Key & Compass presents:
A Moment of Hope
by Simmon Keith

A Moment of Hope is a TADS 2 interactive fiction story and is © 1999 by Simmon Keith. It was an entry in IF Comp 1999 where it took 18th place.

In this short story, you play as a young man who becomes a nervous wreck wondering if Anna, a woman he matched with on a dating website, actually has any romantic interest in him or not.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 0.258 of the story.


Map 1: Overview

(walk home) (read e-mail) (readwebsite) (read e-mail) (walk pastthe girls) (wait) call Anna The WalkHome Corridorof Girls YourRoom At YourComputer Free Web-BasedE-mail In Bed At TheSpark Back InReality... Scene 1 Scene 3 Scene 5 Scene 7 Scene 2 Scene 4 Scene 6 Scene 8

Map 2: The Walk Home (Scene 2)

YourNeighbor-hood Barricade Dirt Path EmptyRoad TrailStart WindingTrail Trail UnderBridge BikeTrail (to scene 3at yourcomputer) (from scene 1in your room)

Map 3: Corridor of Girls (Scene 6)

(any dir) NorthCorridor Gym View Girls'Inter-section SouthCorridor (from scene 5at FreeWeb-BasedE-mail) (to scene 7in bed)


* * * (Scene 1 begins)

Your Room

> x me. (male) i. (nothing)

> take paper. read it. ("ANNA OFF WORK @ 8.")

> x computer. x e-mail.

> x clothes. x bed. x carpet.

> x clock. x reflection.

The phone rings.

> answer phone. (It's Scott, not Anna.)

> call Anna. (You don't fully call.)

> x diary. read diary. g. g. g. g.

> laugh. x clock. call Anna.

* * * (Scene 2 begins)

Bike Trail

> i. x recorder.

> x stars. x bridge. x river. x trees. x trail.

> e. w.

Under Bridge

You drop your recorder on entry.

> take flute. play flute.

> listen. smell. x water. x reflection.

Go home:

> w. nw. w. w. n. w.

Your Neighborhood

> x porch. w.

* * * (Scene 3 begins)

Your Room, at your computer

Scott matched Anna as well.

> x computer. x e-mail. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g.

Anna says she'll be out of town with her boyfriend all weekend.

* * * (Scene 4 begins)

At The Spark

Their website.

> x icon. x text. g. g. g. g. g.

* * * (Scene 5 begins)

Free Web-Based E-mail

> x message. try again. g.

* * * (Scene 6 begins)

North Corridor

> i. x rag. s.

Gym View

> x girls. s. s. s. (A girl whistled at you?)

* * * (Scene 7 begins)

In Bed

I note that it doesn't matter what you type in this section.

> sleep. g. g. g. g. (You get up anyway.)

* * * (Scene 8 begins)

Back in Reality...


The game ends with this line:

What a comforting thought.




The response to CREDITS is:

Many thanks to:
  Michael J. Roberts for TADS,
  Stephen Granade for running the comp this year,
  lurd, Jota, Ghogg, ToyKeeper, hardwire, my brother Andrew, and others
   for all the testing, encouragement, and constructive comments,
  my ifMUD friends for creating #group-therapy, and...

  Anna -- for making this IF possible.


Note that the diary in the first scene can't be taken. It never formally enters your inventory.

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