Key & Compass presents:
The Magnificent Museum of Masterly Masterworks
by Nils Fagerburg

The Magnificent Museum of Masterly Masterworks is a Glulx interactive fiction work written with Inform 7 and is © 2020 by Nils Fagerburg (as "Inverted Normals"). It was an entry in Event One of the Second Quadrennial Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction in 2020 where it took 5th place.

In this puzzleless work of interactive fiction, you may tour a small museum of art pieces inspired by the interactive fiction works of Ryan Veeder. The source code is also presented as artwork.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the work.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction work. Please make an honest effort to play the work before reading this walkthrough.


ArtsyPhoto-graphyHallway NiftyGallery ofBeautifulPaintings SuperbStatueExpositionRoom

Nifty Gallery of Beautiful Paintings

Odd spacing in the painting descriptions.

> x ship. (inspired by Captain Verdeterre)

> x woman. (of Allison Chase)

> x cops. (inspired by Taco Fiction)

> e.

Superb Statue Exposition Room

> x dinosaur. (inspired by The Island of Doctor Wooby)

> x bust. (of Allison Chase)

> x snowman. (has wine bottle nose and Slytherine robes)

> w. w.

Artsy Photography Hallway

> x cat. (of Gideon the cat)

> x rat. (of an unkempt brown rat)

> x montage. (of Allison Chase and hearts)

Although you can take all nine exhibited items, there's no reason to. Just look at the items then quit.

> quit.



The source code itself was presented as art like so:

"The Magnificent Museum of Masterly Masterworks" by  Inverted Normals 
The Nifty Gallery of Beautiful Paintings  is a room.  "A well lit room
with  paintings hanging  on  the  walls.  It  also  has twisty  little
passages heading  to the east  and to the  west.".  The painting  of a
ship  is here.   The description  is "The  painting shows  a beautiful
galleon (you  suppose, you  can't really tell  those old  ships apart)
floating in a majestic manner on  one of the seven seas (the Caribbean
if you had  to guess).  A small  rat with a really cool  pirate hat is
posing  on  the deck.   Looking  closely  you  see  he is  wielding  a
jambiya.".   The  painting   of  a  beautiful  woman   is  here.   The
description  is "The  woman is  so so  beautiful.  She  is also  quite
scantily clad.   On the bottom  of the frame  is a little  plate which
says: 'Allison Chase'. Someone drew a  little heart with a bright pink
sharpie next to the  name.".  The painting of a pair  of cops is here.
The description is "On  this canvas is a pair (or is  it *are* a pair?
there's only one pair but there  are two cops...)  of police officers.
The one on the left is blonde and the one on the right has a great big
mustache.  They  are both sitting in  some kind of booth,  eating some
delicious looking  tacos.  They  have little  name tags  that identify
them as Rae  and Bob.".  The Artsy Photography Hallway  is west of The
Nifty Gallery.   "Here in the  artsy photography hallway one  can find
framed photographs.  One  can also find the way back  to the paintings
gallery by going off to the east.".   The photo of a cat is here.  The
description is "A  black and white photograph of a  white cat. The cat
has a few black spots on the end of its tail.  The slight overexposure
of the photo makes the cat  look almost ghostlike.  Below the photo is
a name plate that says: 'Gideon the cat'.". The photograph of a rat is
here.  The description is "It's an  unkempt brown rat.  You don't know
why anyone would  take a picture of this particular  rat.".  The photo
montage  is here.   The description  is "You  see a  large montage  of
photographs of an elegant lady with bangs. There are literally tens of
photographs of  her.  It seems like  someone is a tad  obsessed. Among
the photos,  in cut  out pink  and red letters,  is the  name 'Allison
Chase'.   There  are  lots  of   little  hearts  mixed  in  among  the
photographs (creepily some of hearts are anatomically correct).".  The
Superb  Statue Exposition  Room is  east of  the Nifty  Gallery.  "The
statue exposition room is used for three dimensional pieces .  The way
back to  the paintings is through  little doorway to the  west.".  The
large dinosaur plushie  is here.  The description is "You  see a small
felt dinosaur.  She is sewn out of periwinkle felt, about 3 feet tall,
with a graceful  neck and a bunch  of violet plates on  her back.  The
dinosaur looks  slightly overstuffed.  She's also  wearing an adorable
little cowboy hat.  A tiny orange signature is stitched onto her foot,
it's a tad  untidy, but you can make out:  'Doctor Wooby'.".  The huge
snowman  is  here.   The  description   is  "Underneath  a  large  air
conditioning unit is a huge snowman.   Its nose isn't the usual carrot
which  would be  too small  but rather  it is  made from  a bottle  of
extremely cheap  wine.  The snowman has  blond hair and is  wielding a
hawthorn wand and wearing Slytherin robes.  It seems like the sculptor
was somewhat confused when they assembled this piece.".  The bust of a
beautiful woman  is here.   The description is  "It's a  lovely marble
bust of a beautiful woman.  You can't  help but fall in love with her.
Chiseled into the base of the bust you find a name: 'Allison Chase'.".


Although you can pick up everything in the game, there's no need to do so. Just look at everything instead.

In the Nifty Gallery of Beautiful Paintings:

In the Superb Statue Exposition Room:

In the Artsy Photography Hallway:

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