Key & Compass presents:
Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 2: Journey to Hell
by Marco Vallarino

Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 2: Journey to Hell is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2016 by Marco Vallarino. This is the sequel to Darkiss Chapter 1: the Awakening (2015). This game was originally written in Italian and published as Darkiss! Il bacio del vampiro - Capitolo 2: viaggo all'inferno in 2013. The author translated the game into English and entered it in IF Comp 2016 where it took 17th place.

You again play as the evil vampire lord Martin Voigt. After meeting with Lilith at the Yoshiwara Club, she has sent you to Ovranilla, a place in Hell. Your mission is to find the temple of the God-Star Valmar and convince its three priestesses to give you the secret to surviving sunlight, then return with it to the Club.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

Map of Ovranilla

(quicksand) In themiddle ofa lakeof blood DarkWood In thedepths ofa lakeof blood Moor ofNightmare PitchBlackThicket Devil'shole Summitof Fright Caveof Fear Mountainsof Pain Beforea lakeof blood Clearingof Disquiet Valleyof Tears Path ofSighs Steppe ofSadness Swamp ofDistress Cross-roads ofanguish Gardenof evil Isle ofLoneliness Land ofTerror Cloudsof hate Ravineof panic Abyss ofdamnation (steep) (slit) u u d d d d in d d u u u


Your vampiric powers:

Do you want to read instructions? (y/n) n

Valley of Tears

> x me. (Your mission is described here as well.)

> i. (Carrying nothing.)

> n.

Mountains of Pain

> become fog. n. (+1)

Cave of Fear

Note that the ceiling hole isn't there until you try to take the heart and the demon enters.

> become man. take heart. (A demon threatens you.)

You must kill the demon immediately or be killed yourself.

> bite demon. (+2. You defeat him.)

> x body. open body. x bowels. rip bowels. (+3)

> x bowels. look. x ceiling.

> take heart. x it. u.

Summit of Fright

> x spur. tie bowels to spur. d. (+5)

Mountains of Pain

> d. w.

Dark Wood

If you don't climb the tree first to find the paths, going west will randomly take you to the Valley or Moor instead.

> x vegetation. x moon. climb tree.

> w. (+1)

Clearing of Disquiet

> x gravestone. ("Here lies the one who was always hungry and so he remains")

> dig. x coffin. open coffin. (+2)

You learn about Agaliarept, the heart devourer, who has a crystal tear of fire and can be summoned to eat your heart by calling his name.

> x cadaver.

> e. s.

Moor of Nightmare

Make sure you have the heart of darkness or drop it here first.

> Agaliarept. become fog. (+5)

The heart devourer is destroyed when he tries to eat the heart of darkness.

> become man. take all. x tear.

> e.

Swamp of Distress

> x quicksand. become bat.

> take tear. s. (+2)

Isle of Loneliness

> x crown. x sabrina. (She's unaware you're there.)

> become man. call Sabrina.

She greets you, and you can now talk to her. (But only about things you've learned about so far!)

> ask sabrina about crown. ask sabrina about witches.

> ask Sabrina about heart. ask Sabrina about light.

> ask Sabrina about tear.

> give tear to Sabrina. (+3. She accepts and is burnt away.)

> wear crown. (Too small.)

> become bat. take crown.

> n. drop crown. s. take tear. n.

Swamp of Distress

We're using the swamp as an object cache.

> drop tear. n. w. w. w.

Before a lake of blood

Note the slope is too steep to climb down here in human form.

> x blood. drink blood. become man.

> w. d.

In the depths of a lake of blood

> take sword.

Before you can take Vespertilia, aka the Blade of Blood, the demon Praseidimio appears and asks what's the name of the queen of sighs?

> Lilith. (Nope.)

He hints that the spirits on a path call her name if you listen and to return when you know it. You ascend back to the surface of the lake.

In the middle of a lake of blood

> e.

Before a lake of blood

You can't ascend in human form either.

> become wolf. e. e. e. e.

Path of Sighs

> listen. (+2. Remember the woman's name; it's randomized.)

> w. w. w. w.

Before a lake of blood

> become man. w. d.

In the depths of a lake of blood

Say the name whispered on the Path of Sighs.

> NAME. (+3. You take the sword to the surface.)

In the middle of a lake of blood

> e.

Before a lake of blood

> become wolf. take sword. e. e. e. s. e.

Crossroads of anguish

> x Pan. x flute.

> become bat. take flute. (+2. You easily reach it in bat form.)

> become man. take sword.

> n. e.

Steppe of Sadness

> x musician. x lyre. x spirits.

> play flute. (He stops playing.)

> ask musician about flute. (He just wants you to leave.)

> hypnotize musician. (+4. He now follows you and will follow your orders.)

You can talk to the hypnotized musician. He will follow you to many places, but not everywhere.

> ask musician about lyre. ask musician about temple.

> ask musician about praseidimio.

> w. s. s.

Land of terror

The sky is suddenly obscured by dark clouds. If you try to go south, they shoot lightning bolts.

> x clouds. ask musician about clouds.

> free musician.

> become bat. take flute. n. w. n. n.

Mountains of Pain

> drop flute. u.

Summit of Fright

> become man. untie bowels. throw bowels.

... down the mountain? (y/n) > y

> become bat. d.

Mountain of Pain

> become man. take all. d. e. e.

Steppe of Sadness

There seems to be some awkwardness in enthralling the musician a second time.

> play flute. play flute. hypnotize musician.

> w. s. s.

Land of terror

> drop bowels. take sword.

> order musician to play. (+5)

> u.

Clouds of hate

Bauer is here and starts reciting a formula.

> kill Bauer. (+3, using the sword. He falls into the fire.)

> d.

Land of terror

You free the musician; he leaves. The bowels fall. The clouds dissipate. Time to get all your stuff plus one thing more.

> n. w.

Swamp of Distress

> take all. e. e.

Pitch Black Thicket

The tear of fire lets you see something.

> x trees. e. (+3)

Garden of evil

> x plant. take pumpkin. x pumpkin.

> w. w. s. s.

Ravine of panic

Spectres block your way; you can't overcome them alone.

> x ravine. x stair. d.

> throw pumpkin.

... down the ravine? (y/n) > y (+6. The spirits and spectres eliminate each other.)

> d.

Abyss of damnation

An invisible force stops you from taking the sword inside.

> x well. drop sword. d. (+4)

Devil's hole

The preistesses know what you want; they want to see some gifts. Fortunately, they've dressed in the appropriate colours corresponding to the gifts.

> give crown to Carmilla. (She wears it.)

> give heart to Mircalla. (She eats it.)

> give tear to Millarca. (She wraps it in flames.)

... look into the well? (y/n) > y (+5)

Infused with Valmar's light, you are now immune to sunlight for eighty days.

> x well. x wall. x scepter.

You remembered the magic word mentioned in the game's prologue, I hope?

> ayon. (+5)

Transported to Lilith's side, you tell your story, share your gift, and dream of conquest and revenge.

*** You have won ***

> amusing

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