Key & Compass presents:
The Asian Challenge
by Conrad Button

The Asian Challenge is a MS-DOS text adventure game written with [AUTHSYS] and is © 1989 ButtonWare, Inc.. It was written by Conrad Button.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on version 2.0 of the game.

Note: Specific location names are not used in the game; the names of locations on these maps are my own invention, based on the room descriptions.


Map 1: Western Asia

TaimyrPeninsula(bucket) Uelen(walrus,bering) Cabin(skis) UralMountains WestSiberia CentralSiberia Istanbul,Turkey Ankara,Turkey Aral Sea(sturgeon) Ulan Bator,Mongolia Syrianplains Tehran,Iran Gobi Desert,Mongolia(key) KunlanMts, China(yak) Damascus, Syria(sword) Baghdad, Iran(teacher) Iranplateau(carpet) Tashkent,Soviet Union(trough) High plateau(camel) Sea ofGalilee Jerusalem,Israel West Bank Anman,Jordan Iraqdesert Saltwaste HinduKushMountains Kabul,Afghanistan Islamabad,Pakistan Dead Sea(parchment) Mecca Riyadh Indusplain go cabin e s d Great Wallof China(N) TharDesert,India n ride camel u

Map 2: Eastern Asia

fly away go door w sail sampan Highplateau Sea ofJapan Great Wallof China (N) Mao's FireworksFactory(skyrockets) Great Wallof China (S)(tablet) Peking(billboard,factory) Pyongyang,N. Korea Burmaplain(pouch) YangtzeRiver Seoul,S. Korea Samchock,S. Korea(sampan) Rangoon,Burma Thailandhills(ox) VientianeLaos Hanoi,Vietnam Bangkok,Thailand PhmonPenh,Kampuchea MekongRiverDelta s

Map 3: Japan and Indonesia

CAUTION: Don't "fly away" on your magic carpet when navigating the seas. You'll teleport over to Cape Cormorin and lose access to this area since your sampan will be on the wrong side of the Sea of Japan.

w sail sampan sail yawl s go trading sail junk s Sea ofJapan Shikoku,Japan Tokyo,Japan(yawl) PacificOcean TraderJim's Luzon,Philippines QuezonCity Manila(chinesejunk) SouthChina Sea Borneo(malayan,orangutan) e sail sampan n sail yawl e n sail junk Samchock,S. Korea(sampan)

Map 4: India

go mountain w sail dhow MountEverest(matches) Kathmandru,Nepal(sherpa) New Delhi,India GangesRiver TharDesert,India DeccanPlateau CapeCormorin(dhow,east indian) Gulf ofMarner Columbo,Sri Lanka FormerCeylon(sub) d sail dhow e Indusplain