Are You A Chef?


Are You A Chef? was written in Inform and is © 2000 by Adam Biltcliffe.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

Related link: Adam Biltcliffe's IF page (where you can download the game).

Note: This game pretty much requires that you're already played the game You Are A Chef! by Dan Shiovitz, aka inky, and that you're familiar with the ifMud. Otherwise you're not likely going to understand much of this.

Lair Of
The Oracle
Big Dig Dorm A home
↑step on pad/d↓↑u|
Outside East
Inside the
Phone Booth

[Dorm A]


[Long Hall]

>x ashes. x note. x board. w.

[Interrogation Lounge]

>x inky. x chair. x suits. x hole. x transformer.

>x andyf. x ender. x miseri. x dilbon. x katre.

>x pot. x paperclips. x monkey. x octopus.

>take andyf. (or any other potato)

>take dilbon. (or any other cabbage)

>e. sw.

[Big Dig]

>d. u. nw. se. sw.

[Transporter Room]

>x pad. step on pad.

[Alex's Perch]

Caution: Going down from the perch is fatal.

>x nut. take it. home.

[Dorm A]

>e. s.


>s. nw. e.

[East Road]

>x booth. (take booth. undo.) in.

[Inside the phone booth]

>x phone. x card. insert nut in phone. call 3327. out.

[East Road]

>x box. open it. x tomato. x pizza.

>x melted. x nuts. x anchovy. x seeds. x olives.

>take box. (eat pizza. undo.)

>xyzzy. sw. sw. step on pad.

[Alex's Perch]

Dropping a food item that isn't a person will save inky, but no one else. Only by playing You Are A Chef! are you likely to know that a potato, cabbage, and tomato are the missing pot ingredients needed to finish the recipe (and defeat the bad guys).

>drop potato. drop cabbage. drop tomato. xyzzy. w.