Key & Compass presents:
Are You A Chef?
by Adam Biltcliffe

Are You A Chef? is a Z-machine 5 interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2000 by Adam Biltcliffe.

In this unofficial sequel to Dan Shiovitz's bizarre game, You Are A Chef!, you play as someone who logs onto ifMud only to find interrogators threatening inky (Shiovitz) because of his game's extreme wackiness, and everyone else is transformed into fruits and vegetables! Are you a chef? If so, maybe you can save everyone!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

Note: This game pretty much requires that you're already played the game You Are A Chef! by Dan Shiovitz, aka inky, and that you're familiar with ifMud. Otherwise you're not likely going to understand much of this.


xyzzy home d in Lair OfThe Oracle InterrogationLounge LongHall Alex'sPerch Big Dig Dorm A TransporterRoom IncineratorRoom Outside EastRoad Inside thePhone Booth step on pad u out (fromanywhere)

Dorm A

> n.

Long Hall

> x ashes. x note. x board. w.

Interrogation Lounge

During your first visit to the lounge, you won't be able to leave until the game's banner is shown.

> x inky. x chair. x suits. x hole. x transformer.

> x andyf. x ender. x miseri. x dilbon. x katre.

> x pot. x paperclips. x monkey. x octopus.

> take andyf. (or any other potato)

> take dilbon. (or any other cabbage)

> e. sw.

Big Dig

> d. u. nw. se. sw.

Transporter Room

> x pad. step on pad.

Alex's Perch

Caution: Going down from the perch is fatal.

> x nut. take it. home.

Dorm A

> e. s.


> s. nw. e.

East Road

> x booth. (take booth. undo.) in.

Inside the phone booth

> x phone. x card. insert nut in phone. call 3327. out.

East Road

> take box. (It disintegrates.)

> i. x tomato. x pizza.

> x melted. x nuts. x anchovy. x seeds. x olives.

> xyzzy. sw. sw. step on pad.

Alex's Perch

Dropping a food item that isn't a person will save inky, but no one else. Only by playing You Are A Chef! are you likely to know that a potato, cabbage, and tomato are the missing pot ingredients needed to finish the recipe (and defeat the bad guys).

> drop potato. drop cabbage. drop tomato. xyzzy. w.

*** You have won ***







There is no score in this game, but if you type SCORE, you'll get a random four-digit number in response.

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