Key & Compass presents:
Crocodracula: The Beginning
by Ryan Veeder

Crocodracula: The Beginning is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2020 by Ryan Veeder. This game is a prequel to Crocodracula: What Happened to Calvin. It is also (supposedly) a port of a game published by Taleframe in the early 1990's for the Commodore 64, based on the popular (fictional) TV series Crocodracula which Ryan describes as "an adventure/lite-horror/soap opera-type program about teens solving spooky mysteries, aimed at pre-teens." (For a real TV show like this, see Eerie, Indiana.)

In this charming light-horror game set in Opasassa, Florida, you play as Rebecca ("Becca") Drapkin, a normal teenager who discovers scales are growing on her shoulders and shins. Your best friend, Zoe, suggests talking to Miss Muriel about it. You were afraid she'd say that.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game. Make sure you read Ryan's post first before playing!

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Opasassa, Florida

(need bike) (need bike) InsideHighSchool Tunnels (need boat) (need boat) ControlRoom in in out out d out u u out out in in u u out d out out in in u in d d in in out out d d in u MissMuriel'sWorkshop MissMuriel'sCabin ThriftStore OutsideThriftStore SandyRoad TheWeepingWillow RadioStation SalvageYard Sheriff'sStation Top ofWaterTower Studio OutsideSheriff'sStation WaterTower AzaleaStreet Becca'sRoom Attic Boathouse LivingRoom Room AshStreet Water'sEdge BuchananHighSchool Becca'sHouse Basement Swamp LookoutTower SunkenCastle Gallery Crypt

Note: You won't be permitted to go north or west from the high school the first time unless you're riding your bike.

Map 2: Inside High School and Tunnels

Basement(house) BuchananHighSchool u out Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Basement(school) MisterSarducci'sClassroom Hallway MissLipton'sClassroom d in

Note: The tunnel connections are randomized, but it's always a three-by-three grid.


I trust you've read both Ryan's post and the Registration Key Factsheet before playing the game? To figure out a seventeen-digit registration key, you need to note several game features that vary randomly from one play-session to another.

And for an unrelated puzzle, you need to watch out and record words in boldface as well. Fortunately, those don't vary.

Buchanan High School

Note the slogan on the sign, re: 15th digit.

> x me. x scales. i. (carrying nothing)

> x Zoe. talk to Zoe.

> x school. x sign. x bike. x rack. x padlock. x bench.

> in.


> x Jocelyn. x sphere. x case. x Kyle.

> w.

Mister Sarducci's Classroom

> x Sarducci. x mustache. x shirt. x necktie.

> x desk. x tables.

> talk to Sarducci.

He has the bicycle key and wants a group project assignment which Zoe hasn't finished. Note that "coerce" is in boldface.

> e. e.

Miss Lipton's Classroom

Note the first page number on the blackboard, re: 12th digit.

Note if you can take Calvin or not, re: 17th digit.

> x Lipton. x desk. x headphones. x player.

> x blackboard. x Calvin. take Calvin.

> x window. x key. take key. (Miss Lipton stops you.)

> talk to Lipton. (She's trying to relax.)

> w. out.

Buchanan High School

> talk to Zoe. (She's too distracted thinking about your brother.)

> e.

Becca's House

Your little sister Lindsay shows you a beetle in a box. Note that "ambles" is in boldface.

> x Lindsay. x box. x house. x stucco. x trees.

> in.

Living Room

Note the letter on Drew's cap, re: 13th digit.

> x brother. x cap. x guitar.

> x dolls. x carpet. x couch.

> talk to brother. (He wants his guitar pick.)

> u.

Becca's Room

> x bed. x animals. x Peggy Pony.

> x Wanda Elephant. x Harold Lamb. x James Frog.

> x viola. play it.

> x dresser. open top drawer.

> x diary. x letter. x pick. take it.

> d.

Living Room

> give pick to Drew. (You get his cap.)

> out. w.

Buchanan High School

> give cap to Zoe. (You get the assignment.)

> x assignment.

> in. w.

Mister Sarducci's Classroom

> give assignment to Sarducci. x bike key.

> e. out.

Buchanan High School

Note "manacles" in boldface when you unlock the bike.

> unlock padlock with key. (Padlock, chain, and key vanish.)

> ride bike. w. n. n. n. n.

Miss Muriel's Cabin

Note how many times the chimes jangle before they stop jangling, re: 11th digit. This could take up to 18 turns if there's nine jangles.

> dismount. x gress. x cabin. x flowers. x chimes.

> z. (Continue to wait, if necessary, to count the jangles.)

> in.

Miss Muriel's Workshop

Note "concoctions" is in boldface.

> talk to Muriel. (You get a stake.)

> g. (She says to "borrow" an airboat for the swamp.)

> x concoctions. x dolls. x beads. x herbs.

> x skulls. x projects. x book.

> x Muriel. x hair. x jacket. x stake.

> out.

Miss Muriel's Cabin

> ride bike. s. s. s. s.

Water's Edge

Leave the bike here; you won't need it until you want to visit Muriel's cabin again much later in the game.

> dismount. x business. x path. x alligator.

> x airboat. x fan. x dock.

> in.


Note "frigid" is in boldface when examining the AC.

Note which type of fish is on the plaque, re: 10th digit.

> x AC. x Qualmsley. x register. x fish. x key. x counter.

> talk to Qualmsley. (He wants to hear Eddie Lee play.)

> out. e. n.

Azalea Street

Note: "libel" is in boldface on the retraction.

> x house. x sign. x Eddie. x keyboard. x sidewalk.

> talk to Eddie. (He wants Zoe to sign a retraction.)

> x retraction.

> s.

Buchanan High School

> give retraction to Zoe. (She signs it.)

> x it. n.

Azalea Street

> give retraction to Eddie. (He'll meet you outside the boathouse.)

> s. w.

Water's Edge

Oddly, Eddie Lee sometimes says something in Polish without meaning to.

> in.


Eddie Lee starts playing; his father is distracted.

> take airboat key. x hook.

> out.

Water's Edge

> enter boat. turn on boat. s.


Ryan warns he had to improvise the swamp puzzle. Just go south.

> x trees. x vines.

> s.

Sunken Castle

I don't think you actually need to turn off the boat when not using it, but I like being tidy and not wasting fuel.

Note "eroded" is in boldface when examining the fortress.

> turn off boat. out.

> x fortress. x mud. x door. x gateway.

> in.


Note the specifics of the tapestry scene, re: 8th digit.

> x moss. x tapestry. x stairways.

> u.

Lookout Tower

> x swamp. x castle. x sword. take it.

> d. d.


> x sarcophagus. x torches. x door.

> open sarcophagus. (you need more leverage)

> open sarcophagus with sword. (nice try)

> open door. (can't)

> u. out.

Sunken Castle

> enter boat. turn it on. n. n.

Water's Edge

Eddie Lee is now talking only in Polish!

> out. talk to Eddie. (something Leonard?)

> in.


> talk to Qualmsley. out. e. n. in.


Note "faun" is in boldface.

> x prof. x carpet. x piano. x faun. x stern.

> talk to prof. (He's trying to make the spirit of Leonard Jezowski possess Eddie Lee.)

It's time to start exploring the rest of the town.

> out. w.

Water Tower

Note "ascent" is in boldface when you go up.

> x tower. x letters. x ladder.

> u.

On Top of the Water Tower

> x catwalk. x bulb.

> x city. x school. x forest. x swamp.

> x man. (He gives you his card; he wants a sword.)

> x card. x hat. x tie. x suit. (a magician?)

> give sword to man. (He gives a flute.)

> x flute. play flute.

> d. s. w.

Ash Street

> x house. x fence. x garden. x bushes.

> x Mrs. x glasses. talk to Mrs. (She's searching for a flute.)

> give flute to Mrs. (She gives a thermos.)

> x thermos. open thermos. (strong tea!)

> e. n. w.

Outside the Sheriff's Station

> x columns. x station. x car. x lion.

> in.

Sheriff's Station

Note who is on the wanted posters, re: 7th digit.

> x president. x board. x wanted posters.

> x piano ad. x Vivian ad. x Selfwakening. x lost cat.

> x carpet. x Dillard. x chair.

> talk to sheriff. (He wants crossword puzzles.)

> out. n.

The Weeping Willow

> x sign. x diner. x tree.

> x Kyle. x car. x innards.

> talk to Kyle. (He needs a new part; reveals a towel.)

> x towel.

> n.

Outside the Thrift Store

Note the mannequin pose, re: 16th digit.

Also note "jaundiced" is in boldface when you examine the mannequin.

> x store. x mannequin. x brick.

Now walk all the way back to Azalea Street then return here:

> s. s. e. e. w. w. n. n.

Note the new mannequin pose, re: 16th digit.

> in.

Thrift Store

Note "cadaverous" is in boldface.

Note the four things on the shelves, re: 9th digit.

> x shelves. g. (Repeat until you've seen four different items.)

> x cabinet. (Hazel claims it de-ages things by three weeks.)

> x counter. x Hazel. x glasses.

> out. s. e.

Radio Station

> x building. x tower. x windows.

> in.


Hm. Come back later with some light.

> out. e.

Salvage Yard

> x junkyard. x cars. x Hank. x booth.

> talk to Hank. (He's rather sleepy.)

> give thermos to Hank. (He gives you a converter.)

> x converter. w. w.

The Weeping Willow

> give converter to Kyle. (You get the towel.)

> x towel. smell it.

> e. s. s. e. in.


Note "thwart" is in boldface when you give the towel.

> give towel to Jocelyn. (You get the star ball.)

> out. w. n. n. in.

Darkness / Control Room

> turn on ball. x crowbar. take it.

> x turntable. x microphone. x speakers.

> x mixing board. x dial. (numbered 0 to 9)

> x console. x window. x clock. x on air light.

Play around with the dial to figure out the 14th digit. Listen closely to the channels as suggested by the Factsheet.

> turn dial to 3.

> turn dial to SECOND-NUMBER.

> z. (if you only heard white noise)

> turn dial to THIRD-NUMBER.

> turn dial to 0. (off)

When you're done with the dial, head back to the crypt:

> turn off ball.

> out. s. s.

> enter boat. turn it on. s. s.

> turn boat off. out. in. d.


Note: "afflict" is in boldface in the middle of that wall of text.

> open sarcophagus with crowbar.


The game suddenly interrupts to say you're playing an unlicensed copy of the game. So you miss seeing Crocodracula give you an amulet in an attempt to help Eddie Lee.


> x Crocodracula. x cloak.

> i. x amulet. look. take crowbar.

> u. out. enter boat. turn it on. n. n.

Water's Edge

> turn off boat. out.

> show amulet to Eddie. (He seems cured. He goes inside.)

> wear amulet.

Time to revisit Miss Muriel.

> ride bike. n. n. n. n.

Miss Muriel's Cabin

> dismount. in.

Miss Muriel's Workshop

Miss Muriel isn't home.

> x big book. (You need to eat a green beetle!)

> out. ride bike. s. s. s. s. e. e.

Becca's House

You can leave the bike at home; you're done with it.

> dismount.

> talk to Lindsay. (She wants Hunky the Monkey.)

Hmph. Let's go see what the Prof has to say about Eddie Lee now that you've exorcised him.

> w. n. in.


The prof is gone, but a cassette tape is now here.

> x tape. take it. x bench.

> out. s. in. e.

Miss Lipton's Classroom

> give tape to Lipton. (She becomes unresponsive.)

> x Lipton. talk to Lipton. show amulet to Lipton.

> take brass key.

> w. d.

Basement (of school)

> x door. x fluorescent. open door. (locked)

You should now have figured out all seventeen digits of the game's registration key. Take some time to put it all together if you haven't already.

> save.

> unlock door with janitor's key. w.

You must now enter your registration key:


A three-by-three grid maze of tunnels are generated at this point. You enter automatically.

Tunnel (southeast)

Note "unassuming" is in boldface when you examine Eric.

You start at the southeast corner, and you want to get to the northwest corner. Because the tunnel connections are randomized, I can't give specific directions, but there's only nine tunnel rooms and no hazards. You can do this.

CAUTION: If authentication failed, there won't be a west door in the northwest tunnel room and you'll be stuck.

> x Eric. x pipes.

> DIRECTION. (Repeat as appropriate until you're in the northwest tunnel at the other door.)

Tunnel (northwest)

> x door. w.

Basement (of house)

> x windows. x sheets. look under sheets.

> u.


> take book. x it.

> x fireplace. x painting. x couch.

> x bookcase. x windows. x door.

> u.


> d. out.

Ash Street

Oh, hello, Mrs. Idlewyld. Still here?

> e. n. w. in.

Sheriff's Station

Note "oddments" is in boldface when you give the puzzles.

> give puzzles to sheriff. (You get Hunky and a scarf.)

> x Hunky. x scarf. wear it.

Help the sheriff solve his crosswords:

> talk to sheriff. yes.

Mosey (5). Your answer? > amble

Compel by force (6). Your answer? > coerce

Fetters (8). Your answer? > manacles

Mixture or falsehood (10). Your answer? > concoction

Slander, in print (5). Your answer? > libel

Very cold (6). Your answer? > frigid

Wear away (5). Your answer? > erode

Climb (6). Your answer? > ascent

Foil, as a foe (6). Your answer? > thwart

Burden (with) (7). Your answer? > afflict

Hooved mythic reveler (4). Your answer? > faun

Modest or demure (10). Your answer? > unassuming

Bits and pieces (8). Your answer? > oddments

Unnaturally yellow (9). Your answer? > jaundiced

Corpselike (10). Your answer? > cadaverous

He gives you a shiny badge for all your help.

> x badge.

You can't give Hunky to Lindsay like this; she'll freak. Take it to the thrift store:

> out. n. n. in.

Thrift Store

> put Hunky in cabinet. x Hunky. (He's fully restored.)

> out. s. e. s. s. e. e.

Becca's House

> give Hunky to Lindsay. (You get the beetle.)

At this point, you really have no choice:

> eat beetle. SPACE

You are cured. You tell Crocodracula you want to keep the amulet and the responsibility that goes with it.

*** The End ***


Boldface words

Several words appear in boldface in the game's text for no obvious reason at first:

These words are actually the answers to the sheriff's crossword puzzle clues, with two minor word-form changes for amble and concoction. If you answer all of the sheriff's questions correctly, you earn a coveted Vocabulary Deputy badge!





The response to CREDITS is:

Licensed by Taleframe
Copyright Taleframe 1990
Do Not Copy Or Redistribute

[Ryan's Note: Thank you for playing my port of CROCODRACULA: THE BEGINNING. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any desire to contact me about this game, I would encourage you to indulge that desire by hitting me up via email (email redacted) or via Twitter (@rcveeder).

You can read more about the provenance of this game at Big thanks are due to Harrison Gerard, whose expertise was essential when it came to scanning the game's feelies and related documents.

Big thanks are also due to testers Zach Hodgens, Emily Boegheim, Lance Campbell, Harrison Gerard, Simon Carless, and O. Blaufuss.

And of course big thanks are due to all the Patreon supporters who made this port possible, listed here in, oh, let's say reverse alphabetical order by first name: Zachary Dillon, Yerrik, silentphantom, Sarah Nerboso, Sammy El-Bahrawy, Robin Johnson, Robert Paloutzian, Robert Eggleston, Rich Cheng, Rapscallion, quollish, Q. Pheevr, Paul Stanley, Nils Fagerburg, Michael Knowles, Matthew Zimmermann, Matt Schneider, Mark Vian, Maiko Zielger, Lance Campbell, Kenneth Hon, Korl Ove Hufthausen, Josh Labelle, Jordan Jay Eash, Jenni Polodna, Jenelle Marie, Jason McIntosh, Janice M. Eisen, Jacques Frechet, Ivan R, Harrison Gerard, Greg Frost, Grant Veeder, Evan Downey, Emily Short, Emily Boegheim, Eli Shupe, Doug Orleans, Derek Sotak, Dan Sanderson, Catherine O'Sullivan, Cat Manning, Carolyn VanEseltine, Carl Muckenhoupt, and Allen Tan. GOOD GRIEF THAT'S A LOT OF NICE PEOPLE.

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All endings end with The End, but they're not all the same ending.


Honorable mention:

Registration key puzzle

You are better served by reading the Registration Key Factsheet by BLP provided by the author, but for anyone who cannot read the Factsheet, I will attempt to summarize its information here.

Here's a worked example:

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