Key & Compass presents:
The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode
by Victor Gijsbers

The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2010 by Victor Gijsbers. The game was released under the General Public License version 3.

In this children's game, you play as a child who wants to give tasty carrots to all the rabbits hiding in the neighbourhood. And that seems to be all it is.

But is there a hidden Nazi mode? The author says that stuff was removed. His published source code seems to confirm that. But then, why that title? Do you trust the author? Is his game really about rabbits or is it about finding out if it's truly kid-friendly or not?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


d d In thegrocery Bedroom Next tothe busystreet Muran-owskaSquare Hall Dead end PianoRoom Study HiddenRoom u u

What is your first name? > NAME

Next to the busy street

> about. x me. i.

> x carrot. x stop. x street.

> e.

Muranowska Square

Your mission is to give your carrots to hidden rabbits.

> x store. x alley. x stop. x house.

> n.

In the Grocery

> x sack. search sack. x rabbit.

> give carrot to bunny. (+1)

> x bunny. pet bunny. x food. x counter.

> s. s.

Dead end

> x rabbit. give carrot to bunny. (+1)

> n. e.


> x clock. open clock. x rabbit.

> give carrot to bunny. (+1)

> s.

Piano Room

> x piano. x music. play piano. sing.

> x rabbit. give carrot to bunny. (+1)

> e.


> x case. pull case. (Passage down opened.)

> read books. d.

Hidden Room

> x rabbit. give carrot to bunny. (+1)

> u. w. n. u.


> x bed. search bed. look under bed.

> x rabbit. give carrot to bunny.

*** You have won ***

So, is there a hidden Nazi mode? Yes. Yes, there is. The provided source code is a sanitized version of the full code of the game.

> restart

What is your first name? > NAME

Next to the busy street

To learn this command, I went to the trouble of using BABEL to extract the Z8 story file from its blorb, then used TXD to disassemble the Z8, and then I searched the "Action routine for" sections until I found this suspicious-looking command. (Later, I noticed that the IFWiki page for the game had already been updated with this spoiler.)

CAUTION: Once you're in Nazi mode, there's no command to turn it off. You'll have to restart if you want the bunny rabbits back.

> join the ss.

You are now in Nazi mode, and your mission is to shoot your enemies. All the rabbits have been replaced with people, and your carrots have been replaced with a rifle.

> x me. i. x gewehr. sing.

> e. n.

In the Grocery

> x man. kill man.

The game abruptly ends instead of shooting him. The author says a few final words.

*** The world is a complicated place. ***



In Bunny mode:

In Nazi mode, people replace the rabbits:


This game was written by Victor Gijsbers. It was tested by Dorte Lassen, Matt Weiner, Jenni Polodna, Conrad Cook and Annette van de Kraats.



In Bunny mode:

In Nazi mode:


In Bunny mode:

In Nazi mode:

Secret Message

As far as I know, this message in the disassembled code is only visible that way and is never displayed by the game, even in Hidden Nazi Mode:

Hey, I see you! YOU ARE REVERSE-ENGINEERING this PROPRIETARY piece of software! Think you are pretty clever, huh? Well, believe me--you are not half as clever as our lawyers, and they are going to BUST YOUR ASS for violating the DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT, or whatever law in your country allows big corporations to sue people like you! THIS CODE IS MY PROPERTY, and you better STAY OUT of it, PUNK!

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