Key & Compass presents:
Annoyed Undead
by Roger Ostrander

Annoyed Undead is a Z-machine version 5 interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 1999 by Roger Ostrander. It was an entry in I-Comp where it took 1st place. In that competition, the challenge was for the player character to have no inventory.

You play as a 3000-year-old vampire who wakes to discover a new church on top of your crypt. You're no longer safe here, not even in your coffin. You must escape.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


YourCrypt SecretPassage-way HighPriest'sRoom Corner ofHallway MajesticHallway CrampedJunction Entrance-way ChurchAuditorium Pulpit HolyArtifactsRoom Cafeteria Closet

Your crypt

> x coffin. s.

Secret Passageway

> x hatch. open hatch.

Ack! Someone built a church over your crypt. You retreat automatically.

Your crypt

> s.

Secret Passageway

> open hatch. s.

Majestic Hallway

Don't worry about closing the secret hatch.

The main difficulty in this game is that almost everything in the church is too darn holy to touch or pick up. At least it's night, so you don't have to worry about sunlight.

> w. s. s.


The button is marked "Dinner Time".

> x button. push button. e.


You hear the priests enter the cafeteria from the auditorium. They note the lack of food, and leave the building.

> w. n. e. e.


There's a device on the altar, and a bible on top of the device. Also, you can't stay too long this close to the giant crucifix here.

> x device. turn device off. (This turns off the security system.)

> w. w. n. e. e.

Cramped Junction

The security system guarded the decorative door.

> x decorative door. open it. s.

Holy Artifacts Room

Bob isn't a priest, which makes him useful to you.

> x Bob. Bob, north. (Bob will now follow you.)

> n.

Cramped Junction

> open nondescript door. n.

High Priest's Room

Fortunately, the priest is too busy to notice you.

> x priest. x necklace. (There's a brass key on it.)

> Bob, kill priest.

> Bob, take key.

> s. w. w. s.


> Bob, unlock door.

> open door.

*** You have won ***




The main gimmick of this game is that there isn't any inventory. Everything that might be portable in this church is just too holy for you, a vampire, to take.

However, your thrall, Bob, can take stuff, so let's discuss his inventory instead, even though it's just one item.

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