Key & Compass presents:
Mean Streets
by Bad Dog Studios

Mean Streets is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2015 by Bad Dog Studios. It was entered in ParserComp 2015.

You play as Dirk Justice, recently-disgraced and suspended police detective and walking cliché. You were relieved of your badge and absurdly large arsenal of weaponry this morning because you dared to arrest Mr. Big, the kingpin of crime in Grittyville, without a warrant. Of course, this means you'll totally go "lone wolf" and kill every criminal you find. In self-defence. And this will make everything okay because Justice must prevail.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.01 of the game.

Map of Grittyville

enter door enter door u u u enter door d Commercialdistrict Undergroundfightingtournament s s d d d n u Office Bathroom Darkroom Kitchen Frontroom Kitchen Livingroom Room fullof bodies Mansionfront door Mansionfront door Upstairs Bloodyroom DistrictAttorney'soffice City Hall Richquarter Cardboardcity Derelictbankentrance Upstairsstorage Clothingdept. Office Storefront OutsideCity Hall Generalstore Access-oriesdept. Theprojects A grimyalleyway Poordistrict Zeke'sPawnShop Chief'sroom Grittyvillebank Frontroom Bedroom Evidenceroom Policestation Vault Gangland Bathroom Factory Industrialdistrict Bar Mr. Big'soffice Basement Corridor Casino Storeroom


Before we begin, I need to discusss how combat works in this game. First, about Endurance:

Second, about weapons:

Third, about battle tactics:


Your apartment - front room

You can't sit on the sofa. You can't turn on the tv. Only the fridge is vaguely important.

> x sofa. x table. x tv. x fridge.

> open fridge. take bourbon. x it. close fridge.

> s.

Your apartment - bathroom

Naturally, your bathroom isn't functional.

> take trunk key. x sink. x toilet. n. e.

Your apartment - bedroom

> x bed. x photo. x bookcase. x trunk.

> unlock trunk with key. drop key. open trunk. (I'm dropping keys because of inventory limits.)

> take cash. x it. (Unlimited cash means you can buy everything. Except a plumber's services, I guess.)

> w. n.

Poor district

Next thing we need is a weapon. We have several options for our first weapon:

I vote for the last one. Naturally, it's way on the other side of Grittytown.

> w.

A grimy alleyway

> x dumpster. open it. x broken bottle.

> w.

The projects

> x Marla. ask Marla about Marla. ask Marla about landlord.

> ask Marla about me.

> w. n. nw.

Mansion - front door (red door)

The way the door is coded shows the author doesn't know how to code a locked door. We must ENTER DOOR once it's unlocked; we can't just go north.

> x mailbox. open it. take red key. unlock door with it.

> drop red key. enter door.

Mansion - front room

> x golf club. take it. wield it. w.

Mansion - kitchen

Here's the real reason I wanted to come here first: the rucksack.

> x rucksack. take it. open it.

> x grapefruit. put it in sack.

> x fridge. open it. x milk. put it in sack. close fridge.

> e. s. se. s. w. w.

Department store - general store

I bet there's actually two newspaper objects in the code: an unbought version and a purchased version. Why? Because if you try "buy it. read it.", the second "it" doesn't work.

The newspaper does provide a bit of background story, but you can forget the name "Raya Martinez" mentioned by it. That name isn't a conversation topic with any of the characters.

Notice I don't bother taking the newspaper. I'd rather fill the rucksack with food or stuff I might actually need.

> x newspaper. buy it. read newspaper.

Let's head back to the poor district and the abandoned store.

> e. e. e. e. e.

Poor district

Make sure your golf club is wielded.

> i. save. n.

Abandoned store - storefront

When you enter this location, a crackhead will attack you.

> x crackhead. (He has 10 endurance and a switchblade.)

> kill crackhead. (Repeat until the crackhead dies; he drops his weapon. See combat.)

I suspect the golf club is better than the switchblade, so just leave it.

> x switchblade. w.

Abandoned store - office

I have no idea what the gaming chip is for; I assume it has some use, but I never found any use for it.

> x desk. open drawer. take chip. drop it. x it.

> e. u.

Abandoned store - upstairs storage

The magic word XYZZY magically heals you to full endurance.

> x boxes. open box. x notepad. read it. xyzzy. x me.

Next, let's confront Marla's landlord, Andrew Samson.

> d. s. w. w. w. n. ne.

Mansion - front door (green door)

> x mailbox. open it. x envelope. open it. (Can't open it. Leave it.)

> x mat. look under mat. x green key.

> unlock door with green key. drop green key. enter door.

Living room

> w.


Is the knife better than the golf club? I have no idea.

> x knife. take it. drop club.

> x fridge. open it. x cheese. x sausage.

> put cheese in rucksack. put sausage in rucksack.

> wield knife. e. n.


A thug attacks you when you enter.

> x thug. (He has 30 endurance and a knuckle duster.)

> kill thug. (Continue combat until the thug dies; he drops his weapon.)

> xyzzy. look.

I'm hoping that the weapons get better as I tackle more difficult foes, but it's hard to tell for sure.

> x duster. take it. drop knife.

> x desk. open drawer. take cabinet key.

> unlock cabinet with key. drop key.

> x cabinet. open it. take document. read it.

> x laptop. read email.

> x painting. x basket.

> wield duster. e.

Small bathroom

> x Samson. ask samson about me.

> ask samson about document. (He kills himself, dropping a pistol.)

> look. x body. x pistol. x toilet. x sink.

I'm going to leave the pistol, and go confront Ramon in the factory.

> w. s. s. sw. s. e. s. sw. w.


For once, you're not attacked right away.

> x Ramon. (He's carrying a briefcase.)

> x cocaine. save.

Make sure your weapon is wielded.

> ask Ramon about briefcase. (Ramon becomes hostile, grabs a steel pipe and summons Sal and Ernesto.)

New battle: Ramon has 30 Endurance; Sal has 20; Ernesto has 10.

> kill Ramon. (Continue until he's dead.)

> wield pipe. xyzzy. (Because why not.)

> kill Sal. (Continue until he's dead.)

> kill Ernesto. (Continue until he's dead.)

> drop duster. take briefcase. x it. (You can't open the briefcase, by the way.)

Next, let's visit Mr. Big's casino.

> e. ne. s.


You can't actually gamble here, and the bouncers don't talk.

> w. (If you have the briefcase, they let you go past them.)

Casino - corridor

> s.

Casino - storeroom

> x sandwich. put it in rucksack.

> wield pipe. save. n. n.

Casino - Mr. Big's office

Another thug attacks you. Go figure.

> x thug. (He has endurance 30 and a shotgun.)

> kill thug. (Continue until he's dead.)

> xyzzy. look.

> x desk. open drawer. take all from drawer.

> x chest key. x keycard. x cupboard key.

> x cupboard. unlock it with cupboard key. drop cupboard key.

> open cupboard. x wine. put wine in rucksack.

> x shotgun. (I'm leaving the gun; there's another weapon to get.)

> s. d.

Casino - basement

> x drain. open it. x clump. (Ew.)

> x chest. unlock chest with chest key. drop chest key.

> open chest. x chainsaw. take it. drop pipe.

Let's clean up cardboard city next.

> u. e. n. n. n. e.

Derelict bank - entrance

Hope you're ready for grossness.

> u. e.

Derelict bank - bloody room

Although the intestine and skull are takeable, there's no reason to take them. And the blood? It's not implemented.

> x intestine. x skull. w. n.

Derelict bank - room full of bodies

You can't examine the bodies! They're not implemented!

> x diary. read it. (I assume the diary belongs to the killer and not to one of his victims.)

Make sure your weapon is wielded.

> wield chainsaw. save. n.

Derelict bank - dark room.

The killer attacks you as soon as you enter the room.

> x killer. (He has 90 endurance and a machete.)

> kill killer. (Continue the combat until he's dead; he drops the machete.)

> xyzzy. x machete. (I assume the chainsaw is better, but again, how to tell?)

Next: visit the other bank.

> s. s. d. w. s. w. s.

Grittyville bank

Note: You can't "swipe" the keycard.

> x door. unlock door with keycard. enter door.

Bank - vault

Note: The word "lockers" isn't recognized.

> x locker. unlock locker with keycard. open locker.

> take ledger. read it. (The police chief is implicated.)

> n. n. sw. n.

Police station - chief's room

Note: You can't enter this location from the beginning of the game, but I don't know for sure what event unlocks it.

> x chief. x desk. x burger. put burger in rucksack. x plant.

> ask chief about me. ask chief about chief.

> ask chief about marla. ask chief about andrew.

> ask chief about ledger. (He pulls a gun on you! The slimeball.)

> x chief. (His endurance is 35, and he's wielding a handgun.)

> kill chief. (Continue combat until he's dead. Seriously.)

> xyzzy. take paper. read it. (The DA's on the take, too!)

> s.

Police station

Ella is here? She's new.

> x Ella. ask Ella about Ella. ask Ella about me.

> ask Ella about chief. (She gives you the evidence key.)

> x evidence key. w.

Police station - evidence locker

> x box. unlock box with evidence key. drop evidence key.

> open box. x Old Painless. x mousetrap.

> drop chainsaw. take painless. wield it.

> e. ne. nw. n.

City Hall

You can't enter the DA's office unless you've read the chief's note.

A big battle's coming up. Unless you want to eat and drink stuff during the combat, your last chance to gobble it all down it now.

> save. w.

District Attorney's office - City Hall

> x DA. ask DA about me. ask DA about chief.

> ask DA about note. (DA confesses, but then, Mr. Big enters and kills him!)

You're in battle with Mr. Big!

> x big. (He's got 100 Endurance and an assault rifle.)

> kill big. (Continue combat until he's dead.)

*** Congratulations, you have completed the game! ***

List of Characters

The people you let live (5):

The people you see die (2):

The people you kill (9), in self-defence, of course:

Other people mentioned (2):

List of Inventory Items


Food and Drink


Reading material

Assorted body parts

None of the characters are the slightest bit interested in these gruesome mementos.

Other stuff

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