Key & Compass presents:
Frenemies: Or, I Won an Andy Phillips Game
by B F Lindsay

Frenemies: Or, I Won an Andy Phillips Game is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by B F Lindsay. It was an entry in IF Comp 2019 where it took 17th place.

In this one-room escape game, you're a guy who lives on the top floor room of a boarding house. You need your private time to play IF! Unfortunately, your housemates decided to prank you by barricading your door somehow so you can't get out. The house WiFi just disconnected and you don't have a phone or a bathroom in here. Time to solve this puzzle, get your door open, and escape.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Your housemates have barricaded the door to the room you were playing IF in.

GamingRoom (win)

Gaming Room

Start with yourself and your inventory.

> x me. i. x bodysuit. x ID. x halo. x pendant.

> stand.

Figure out why the door won't open.

> x door. open door.

> x mirror. take towel. (beyond door and wall)

> x cords. pull lefthand cord. g. (towel falls)

> x mirror. (It's dark. No lights elsewhere in the house.)

> x window. look through window. (It's night.)

> x switch plate. turn on right switch.

> x mirror. (You see floor and top steps and towel.)

> x spyglass. x mirror through spyglass.

> pull righthand cord. x mirror.

> x mirror through spyglass. (jumprope tied to your doorknob and bathroom's)

> pull righthand cord. x mirror. (stairs and unlit room beyond)

Check out the rest of the room, particularly the bed and closet.

> x desk. look under desk. x chair. x shelf.

> x ceiling. x fan. x lamp. x beams.

> x bed. x pillow. x bedsheet. search it. (find cyberjack!)

> x cyberjack. look under bed. x rope.

> x closet. open it. x locker. (unlocks with Staff and cyberjack)

> pull locker. (find Staff!)

Play with the Staff a bit.

> x staff. (Lifescan, Heatscan, Attract, Repel, Mimic)

> turn on staff. heatscan door. heatscan pillow. touch pillow.

> mimic Alice. (Staff must be off for that.)

> turn off staff. mimic Alice. (no way)

Open the locker.

> unlock locker with staff. x port.

> put staff in lock. (oho. riggered lock or button lock?)

> x rigged lock. (has octagonal port and a circular hole)

> x button lock. (oh, that's part of your door)

> x circular hole.

> put staff in hole. turn on staff.

> put jack in port. (wear it first, please)

> wear jack. put jack in port. (locker opens; staff and jack are dropped)

> look in locker. x katana. take it.

Use the rope.

> throw rope at beams. (Now have gap in the drywall above your door.)

> x gap. put chair by gap.

> stand on chair. look through gap. d.

The katana can surely cut the jumprope, and that gap must be how the katana gets to it, so...?

> throw katana at gap. (Bah.)

Investigate the bed more:

> move mattress. x bed. x white slat. x brown slat.

> take brown slat. put it on white slat. (You have a see-saw)

> put katana on see-saw. (This looks right.)

> move chair to bed. stand on chair.

> jump on see-saw. (only strikes a crossbeam)

Perhaps if the bed was in the middle of the room, the sword wouldn't hit a crossbeam?

> move bed under fan. put brown slat on white slat.

> put katana on see-saw.

> move chair to bed. stand on chair.

> jump on see-saw. (now it hits the fan)

Well, we can turn the fan on and try again? We probably want its highest speed.

> push dial. turn dial to 3.

> put katana on see-saw. stand on chair.

> jump on see-saw.

The fan doesn't hit the sword well. Can we put something on the fan that will swat it better?

> push dial. (to turn the fan off)

> touch fan. (too far)

We'll need to put the bed back together to reach the fan.

> put brown slat on bed.

> drop all. put mattress on bed.

> stand on bed. jump. (You can just reach the fan this way.)

After much experimentation that I'll skip over, it turns out that the bodysuit is the only thing that'll go onto the fan without falling off right away.

> remove suit. x shorts. put suit on fan. d.

Set up the sword on the see-saw again.

> move mattress. put brown slat on white slat.

> put katana on see-saw.

Then turn on the fan (at speed 3) and jump on the see-saw!

> push dial. stand on chair. jump on see-saw. ("CHING!")

You may, optionally, want to put your bodysuit back on before opening the door.

> w.

*** One day. ***



There really aren't any other characters in the game besides the player character, but a few are mentioned:


From the Credits menu-item accessed via the ABOUT command:

My ultimate thanks in this game, of course, go to Andrew Phillips, whose IF efforts I thoroughly enjoyed, and inspired me to write this lighthearted knock-off. He gave me his blessing for it; I only hope he will forgive me.

I also want to thank Brian Rushton (MathBrush) for encouraging me to write a one-room game in the first place, and enter it into IFComp 2019.

Thanks also need to be expressed to the Intfiction experts, Hanon Ondricek, Andrew Plotkin, JRB, Matt W, etc etc (too numerous to name here), for their invaluable help and advice.

And a hearty THANK YOU to my testers: Roger Durrant, Mike Carletta (who also inspired the bodypillow), Brian Rushton, and Stian Rødven Eide.


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