Key & Compass presents:
The Dragon Diamond
by Kenneth Pedersen

The Dragon Diamond is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2017 by Kenneth Pedersen. The earliest version of this game was written for the Commodore-64 in 1987. There was also an ADRIFT port (year to be determined) before the Inform port was released in 2017.

In this old-school adventure game, you play as Bash the Barbarian. You have been ordered by the evil Queen Drana to obtain the Dragon Diamond which is somewhere in the Forest of Fear.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 (Inform port) of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


u jumpout ofwindow in swim (or)paddle climb rope (or)wear ring d wear ring d u d out d d u jump ontorope Ledge Top ofBirch SmallCave Edge ofVolcano Cottage NorthernLakeShore Platform SouthernLakeShore By LargeTree MuddyPlain Glade Forestof Fear DarkForest Outskirts NorthEnd ofWest Bank Downin aHole On aLawn West BankofQuicksand East BankofQuicksand DeepForest Beach BambooHut LittleWood SouthEnd ofWest Bank Base ofDevilMountain Clearing Top ofDevilMountain



> x me. i. x sword. x Leon. x rope.

> x carriage. x horse. x forest.

> take rope. (Leon dares you to fight him for it.)

> fight Leon. (+7; he's dead.)

> take rope. x body.

> n. w.


> x bush. x axe. w.

Muddy Plain

> x saplings. x mud. take branch. x it.

> dip hands in mud.

Your hands are now protected by mud. This status change isn't mentioned either in your your description or in your inventory.

> e.


> take axe. (+1)

> e. n.

Southern Lake Shore

> x lake. s. s.


> take body. n. n.

Southern Lake Shore

> give body to crocodiles. swim. (+8)

Northern Lake Shore

> x canoe. x paddle. n.

Edge of Volcano

> x birch. x volcano.

> chop birch. d. (+8)


> s.

Small Cave

> x dwarf. x torches. x furniture.

> talk to dwarf. x ring.

> n. u. s.

Northern Lake Shore

> enter canoe. paddle.

Southern Lake Shore

> s. e.

Dense Forest

> x string. x tree. n.

By Large Tree

> x basket. x blade. take it.

> attach blade to branch. (+5)

> x platform. x tree.

> look under basket. tie rope to hook.

> s.

Dense Forest

> pull string. tie string to tree. n.

By Large Tree

> climb ropeorwear ring. (+8)


> untie rope.

> x cottage. in.


> x window. x trapdoor. open trapdoor. d.

On a Lawn

> x flowers. x trapdoor.

> sw.

Bamboo Hut

> x chair. x table. x bed.

> look under bed. (+8; found spear)

> x spear. ne. s.

Little Wood

> x archer. x footprints.

> throw spear at archer. (+8)

> s.


> x twigs. take twigs.

> n. n. e.

West Bank of Quicksand

> x pool. s.

South End of West Bank

> throw rope at branch. (+8)

> jump onto rope.

East Bank of Quicksand

> e. e.


You're digging a hole to hide in later. You won't unearth anything.

> dig. (+8; using the spade)

> w. se.

By the Devil Mountain

> x den. s. (You don't dare.)

> x mountain. u. (Too steep and slippery.)

> wear ring. (+8)

Top of Devil Mountain

> x chimney. put twigs in chimney. (+8)

> wear ring. nw. e. d.

Down in a Hole / Dark Hole

> z. z. (+8. The dragon lies down over you!)

> kill dragon. (+8)

*** Congratulations! You have completed The Dragon Diamond!!! ***





From the first menu item accessed via the ABOUT command:

Introduction to The Dragon Diamond

Dragon Diamond was written by Kenneth Pedersen, originally on c64, then ported to ADRIFT and INFORM. Thanks must go to the one who created INFORM, Graham Nelson and to Emily Short for the extensions "Basic Screen Effects", "Menus" and "Basic Help Menu".


I note that, with the exception of the endgame with the dragon, it doesn't seem possible to put the game into an unwinnable situation. Although jumping out of the cottage's window when the canoe is on the south shore of the crocodile's lake ought to do it, the game is clever enough to stop you from jumping when the canoe is on the south shore.


Honorable mention:


The response to SCORE is:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 101, in several turns, earning you the rank of ranking.

Points are awarded as follows:

The rankings are:

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