Key & Compass presents:
Easter Egg Hunt 2020
by David Welbourn

Easter Egg Hunt 2020 is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2020 by David Welbourn.

In this lighthearted scavenger hunt, it's your job to find twelve colorful Easter eggs in other works of interactive fiction! But who are you collecting them for and why?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


d w (or) rest d u put basketon pedestal u Centerof theBig Lawn Ocean-sideMeadow Lagoon Beach GargantuanGazebo In theFloodedGrave CragneFamilyPlot Labor-atory 11O'Clock 12O'Clock 1O'Clock Clearing Hillside 10O'Clock 2O'Clock StonePorch GardenEntrance Beach Window-less Ante-chamber CastleOrchard WesternCourt-yard 9O'Clock Centerof theBig Lawn 3O'Clock MeditationRoom Path Bed-chamber Cul-de-Sac StinkyTunnel In theMoat 8O'Clock 4O'Clock LivingRoom SeasideCottage 7O'Clock 6O'Clock 5O'Clock InsideCave Baron'sStudy In theVeldt OutsidetheHamlet FantasyWorld Ship'sCabin DarkDungeon CrampedLab



Center of the Big Lawn

> x basket. take it. x pedestal. x grass.

> e.

3 O'Clock

> x archway. e.

Meditation Room

> x Jinjin. x cushion. x rug. x mural.

> sit.

> pick 3. pick 8. (pair of heads)

> pick 14. pick 15. (pair of eyes)

> pick 5. pick 16. (pair of granolas)

> pick 6. pick 19. (pair of arrows)

> pick 4. pick 24. (pair of keys)

> pick 7. pick 25. (pair of bunnies)

> pick 17. pick 21. (pair of crowns)

> pick 9. pick 11. (pair of zorkmids)

> pick 10. pick 13. (pair of ducks)

> pick 12. pick 17. (pair of swords)

> pick 1. pick 22. (pair of lamps)

> pick 20. pick 23. (pair of torches)

> pick 2. (Jinjin gives you a Rose egg then leaves.)

> x Rose egg. put it in basket.

> stand. w. c.

4 O'Clock

> x archway. e.

Living Room

> x sofa. x desk. e.

Seaside Cottage

> x door. ne. ne.


> x hat. take it. x Puce egg. x rocks.

> sw. sw. w. w. c.

5 O'Clock

> x archway. s.

In the Veldt

> x lions. x portal. x meat. x sun.

> s. z. z. z. z. (Lions vanish; portal opens)

> s.

Cramped Lab

> x pod. x console.

> set dial to 2. n.

Outside the Hamlet

The bridge, stream, and constructions are unimplemented.

> n. (force wall stops you.)

> s.

Cramped Lab

> set dial to 3. n.

Fantasy World

> x speckled egg. take it. s.

Cramped Lab

> set dial to 5. n.

Ship's Cabin

> x sack. open it. take it. look in it.

> x Ebony egg. put it in basket.

> s.

Cramped Lab

> set dial to 6. n.

Dark Dungeon

There's nothing here.

> s.

Cramped Lab

> set dial to 4. n. c.

6 O'Clock

> x archway. s.

The Baron's Study

> x maiden. x desk. x bookcase.

> take book. take paper. read book. read paper.

> x clock. x window.

> close window. look. take key. x it.

> set minute to 12. set hour to 12.

> put key in keyhole. turn key.

> take key. take Navy egg. x it.

> n. c.

7 O'Clock

> x archway. s.

Inside Cave

> x cube. take it.

> x scales. x left pan. x right pan.

> x gold coin. x bronze coin. x Teal egg.

The easiest way to solve this puzzle is just to ignore the coins and swap the cube for the Teal egg.

> take Teal egg. put cube on left pan.

> put Teal egg in basket.

> n. c.

8 O'Clock

> x archway. w.

In The Moat of Ye Olde Castle

> x rag. take it. x muck. x scorpions.

> clean muck. x grate. open it.

> w. w.


> x Amber egg. take it.

> e. e. e. c.

9 O'Clock

> x archway. w.

Western Courtyard

> x statues. x Aphrodite. x Hera. x Athena.

> x Paris. x apple.

> x doorway. x satyrs. x architrave. x door. x keyhole.

> u. s.


> x bed. x arrow. x bow. take bow and arrow.

> x chest. open it. (locked)

> x window. ("Magic word: QUIVVER")

> n. d.

Western Courtyard

> put arrow in bow. shoot apple.

> quivver. (door opens!)

> w.

Castle Orchard

> x Ruby egg. take it.

> x trees. x bench.

> e. e. c.

10 O'Clock

> x archway. w.


> x goat. take goat. w.


Don't sit or rest or sleep here!

> w. w.

10 O'Clock

> x Indigo egg. c.

11 O'Clock

> x archway. n.

Cragne Family Plot

> x crypt. x door. open it. (can't)

> x grave. x headstone. x urn. x flowers.

> take urn. bail grave. bail grave. d.

Inside the Flooded Grave

> dig west. x Umber egg. put it in basket.

> u.

Cragne Family Plot

> take urn. s. c.

12 O'Clock

> x archway. n.


> x ocean. x fish. x blue round. swim.

> w.

Oceanside Meadow

> x cows. x volcano. e. e.


> take popcorn. x it. eat it. w.


> feed popcorn to fish. swim.

> x Sapphire egg. put it in basket.

> s. c.

1 O'Clock

> x archway. n.


Feel free to give your junk items to Ram to transform, if you like. But if you change the thick book to the thin book, please change it back to the thick book before leaving here.

> x Ram. x machine.

> give speckled egg to Ram.

> x Silver egg. put it in basket.

> s. c.

2 O'Clock

> x archway. e.

Stone Porch

> x steps. e.

Garden Entrance

> x vines. eat grapes.

> x flowers. x trees. x belladonna.

> x bull. x emerald. take it. x it.

> quivver.

> w. w. sw.

Center of the Big Lawn

> x thick book. ("Ophiuchus")

> put basket on pedestal.

Assuming the basket has all twelve Easter eggs in it, you're now in...

Gargantuan Gazebo

Feel free to look around before guessing. You only get three guesses, but you don't have to guess immediately.

> x man. x toga. x slippers. x snake.

> x dome. x system. x sun. x pillars. x floor.

> x furniture. x plants. x birds.

> xyzzy. plugh. plover. x plovers. x plover's egg.

> x basket.

The first letters of the egg's names spell out the snake's name, so:

> guess Serpentarius.

*** You won thirteen eggs and the top prize ***



Did you try:




The response to CREDITS is:

Easter Egg Hunt 2020 was written by me, David Welbourn, in the week from the end of the ClubFloyd session on Sunday April 5th to sometime before the ClubFloyd session on Easter Sunday April 12th, 2020. It was one of those just-for-fun projects.

However, it should be obvious that this is not just my own work by any means. It includes many bits and pieces from other interactive fiction games by other authors, which I quickly stitched together into this crazy quilt of a game. Hopefully it holds together without falling apart into a huge mess.

The works of IF that I, uh, pillaged for this game are:

Testing for Release 1 was done just by me. How foolish I am! Always get other people to test your work!

I must also admit that several of the borrowed locations had to be flipped around or turned sideways to fit into my new geography, and several borrowed items were also altered to fit into the new storyline or puzzles. Sometimes I simplified things to make it easier for myself or for the player. Regardless, this game has major spoilers for the smallest games I borrowed from, and minor spoilers for the larger games.

Please enjoy this mess! It should be a pretty easy game for most of you, but if not, please let me know!


See score to see how scoring in the final puzzle works.


Easter eggs

Put all these eggs in the basket after you find them. Sometimes the game will automatically put the egg there. Also, each egg has a printed number on it, matching which "O'Clock" location has the archway to the region where that egg is obtained from.

  1. a Silver egg. In the laboratory, give the speckled egg to Professor Ram; he gives you the Silver egg in return.
  2. an Emerald egg. It's the "emerald" at the base of the stone bull in the garden entrance. Just take it. You don't need any tool to pry it out.
  3. a Rose egg. Jinjin gives this to you in the meditation room when you win their game of Concentration.
  4. a Puce egg. At the beach twice-northeast of the seaside cottage, take your hat; you'll automatically take the Puce egg as well that was underneath.
  5. a Ebony egg. It's inside the burlap sack in the ship's cabin.
  6. a Navy egg. It's hiding inside the clock in the Baron's study. To reveal the egg, you need to set both hands of the clock to 12, put the moon key in the clock's keyhole, then turn the key.
  7. a Teal egg. It's on the left pan on the scales inside the cave. Swap one of the cubes for the Teal egg and leave the coins where they are.
  8. an Amber egg. It's in the cul-de-sac, at the end of a stinky tunnel west of the scorpions' moat.
  9. a Ruby egg. It's the "red apple" held by the statue of Paris. Put the arrow in the bow, then shoot the apple; the "apple" falls into the orchard. Still in the courtyard, use the magic word "QUIVVER" to animate the satyrs. They will break open the red door to the orchard for you. Take the Ruby egg from the orchard.
  10. an Indigo egg. Obtain it by picking up the goat and heading west three times without resting, sleeping, or sitting on a hill.
  11. an Umber egg. When inside the flooded grave, dig west to obtain this egg.
  12. a Sapphire egg. In the lagoon, first give the popcorn to the fish. Then swim; you'll take the Sapphire egg from the lagoon floor.
Useful tools

Alternate versions of objects can almost always be turned back into their original forms by giving them back to Professor Ram.


There is no score during the main game, but during the endgame, you are scored on your guesses for your host's snake's name. Your final score is the point value of your best of three guesses.

Thank You to my Patreon supporters

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