Key & Compass presents:
by Emily Short

Indigo is a TADS 3 interactive fiction game and is © 2011 by Emily Short. It was a participant in the Indigo New Language Speed-IF event where authors used authoring systems they weren't used to. At the 2011 XYZZY Awards, this game's main puzzle, escaping the tower, was a finalist in the Best Individual Puzzle category.

In this short game based on the story of Rapunzel, you play as a woman who was imprisoned in this tower years ago by a witch. Your solitude has developed your skills, but you are now ready to leave. Take your time.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on version 1 of the game.


u u BlueTower Kitchen At theFoot ofthe Tower StoreRoom d d s


"Take your time", eh? The main mechanic in this game is removing units of time from old objects, making them younger, then putting that time onto other things, making them older.

> about. x me. x hair.

> x apple. take apple.

> take month. i. x apple. x month.

> x cauldron. open cauldron. x potion.

> put month on potion. x potion.

> drink potion. (Your hair is now strong.)

> x fire.

> u.

Blue Tower

> x images. (has decade)

> x window. x bed.

> x box. take box. open it.

> x candle. (has hour)

> x comb. x shears. x paintbrush. x pot.

> take hour. x candle. x hour.

> take decade. x decade.

> d.


> light candle with fire. d.

Store Room

This room is normally dark.

> x indigo. x stairs. take millennium.

> x millennium. x stairs.

> u. u.

Blue Tower

> put millennium on window.

> put decade on hair.

> cut hair with shears. x hair.

> s.

At the Foot of the Tower

*** You have escaped ***



There are no other characters in this game, but a few are mentioned:


Normal items:

Time items:

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