Key & Compass presents:
Captain Piedaterre's Blunders
by Wade Clarke

Captain Piedaterre's Blunders is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2017 by Wade Clarke.

In this short and amusing choice-based parody of Captain Verdeterre's Plunder, you play as Captain Piedaterre, a sea-faring rat who, after crashing his ship on a reef, lucks out by finding a pirate's house to plunder. Oh, what treasures will soon be yours!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


At Sea Riviera (get allseventreasures) Pirate'sBedroom Pirate'sPorch SmugglyDiningRoom SmugglyKitchen RumpusRoom CreepyCloset WorshipRoom (floatto shore)


At Sea


Pirate's Porch

You determine that the pirate isn't home.

> C (about yourself)


> 1 (go in)

After this point, there's a random element (Pollyanna), so I can't reliably tell you which numbers to type. Instead, I'll have to tell you the text of the link to click.

Smuggly Dining Room

> Get the sloppy black banana (+1)

> Head north to the bedroom

Pirate's Bedroom

Ignore the chamber pot; it's too heavy to take anywhere.

> Get the broken clock (+1)

> Return to the dining room (south)

Smuggy Dining Room

> Go south to the rumpus room

Rumpus Room

Ignore the egg, you don't want it.

> Get the splintered chair leg (+1)

> Go south to the worship room

Worship Room

You don't want the mask, but it hides an idol you do want.

> Get the golden mask studded with emeralds

> Get the African fertility idol (+1)

> Go north back to the rumpus room

> Go north to the dining room

> Enter the kitchen to the east

Smuggly Kitchen

> Open the chest (hmm, stubborn)

> Pull it (it opens)

> Get the tea cup (+1)

> Try the ramshackle door

Creepy Closet

Ignore the diamond.

> Get the grey dust bunny (+1)

> Go back through the door (north)

> Return to the dining room, to the west

Smuggly Dining Room

I've left Pollyanna for last. Hopefully, Pollyanna is here and stays here long enough for you to get her biscuit. If she's not here, you can't just wait. You'll have to go find her. Fortunately, she never flies more than one room away from the dining room.

> Examine Pollyanna

> Take the biscuit off the bird's collar (+1)

You leave the house.


Riviera (Two weeks later)

*** The One And Only End ***


> 4 (quit)





To see the credits, type M for Menu, then 3 for "Read the credits":

Captain Piedaterre's Blunders
An interactive doddle by Wade Clarke
Release 1 / Serial number 171216 / Inform 7 build 6M62 (I6/v6.33 lib 6/12N)
CYOA Framework by Wade Clarke

Captain Piedaterre's Blunders exploits and extends upon intellectual property created by Ryan 'The Veeder' Veeder in his 2013 IF Captain Verdeterre's Plunder ( It does so with his approval. "I declare this to be canon!" said Ryan in an email dated February 2nd, 2016, though he didn't use an exclamation mark.

Visit Wade's sites, including but not limited to:,


To see your inventory in this game, you'll have to click the link or type the number associated with the phrase Check what you're carrying.


There's no SCORE command, but your score is displayed in the status bar. The maximum score is 7 points.

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