Key & Compass presents:
The Day I stabbed Stalin
by Marius Müller

The Day I stabbed Stalin is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2010 by Marius Müller (as "Taleslinger"). It was a participant in the Newer New Year's Speed IF event. It is also the third installment in the Alex and Paul series, following The Day I mauled ...

In this game, you once again play as Alex attending yet another New Year's party at your boyfriend Paul's. What a year it's been. The world now has Alien Tech™, and your state now has gay marriage! Paul tells you he's invited his uncle Wally and some Dagon cultists from next door and asks you to behave yourself this time.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


u in out Hallway bedroom hallway LivingRoom Cemetery ThePotterRoom Kitchen Countryroad GardenArea EntranceGate In theSwimmingPool Golfcourse Hilltop d out climb wall



> x me. i. (nothing)

> open drawers. x tape. take tape.

> x front door. open front.

> u. (Not now.)

> x small door. in.

The Potter Room

> x tools. search tools. x pole.

> out. e.

Living Room

> x Wally. talk to Wally. g. g. g. g. g. g.

> x pirate. x hook. (You take it.)

> x hook. x flintlock. take flintlock.

> x people. x couches.

> search heap. (You take a body bag.)

> x bag.

> s. (Wally follows you.)


> x knife. take it.

> x cupcake. take it.

> x people. x benches. x food. x laptop.

> s.

Garden Area

> x pool. x undergrowth.

> search undergrowth. x toy mouse.

> x cultists. talk to cultists.

Time to follow through with the game's title.

> stab Wally (with knife). (He falls in the pool.)

> x pool.

> tape hook to pole. x pole hook. (To FISH something.)

> fish pool. x corpse.

You'll need both hands free to get over the wall so put everything in the bag and wear it:

> put all in bag. wear bag. climb wall.

Golf course

> x plank. e.


> x cart. (Need to unlock it with a swipe card.)

> ne.

Entrance Gate

> x gate. x snake. (Ate something square.)

> open gate. (It's locked.)

> give mouse to snake. (You get a swipe card.)

> x card. sw.


> unlock cart with card. enter cart.

> ne. n. (You use the cart to smash through the gate.)

Country road

> n.


> out. x grave. x coffin. open coffin.

Oddly, one can't examine the corpse that's already in the coffin.

> take corpse. (You take Wally's corpse out of the bag.)

> put corpse in coffin. (You close the coffin at the same time.)

> enter cart. s. s. sw. w.

Golf course

> out. put card in bag.

> climb wall. (Save warning.)

Garden Area

Deal with Tony quickly before examining anything:

> take flintlock. shoot Tony.

> search Tony. (Get Uzi and bag of powder.)

> x uzi. x powder. ("Dagon Dissolving Powder")

> x Dagon. talk to Dagon.

> put all in bag. climb wall.

Golf course

> tape plank to plank. (It's now repaired.)

> drop plank. (It's now a ramp.)

> enter cart. w.

You dissolve Dagon into green goo!

In the Swimming Pool (swimming [obviously])

> out. n. n.

Living Room

> x guests. ("DOOM III ROCKS")

> w.


> u. (Hear Paul's voice being threatened on your cell phone.)

Hallway (upstairs)

> look. (Yes, you did go upstairs.)

Take the Uzi and cupcake out of the bag first:

> take uzi. take cupcake.

> open door.


CAUTION: Attempts to flee result in instant death. Examining the bed or cupboard also results in instant death.

> shoot Luke (with Uzi). (Luke is down, but the Uzi jams.)

> throw cupcake at Jack.

*** Happy New Year 2010 ***

I'll add that Paul will brag about you killing a man with a cupcake two games from now, in The Day I saved Elvis.





Note that if you try going west from the bedroom or examine the bed or the cupboard in the bedroom, you will be shot dead immediately. It's not explicitly stated in these cases whether it's Jack or Luke who does the actual shooting.


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