Key & Compass presents:
Captain Speedo, The New Generation, Series Premiere: Missed by a hair - but not forgotten!
by Gilles Duchesne

Captain Speedo, The New Generation, Series Premiere: Missed by a hair - but not forgotten! is a Hugo interactive fiction game and is © 2001 by Gilles Duchesne. It was a participant in the Speed-IF y = 1/x event.

In this short game, you play as Erik Starson, a young boy who idolizes Captain Speedo, the famous galactic hero from yesteryear. Erik and a magnetic comb will play pivotal roles in engineering Captain Speedo's eventual return.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


take comb shoot guardswith staff Inside the GalacticMuseum, at theSpeedo Exhibit Corridor, deepwithin thesecret compound Cloning Labor-atory, at themain console

Inside the Galactic Museum, at the Speedo Exhibit

Has new title card graphic. Erik is 10 years old in this scene.

> x Erik. i. x rock. x candiru. x picture. x plaque.

> x case. x comb. x fountain.

> put candiru in fountain.

> break case with rock. take comb.

Corridor, deep within the secret compound

Now Erik is 25 years old and a rebel leader.

> x Erik. i. x comb. x hair. x staff.

> x com. x encyclopedia.

> shoot guards with staff.

Cloning Laboratory, at the main console

> x port. x compartment. put encyclopedia in port.

> take hair. x hair. put hair in compartment.

The Saga begins anew!





When Erik is a child:

When Erik is an adult:

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