Key & Compass presents:
Feeling Adventurous
by Jim Howes

Feeling Adventurous is a TADS 3 interactive fiction game and is © 2013 by Jim Howes. This game was created as a puzzle for SEAHOP 2013. SEAHOP is the Seattle Epic and Awesome Hunt O' Puzzles.

In this campus exploration game, you begin in the Red Square at the University of Washington to solve a puzzle. All you know is that the answer to the puzzle is a word, and that there will be clues leading you to that word.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 3 of the game. Version 3 is the story file adventurous3.t3, even though it says it's version 1 when you type VERSION.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: East side of Red Square

Kane HallLowerLevel Kane Hall2nd FloorHallway Stairwell toKane HallC1 level Kane HallFoyer GraduateReadingRoom UpperRotunda In front ofOdegaardLibrary In front ofKane Hall StudyRoom In front ofMeany Hall RedSquare In front ofSuzzalloLibrary SuzzalloLibraryFoyer LowerRotunda Foodtrucks In front ofGerberdingHall Stairwell toGerberdingC1 level GerberdingHallFoyer (of nointerest) u d e (to stacks) (to otherrooms) (to quad) (to stacks) (to Rainier Vista) (of nointerest) s u d u e (oh my) (locked)

Map 2: West side of Red Square

Stairwell toOdegaardC1 level In front ofOdegaardLibrary OdegaardLibraryFood Court OdegaardLibraryStairwell OdegaardLibraryStairwell In front ofHenry ArtGallery Washingtonstatueplaza In front ofMeany Hall RedSquare Stairwell toArt GalleryC2 level Box office Meany HallStairwell Meany StudioTheaterCourtyard Foodtrucks Stairwell toM. TheaterC1 level Stairwell toM.S. TheaterC1 level (locked) (locked) (to bar) (locked) u u u u (into gallery) (locked) (locked) d d s u d

Map 3: Stairwells and the parking garage

In front ofHenry ArtGallery OdegaardLibraryStairwell Meany HallStairwell Meany StudioTheaterCourtyard Kane HallLower Level In front ofGerberdingHall Stairwell toOdegaardC1 level Stairwell toM. TheaterC1 level Stairwell toM.S. TheaterC1 level ParkingGarageC1 level Stairwell toKane HallC1 level Stairwell toGerberdingC1 level Stairwell toArt GalleryC2 level ParkingGarageC2 level Stairwell toOdegaardC3 level Stairwell toM. TheaterC3 level Stairwell toM.S. TheaterC3 level ParkingGarageC3 level Stairwell toKane HallC3 level Stairwell toGerberdingC3 level Stairwell toArt GalleryC4 level ParkingGarageC4 level Stairwell toOdegaardC5 level Stairwell toM. TheaterC5b level Stairwell toM.S. TheaterC5 level ParkingGarageC5b level Stairwell toKane HallC5 level Stairwell toGerberdingC5 level Stairwell toArt GalleryC5 level Stairwell toM. TheaterC5a level ParkingGarageC5a level C5A levelalcove s d d se s e s d d d d d d e d d s d d d d d d e d d s d d e (blocked) (win!) u u u w u e e u u u u u u n u u e u u u u u u n u u e u u n


Red Square

> x pillars. (CLUE: "The writing is on the wall")

> x sculpture.

> x man. talk to man.

> a problem. (He's lost his wallet and needs his ID card.)

For the beginning of this walkthrough, we'll be exploring the above ground locations first, starting with south from Red Square and working our way clockwise.

> s.

In front of Gerberding Hall

> x windows. look through windows. (You see a janitor.)

> s. (locked)

> knock on door. (The janitor shakes his head and continues to sweep.)

> n. sw. w.

Meany Studio Theater Courtyard

You'll return to this woman much later, but I wanted you to see her with her wheelchair first.

> x woman. x wheelchair.

> e. ne. w.

In front of Meany Hall

> s. (locked)

> se.

Meany Hall - Box Office

> w. (locked)

> e.

Meany Hall - Stairwell

> u. (locked, but CLUE: "The answer lies at the bottom")

I'm not ignoring this strong clue; there's obviously something to see at the bottom of this stairwell, but I want to continue exploring the above-ground areas first, okay?

> w. n. w.

Washington statue plaza

> x statue. (CLUE: "Look down, not up")

> w.

In front of Henry Art Gallery

> w. (You visit a bar briefly and return.)

> n. (You have other things to do.)

> e. e. n.

Odegaard Library - Food Court

> x guy. talk to guy. (He doesn't want to talk.)

> z. (Repeat waiting long enough, and eventually he'll say he needs a protein shake.)

> e. u. n.

In front of Odegaard Library

> w. (locked for renovation)

> se. n. n.

Kane Hall - Foyer

> x art. x machines.

> n. (locked)

> u.

Kane Hall - 2nd Floor Hallway

> x mural. x cart. x uniform. take it.

> s. (You see a naked man and back away.)

> d. s. ne.

Kane Hall - Lower Level

Sigh, just another entrance to yet another underground stairwell.

> e. s.

Red Square

> ne. (You don't need to go to the quad.)

> e.

In front of Suzzallo Library

> e. (locked)

> w.

Red Square

> se. (You visit Rainier Vista briefly then return here.)

> s.

In front of Gerberding Hall

Finally time to start solving a few puzzles.

> wear uniform. knock on door.

The janitor lets you inside and leaves.

Gerberding Hall - Foyer

> look. x cart.

> x trashcan. search it. take wallet. x it.

> wore. (no need; you have the wallet)

When you leave the building, the doors close and lock behind you.

> n. n.

Red Square

> give wallet to man.

In thanks, he lets you into the Suzzallo Library.

Suzzallo Library - Foyer

> look.

> s. (blocked by grating)

> n.

Suzzallo Library - Study Room

> x tables. x chairs.

> s. e.

Suzzallo Library - Lower Rotunda

> e. (nothing of interest there)

> u.

Suzzallo Library - Upper Rotunda

> x book. (the Bhutan book, the world's largest book)

> w.

Suzzallo Library - Graduate Reading Room

> x chandeliers. (too far for a closer inspection)

> x bookshelves. x tables.

> e.

Suzzallo Library - Upper Rotunda

> e. (nothing of interest there)

> se. (You acquire a protein shake and return.)

> x shake.

Yes, this shake is all you need from the Suzzallo Library. Return to the food court with it, and note that the doors to the Suzzallo Library will lock behind you when you leave the building:

> d. w. w. w. w. n.

Odegaard Library - Food Court

> give shake to guy.

> talk to guy. ("You want something?")

Assume he owes you a favor and will stay where he is until you need him.

Now it's time to follow up on the clues and head to the bottom of the Meany Hall stairwell:

> s. se. e. d. d. d. d.

Stairwell to Meany Theater, C5a Level

A message is here: "So close but so far away"

> e. (A man from the Department of Arbitrary Restrictions tells you to access this area from the other side.)

Um, weird, but okay. I'll save you the trouble of finding the "other side"; it's an alcove east from the parking garage on this level, but you'll have to go up to level 5B and back down again to get there from here:

> u. e. d. e.

Central Plaza Parking Garage - C5a Level, alcove

> x door. look through it. (word in chalk?)

> x button. push it.

This is so contrived, but you refuse to push a button for the handicapped unless a handicapped person is actually here. So return to the courtyard where you saw the sleeping woman and her wheelchair. The stairwell closest to her is the Meany Studio Theater stairwell:

> n. u. sw. u. u. e.

Meany Studio Theater Courtyard

The woman is now crying; her wheelchair is missing!

> talk to woman.

> a wheelchair. (Someone stole it.)

You must tell, not ask, about the button.

> tell woman about button. (exchange of help offered)

> tell woman about meathead. ("go and get him!")

> e. ne. w. n.

Odegaard Library - Food Court

> tell guy about woman. (He's now following you.)

> s. e. sw. w.

Meany Studio Theater Courtyard

The meathead slings the woman over his shoulder.

> se. d. d. e. d. e.

Central Plaza Parking Garage - C5a Level, alcove

With the handicapped woman here, you're able to push the button.

> push button. e.

You see the word right in front of you.

Well, now that you know where it is, go get the answer! Like, really! In real life (IRL)! You didn't think I would just tell you what it is right now, did you? 

Would you like to RESTORE a saved position, RESTART the story, or QUIT?





You can find several clues written in chalk:


The response to CREDITS is:

Created by Jim Howes. Public domain.

The response to ABOUT is:

Created as a puzzle for SEAHOP 2013. 


There's only three inventory items in this game!

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