Key & Compass presents:
Goodbye Cruel Squirrel
by Extra Mayonnaise

Goodbye Cruel Squirrel is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2017 by Extra Mayonnaise. It was an entry in IF Comp 2017 where it took 42nd place.

In this game, you play as a gray squirrel. Winter is coming and your gray tribe is starving. To save your tribe, you volunteer to bring a huge supply of acorns from the red squirrel tribe's hoard in the Finchsters' yard.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Cast-IronStove u u in d d u d out d BlackberryBushes Toolshed SculptureGarden Sterzinskis'Yard BirdFeeder NorthSide ofStreet Under Car BlackberryEntrance Garage Finchsters'Yard Branch HighShelf DeadFlowerGarden CableTelevisionLine ShingledRoof



Your tribe has gathered to hear The Great Gray speak. He wants a volunteer to bring food from the Great Oak hoarded by the red tribe.

> x me. x Great Gray. x tribe.

> volunteer. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> s.

Sterzinskis' Yard

> x oak. x post. x mound. x trail.

> climb post. (Can't; it's been greased.)

> climb oak. search mound.

> s.

North Side of Street

> x passing cars. x street.

> x westbound car. g. (Repeat until you see the Volkswagen.)

> s. (+50)

Under Car

> x accident.

> s.

Blackberry Entrance

Here we learn the cat wants a toy or morsel.

> x cat. x bushes.

> n. n. n. w.

A crow berates you before flying away.

Sculpture Garden

> x gnome. x birdbath. enter bath. (Can't.)

> climb gnome. enter bath. (+50)

> i. x poop. out. e.

Sterzinskis' Yard

> climb post. (+50)

Bird Feeder

> x Brock. talk to Brock. g.

> push Brock. (You follow him down.)

Sterzinskis' Yard

> kiss Brock. eat Brock.

Push Brock to the cat.

> push Brock s. g. g.

Blackberry Entrance

> take Brock. give Brock to cat. (+50)

> sw.

Blackberry Bushes

Alternate between southeast and southwest until you get through.

> se. sw. se. sw. se.

> sw. se. sw. se. sw. se.

Finchsters' Yard

> x oak.

> d. (A red squirrel chases you out; it's dark in there.)

> climb oak.


> x line. uorclimb line.

Cable Television Line

> sw.

Shingled Roof

> x pipe. d.

Darkness / Cast-Iron Stove

> listen. smell. z. (Your eyes adjust.)

> open door. out.


> x ladder. x shelf. x trampoline. x button.

> x automatic door. x sack. look in sack.

> climb ladder.

High Shelf

> x ball. push ball. (It's too heavy.)

> x twine. chew twine. (+50; the east door opens.)


> take sack. e.

Finchsters' Yard

> drop sack.

> sworse.

Dead Flower Garden

> x hose. x spigot. x hole. x plants.

> d. (Same red squirrel stops you.)

You can't pick up the hose itself, but you can...

> put hose in hole. turn on spigot. (+50)

> nworne.

Finchsters' Yard

> x tribe. x pile.

> whistle. (+50; the cat chases the red tribe away.)

> put acorns in sack. take sack.

Head back to your tribe:

> n. ne. nw. ne. nw. ne. n. n. n. n.


You have saved your tribe. You are named the next Great Gray.

*** You have won ***






Honorable mention:


You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 400, in several turns.

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