Key & Compass presents:
by Andrew Schultz

Ailihphilia is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2018 by Andrew Schultz (as "N. Y. Llewellyn"). It was an entry in IF Comp 2018 where it took 28th place.

In this game, a DARER AD in a GAME MAG transports you to a land based entirely on palindromes, which are words or phrases that use the same letters backwards as forwards. There, you'll need to solve many puzzles, destroy the KAOS OAK, and defeat the DIKTAT KID before you can use the TIX EXIT and leave.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Lac Oft FocalLac Old Local Sneer GreensEt Tu Butte Flu Gulf TrapezePart EvadedAve Yell Alley Pro CorpBald Lab Yack CayRoomy Moor Le Babel Cold Loc Apse Spa Dirge GridTop Spot Art XtraTraded Art Red RosesOrder ⇒Teem-CivicMeet Gross OrgDen, Evaded Swamp Maws Dumb Mud Seer Trees Fun Enuf⇒ Nu Fun Yawn Way Emo DomeDome, Mod Toll Lot Uneven UUnitin' U Mont Nom Ooze Zoo ⇒ Worn Row⇒ Word Row⇒ Work Row My Gym Swept Pews Deft FedBon Snob Lair TrialStride Dirts MottoBottom Frush Surf Moo Room Dopy PodDope Pod Drawl Ward Scrap Arcs (win!)



> iors. (see introduction or skip introduction)

> yorn. (to screen reader question, as appropriate)

Fun Enuf

> x me. i. x darer ad.

> x elf. x cap. x oak. x tile lit.

> shuttuhs. (Turning shuttuhs on.)

Hold on. Lemme explain some of this weirdness.

> pack cap. (+1; you're now wearing it.)

Elf gives you a Set O Notes, tells you about the cap's pip, then flees. A tix exit now blocks the south exit.

> stats. (+1 Last Lousy Point for palindromic SCORE)

> pooportitorboob. (+1 LLP for palindromic CURSE)

> dial aid. (+1 LLP for palindromic HINT)

> peep. (+1 LLP for palindromic LOOK)

> refer. (+1 LLP for palindromic VERBS)

> xyzzy. plugh.

> x notes. read notes.

> x cap. x pip.

Hm, about that pip.

> x tix exit. (Need X-ITE TIX.)

> x lit. (Grebeberg is west; Yelpley is east.)

> till lit. tilt lit.

> w.

Seer Trees

> x rats. (Need to use something powerful.)

> star rats. start rats.

> e. e.

Yawn Way

The map is useful. The phone book is not.

> take pyx. x pyx.

> x man. (The listing is random.)

> n.

Art Xtra

> x art. take art.

> x lover. talk to lover. (He wants Stray Arts.)

> s. s.

My Gym

> x Dave. x lots.

> evade Dave. (+1. He leaves. You get the Sto Lots and a wash saw.)

> i. x lots. (It's a carry-all.)

> x saw. (It cuts things with liquid.)

> w.

Worn Row

> x ender. x Rob. x dab. ("WORN ROW")

> talk to Rob. (He finds you uninteresting.)

> bore Rob. (+1; he leaves; dab now "WOR- ROW".)

> x dab. word row. (+1)

The location transforms into...

Word Row

You get a pity tip when you arrive here.

> x tip. (Can do something extra with the cart.)

> x cart. (Take only one book at a time.)

> trace cart. (+1 Last Lousy Point; found Dwelt Lewd; tip altered.)

> x tip. (Good for free snack cans at Seedy Dee's.)

Note: Authors' names are randomized.

> x YA. (It's a self-help book.)

> x EC. (It's a civics text.)

> x NI. (It's an wise advice book.)

> x TI. (It's a book of clever put-downs.)

> x Dwelt Lewd. g. g. g. (Repeat until end.)

> x dab. (WOR+ ROW has another configuration.)

> bade dab. track cart.

> wore row. worf row. wort row. worm row.

> eye art. ("9")

> eye saw. ("16")

> work row. (+1)

The location transforms again!

Work Row

> x rotator. (spins things)

> x reifier. (improves things)

> x reviver. (fixes old things)

> tram art. tray art.

> use art on reifier. (+1; trap art ⇒ party trap)

> x trap.

> part trap.

> go to rats.

Seer Trees

> use trap on rats. (+1)

Rats and trap are gone. "Oh, Who" phone book drops; it's as useless as the previous phone book. You get a gift fig. You can now go north, west, and south from here.

> x fig. x who. (Its listings are also random.)

> gif fig.

> n.

Cold Loc

> x king. talk. (Wants socio-advice.)

> x sap. (Need a tool to pry it off.)

> x fir.

> pass sap. rife fir. kin Nik.

> eye king. ("12")

> go to row.

Work Row

> word row.

Word Row

> take EC. go to king.

Cold Loc

> use EC on king. (+1; get Spur Ups; king leaves.)

> x ups. (Helps you feel or be UP twice, somehow.)

> read ups. (P, U, asterisk in triangle)

> spud ups. spun ups. pun up. sput ups. put up. pub up. pud up.

> eye ups. ("14")

> n.

Flu Gulf

> x lug. talk to lug.

> x rocs. (proud, shiny, white, clean, staring)

> x sum. x lobe. (Never going that way.)

> gull lug. gulp lug. score rocs.

> eye lug. ("22")

> s. e.

Apse Spa

> x taps. x sod. (Has health benefits.)

> take sod. (You need a container for it.)

> spat taps. pat tap.

> w. s. w.

Dumb Mud

> x rut. x dung. x veil.

> turd rut. turn rut. turk rut.

> eye veil. ("60")

> e. s.

Ooze Zoo

> x eels. x rampart.

> sleek eels. sleet eels.

> talk to eels.

With the use of the helpful GO TO command, we'll start jumping all over the map, using things on other things, seemingly at random. I apologize for how chaotic this makes the rest of the walkthrough, but honestly, I don't think the chaos can be minimized all that much.

> go to art.

Art Xtra

Because you got rid of rats earlier, you get El Doodle that was left for you here.

> x doodle. (Might be a map? It needs paring down.)

> n.

Evaded Ave

> x nub. x Frood. talk. (Needs new creative snark.)

> bun nub. bunt nub. bung nub.

> eye nub. ("10")

> go to cart.

Word Row

> take TI. go to Frood.

Evaded Ave

> use TI on Frood. (+1; he leaves; you get bunk nub)

> x tube.

> w.

Trapeze Part

> x net. tend net. (+1; get pole, net, recipe)

> x recipe. (Need martini tram, Ore Zero, TNT, and resale laser.)

> x tent net. x pole.

> e. e.

Yell Alley

> x van. (Seedy Dee's; has eye)

> use eye on tip. (+1. Get snack cans; van leaves; bomb mob visible.)

> x cans. x mob. x TNT.

> x yam. take yam.

> x popper. take it. (can't: need inner peace)

> x line nil. (Can't ever cross it.)

> link nil.

> go to row.

Word Row

> work row.

Work Row

> use nub on reviver. (+1; bunk nub ⇒ stock cots)

> x cots.

> go to eels.

Ooze Zoo

This Last Lousy Point probably seems completely unclued, but clues about it may appear much later in the game. I'm using knowledge from previous game sessions here.

> slam mammals. (+1 LLP)

> use cots on eels. (+1; south way open)

> s.

Frush Surf

> x wets. x mats. x ysk.

> take mats.

> e.

Moo Room

Astonishingly, "senile felines" isn't understood.

> x petal. x cats.

> stack cats. (+1 LLP; they leave.)

> x coop. take it.

> listen. see bees. (+1 LLP)

> listen. g. g. g.

> x hay. (Useful for building and stuffing.)

> go to mud.

Dumb Mud

> use coop on dung. (+1; west open.)

> use dung on rut. (+1; south open; coop gone.)

> w.

Swamp Maws

> x dam. (Needs a surveying tool.)

> n.

Yack Cay

> x tide. use tide on doodle. (+1; El Doodle ⇒ spa maps and sharp rahs)

> x spa maps. x sharp rahs.

> x rots. x sim.

> x Wonk. talk to Wonk. (He needs practical help.)

> x yurt. (It's really messy.)

> know Wonk. shark rahs. share rahs. shard rahs.

> store rots. story rots. stork rots.

> miss sim. (But no "misses sim".)

> eye Wonk. ("42")

> s. s.

Uneven U

> x villa. x den. x Doc.

> use net on Doc. (+1; you can now call him Dr. D.)

> talk.

> use maps on Doc. (+1; you can now understand the maps.)

> coda doc. cods doc.

> s.

Lair Trial

> eye ogre. ("51")

> x fog. x ogre. talk. (Need someone else to deal with it.)

> ergo ogre.

> go to spa.

Apse Spa

> x bog. x gloop.

> x maps. (+1; gain sage gas; lose maps.)

> x gas. (It can make something wiser.)

> saga gas. sago gas.

> go row.

Work Row

> word row.

Word Row

> take NI. (You also get SOME DEMOS.)

> x Some Demos. (A pamphlet about making weird art.)

> go to Wonk.

Yack Cay / Roomy Moor

> use NI on Wonk. (+1; mist leaves; north opens.)

> n.

Lac Oft Focal

> x lac. x ile.

> x boat. (Need item of humility.)

> x kayak. (Need steering tool.)

> calf lac. call lac.

> use pole on kayak. (+1; give pole; get you buoy)

> x buoy. eye buoy ("65")

> go to yawn way.

Yawn Way

> e. (The Spur Ups aren't quite enough to make you be UP. Need action.)

> pup up. pug up. purr up. pus up. putt up. puss up.

> puff up. (+1; one of the Spur-Ups blackens.)

> e.

Emo Dome

CAUTION: You're unstable here. If you don't PULL UP immediately here, you'll fall to Toll Lot on the other side. But once you're stable here, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

> pull up. (+1; the Spur Ups crumble.)

> take cup. x cup. eye cup. ("17")

> x diff id. (Scanner of some sort.)

> puck cup. did id. die id. dig id.

> dill id. dim id. diss id.

> smell. ("roses or...")

> s.

Swept Pews

> x ort. take it. smell it. eye it. ("51")

> x drow. talk. x grail.

> trod ort. tron ort. troi ort. troy ort.

> eye grail. ("18")

> n. e.

Toll Lot

> x arc. (Might be hiding something.)

> x orc. talk.

> crow orc. crop orc. crab arc. cram arc.

> crap arc. crass arc. cray arc.

> eye orc. ("23")

> go sap.

Cold Loc

> use saw on sap. (+1)

> use cup on sap. (+1)

> go to grail.

Swept Pews

> i. (The past sap has become purist sirup.)

> use sirup on grail. (+1; drow and grail leave; south opens.)

> s.

Drawl Ward

> x Nob. talk. x crib.

> bone Nob. bony Nob. bonk Nob.

> eye Nob. ("20")

> go to spa.

Apse Spa

> use cup on sod. go to Nob.

Drawl Ward

> use sod on Nob. (+1; cup and Nob gone; get Elan Ale)

> x ale. w.

Dopy Pod

> x sac. (dirty!)

> x med. (dispepsid or dyspepsyd)

> x lip.

> pile lip. case sac. cash sac. cast sac.

> eye sac. ("28")

> take med. (The lip vanishes.)

> go to flu.

Flu Gulf

> muss sum. must sum. muse sum.

> use med on lug. (+1; he leaves; gain cash sac)

> x cash.

> go to orc.

Toll Lot

> use cash sac on orc. (+1; orc leaves; north and south open)

> n.

Gross Org / Den, Evened

> x gate. (roses or...?)

> x Ned. talk. (He wants a fight/argument.)

> x knits. smell knits.

> dent Ned.

> deny Ned. (+1; he leaves)

> take knits.

> s. s.

Deft Fed

> x decal. x grog. x tan.

> stand nats. (+1; you take it)

> x Sniffins. talk.

> go row.

Word Row

> take YA. go Sniffins.

Deft Fed

> use YA on Sniffins. (+1; get Dirt Rid; he pushes you back to Toll Lot)

Toll Lot

> x rid. s.

Bon Snob

> x toons. take grog. (Sniffins wants a trade.)

> talk.

> use ale on Sniffins. (+1; Elan Ale ⇒ Gorge Grog)

> go hay.

Moo Room

> use demos on hay. (+1; lose demos; gain straw arts)

> go lover.

Traded Art

> use arts on lover. (+1; get soot tattoos)

> x tattoos.

> go ward. e.

Scrap Arcs

> x rig. x metals.

> girl rig. gird rig.

> eye metals. ("21")

> use mats on metals. (+1; gain YE KEY; lose mats)

> x key. (roses or)

> go to gate.

Den, Evened

> use key on gate. (+1; key gone; get gate tag)

> x tag. (roses or)

> use tag on tattoos. (+1; State Tats)

The tats are mentioned at the very end of your inventory.

> i. x tats.

> n.

Pro Corp

A Psi Wisp is about to attack you! Head to Worn Row! You'll drop all but the map and cap in the chase! If the Wisp stings you, you'll wake in Den, Evened and pick up your stuff.

> go row. worn row.

Worn Row

The redness ender and Psi Wisp destroy each other. The bad dab is gone. Your stuff is returned; you take them.

> work row. go pro.

Pro Corp / Bald Lab

> x log. take it. (Light, hollow, and rattles?)

> x band. take it. (Needs weird science.)

> x tub. x pics.

> butt tub.

> use grog on tub. (+1; Gorge Grog ⇒ resale laser)

> look. (You feel itchy.)

> balm lab. (+1 LLP)

> x laser.

> go work.

Work Row

> use rid on reviver. (+1; Dirt Rid ⇒ Cave Vac)

> x vac. (powerful)

> use log on rotator. (+1; gold log ⇒ dork rod)

> x rod. (gives you inner peace)

> use band on reifier. (+1; DNA band ⇒ DNA hand)

> x hand. (motionless)

> go pod.

Dopy Pod / Dope Pod

> use vac on sac. (+1; Cave Vac ⇒ radar)

> x radar. (Can RAD things with it.)

> go toll.

Toll Lot

> rad crag. (+1; get UFO tofu; radar damaged a bit)

> x tofu.

> go to swamp.

Swamp Maws

> rad dam. (+1; get eroded ore; radar ⇒ roto motor)

> x ore. x motor.

> use motor on hand. (+1; DNA hand ⇒ Mr. Arm)

> x arm.

> go to tnt.

Yell Alley

> use arm on tnt. (+1; gain TNT; arm and mob leave)

> go flu.

Flu Gulf

> use tan on rocs. (+1; west open)

> w.

Sneer Greens

> x rims. x totem. x Guy. talk.

> go lac.

Lac Oft Focal / Lac Old Local

> use rod on boat. (+1; dork rod ⇒ enact-cane)

> x cane. read cane. go to popper.

Yell Alley

You must have created the enact-cane earlier for this to work:

> take popper. go hay.

Moo Room

> use cane on hay. (+1; enact cane ⇒ moor broom)

> x broom. go yurt.

Roomy Moor

> use broom on yurt. (+1; moor broom ⇒ exam axe)

> x axe. go veil.

Dumb Mud

> use axe on veil. (+1; veil and axe gone; north opens)

> n.

Le Babel

> x v. x opossum.

> muss opossum. (+1 LLP; it leaves)

> x orb. take orb. (not yet: You need more balanced thinking.)

> listen. g. g. g.

> brow orb.

> go work

Work Row

> use buoy on rotator. (+1; ME gem)

> x gem.

> use ore on reviver. (+1; eroded ore => Ore Zero; reviver dies)

> x ore.

> use knits on rotator. (+1; stinky knits ⇒ brag garb; rotator dies)

> x garb. smell garb.

> use ort on garb. (+1; garb now smells different.)

> smell garb. (mad and happy simultaneously)

> go to yak.

Frush Surf

The yak comes after you! First give yourself a speed boost, then run to the ogre!

> pace cap. (+1; have speed)

> n. n. w. w. s. s.

Liar Trail / Stride Dirts

> yak okay. (+1; ogre, yak, garb gone; east opens)

> e.

Motto Bottom

> x web. x mat. take mat. (denied: It needs augmentation.)

> ta mat. tamp mat.

> use gas on mat. (+1; tame mat ⇒ guru rug)

> x rug.

> use rahs on rug. (+1; guru rug ⇒ stir-writs)

> x writs.

> w. n.

Uneven U / Unitin' U

I'm not sure when the porch crop shows up; it's not in this location when you're first here.

> x crop.

> use saw on crop. (+1; wash saw ⇒ balsa slab)

> x slab. x crop.

> n. e. n.

Le Babel

> take orb. (lose writs)

> s. s.

Mont Nom

> x ark. listen. ("Nom on!")

> x Ian. talk to Ian. (He thinks you're not classy enough.)

> nail Ian. (+1; he leaves.)

> use yam on fig. (+1; ark shakes. You need another food combo!)

> use tofu on cans. (+1; You take the martini tram to Fun Enuf!)

Fun Enuf

> x tram. x recipe.

> use laser on tram. (+1; oak, recipe, tram, laser, ore, TNT gone)

> n. (not yet: You need a weapon.)

> go to Yuge Guy.

Sneer Greens / Et Tu Butte

> use popper on totem. (+1; gain murdered rum)

> x rum. (powerful)

> listen.

> go to dome.

Emo Dome

You must have both the tats and orb to go north from here.

> use tats on id. (No need to do that.)

> n.

Red Roses Order

> x rim. x Ms. x flag. talk to Ms.

> use orb on rim. (+1; Orb, Ms Ism, tats gone; get Yard Ray)

> look. x e-divide.

> x sword. use slab on rows. (+1; balsa slab ⇒ not-a-baton)

> x baton. (Lifeless)

> x ray. (Out of fuel; "EMIT ????????")

> s.

The Droll Lord and Madam change the place to Teem-Civic Meet.

Emo Dome

> go to work.

Work Row

> use baton on reifier. (+1; not-a-baton ⇒ taboo bat)

The reifier dies and a test set is now revealed.

> x bat. x test set.

> use rum on ray. (+1; the ray is now charged)

> emit noontime. (+1; lots of light!)

> use ray on test set. (+1; set destroyed)

You're ready for the final battle.

> go to fun.

Fun Enuf

> n.

Dirge Grid / Top Spot

> use ray on redivider. (Fink and Rev are in the way.)

> x Fink. x steel. use gem on Fink. (+1. Fink leaves.)

> x Rev. x strap. use bat on Rev. (+1. Rev leaves.)

> x Kid. x hurt. x redivider.

> use ray on redivider. (+1. Kid gone. Get X-ITE TIX.)

> x arenas. x helix. x tix.

> s.

NU FUN (formerly Fun Enuf)

> x tile. x exit.

> s. (+1)

*** Roxor! Roxor! Roxor! ***

And your X/O box contains an antimetabole as a gift.

> amusing



This is the response to AMUSING after you win the game:

Funny (I hope) things to try:



Credits and Dev Ed

The response to CREDITS is:

I'd like to thank my testers for finding so much that left me free to think up more weirdness. They are, in alphabetical order: Marnix Van Den Bos, Mike Carletta, Wade Clarke, Arthur DiBianca, Viv Dunstan, Anssi Raissanen, Brian Rushton, Mike Spivey, Brian Stovall, and Jack Welch. While I made an effort to run tests to minimize silly errors, they found a lot and still gave positive suggestions about cluing and so forth. If you want to join this elite club, and you find a bug, write me at email redacted.

IFComp organizers past and present. Without them, I wouldn't have started and kept going. Whether that's good for gaming is up for debate, but it's been good for me.

Various Python communities, especially StackOverflow, helped me to organize source control and write utilities that helped not only to extract palindromes but also to tune up Inform code (obligatory thanks to all past and current Inform developers, from whom I've stolen game code and/or used extensions) and run simple tests.

I also found some websites useful. DEV ED or DEVED will show which helped me and how.

The response to DEV ED is:

Websites that helped with this game:

From a technical standpoint, Bitbucket helped me get started, and Github is/will be used for the post-release.



When the pip of the pact cap is lit, you may EYE something and get a number that roughly tells you how far into the game it's needed. Frankly, I didn't find this feature to be useful, but it is interesting. If two items have the same number, try to USE one of them on the other.

Use THINK to see a list of things you've eyed, but be careful. If your pip has two or more charges, THINK will trigger a fatal stack overflow error.

Here's a list of things that I eyed. (Of course, this is an incomplete list of the things that could be eyed.)


This game gives a rather eccentric response to INVENTORY. I'm grouping items that have their own statements as "top level". The list of items that can go into the sto-lots is very large, but since item forms and functions are nearly meaningless in this game, I opted to simply split the sto-ables in two, based on which half of the map the item was acquired. (The roto motor, Mr. Arm, and x-ite tix are listed with Grebeberg arbitrarily.) Otherwise, I'll keep the item groupings as presented by the game.

Top level items
Sto'd from Grebeberg
Sto'd from Yelpley

Note that you may only carry one book at a time from the tract cart. You refuse to take DWELT LEWD.


In Mont Nom, use the mayo yam on the gift fig, then use the UFO tofu on the snack cans. After both food combos, you'll take the martini tram to Fun Enuf!

North-Tron parts

These four parts are listed in the epicer recipe. Bring all four to Fun Enuf, then use any part on any other part to build the North-Tron, destroy the kAos oAk, and clear the way north to Dirge Grid.

Oh, what's a North-Tron? Um, it's a thing that goes north. Very powerful. Go ask your father.


The response to STATS or SCORE is:

Your overall score so far is S of 88 in several turns. [if low score] But don't worry, points pile up pretty quickly once you get going. [end if] [if have all LLPs] You got all LLPs. [else] You need at least [either] 77 to win [or] 77+X to win, since you got X bonus points.

Broken down by regions, you have D of 10 for Dim Mid (current region*), G of 30 for Grebeberg (current region*), Y of 37 for Yelpley (current region*) and X of 11 extra points. Note some acts you can perform in one region may be scored for another.

[if vanquished any thugs*:] You currently disposed of GT guh-thugs blocking your way: thug-names [e.g.: Ian, Ned, Rob and Dave].

[if Yuge Guy gone:] You've gotten rid of the Yuge Guy.

[if Ms Ism gone:] You've gotten rid of La Gal/Ms. Ism.

[if Diktat Kid gone:] Now you're in NU FUN and have all the points, there's seemingly not much to do but go south through the Tix Exit.

[if found recipe, but no North-Tron pieces:] You don't have any of the four North-Tron pieces you need to destroy the kAOS oak, according to the epicer recipe.

[if found recipe and any North-Tron pieces:] You also have NT pieces of 4 North-Tron pieces you need to destroy the KaOs OaK, according to the epicer recipe. [if have all 4] You probably want to USE one North-Tron part on another.

[if used optional palindromes:] You've also found P of 385 palindromes that were there but not critical to the story. This won't affect the ending in any way, but the more you find, the more clues you can get, so hopefully it will be fun.


10 points are awarded in the Dim Mid region (Fun Enuf and Dirge Grid) as follows:

  1. 1 point for PACK CAP in Fun Enuf.
  2. 1 point for PACE CAP.
  3. 1 point for USE LASER ON TRAM in Fun Enuf. (Or use any other two North-Tron parts on each other.)
  4. 1 point for USE RUM ON RAY.
  5. 1 point for EMIT NOONTIME.
  6. 1 point for USE RAY ON SET in Work Row.
  7. 1 point for USE GEM ON FINK in Dirge Grid.
  8. 1 point for USE BAT ON REV in Dirge Grid.
  9. 1 point for USE RAY ON REDIVIDER in Dirge Grid.
  10. 1 point for SOUTH in Nu Fun.

30 points are awarded in Grebeberg (everywhere west from Fun Enuf) as follows:

  1. 1 point for USE TRAP ON RATS in Seer Trees.
  2. 1 point for USE EC ON KING in Cold Loc.
  3. 1 point for USE COTS ON EELS in Ooze Zoo.
  4. 1 point for USE COOP ON DUNG in Dumb Mud.
  5. 1 point for USE DUNG ON RUT in Dumb Mud.
  6. 1 point for USE TIDE ON DOODLE in Yack Cay.
  7. 1 point for USE NET ON DOC in Uneven U.
  8. 1 point for USE MAPS ON DOC in Uneven U.
  9. 1 point for READ MAPS in Apse Spa.
  10. 1 point for USE NI ON WONK in Yack Cay.
  11. 1 point for NAIL IAN in Mont Nom.
  12. 1 point for USE SAW ON SAP in Cold Loc.
  13. 1 point for USE CUP ON SAP in Cold Loc.
  14. 1 point for USE POLE ON KAYAK in Lac Oft Focal.
  15. 1 point for USE MED ON LUG in Flu Gulf.
  16. 1 point for USE DEMOS ON HAY in Moo Room.
  17. 1 point for USE ROD ON BOAT in Lac Oft Focal.
  18. 1 point for USE CANE ON HAY in Moo Room.
  19. 1 point for USE BROOM ON YURT in Roomy Moor.
  20. 1 point for USE SAW ON CROP in Uneven U.
  21. 1 point for USE AXE ON VEIL in Dumb Mud.
  22. 1 point for USE TAN ON ROCS in Flu Gulf.
  23. 1 point for RAD DAM in Swamp Maws.
  24. 1 point for USE ORT ON GARB.
  25. 1 point for USE POPPER ON TOTEM in Sneer Greens.
  26. 1 point for USE YAM ON FIG in Mont Nom.
  27. 1 point for USE TOFU ON CANS in Mont Nom.
  28. 1 point for YAK OKAY in Liar Trail.
  29. 1 point for USE GAS ON MAT in Motto Bottom.
  30. 1 point for USE RAHS ON RUG in Motto Bottom.

37 points are awarded in Yelpley (everywhere east from Fun Enuf) as follows:

  1. 1 point for EVADE DAVE in My Gym.
  2. 1 point for BORE ROB in Worn Row.
  3. 1 point for WORD ROW for the first time in Wor- Row.
  4. 1 point for WORK ROW for the first time in Wor+ Row.
  5. 1 point for PUT ART IN REIFIER in Work Row.
  6. 1 point for GIVE TI TO FROOD in Evaded Ave.
  7. 1 point for TEND NET in Trapeze Part.
  8. 1 point for USE EYE ON TIP in Yell Alley.
  9. 1 point for PUT NUB IN REVIVER in Work Row.
  10. 1 point for PUFF UP in Yawn Way.
  11. 1 point for PULL UP in Emo Dome.
  12. 1 point for PUT BUOY IN ROTATOR in Work Row.
  13. 1 point for USE SIRUP ON GRAIL in Swept Pews.
  14. 1 point for USE SOD ON NOB in Drawl Ward.
  15. 1 point for USE MATS ON METALS in Scrap Arcs.
  16. 1 point for USE CASH SAC ON ORC in Toll Lot.
  17. 1 point for DENY NED in Gross Org.
  18. 1 point for USE KEY ON GATE in Gross Org.
  19. 1 point for PUT BAND IN REIFIER in Work Row.
  20. 1 point for USE ARTS ON LOVER in Traded Art.
  21. 1 point for USE TAG ON TATTOOS in Traded Art.
  22. 1 point for USE LOG ON ROTATOR in Work Row.
  23. 1 point for USE KNITS ON ROTATOR in Work Row.
  24. 1 point for STAND NATS in Deft Fed.
  25. 1 point for USE YA ON SNIFFINS in Deft Fed.
  26. 1 point for USE ALE ON SNIFFINS in Bon Snob.
  27. 1 point for USE GROG ON TUB in Pro Corp.
  28. 1 point for USE RID ON REVIVER in Work Row.
  29. 1 point for USE VAC ON SAC in Dopy Pod.
  30. 1 point for RAD CRAG in Toll Lot.
  31. 1 point for USE MOTOR ON HAND in Swamp Maws.
  32. 1 point for USE ARM ON TNT in Yell Alley.
  33. 1 point for USE REVIVER ON ORE in Work Row.
  34. 1 point for USE ORB ON RIM in Red Roses Order.
  35. 1 point for PUT SLAB IN ROWS in Red Roses Order.
  36. 1 point for USE BATON ON REIFIER in Work Row.
  37. 1 point for to be determined

11 extra points (also called Last Lousy points, LLPs, or bonus points) are awarded as follows:

  1. 1 point for STATS (instead of SCORE).
  2. 1 point for REFER (instead of VERBS or HELP).
  3. 1 point for PEEP (instead of LOOK). SEES is a good try.
  4. 1 point for POOP or TIT or BOOB or PAP (instead of CURSE). DOOD is a good try.
  5. 1 point for DIAL AID (instead of HINT).
  6. 1 point for TRACE CART in Word Row.
  7. 1 point for STACK CATS in Moo Room.
  8. 1 point for SEE BEES in Moo Room.
  9. 1 point for MUSS OPOSSUM in Le Babel.
  10. 1 point for BALM LAB in Bald Lab.
  11. 1 point for SLAM MAMMALS in Ooze Zoo.


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