Key & Compass presents:
Best Laid Plans
by David Whyld

Best Laid Plans is a Glulx text adventure game written with Inform 7 and is © 2013 by David Whyld. It was entered in IntroComp 2013 where it won 1st place.

In this small introductory game, you play as a biotech researcher at the Merrowvale Institute (MI) in the twin cities of Bizan'Toll. You were living the good life until a rival company attacked the facility, killed your co-worker and imprisoned you in a cell. You need to escape with SADI, a wristwatch-like device that can absorb other things.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

Walkthrough (IntroComp version)

Bottom ofthe Steps Your Cell A ShortCorridor StorageRoom You haveescaped! u enter crawlspace d

Your Cell

Your primary tool is your SADI, a device that looks like a wristwatch, but instead can absorb and release objects. Limitations include: only one object can be absorbed at a time; you can't absorb walls, floor, or ceilings; and while you wear SADI, you can't pick up most other objects in the normal fashion.

> x me. i. x sadi. x door. x window. look through window. x chair.

> absorb door. (+1 point)

> e.

A Short Corridor

> x alarm. x panel. d.

Bottom of the Steps

> release door. (+1 point. The locked door now blocks the north corridor.)

> u. w.

Your Cell

> absorb chair. e.

A Short Corridor

> release chair. stand on it. disable alarm. (+1 point)

> stand. absorb panel. e.

Storage Room

> x shelf. x table. x map. (+1 point)

> w. w.

Your Cell

> release panel. (+1 point. With the window covered, the cell is darker.)

> look. x marks.

> e. e.

Storage Room

The existence of the hidden trapdoor in this game is a curiosity since there appears to be no way to use it.

> absorb table. x trapdoor. open it. w.

A Short Corridor

> release table. e.

Storage Room

> absorb trapdoor. (Sorry, but that fails.)

> w. w.

Your Cell

Back to the glowing marks on the wall. Push marks and search marks fail, but...

> touch marks. x crawlspace. enter crawlspace. (+5 points)

*** You have won ***



This is very much a solo-adventure, but people mentioned include:



In that game you scored your-score out of a possible 10, in some turns.

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