Key & Compass presents:
by Temari Seikaiha

MythTale is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2002 by Temari Seikaiha. It was an entry in IF Comp 2002 where it took 11th place.

In this game about Greek myths, you play as several characters. In the prologue and endgame, you are a hero who wants to make his destiny with the Golden Bowl of Artemis. In the main game, you are a modern-day cat owner searching for five pages of notes. Each page describes a different myth which you enact as Theseus, Celides, Daedalus, Polyeidus, or Hermes when you take their page.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Your home

AresRoom Bathroom Bedroom Landing Office Lounge Hallway Kitchen FlowerBed Garden VegetablePatch d u UndertheStairs

Map 2: Visiting the Myths

take fourth hit Sinis u take third take second take fifth AresRoom UndertheStairs Office FlowerBed (where thedevice is) VegetablePatch put herb in boy take first drop Icarus fly jump yes remove guise Tomb Underbushes Under-growth On theroad toCorinth Late afternoon,on the roadto Corinth MountainLedge Clifftop Airabovesea By the poolof Memoryin Hades Meadowsof Nemea

Map 3: City of Iolkos

On theroad toIolkos Temple ofArtemis DingyShop Near themerchants'stalls StreetofTemples Undistin-guishableStreet South-Westcornerof Agora In theSouthernAgora Edge ofMerchants'quarter OutsideHouseof RichMerchant CityBaths OutsidePalace (when holding five pages) (win) (win) (win) (win) (win) give bowl sell bowl


Mountain Ledge

Your initial character is an unnamed ancient hero or adventurer.

> verbose.

> x me. i. x pack. x clothing.

> x wind. x rock. x glint. u. (+1)

You find a golden bowl, but then the ground shakes...

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c


You are now playing as a modern-day cat owner. The desk and chair are just scenery.

> x me. i. (nothing) x Apollo. x computer.

> x shelves. x window.

> n.


> x sack. take it. look in it. (empty)

> n.


The basket is just scenery.

> x shower. x pole. take pole.

> s. w.


> x Aphrodite. x cushion. x window.

> look through window. x tom. x tree.

> e. nw.

Ares Room

> x Ares. x something. x paper.

> se. d.


> x Artemis. x panelling. x door.

> n. (No, you need to find your notes.)

> w.


> x doors. x table. x book. take it.

> consult book about Apollo. (God of Music)

> consult book about Ares. (God of War)

> consult book about Aphrodite. (Goddess of Desire)

> consult book about Artemis. (Goddess of the Hunt and the Wilderness)

> x sofa. look under sofa. x torch. take it.

> x chest. open it. x clutter.

> search clutter. x machine. take paper. open lid.

> x tubes. x lids. x timer. x tray.

> x buttons. (Up, Down, Left, Right, Close, and Change.)

> x display. (Currently reads [1, 1].)

Figure out the display. The display is a 3 by 5 grid of fifteen squares where each square can be either on or off. On-squares are represented by a # sign in the display.

The co-ordinates of the current square are shown below the display; [1,1] is the square in the lower left corner.

What you need to do is draw the numeral 2 in the display, which selects tube 2. I have no idea how you're supposed to figure that part out.

The blue buttons change the current co-ordinates, and the green Change button turns the current square on or off.

So, let's draw that 2:

5 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 # # # # # # # # # # #

> push down. push change. ([1,5] is now on.)

> push right. push change. ([2,5] is now on.)

> push right. push change. ([3,5] is now on.)

> push down. push change. ([3,4] is now on.)

> push down. push change. ([3,3] is now on.)

> push left. push change. ([2,3] is now on.)

> push left. push change. ([1,3] is now on.)

> push down. push change. ([1,2] is now on.)

> push down. push change. ([1,1] is now on.)

> push right. push change. ([2,1] is now on.)

> push right. push change. ([3,1] is now on.)

+5. Lid 2 opens and you pull out the second page.

> look. take second page.

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c

By the pool of Memory in Hades

You are now playing as Celides, although the game doesn't say his name explicitly.

> x me. i. consult book about Leuce.

> consult book about Hades. consult book about Persephone.

> consult book about Celides.

> x Leuce. (She's a tree.)

> x pool. drink pool.

> pray. ("Would you truly end her grief?")

> yes. (+10; your tree entwines with Leuce's.)

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c


> x second page.

> se.


> x Hestia. consult book about Hestia. (Goddess of the Hearth)

> x dish. x cupboards. open cupboard.

> x jar. take jar. x tin. take tin.

> open tin. put meat in dish. (You pick up the dish in the process.)

With the meat in the dish, Hestia will follow you to wherever you might drop the dish.

> nw.


> drop dish. (+1; Hestia starts eating.)

> se.


> open fridge. take steak. close fridge.

> x shelves. (You take a lighter.)

> x lighter.

> x steak. drop it. (+5. Ares is now here.)

> n. u. nw.

Ares Room

> take fourth page.

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c


You are now playing as Polyeidus.

> x me. i.

> consult book about Polyeidus. consult book about Apaisa.

> consult book about Glaucus. consult book about Pasiphae.

> x body. x torch. (A serpent arrives.)

> x serpent. x bier. x rocks. take rock. x rock. x door.

> throw rock at serpent. take rock. z. z. z.

A second serpent arrives, leaves, then returns and puts something in the mouth of the dead one.

> z. z. z. z.

The dead serpent comes to life. Both serpents leave.

> look. take herb. put herb in body. (+10; Glaucus is restored to life.)

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c

Ares Room

> x fourth page. consult book about Asclepius.

> se. d. w. s.


> x shed. open shed. x spider. x web.

> put spider in jar. w.

Flower Bed

> x flowers. x shrubs. x trees. (One tree is tall.)

> x tree. x paper.

> push paper with pole. (+5)

> look. take third page.

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c

Clifftop in northern Crete

You are now playing as Daedalus.

> x me. i. x sea. x sun. x mainland.

> x Icarus. x my wings. x his wings.

> consult book about Daedalus. consult book about Icarus.

> consult book about Crete. consult book about Minos.

> consult book about Knossos. consult book about Sicily.

> consult book about Athene.

> ask Icarus about himself. (No more words.)

> wear my wings. (Icarus dons his.)

> flyorjump.

Air above sea

> z. z. (Icarus flies above you.)

> z. z. z. z. (Icarus flies too high!)

> u. u. take Icarus. drop Icarus. (+10)

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c

Flower Bed

> e. e.

Vegetable Patch

> x weeds. search weeds. (+1) x gloves. take gloves.

> x bonfire. x coolbox. take it. (Thorns in the way.)

> x barrel. (Half-filled with rainwater.)

> burn thorns. (+1, with the lighter)

> open coolbox. (It's too hot.)

> push barrel. open coolbox. (+5)

> take fifth page. (Hermes' encounter with Argus.)

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c

Meadows of Nemea

You are now playing as Hermes.

> x me. i. x guise. x pipes. x Argus. x heifer.

> consult book about Hermes. consult book about Argus.

> consult book about Io.

> consult book about Zeus. consult book about Hera.

> consult book about Nemea. consult book about Athens.

> x flowers. x river. x bed. x trees. x olives.

> ask Argus about heifer. ask Argus about Hera.

> ask Argus about meadow. ask Argus about music.

> play pipes.

Once Argus is asleep, you can kill him with either a branch or a rock. He won't sleep if you're holding either a branch or a rock beforehand.

> x branches. take branch. hit Argus with branch.

> take heifer. (She kicks at you.)

> remove guise. (+10)

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c

Vegetable Patch

You are back to your modern-day self.

> x fifth page.

> w. n. e.


> show jar to artemis.

> open jar. drop spider. (+1; Artemis opens a panel under the stairs.)

> x panel. turn on torch. e.

Under the Stairs

> x dust. x cupboard. x padlock.

> hit cupboardorpull cupboard.

> search wood. (+5)

> x first page. take it.

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c

Late afternoon, on the road to Corinth

You now play as Theseus.

> x me. i. x pack. x rope. x rations. x flask. x sun.

> consult book about Theseus. consult book about Sinis.

> consult book about Corinth. consult book about Ilia.

> w.

On the road to Corinth

CAUTION: If you take the pine as Sinis suggests, you'll die.

> x Sinis. x pine. x bushes. n.


> x buckthorns. x insects. w.

Under bushes

> x tree. x boots.

> tie rope to tree. tie rope to Sinis.

> e. s.

On the road to Corinth

> x rope. hit Sinis. (+10)

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c

Under the Stairs

Now that you have all five pages, the endgame begins:

Press C to Continue > c

Press C to Continue > c

On the road to Iolkos

You are now again playing as the hero from the prologue.

> x me. i. x clothing. x pack. open pack.

> x coins. x bowl. x crowd.

> s.

In the Agora, near the merchants' stalls

You'll probably first want to make yourself more presentable. Buying food is optional.

> x statue. x stoa. x kykloi. x labourers.

> x bouleuterion. x merchants.

> buy food. s.

In the Southern Agora

> x slaves. x tunics. buy tunic. x tunic.

> w. sw.

City Baths

> x boy. take bathorremove clothing.

Clean and dressed better, you leave the baths.

South-West corner of Agora

You must now decide how you will use your treasure and fulfill your destiny.

Each of these endings is a winning ending. You must decide for yourself which ending you like best. Will you:

Ending 1: Return the bowl to Artemis

South-West corner of Agora

> ne. e.

Street of Temples

> x temple. n.

Temple of Artemis

> x statue. x friezes. pray.

> give bowl to statue. (+20)

Artemis forgives you and restores your youth and health.

*** You have won ***

Ending 2: Sell the bowl

South-West corner of Agora

> w. n.

Dingy Shop

> x man.

> sell bowlorask man about bowl. (+20)

Your dwelling is modest, but it suffices.

*** You have won ***

Ending 3: Start an apprenticeship

South-West corner of Agora

> e. e.

Edge of Merchants' quarter

You must be presentable in order to travel south or east from here.

> s. (+20)

You start an apprenticeship, leading to a good quiet life.

*** You have won ***

Ending 4: Offer the bowl to a rich merchant

South-West corner of Agora

> e. e. e.

Outside House of Rich Merchant

You must be presentable in order to reach here.

> s. (+20)

You marry one of Ianges' daughters and become a scribe in his employ.

*** You have won ***

Ending 5: Offer the bowl to the King

South-West corner of Agora

> e. s.

Outside Palace

You must be presentable in order to reach here.

> s. (+20)

You gift the bowl to the King and become a historian in his employ.

*** You have won ***



The player characters:

Modern-day NPCs:

Hermes's NPCs:

Theseus's NPCs:

Daedalus's NPCs:

Polyeidus's NPCs:

Celides's NPCs:

The hero's NPCs in Iolkos:



As the hero (in the prologue):

As the modern-day cat owner:

As Theseus (on the road to Corinth):

As Daedalus (on the Clifftop):

As Polyeidus (in the Tomb):

As Hermes (in Nemea):

As the hero (in Iolkos):


You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 100, in several turns. You will be remembered thusly.

How will you be remembered?:

*The "across the world" status is visible if you textdump the story file, but since you can't have a score value in the 80s, I don't think this ranking is ever displayed.

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