Key & Compass presents:
Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.
by Muffy and Michael Berlyn

Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I. is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 1999 Cascade Mountain Publishing, Inc. It was written by Muffy and Michael Berlyn.

In this large game, you're a physics student. Since you're the only one who showed up to Dumont's class, he takes you to his lab to show you his P.A.R.T.I. — Particle Accelerator and Reality Translation Integrator. That is, he's connected an AI to a cyclotron so a "subonaut" can now explore the subatomic world metaphorically in virtual reality to search for Particle X. Long story short, you accidentally become the first subonaut while Dumont looks for a screwdriver.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Revision 4.11 of the game.


Map 1: The Lab

UnFair School Pyramid& Races Pond,Zoo, Golf Apart-ment Planet-arium Theater Museum MistyArea MistyArea MistyArea MistyArea The Lab MistyArea MistyArea MistyArea MistyArea

Map 2: Apartment

The Lab MistyArea ApartmentEntry LivingRoom Bedroom Kitchen DiningRoom Bathroom

Map 3: Pyramid and Race Track

The Lab RaceCourse 1 InsidePyramid RaceCourse 2 RaceCourse 3 RaceCourse 4 BluePrairie CrystalPyramid OutsideCorral RaceCourse 5 RaceCourse 6 RaceCourse 7 RaceCourse 8 RaceCourse 9 MistyArea RaceCourse 10 RaceCourse 11 RaceCourse 12 RaceCourse 13

Map 4: Science Museum

The Lab MistyArea S.A.M.NW S.A.M.North S.A.M.NE OutsideMuseum S.A.M.West S.A.M.Center S.A.M.East S.A.M.SW S.A.M.South S.A.M.SE WaterChamber Dirt Path CornerSidewalk Midpoint East End

Map 5: Point of View Theater

u d u d u d e (zap!) The Lab MistyArea Alcove Grand Staircase Top ofStaircase Balcony Alley SouthwestHallway SoutheastHallway Alley WestSeating MainSeating EastSeating BackstageWest StageLeft StageCenter StageRight BackstageEast Alley DressingRoom FloatingDisk Floating DressingRoom Landing WestCatwalk MidCatwalk EastCatwalk

Map 6: Planetarium

The Lab d ControlBooth MistyArea Lobby u Seating,North Seating,West Planet-arium Seating,East Hallway Seating,South

Map 7: Duck Pond, Petting Zoo, Golf Course

PettingZoo Clearing NorthEdge Street NarrowPath WestEdge EastEdge MistyArea GolfEntrance SouthEdge MiniatureGolf duckpond The Lab

Map 8: Aggie Fair

The Lab The Whip BumperCars DollarArcade Midway Midway Midway UnFairBooth RollerCoaster Karni'sKorner RingToss MistyArea

Map 9: School of Thought

Zen 101 Philosophy ExamRoom Meta-physics Porch MistyArea The Lab

Summary of Walkthrough

⚛️ ⚛️ ⚛️

  1. Apartment goal: Wear clean jeans.
  2. School goals: Get card, mat, handbook, and robe.
  3. Lab goal: Get wires.
  4. Theater goals: Get magazine, brush, pillow, and love note.
  5. Fair goals: Get mug of perfectly warmed milk and blue key.
  6. Museum goals: Get glowing rock and laser.
  7. Planetarium goals: Get blanket and violet key.
  8. Bluegrass goals: Get glasses, teddy bear, and yellow key.
  9. Parkland goals: Get golf club, feathers, small book, and green key.
  10. Theater goals, part 2: Get red key and clock.
  11. School goal, part 2: Get diploma.
  12. Theater goal, part 3: See Fred A Star, a.k.a. Particle X!
  13. Apartment goal, part 2: Get some sleep.

Save often!


⚛️ Apartment goal: Wear clean jeans.


> verbose. x me.

> x jeans. take jeans.

> x dresser. x mirror. x wall. x bed.

> s.


> x sink. x tub. x water.

> wash jeans. wear jeans.

> w. (The doorway is just painted!)

> n. w. (The door shuts and clicks behind you.)

Living Room

> open door. (It's now locked?)

> x furniture. x chair. x table. x couch.

> x curtain. open curtain. x window.

> look through window. x pyramid. x grass.

> s.

Dining Room

> x table. x chairs. e. (Just a painting.)

> w.


> x cabinets. x fridge. x range.

> x floor. x ceiling.

> e. n. w.

Apartment Entry

> listen. w.

Misty Area (east)

> x mist. w.

The Lab

> x shell. x wires.

> n. n.

⚛️ School goals: Get card, mat, handbook, and robe.


> x sign. ("Welcome to the School of Thought")

> open door. n.

Exam Room

> x desk. x screen. x pad.

> push pad. (Professor Parti appears and tells you to sit when you're ready to take your exam.)

> x Parti. x diploma.

> x gold plaque. ("Zen")

> x silver plaque. ("Philosophy")

> x crystal plaque. ("Metaphysics")

> ask Parti about exam. ask Parti about thought.

> ask Parti about himself. ask Parti about diploma.

> ask Parti about desk. ask Parti about zen.

> ask Parti about philosophy. ask Parti about metaphysics.

Let's try the exam. You need to be wearing clean jeans.

> sit on desk. read screen. (Wants your palms on the screen.)

> put palms on screen. read screen. (Congrats, your genes are clean.)

> press pad. read screen.

There are five questions/koans. "The answers to these koans are imbedded in the process of finding and retrieving the five keys this desk requires. Each key will fit a slot in this desk. Answer the koans in any order you wish. [...] Press the LCD pad to receive your first koan."

> press pad. read screen.

> press pad. read screen.

> press pad. read screen.

> press pad. read screen.

> press pad. read screen. (A small card appears on the desk.)

> x card. take card. ask Parti about card.

> press pad. read screen. (Back to the initial instructions.)

> stand. n.

Zen 101

> x students. x mat.

> x chalkboard. ("Zen 101, Dr Lorenzo Buck Way, to show you the way of Zen.")

> sit on mat. (Way appears.)

> x Way. ask Way about zen. (He doesn't speak.)

> stand. take mat.

> s. w.


> x Cohen. x handbook.

> x chalkboard. ("Philosophy 101, Dr Chaos Cohen, attending professor.")

> ask Cohen about Cohen. ask Cohen about philosophy.

> ask Cohen about exam. ask Cohen about handbook. (It's a focus for the hands.)

> ask Cohen about me. ask Cohen for handbook.

I found this impossible to guess, expecting I needed to TELL him about something. Aargh.

> say ANYTHING to Cohenoranswer ANYTHING to Cohen. (You get the handbook.)

> open book. wear it.

You can wear the book as a focus while meditating.

> e. e.


> x chalkboard. ("Metaphysics, Dr Gravity's Kite Races"; he appears)

> x Gravity. x robe.

> ask Gravity about Gravity. ask Gravity about robe.

> ask Gravity about races. ask Gravity about kites.

> ask Gravity about glasses.

> take robe. (Can't with the handbook on.)

> remove book. take robe. (It flies out of reach.)

> drop mat. sit on mat.

> wear book. meditate on robe. (The robe lands at your feet.)

> remove book. take robe. stand. take mat.

> w.

Exam Room

> open door. s. s. s.

⚛️ Lab goal: Get wires.

The Lab

> take wires. (They spring upwards out of reach.)

> wear robe. (Now you're at...)

Lab Ceiling

> take wires. remove robe.

The Lab

> s. s.

⚛️ Theater goals: Get magazine, brush, pillow, and love note.


> x theater. x window. x board. read listings.

> x Ty. x magazine. x ticket.

> ask Ty about ticket. ask Ty about Fred. ask Ty about theater.

> ask Ty about Ty. ask Ty for ticket. (Need to show your diploma.)

> ask Ty for magazine. (He will give that!)

> read magazine. read bio.

> sw. s.

Alley (by door)

> x door. x escape. u.


> open window. e.

West Catwalk

Don't go east just yet. There's a giant cat on this catwalk.

> d.

Backstage West

If you go west, you go through the door to the alley!

If you try to go east, a strange man demands your backstage pass.

> s.

Dressing Room (western)

> x vanity. x mirror. x brush. take brush.

> x couch. x pillow. take pillow. read it.

> open pillow. take note. read note.

Head back to the lab, then head northwest:

> n. w. n. ne. n. n. nw. nw.

⚛️ Fair goals: Get mug of perfectly warmed milk and blue key.

UnFair Booth

This UnFair is unfair. You will want to save, in case you make a mistake.

> save.

> x banner. x music. x Barker. x blue key. (diamond shaft)

> ask Barker about fair. ask Barker about Barker.

> ask Barker about weather. ask Barker about booth.

> ask Barker about blue key. ask Barker about Milky Way.

> w. n.

Dollar Arcade

Nothing is really here but dreams.

> x machines. s. s.

Ring Toss

> x John. x mug. x doll. x vase. x shakers. x lamp.

Note that you'll need your membership card for almost everything at the UnFair.

CAUTIONS: Make sure you choose your prize wisely; you can't exchange prizes. Also, if you put a prize back on the shelf, you can't get it back.

> ask John about game. ask John about fair. ask John about John.

> throw ring. (Need freebie proof.)

> show card to John. (He punches a tiny hole in it.)

> throw ring. (You win a prize! Take the mug!)

> take mug.

> n. w. n.

Bumper Cars

I want to ride all the rides for this walkthrough, but it's important we go on two rides and only two rides when we get the milk, so let's ride just the bumper cars before that. We can ride each ride only once.

> x cars. x sign. enter ride.

> s. s.

Karni's Korner

> x quiz. x Karni. x sign.

> ask Karni about quiz. ask Karni about Karni.

> ask Karni about cow. ask Karni about freebie.

> take quiz. (Need to show you're entitled to a freebie first.)

> show card to Karni. take quiz.

CAUTION: The questions can be presented in any order! Answer NO to all astronomy questions, and YES to the two silly questions.

Your prize is four frozen cubes of milk, and they're melting fast!

> take milk. put milk in mug.

You now need to ride exactly two of the rides to warm up the milk properly. After one ride, it's tepid; after three rides, it's scalded!

> n. w. n.

The Whip

> x whip. enter ride.

Note: The frozen milk cubes in your mug have melted.

> x milk. s. s.

Roller Coaster

> x coaster. x sign. enter ride.

Note: The milk in your mug is now perfectly warmed.

> x milk. n. e. e. e.

UnFair Booth

As you arrive with perfectly warmed milk, Barker gives the blue key to you.

> se. se. se. se.

⚛️ Museum goals: Get glowing rock and laser.

Outside Museum

> e.

S.A.M. West

> x ceiling. e.

S.A.M. Center

> x directory. e.

S.A.M. East

> x generator. x wheel. x belt. x pipe.

Follow the pipe:

> s. w.

S.A.M. South

> x dial. (Marks: 1, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, and 0.)

> x chamber. x door. x drain. x pipe.

> w.


> x plaque. x rock. take rock.

> n. n.


> x exhibit. x wand. x dish. x water.

> take wand. dip wand in water.

> blow wandorwave wand. (Bubbles immediately get popped.)

> put wand in exhibit. e.

S.A.M. North

> x exhibit. x laser. x terminal.

> type Parti on terminal. (No experimenting!)

> e.


> x pyramid. x slab. (Contains wires; end to attach wires.)

> attach wires to slab. s.

S.A.M. East

> attach wires to generator. w. w. w. s.

Corner Sidewalk

> x grass. e. n.

Dirt Path

> turn faucet. (The underground sprinkler system turns on.)

> s. w. n. e. se.

S.A.M. South

The water is draining slowly. Wait until the needle is at 0.

> x dial. (Repeat until the needle is at 0.)

> open door. s.

Water Chamber

> turn wheel. (Water enters via huge pipe, exits via south hole.)

> turn wheel. (Water stops.)

> close handle. (Handle is now closed.)

> turn wheel. (Water now runs out the door.)

> n.

S.A.M. South

> close door. (The chamber takes time to fill)

> x dial. (Repeat until the needle is at 1 again.)

> ne.

S.A.M. East

The generator is now producing power.

> n.


When electricity is running:

> x slab. (The codeword is shown, eg: DRESSER or MIRROR.)

> w.

S.A.M. North

> type CODEWORD on terminal. (The case opens.)

> take laser.

> sw. w. nw. nw. sw. sw.

⚛️ Planetarium goals: Get blanket and violet key.


> w.


> x exhibit. x jar. x violet key. (circular shaft)

> take jar. (fixed in place)

> take key. (jar is sealed)

> open jar. ("Let's not be hasty.")

> w.

Seating, East

> x ceiling. w.


> x projector. x tube. (Missing something.)

> put laser in projector. x projector.

> w. u.

Control Booth

> x ladder.

> x board. read plaque. ("Manufactured by Brainwave Creations(tm),...")

> push black button. (The laser cuts out a black rectangle from the sky.)

> d. e.


> x blanket. take it. e. e.


> put blanket on jar. break jar.

> take blanket. take violet key.

> e. ne. ne. ne. ne.

⚛️ Bluegrass goals: Get glasses, teddy bear, and yellow key.

Blue Prairie

> e.

Crystal Pyramid

> x pyramid. n.

Inside Pyramid

> x bear. x yellow key. (shaft is triangular)

> take bear. (Vision is too confused.)

> s. e.

Outside Corral

Doc Gravity arrives, reading a flyer.

> x banner. x kite. x flyer. (Copy in your game package.)

The flyer feelie tells you if you want to start a race, tell the person on duty to release a kite.

It also tells you to sit on a tatami mat at the entrance of a race course, and meditate on the tachyon, the fastest particle known.

> drop mat. sit on mat. wear book.

> meditate on tachyon. (You get an ASCII art vision of the route you should take.)

> stand. remove book. take mat.

> doc, release kite.

> e. ne. se. se. w. nw. w. w.

Doc says you won, and offers his glasses as your prize.

> take glasses. w. n.

Inside Pyramid

> wear glasses. take bear. take yellow key.

> remove glasses. s. w. sw. sw. w. w.

⚛️ Parkland goals: Get golf club, feathers, small book, and green key.

East Edge

CAUTION: If you futz around too long in this section without breaking the pinata yourself, Parti will break it instead, making the game unwinnable.

> save.

> x green key. (Its shaft is square.)

> swim. (Parti appears and stops you; you have no swimming permit.)

> nw. sw. sw. s.

Miniature Golf

> x rack. take club.

When you look at one of the golf holes, a golf ball appears on its tee.

> x windmill. hit ball. ("A Lesson in Humanity")

> x bridge. hit ball ("A Lesson in Humidity")

> x hydra. hit ball ("A Lesson in Division")

> x lighthouse. hit ball. ("A Lesson in Humility")

> n. n. n.


> x pinata. take it. (out of reach)

> hit pinata with club. (Parti wants to see a hitting permit.)

> show card to Parti. (He leaves.)

> hit pinata with club. (It breaks open, spilling out ducks.)

If you're the one who opens the pinata, the duck will now follow you.

> x duck. take duck. (Can't.)

> w.

Petting Zoo

The duck puts feathers in its nest. You can't take the feathers loosely. You must have the pillowcase to put them in.

> x nests. x corrals. x feathers.

> take feathers. close pillow.

> s.


> x dog. x child. n. e. e.

North Edge

The duck finds something in the cattails, pointing.

> look. take small book. x it. ("Bedtime for Kitty")

> read it. (It's in catscript.)

> point to green key. (The duck gets it and drops it.)

> take green key.

> se. e. e. s. s.

⚛️ Theater goals, part 2: Get red key and clock.


> sw. s. u. e. e.

Mid Catwalk

CAUTION: The cat will kill you if you stand there too long.

> read small book. (It falls asleep.)

> x cat. what is cat. e.

East Catwalk

> x ladder. d.

Backstage East

> x star. s.

Dressing Room (eastern)

> x table. x clock. x red key.

> take red key.

Would you like to fry again? (y or n) > y


> w.

Floating Disc

> x Dolly. x painting.

> e. e.

Dressing Room (eastern)

> take red key with brush. (Success!)

> x clock. (It's now set for Early Wakeup.)

> take clock.

You should now have all five keys. Head back to the Exam Room:

> n. w. w. w. w. w. n. ne. n. n. n. n. n.

⚛️ School goal, part 2: Get diploma.

Exam Room

I'm assuming the screen is still showing the instructions.

> sit on desk. push pad.

For first koan:

> put violet key in circular slot. turn violet key. push pad.

For second koan:

> put blue key in diamond slot. turn blue key. push pad.

For third koan:

> put green key in square slot. turn green key. push pad.

For fourth koan:

> put yellow key in triangular slot. turn yellow key. push pad.

For fifth koan:

> put red key in rectangular slot. turn red key. (Parti gives you a diploma!)

Head back to the theater:

> stand. s. s. s. s. s.

⚛️ Theater goal, part 3: See Fred A Star, a.k.a. Particle X!


> show diploma to Ty. (Ty becomes Parti and joins you.)

Let's find a good seat:

> s. sw. e. e.

Main Seating

> sit on seat.

The show starts and Fred appears! There's fireworks and Fred vanishes. Parti leaves. Then the theatre catches fire. You race outside to...


The theatre has been replaced with a Meltdown Area and you're very tired. Head back to the apartment's bedroom, where you started:

> n. n. e. e.

⚛️ Apartment goal, part 2: Get some sleep.

Apartment Entry

The bedroom door will be unlocked now.

> e. e.


Note: You must have the blanket, the mug of perfectly warmed milk, the teddy bear, the pillow stuffed with feathers, and the clock in order to be able to fall asleep.

> get in bed. sleep.

*** You have won ***

> amusing



[Delving any further into this would result in a visit from the Brain Police.]




From the response to CREDITS:

Written by Muffy and Michael Berlyn.

Inform version by Mark J. Musante. Additional Inform code by Michael Berlyn.

Hints by Gunther Schmidl.

Beta testers:

Copyright (c) 1999 by Cascade Mountain Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


Note: It is possible to put the game into an unwinnable state. Just a few examples:


Useful general items | Keys | Sleep aids | Unuseful items | Honorable mention

Useful general items

When you're turned all five keys in the Exam Room's desk, Parti gives you a diploma.

Sleep aids

You will need to be carrying all five of these items to successfully sleep in the bed at game's end.

Unuseful items
Honorable mention

Not explicitly listed in your inventory, but regardless, you have:


You have seen [none..five] of the keys that fit in the desk.
You have turned [none..five] of these keys.

As far as preparing yourself for shutdown, you have [none..five] of the five necessary elements.

You have used several moves.

The five necessary elements are all sleep aids:

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