Key & Compass presents:
by Jim Aikin

Captivity is a TADS 3 interactive fiction game and is © 2020 by Jim Aikin. It was an entry in IF Comp 2020 where it tied for 16th place.

In this game, you play as a well-born young woman kidnapped by the lecherous Duke Esteban to be ravished. Your parents cannot pay the ransom and the one man sent to rescue you has failed. If you want to escape from the duke's castle with your virtue intact, you'll have to manage it yourself.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Main map

CrampedSpace Cellar StableYard Chapel Kitchen Pantry In theTower UntendedGarden Library North Endof EntryHall GreatDiningHall Top ofTowerStairs On atreebranch Oh,Happy Day!You'veEscaped! FrontParlor South Endof EntryHall North EndUpstairsHall Bottomof TowerStairs FrontYard d u d u u d d u

Map 2: Upstairs

North Endof EntryHall Chamberof theDowagerDuchess North EndUpstairsHall Wizard'sWorkshop South EndUpstairsHall Lavatory Duke Esteban'sBedchamber d u


The game begins with a content warning about how the topic of abduction and rape in this game is treated in a whimsical way.

I'd also like to mention that you cannot make the game unwinnable. If you do do something that would normally result in failure, the game graciously either rewinds events back to before your mistake or moves objects to where they need to be.


In the Tower

> x me. x necklace. (magical choker.)

> search bed. x hairpin.

> look under bed. take reticule.

> look through window. (You see Duke Esteban fell Otiocoso.)

> x garden. x dogs. x spiked wall. x forest. x river.

> x door. x keyhole. unlock door with hairpin.

> s. d.

At the Bottom of the Tower Stairs

> x panel. look through grille.

> x armor. x banner. (falcon, snake, and axe)

> push falcon. push snake. push axe.

> nw.

South End of the Entry Hall

> s. (locked)

> w.

Front Parlor

The duchess is quite willing to answer your questions.

> x chairs. x tables. x duchess. x hoop.

> x thread. x box.

> a hoop. (She accepts compliments, hint hint.)

> a box. a Porfiru. a Ulia.

> a herself. (She'd like you to admire the embroidery, hint hint.)

> a duke. a dogs. a necklace. a Thibon.

> admire hooporcompliment hoop.

The duchess runs off to fetch more embroidery for you to look at. She'll be back in five turns. While she's gone, swipe her box of sleeping powder and hide it in your reticule.

> put box in reticule. z. z. z. z. (She's back.)

> e. n.

North End of the Entry Hall

Thibon blocks the stairs as you enter.

> x Thibon. x dagger.

> a himself. (If you can find his ruby ring, he'll be nicer to you.)

> a dagger. a duke. a duchess.

> a wizard. a dogs. a necklace. a armor.

> w.


> x books. x dust. x harpsichord.

> x sheet. take it.

> play music. tune harpsichord. (can't)

> n. (The rosewood door is locked.)

> e. e.

Great Dining Hall

> x table. x chairs. x fireplace. x window.

> x chandelier.

Experimenting with the chandelier's chain seems warranted.

> take chain. climb chain. unhook chain.

> stand on table. (You can't reach the chandelier.)

> n.


The ferryman tells you that Otiocoso lives and was taken to the monastery to fix his wounds.

> x ferryman. (His name is Gorlick.)

> x cook. ask ferryman about cook. (Bibbidgy hates rats and fire.)

> x stove. x boots. x bucket.

> ask cook about stove. a bucket. a boots.

> a Gorlick. (Duke took away his hurdy-gurdy.)

> ask Gorlick about hurdy-gurdy. (Duke has it in his room.)

> n. (Dogs rush at you if you try.)

> ask cook about dogs. a Thibon.

> e.


> listen. x shelves. x onions. x bags.

> w.


There's now a wooden platter of raw steaks and a bowl of cherries. Gorlick says goodbye and leaves.

> x cherries. x steaks.

Get the powder ready to use.

> take box. open it.

> tell cook about rats. (She takes a pan into the pantry.)

Work quickly. You need to put sleeping powder on the steaks and take both the steaks and the cherries and go north with them before the cook returns. If you don't get it right, the game rewinds back to just before you told the cook about the rats.

> put powder on steaks.

> take platter and bowl.

> n.

Stable Yard

The dogs eat the steaks and fall asleep. Leave the platter where it is; you don't need it again.

> x dogs. x chickens. x stable.

> e.

Untended Garden

> x tree. x sundial. x weeds. x grave. dig grave.

> climb tree.

On a Tree Branch

> x spikes. x nest. x ring. take it.

> e. (No, you'd be chopped up.)

> d. s.

Front Yard

> x gate. x padlock.

> unlock padlock with hairpin. (Nope.)

> n. (front door is still locked)

> e. n. s. s.

North End of the Entry Hall

> give ring to Thibon. (He wanders off with it.)

> u.

North End of the Upstairs Hall

> e.

Porfiru stops you from bringing cherries in; he says Hermione is getting too fat to fly. Who's Hermione?

> drop bowl. e.

A Wizard's Workshop

> x wizard. x mustache. x spectacles.

> x desk. x teacup. x drawer. x brazier. x pallet.

> a necklace.

He whistles, takes a silver key from Hermoine the bat, unlocks the drawer, and shows you a blank scroll that he claims tells how to remove the necklace. Scroll, drawer, key, and bat return to their places.

> a bat. a duke. a duchess. a himself. a Ulia.

> a cook. a tea. sip tea.

Before putting Porfiru to sleep, you need him to first fetch his mirror. It's difficult to read the author's mind here. You don't know you need a mirror or that this is the way to get one, nor are you motivated to kiss anyone in this castle.

> kiss wizard. (He fetches a mirror.)

> put powder in tea. (He's now asleep.)

> close box. put it in reticule.

> take mirror.

> whistle. (No, it would wake him.)

> w. take bowl. e.

> put cherries on desk. (The bat arrives.)

> take key. unlock drawer with key.

> open drawer. take scroll.

> take specs. wear specs.

> read scroll. (You can't make sense of it.)

It's difficult to guess the correct syntax for this action:

> read scroll in mirror.

You learn that to remove the necklace, you need to burn a lock of your hair, a holy relic, and some dragon scales.

> w. w.

The Chambers of the Dowager Duchess

> x rugs. look under rug.

> look in hole. (You see the cook stuff a small metal box into one of the boots.)

> x basket. search it. take scissors.

> e. s. e.

The Lavatory

Hm. Nothing helpful here.

> x basin. x pitcher. x tub.

> w. s.

Duke Esteban's Bedchamber

The maid gives you a pamphlet when you enter.

> read pamphlet. (Ulia now wants you to follow her to the chapel.)

You must "follow Ulia" now. You'll come back here later.

> x Ulia. follow Ulia. g. g. g.


Ulia unlocks the rosewood door using a key from her satchel.

> x satchel. follow Ulia.


> x sack. x altar. x candlesticks. x bench.

> look in sack. ("mustn't touch!")

> a sack. (Contains a shoelace from Saint Giselda.)

> a shoelace.

Leave Ulia to her devotions for now.

> s. e. n.


> look in boots. take metal box. s.

North End of the Entry Hall

> open metal box. x match.

> u. s. s.

Duke Esteban's Bedchamber

> x bed. x cabinet. x hurdy-gurdy.

> open cabinet. (locked)

> play hurdy. (You need both hands free.)

> drop all. play hurdy.

> play music. (The cabinet opens, revealing a book.)

> drop hurdy. take all but hurdy.

> x book. read book. (How naughty.)

> close cabinet.

> n. n. d. w. n.


> give book to Ulia. (She rushes off with it.)

> open sack. x shoelace. take it.

> s. e. n. d.


> listen. x casks. n.

Cramped Space

Nothing here? But while wearing the specs, you can see a little dragon here!

> wear specs. x dragon. touch dragon.

> look. x scales. take scales.

> s. u. s. u. e.

A Wizard's Workshop

Reminder: Burn a lock of your hair, a holy relic, and dragon scales.

> cut hair. (using scissors)

> put strands in brazier.

> put shoelace in brazier.

> put scales in brazier.

> light match. put match in brazier. (The necklace falls off.)

This next action is unclued, but you'll be chided later if you "forget" to do it:

> put scissors in reticule.

> x necklace.

> w. w.

The Chambers of the Dowager Duchess

> take rug.

> e. d.

North End of the Entry Hall

The Duke catches you and drags you into the Great Dining Hall. You drop everything you were carrying, but not what you were wearing.

Great Dining Hall

If the scissors weren't in your reticule before, they are now.

> i. x duke.

> take scissors. stab duke. (He lets go.)

> unhook chain. (The chandelier falls on the duke. He's dead.)

> w.

North End of the Entry Hall

> take all. (or just take the rug)

> n. n. e. u.

On a Tree Branch

> put rug on spikes. e.

Oh, Happy Day! You've Escaped!

*** Your virtue is intact. ***





The response to CREDITS is:

Captivity is copyright (c) 2020 by Jim Aikin. You may distribute this game freely, but may not make derivative works.

Captivity sprang from the idle mind of Jim Aikin. It was written using the muscular TADS 3 programming language created by Michael J. Roberts and the streamlined adv3Lite library created by Eric Eve. Thanks to Eric for supplying a couple of library tweaks and to RealNC for solving a problem with the web-browser-hosted version. Thanks also, and especially, to dedicated testers Marco Alpert, Peter M.J. Gross, Jessica Knoth, Nathan Simpson, Daniel Worm, and JimB for hunting down a plague of pesky bugs! (Shine that gold-tinted spotlight on Nathan and Daniel for a moment, please.) Without the unstinting efforts of the entire testing team, this game would have been a real mess.

Bug reports should be emailed to the author at email redacted.


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