Key & Compass presents:
by Pete Gardner

Awakening is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2009 by Pete Gardner. It tied for 1st place in the Halloween Ghost Story Contest event in 2009.

You play as someone who has just woken up mud-covered and filthy beside a deep hole in a church graveyard and in the middle of a thunderstorm. You feel restless. You feel inexplicably drawn to the church. And you're thirsty. You need a drink badly.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.


DarkChamber Office Graveside Study Chancel NarrowCorridor UpperLanding InsidetheGatehouse Gateway Nave Alcove ChurchGrounds FrontSteps Entryway Driveway CoachHouse WindingPath SmallShack ShackInterior d d u



> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> x hole. x soil. enter hole. (No.)

> s.


> x gate. x monster. x path. x footprints.

> w.

Inside the Gatehouse

> x desk. open drawer. take key. x key.

> e. s.

Church Grounds

> x church. e.

Front Steps

> x inscriptions. x handles.

> unlock doors with key. open doors.

> e. n.


> x altar. x pews. x walls. x windows.

> nw.


> x desk. x carpet.

> open closet. x jacket. read slip. ("78 29 47")

> se. n.


You automatically retreat from the cruciform.



> x cruciform. e.


> x organ. play organ. n.

Narrow Corridor

> x carpet. u.

Upper Landing

The white door is open and not special.

> n.


Did you notice this is the third desk in this game?

> x portrait. x desk. open drawers. (Already open and empty.)

> move desk. x panel. push griffin.

> x safe. x dial.

> turn dial right to 78.

> turn dial left to 29.

> turn dial right to 47.

> look in safe. take bottle. x bottle.

Naturally, you cannot drink the moonshine yourself.

> x window.

> s. d. s. w. s. w. w. s. e.

Coach House

> x shelves. x tire. take it. take wrench. x wrench.

> e.

Winding Path

> x shack. e.

Small Shack

> x window. x door.

> knock on door. give bottle to man. (He invites you in.)

> e.

Shack Interior

> x fireplace. x cot. x man.

Here's the impossible to guess command, even if you guessed the player-character is a vampire:

> bite man. (Hello, slave!)

CAUTION: Although you can now order the caretaker about, DO NOT ORDER HIM TO GO WEST because the game won't let you leave the shack until he's following you. But you can't order him to do anything if he's outside and you're stuck inside! Oops.

> w. (See, you can't leave.)

> man, follow me. (Now you can go. Sheesh.)

> w. w. w. w. n. e. e. n.


> man, n.

> e.


Use your slave to move that troublesome cross out of the way.

> man, take cruciform.

> man, s.

> man, s. (The caretaker and the cruciform are now in the EntryWay.)

> w. n.


> move rug. open trapdoor. x trapdoor. x pin.

> break latch with wrench. open trapdoor. d.

Dark Chamber

Oddly, the game won't allow you to leave the chamber.

> x velvet rug. x coffin.

> enter coffin.

*** You have won ***




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