Key & Compass presents:
The First Snows of Winter
by chrisatthestudy

The First Snows of Winter is a TADS 3 text adventure game and is © 2013 by chrisatthestudy.

In this game, you play as a member of the Sorcerer's Guild. The president of the Guild has sent you to Cordh-am-Creoig, a small village in the highlands, to find out what's happened to the guild there, who haven't been heard from in a month.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


South of town: The Snowbound Train

u u u town d e e Railwaytrack Front oftrain Driver'scabin Below thedriverscabin North endof the ...corridor North endof the ...carriage Cabin Railwaycarriagecorridor South endof the ...corridor South endofcarriage Railwaytrack

Summary: Grab your coat, leave the train, and walk the rest of the way into town.


The phosphor stick is a reusable match. It lasts a few turns after you light it. There's a bed (portable?) and an oil lamp (sadly, not portable), but you can ignore them both.

> i. x stick. light stick.

> x coat. take it. wear it. x bed. x lamp. e.

Railway carriage corridor

Oddly, the oil lamps and the window are the only other things in the train. No other cabins or passengers. (Actually, I think we're supposed to assume there are other cabins and passengers, but they are beneath our notice.)

> x lamps. x window. look through window.

> n. e. n. u.

Driver's cabin

Talking to the driver is optional. (Remember that A means ASK [SOMEONE NEARBY] ABOUT.)

> x driver. talk to driver. a town. a weather. a guild.

> d. n. n. n. n. n. (Yes, against reason, walk right past the station to the end of the line. Please.)

Town: Welcome to Cordh-am-Creoig

EngineCabin End ofline Siding EngineShed Helio-grapher'sGuildOffice Narrowalley Templegrounds Temple Points Stationroad Mainstreet Bridge Railingtrack bythe station Stationplatform TicketOffice OutsideStation d east oftown south oftown u

Summary: Explore the town and obtain new tools: crowbar, lantern, amulet, and key.

End of line

> x buffers. dig snow. take crowbar. x it.

> s. ne. e.

Engine shed

> take lantern. x it.

> x engine. x birds. u.

Engine cabin

Here's where you get oil for the lantern. Just forget you saw oil lamps back in the railway carriage, okay?

> x levers. x pipes. x valves.

> push levers. pull pipes. turn valves. fill lantern.

> d. w. sw. s. e. e.

Ticket Office

Talking to the stationmaster is optional.

> x him. talk to him. a weather. a town. a guild.

> e. n. e.

Main Street

> x tower. x houses. n.

Heliographer's Guild Office

Oddly, the desk itself isn't implemented. And the guild president isn't given a name, despite having a plaque. But for your information, heliographs are a real thing that use the sun as the source of light instead of magic.

> x woman. x plaque. x log. x charts.

> talk to woman. a weather. a guild. a station.

> s. ne. e. e.


Speaking of the sun, here's a temple to the sun god Soltan and his surly cleric.

> x sun. x stools. pray. x amulet.

> x cleric. talk to cleric. a weather. a guild. a heliograph.

> w. w. sw. e.


> x stones. x key. e.

East of town: Wilderness over the Bridge

MountainPath CastleGate CastleCourtyard ValleyPath Helio-graphStation Roof ofthe ...Station StoneCircle RoughNorthTrack FaintPath Sorcerer'sGuild NorthRoad East Road Laboratory u d town d u

Summary: Gain entrance to the Sorceror's Guild, to the Heliograph Station, and finally to a ruined castle where you can do something about the weather.

East Road

> x door. x torch. take it. light it. (Just hold onto this seemingly useless torch, okay? Please? For me?)

> unlock door with key. open door with crowbar. n.

Sorceror's Guild

> x desk. open drawer. unlock it with key. open it.

> take pen and notebook. x pen. x notebook. read it. u.


The phosphor stick's weak light will let you see all of the laboratory, but you need the lantern's light in order to copy the Summon spell.

> light lantern. take scrolls. x warmth. x light. x blank.

> x book. read summon. copy summon.

> d. s. ne. n. e.

Faint Path

Despite the dire warning, it's not possible to open the backpack. The dead body is portable (!) but just leave him.

> dig snow. x man. x backpack. take it.

> w. s. sw. w. w. n.

Heliographer's Guild Office

> give backpack to woman. x token.

> s. e. e. ne. n. n.

Valley Path

If you try to enter the station without the token, the ward will push you away from the door. The north path is blocked by an avalanche of snow, but we're gonna fix that.

> n. e.

Heliograph Station

> x cupboard. open it. x goggles. wear them. u.

Roof of the Heliograph Station

You'll remove the goggles automatically when going back down, and you'll automatically return the goggles to the cupboard when you leave the station. (BUG: The avalanche can be melted again by turning the wheel twice more.)

Also, yes, it is nice that the Light spell scroll isn't consumed when we cast it, but when you realize there isn't anywhere else we can cast it, this feature seems a lot less awesome.

> x mirror. x globe. x wheel.

> cast light. turn wheel.

> d. w. s. s. nw.

Stone Circle

You must have the amulet in order to survive the summon spell! And carry the torch!

> x stones. cast summon. x torch. (Here's that "flames from hell" that the notebook mentioned.)

> se. n. n. n. e.

Castle Gate

CAUTION: The tornado inside the castle is deadly, and the Warmth spell doesn't last very long, so act quickly.

> cast warmth. e.

Castle Courtyard

The dead sorcerors in their blocks of ice aren't implemented, so ignore them. If the Warmth spell wears off, you'll die. If you die: UNDO, leave the castle, and re-cast Warmth.

> x tornado. throw torch.

*** YOU HAVE WON ***





Note: In this game, spell scrolls are reusable.

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