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by Roger Carbol

Comrade is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2015 by Roger Carbol. It was entered in ShuffleComp: Disc 2. It was inspired by "Rossiya" by Laibach, "Cha Cha on the Moon" by Pat Reader, "Rocket Man" by Iron Horse, and "Russian Roulette" by Rihanna.

You are the new zampolit (political officer) of the Motherland's lunar base. Your first duty is to investigate the reported suicide of the previous zampolit and make an arrest, if possible.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Map 1: Lunar base

Observ-atory StorageArea LunarWalkway LifeSupportArea Shuttle DockAirlock Medic'sQuarters NorthernSickle MedicalBay Dock Psych-iatrist'sOffice Mid-Sickle Psych-iatrist'sQuarters QuarantineLock Zampolit'sOffice MechanicalWorkshop SouthernSickle Mechanic'sQuarters Astro-nomer'sQuarters MessHall Zampolit'sQuarters SecretGarden Commun-icationsRoom Greenhouse Kitchen Cook'sQuarters in out*

Map 2: Duct system

LifeSupportArea Duct Medic'sQuartersDuct NorthernSickleDuct MedicalBay Duct Psych.'sOfficeDuct Mid-SickleDuct Psych.'sQuartersDuct Zampolit'sOfficeDuct MechanicalWorkshopDuct SouthernSickleDuct Mechanic'sQuartersDuct Astro.'sQuartersDuct MessHallDuct Zampolit'sQuartersDuct SecretGardenDuct Commun-icationsRoom Duct GreenhouseDuct KitchenDuct Cook'sQuartersDuct



You should ask DUFFY to analyze any evidence you find, then read the screen for its analysis.

There are four problems I had with DUFFY: it's not portable, the valid syntax for using it could be simpler, it removes your evidence from the game, and any previous screen message is erased without being summarized anywhere.

I also have to wonder why the previous zampolit doesn't have a DUFFY, and will this DUFFY leave with the shuttle, leaving you without one too? You can't do your job without it.

> x duffy. x screen. x me. i. out.


> se.

Quarantine Lock

> x coffin. open it.

> x body. x crucifix. take it.

> close coffin. se.

Mechanical Workshop

This game is rather austere with scenery; most locations are empty and a room with more than two items is rare, not counting the nigh-omnipresent floor grilles for airflow.

> x cabinet. open it. look in it. (Files are arranged by date.)

> sw.

Mechanic's Quarters

> x Tsygan. x cot. x grille.

> listen to Tsygan. ask Tsygan about Tsygan.

> ask him about composter. ask him about body. (The deceased's name is Sablin.)

> ne. se.

Mess Hall

> x Burlak. ask him about Burlak. ask him about Sablin.

> sw.


> x contraption. x belt.

> x Prokopenko. ask him about Prokopenko.

> ask him about contraption. ask him about Sablin.

> nw.

Communications Room

> x cabinet. open it. look in it.

> ne.

Astronomer's Quarters

> x bed. x Ivanovsky. ask him about Ivanovsky.

> ask him about telescope. ask him about radio.

> ask him about Sablin.

> sw. sw.


Alas, the plants, shutters, and dome aren't implemented, so ignore them.

> x composter. search it. i. x belt.

> ne. se. ne. ne. se.

Zampolit's Quarters

This is your new home, and as you'll learn, where Sablin's body was found. However, there's nothing here to examine but a bed. You never find out where Sablin's stuff was moved to.

> x bed. nw. nw.

Zampolit's Office

Nothing to see here.

> se. n. w.

Psychiatrist's Office

> x Golovachev. ask him about him. ask him about Sablin.

> e. n. e.

Medical Bay

Dolmatov gives you a medical report when you enter.

> x report. x Dolmatov. ask him about him.

> ask him about report. ask him about Sablin.

All other rooms near here—Medic's Quarters, Psychiatrist's Quarters, Life Support Area, and Storage Area— are barren and utterly devoid of interest. Head back to the Zampolit's Quarters.

> w. s. s. se.

Zampolit's Quarters

We can go down through any grille that's in someone's quarters.

> d. nw.

Southern Sickle Duct

The ducts are very boring. This sticker is one of two interesting things in the ducts.

> x sticker. take it. se. u.

Zampolit's Quarters

Head back to the shuttle and DUFFY.

> nw. sw. nw. nw. nw. in.


> duffy, analyze crucifix.

> read screen. (Has black rubber compound contamination.)

> duffy, analyze belt.

> read screen. (Its black rubber compound matches that on the crucifix.)

> duffy, analyze sticker.

> read screen. (It has Prokopenko's partial fingerprint.)

> duffy, analyze report.

> read screen. (The hanging described for May 1 is impossible under lunar gravity.)

Head to the observatory.

> out. ne.

Dock Airlock

> wear suit. push button. n. n.


> x telescope. x cabinet. open it. look in it.

> look up May 1 in cabinet. x plate.

> s. s.

Dock Airlock

> push button. drop suit. sw. in.


> duffy, analyze plate. (It ejects a photograph.)

> read screen. take photograph. x it.

> duffy, analyze photograph. (It's of Burlak and tobacco plants in the greenhouse.)

> take photograph.

> out. se. se.

Mechanical Workshop

> look up May 1 in cabinet.

> x work log. (Fan belt was replaced in kitchen; signature is poor.)

> se.

Mess Hall

> show photograph to Burlak. (He tells you that he and Sablin smoked tobacco; and that there's a loose panel in the air duct under the greenhouse.)

> sw. nw.

Communications Room

> look up May 1 in cabinet. x message. (It's encrypted, sent by Sablin, marked urgent.)

> ne. d. sw. sw.

Greenhouse Duct

The loose panel isn't visible unless you've been told about it by Burlak.

> x panel. n. u.

Secret Garden

> x pipe. (Has an inscription.)

> take pipe.

Head back to DUFFY.

> d. s. ne. ne. u. sw. se. ne. nw. nw. nw. in.


> duffy, analyze message.

> read screen. (It needs an encryption key.)

> duffy, analyze pipe. (A sheet of paper is ejected.)

> read screen. (The pipe contained the encryption key.)

> take paper. read it. (Sablin recommended that Prokopenko stay another year on the Moon.)

> duffy, analyze log.

> read screen. (The signature is Tsygan's.)

> out. se. se. sw.

Mechanic's Quarters

> ask Tsygan about belt. (He replaced one for Prokopenko's contraption.)

> ne. se. sw.


It's obvious by now that Prokopenko did it. His motive was anger at being recommended for another year of duty on the Moon. His method was strangling Sablin with a fan belt.

> arrest Prokopenko. (Back on Earth, a jury finds Prokopenko guilty of murder.)

*** The End ***



The base personnel (who are also your suspects):



For each piece of evidence, use "DUFFY, ANALYZE item" to get an analysis of it.

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