Key & Compass presents:
A Christmas Game: The Sequel
by Luke A. Jones

A Christmas Game: The Sequel is a Quest interactive fiction game and is © 2017 by Luke A. Jones. It is, of course, a sequel to A Christmas Game, also by Luke A. Jones.

In this game, you again play as a homeowner on Christmas Eve. Although you have no money, you need to find the seven items on your shopping list and bring them home to have a Merry Christmas. Featuring Santa, Jon Pigeon, Gabriel, and the Three Wise Mice.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


in out YourGarden YourHome TibStreet The West StillProceeding WestwardLeading GladTidingsGift Shop ChesterStreet TownSquare The CrossKeys Inn The CheeseHamlet WenceslasWinter FuelSupplies 🌟 Santa'sWorkshop


Your Home

> x list. take it. x stick. take it.

> x advent. open it. take chocolate. x it. eat it.

> x armchair. x fireplace. x TV. turn on TV. x boxes.

> n.

Your Garden

> x shed. open it.

> x spade. take it. x broom. take it.

> x tree.

> dig. x hole. take potato. x it.

> s. out.

Chester Street

I'm going to ignore the star for now.

> x star. listen. e.

Town Square

> x master. talk to master. (needs trumpeter)

> x band.

> e.

The Cross Keys Inn

> x James. talk to James.

> give stick to James. (He gives you the Bumper Special.)

> x Bumper.

> talk to landlady. x jukebox. x football. (broken spindle)

> unscrew broom. x head. x handle.

> use handle on table. (She puts a pint on the bar and gives a corkscrew.)

> take pint. x pint. drink pint. x corkscrew.

> x machine. play machine. (Santa's middle name?)

> 1. (wrong!)

> w. n.

Santa's Workshop

> x Santa. x printer. x Xbox. x bear.

> talk to Santa. ask Santa about printer. ask Santa about elves.

> ask Santa about xbox. ask Santa about teddy bear.

> ask Santa about middle name. ("Constantine")

> turn on printer. (Santa stops you.)

> s. e.

The Cross Keys Inn

> play machine.

> 3. ("Constantine")

What bird is on Wenceslas' kaftan?

> 1. (wrong!)

> w. se.

K. Wenceslas & Son: Winter Fuel Supplies

> x Wenceslas. x kaftan. (has eagle)

> x logs.

> talk to Wenceslas. yes. December. (He gives the logs to you.)

> nw. e.

The Cross Keys Inn

> play machine.

> 3. ("Constantine")

> 2. ("Eagle")

"Which of the Magi gave the gift of Gold?" You might know this already.

> 2. ("Gaspar". You win a pound coin.)

> x coin.

> use coin on jukebox. (An elf enters the inn.)

> x elf. talk to elf. ask elf about automation.

> tell elf about printer. (He leaves to help Santa.)

> w. n.

Santa's Workship

Elves and Chief Elf are now here. The printer and wonky toys are gone.

> talk to Santa.

> sit on Santa. (He gives a bag of chestnuts.)

> x chestnuts.

> x list. (You peek at Santa's list.)

> s. ne.

Tib Street

> x bench. x Kevin. talk to Kevin.

> ask Kevin about dodgy guys.

> sw. w.

Chester Street

> x van. x pipe. put potato in pipe.

The dodgy men try to drive away, but the back of the van explodes. They flee.

> look.

> x van. x potato. x Jon. x tooth. take tooth.

> talk to Jon. ask Jon about potato. take potato.

> ask Jon about Santa.

> ask Jon about James. ask Jon about landlady.

> in. n.

Your Garden

I honestly don't know how I thought of doing this.

> use corkscrew on tree. x myrrh.

> s. out. e. ne.

Tib Street

> talk to Kevin. (He gives the Sniper game and goes.)

> sw. w. w.

Glad Tidings Gift Shop

> x Gabriel. x paper. talk to Gabriel.

> ask Gabriel about paper. ask Gabriel about shepherds.

> listen. x system.

> smell. x frankincense. take it.

> ask Gabriel about frankincense.

> ask Gabriel about heaven.

> ask Gabriel about Christmasorask Gabriel about Jesus.

> tell Gabriel about band. (He grabs his trumpet, gives you the paper, and goes.)

Time to follow that star.

> w. w. w.

The West

> x Gaspar. x Melchior. x Balthasar. x stable. open door.

> give gold to Gaspar.

> give frankincense to Melchior.

> give myrrh to Balthasar.

Now that all three mice have gifts, Gaspar gives you a paper as a reward and they enter the stable.

> i. x note.

> e. e. e. e. e.

Town Square

Choir Master gives you a bottle of port when you arrive.

> x bottle.

> s.

The Cheese Hamlet

> x hamper. x cheesemonger. (It's Robin, formerly the butcher.)

> talk to Robin. ask Robin about hamper.

> ask Robin about butchers shop.

> ask Robin about cheese.

> give note to Robin. (He gives the hamper and goes.)

> n. w.

Chester Street

> ask Jon about Gabriel.

> in.

Your Home

You settle in for a pleasant night. On Christmas Day, Santa arrives with his sleigh and offers you a ride.

Congratulations you have completed the game!





Credits are displayed at game's end, after you've won:


Written and coded by Luke A. Jones (email redacted), using the Quest text adventure engine (

Thank you to Alex Dimmer for creating the artwork and to Jennifer Thompson, and K.V. for alpa and beta testing, and for their excellent suggestions for improvements.

Thanks also to the excellent support from the Quest forum members.

The pigeon was inspired by the twitter account @pigeonjohn

I have authored three other games which you can find here:

I welcome all (polite) feedback!

Merry Christmas! Be excellent to each other.

Luke xx


Wanted items for Christmas | Useful items | Useless items

Wanted items for Christmas

Take all seven of these items home to win the game.

Useful items
Useless items

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