator released.
2013-09-29Dream Pieces released.
2013-09-29Final Girl released.
2013-09-29Release 3 of Further released.
2013-09-29Release 1 of The House at the End of Rosewood Street released.
2013-09-29Impostor Syndrome released.
2013-09-29Machine of Death released.
2013-09-29Release 1 of Mazredugin released.
2013-09-29Moquette released.
2013-09-29Mrs. Wobbles & The Tangerine House released.
2013-09-29Release 1 of Ollie Ollie Oxen Free released.
2013-09-29Our Boys in Uniform released.
2013-09-29The Paper Bag Princess released.
2013-09-29Reels released.
2013-09-29Release 1 of Robin & Orchid released.
2013-09-29Sam and Leo Go To The Bodega released.
2013-09-29Saving John released.
2013-09-29Solarium released.
2013-09-29Release 1 of Tex Bonaventure and the Temple of the Water of Life released.
2013-09-29Their angelical understanding released.
2013-09-29Release 1 of Threediopolis released.
2013-09-29Trapped in Time released.
2013-09-29Vulse released.
2013-09-29Who Among Us released.
2013-09-29Release 1 of A Wind Blown from Paradise released.
2013-09-29The Wizard's Apprentice released.
2013-09-30Wie finde ich eine Wohnung in Dresden? released.
2013-10-02The letter M released.
2013-10-08Teräsdarra released.
2013-10-09Barrow Escape released.
2013-10-09Doctor Who's 50th Birthday Cake released.
2013-10-10La pièce bleue released.
2013-10-10The Witch's Apprentice released.
2013-10-12And so the world did end released.
2013-10-13Version 1.0 of Her Pound of Flesh released.
2013-10-18Anger released.
2013-10-18Revolución mecánica released.
2013-10-19Legend of Time (Demo) released.
2013-10-20Version 1 of Hallowed released.
2013-10-20Karen released.
2013-10-21Bench released.
2013-10-21Despina released.
2013-10-21The Hunters Destiny released.
2013-10-21Labor in the Gilded Age released.
2013-10-22My Great Return released.
2013-10-24The Tale of Dragons released.
2013-10-25Version 1.03 of Hallowmoor released.
2013-10-25The ORPHEUS Ruse released.
2013-10-26The King's Ransom released.
2013-10-27The Videogame Master: Episode 01 released.
2013-10-28Escape released.
2013-10-30The Cuban Missle Crisis- John F. Kennedy released.
2013-10-30The Cuban Missle Crisis-Khrushchev released.
2013-10-30Open Beta of Faerie Dark released.
2013-10-31The Argument-Winner's Ghost released.
2013-10-31Blackness released.
2013-10-31Boogle released.
2013-10-31Release 1 of The Cenric Family Curse released.
2013-10-31Chemistry and Physics released.
2013-10-31Crater Creek, 2113 released.
2013-10-31Release 1 of Dead Pavane for a Princess released.
2013-10-31Fish Dreams released.
2013-10-31The Hallway Phantom released.
2013-10-31Version 1 of Headless, Hapless released.
2013-10-31Release 1 of Hill of Souls released.
2013-10-31Release 1 of The Horrible Pyramid released.
2013-10-31Ice House of Horrors released.
2013-10-31Inside the Japanese American Internment released.
2013-10-31The Nessa Springs Slasher released.
2013-10-31Personality Rights released.
2013-10-31Version 1.02 of The Profile released.
2013-10-31A Slight Problem With Zombies released.
2013-10-31The Tale of the Cursed Eagle released.
2013-10-31A Trick-or-Treat Adventure released.
2013-10-31Wisp released.
2013-10-31You Are a Blob! released.
2013-11-01Version 1 of The Voodoo You Do released.
2013-11-03Artefato Maia released.
2013-11-03The Lighthouse's Tale released.
2013-11-03Strange Day at School released.
2013-11-03The Wrath Of Con(Artist) released.
2013-11-04Version 1 of End Boss released.
2013-11-04INFECTION released.
2013-11-04O Livro da Verdade released.
2013-11-05Karen Part 2 released.
2013-11-06Escape from the Sontaran Ship released.
2013-11-06Hacker Hunter Soldier Spy released.
2013-11-07The Larry Parable released.
2013-11-07Mary Flanagan Art Showcase released.
2013-11-07Version 1.04 of Trollface released.
2013-11-08How a Bill Becomes a Law released.
2013-11-10The Adventures of Reynaldo released.
2013-11-10The Editor released.
2013-11-11Black Coats released.
2013-11-11Ruby Red released.
2013-11-11Win an Election released.
2013-11-12Exploring the Underground released.
2013-11-12The Videogame Master 02 - Monster of Steel released.
2013-11-15Version 1 of Character Creator released.
2013-11-15Divergent Theme Project released.
2013-11-15Showdown at Willow Creek released.
2013-11-16Plant the Bomb released.
2013-11-16The System [Early, Early, Early Pre-Build] 0.05 released.
2013-11-17From the Darkness released.
2013-11-17Quest of 9s released.
2013-11-18to the toilet released.
2013-11-19Blood room released.
2013-11-21Rise of the Werebat I released.
2013-11-22Version 1.0 of Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster - Demo released.
2013-11-23Version v1 Beta of The You Parable released.
2013-11-24House in the Forest v1.4 released.
2013-11-24Mlp love is magic! released.
2013-11-25Spy Games ( Episode I ) released.
2013-11-25The Videogame Master - 03 - Raindrops and Rainbows released.
2013-11-26Zombie Apocalypse: Part 1 released.
2013-11-29Canine - Intro to Reproduction Sim released.
2013-11-29Equine - Intro to Repro Sim released.
2013-11-30Version 1.0 of Alone In Cinder released.
2013-11-30Version 1 of Jack released.
2013-11-30Version 1.0 of One Way Out released.
2013-12-01The Beast and the Forgotten Tribesman released.
2013-12-01Bitten by a werewolf released.
2013-12-01Version 1 of Castle Darkholm released.
2013-12-01CRUSH released.
2013-12-01The End released.
2013-12-01Rocker's Destiny released.
2013-12-02Barren. released.
2013-12-02Version 2 of Elegy of the Deadscape, Chapter I released.
2013-12-03Attack Of The Flying Saucer released.
2013-12-03Version 1.0 of Dark Angel released.
2013-12-03Spider Bites released.
2013-12-04Darker Paths released.
2013-12-06Reckless Space Pirates released.
2013-12-08Show Me Your Back released.
2013-12-12Play Nice released.
2013-12-14A Mother's Love released.
2013-12-15Version 1 of Alone/Awake released.
2013-12-15Version 1.0 of Burial released.
2013-12-15domination at its finest released.
2013-12-15Version 1.0 of Ungodly hour released.
2013-12-16For Bears released.
2013-12-16The Video Game Master Episode 04: Money is Everything released.
2013-12-17Silent Hill: The Church released.
2013-12-17Voices released.
2013-12-18Lost Dog released.
2013-12-19Double O Zero - The Affable Agent released.
2013-12-19Sword and Dagger released.
2013-12-20Release 2 (Expanded version) of 10 Second Defence released.
2013-12-20American Juror released.
2013-12-20Choice of the Deathless released.
2013-12-20Santa Rescue released.
2013-12-20Twisted Tales: The Crimson Path released.
2013-12-21Corgi Adventure released.
2013-12-21The Wishing Stone released.
2013-12-22Supernatural - Hunting Jeff the Killer (german version) released.
2013-12-22Travelers Beware released.
2013-12-26The arrows released.
2013-12-26Gothar's Hope demo released.
2013-12-26Operation Santa's Slay: A TLSDZ/ PSG Christmas Special released.
2013-12-27Nurial's Adventure (Alpha) released.
2013-12-30Cobblestone released.
2013-12-30Version 1.0 of Romancing the Throne: King's Quest II for Text released.
2013-12-31Celine Adventures released.
2013-12-31Eat Cow To Live released.
2013-12-31The Factory released.
2013-12-31Version 1 of Reins released.
2013-12-31Someone's Watching released.
2014-01-05Games released for 7th annual New Year's Minicomp.
2014-01-05Release 1 of The Day I came back released.
2014-01-05Version 3 of Everyman released.
2014-01-05Release 1 of The Mundane Tale of the Morning After released.
2014-01-05Release 1 of Storm Over London released.
2014-01-05Release 1 of You Have to Put the Baby New Year in the Champagne Bottle released.
20140105Release 2 of Faithful Companion released.