Key & Compass presents:
The Adam and Eve Project
by Brian Kwak

The Adam and Eve Project is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2017 by Brian Kwak. It was an entry in IntroComp 2017 where it took 3rd place.

In this incomplete game, you play as Adam and Eve, two amnesiac people selected to participate in an experiment by an unknown third entity. The entity offers a choice: spend the rest of your lives here in this artificial Eden or see the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and leave Eden forever.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


= = [Adam]Bedroom [Adam]Bathroom [Eve]Bathroom [Eve]Bedroom

Note that although the game claims the bedrooms have two exits each, only the exits to the bathrooms are implemented in the IntroComp version of the game.


(intro section)

Choose a gender: 1) male, 2) female, 3) random

> 1or2or3


> x safe. x paper.

If the paper is a calendar and says "PW: 4-12-4-3", then you (or the game) chose male and the password is ADAM, the first letters of April-December-April-March.

If the paper shows the solar system and says "PW: 3-2-3", then you (or the game) chose female and the password is EVE, the first letters of Earth-Venus-Earth.

> x screen. enter password.

>> adamoreve (as appropriate. The safe opens.)

> x earpiece. take it.

A conversation happens between Adam and Eve and a third entity. Push SPACE or ENTER repeatedly to show the next line of the conversation.

> i. x map. x card.

For this walkthrough, I want to begin exploring with Adam.

If you're currently Adam:

Otherwise, if you're currently Eve:

[Adam] Bedroom

Explore Adam's rooms:

> x bed. x wardrobe. open it. enter it.

> x desk. open drawer. (locked)

> x phone. (can dial four-digit numbers)

> dial 1234. (The game didn't understand that.)

> x painting. x light.

> e.

[Adam] Bathroom

> x mirror. (locked cabinet)

> x toilet. ("5:40")

> flush toilet. (Water spirals counter-clockwise.)

> w.

[Adam] Bedroom

> switch.

[Eve] Bedroom

Explore Eve's rooms:

> i. x map. x card.

> x bed. x wardrobe. open it. x desk. x lamp.

> x clock. ("set clock to XX:XX")

> w.

[Eve] Bathroom

> x mirror. (locked cabinet)

> x toilet. ("6:30")

> flush toilet. (Water spirals clockwise.)

> e.

[Eve] Bedroom

The toilets have the clues for solving the clock puzzle. Eve's toilet clue is 6:30 and her toilet flushes clockwise. Adam's toilet clue is 5:40 and his toilet flushes counter-clockwise. Therefore, you should subtract 5:40 from 6:30. That's 0:50, but since the clock is analog, the actual time to set is 12:50.

> set clock to 12:50.

> x hand. take it. w.

[Eve] Bathroom

> unlock mirror with hand. open mirror.

> switch.

[Adam] Bedroom

The painting is the clue for the phone puzzle. Look at an actual phone and see which numbers you'd press to dial PIPE. PIPE in telephone-code is 7473.

> dial number.

>> 7473

> open drawer. take pipe. x pipe. (It's a key.)

> e.

[Adam] Bathroom

> unlock mirror with pipe.

With both mirrors unlocked, the intro version of the game ends.

*** To be continued ***




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