Key & Compass presents:
by Daniel Spitz

Niney is a Z-machine interactive fiction story written with Inform 7 and is © 2017 by Daniel Spitz. It was an entry in Spring Thing 2017's Main Festival where tied for the Audience Choice ribbon.

You play as a passenger on a train. Initially, you are no one, but each day you might be someone such as the One Who Is Weak or the One Who Gazes Ahead. And when you sleep, you might be Niney, the beloved squirrel who nine times out of ten does the right thing.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the story.


Dream DiningCar ForeAisle LoungeCar SleepingQuarters AftAisle EngineCar be somethingfor someone (to Mainten-ance Room) do theright thing


Sleeping Quarters

> x me. i. (These two commands appear to act identically.)

> x John. x book.

> x my bed. x John's bed. x window.

> e.

You have gained a new possible you: the One Who Gazes Ahead.

Aft Aisle

> i. x gazes. x Agathe. n.

Lounge Car

> x Carl. x Emily. x notebook. n.

Fore Aisle

> x Katherine. x paper. e. (locked)

> n.

Dining Car

> x Jane. (New possible you: the One Who Is Weak.)

> x weak. x puzzle. x Lydia. x candies. x tables.

> s. s. s. w.

Sleeping Quarters

> be weak for John. (You dream...)

Dream (first time)

In these dream locations, you are Niney, a squirrel.

> x mass. do the right thing.

Sleeping Quarters

Ben has replaced John. Also, you might be the One Whose Palms Are Open.

> x palms. x Ben.

> e. n. n. n.

Dining Car

> be open for Lydia.

Dream (second time)

> x garden. do the right thing.

Sleeping Quarters

> e. n.

Lounge Car

> be ahead for Carl.

Dream (third time)

> x statue. do the right thing.

Sleeping Quarters

Today you may be the One Who Gazes Down.

> x gazes down. e. n.

Lounge Car

> be gazes down for Emily.

Dream (fourth time)

> x wretch. do the right thing.

Sleeping Quarters

You can now MORPH your interactions.

> i. morph weak. (New: the One Who Is Strong)

> morph open. (New: the One Whose Palms Are Closed)

> morph down. (New: the One Who Gazes Up)

> morph ahead. (New: the One Who Gazes Back)

> x strong. x closed. x gazes up. x gazes back.

> e.

Aft Aisle

> be gazes up for Agathe.

Dream (fifth time)

> x prism. do the right thing.

Sleeping Quarters

> be strong for Ben.

Dream (sixth time)

> x ruins. do the right thing.

Sleeping Quarters

> e. n. n. n.

Dining Car

> be closed for Jane.

Dream (seventh time)

> x starving. do the right thing.

Sleeping Quarters

> be back for me.

Dream (eighth time)

> x periscope. do the right thing.

Sleeping Quarters

New: You may be the One Who Is Seduced.

> x seduced. e. n. n.

Fore Aisle

> be seduced for Katherine.

Dream (ninth time)

> x child. do the right thing.

Sleeping Quarters

You feel you must leave the train this time.

> e. s.

Engine Car

> x redacted. x engine.

> morph seduced. x seduces. be seduces for redacted.

<REDACTED> tells you to reliquish your inventory:

> morph back. relinquish ahead.

> relinquish strong. relinquish closed.

> relinquish up. relinquish seduces.

You leave the train and lie down on the ground...

Dream (tenth time)

> x nothing. do the right thing.

> do the wrong thing. (You can't do that either.)

It really doesn't matter what you try. None of your actions will succeed.

> take nothing. enter nothing. search nothing.

*** It goes on and on, like this. It does not end. ***

As far as I know, that's the only ending, but feel free to prove me wrong.

Also, I'm sorry I can't really explain what this game's about. Statements in the game suggest that the train is some sort of artificial reality, but then you're told there's nothing real outside that artificial setting and I really don't know what to make of that.



On the train:

In the Dream:



Written by Daniel Spitz. (Contact: @bageldaughter on twitter,

Testing and feedback by @apathydad, @drewlooksround, John, @lumenphosphor, Mako Yass, @meltpixel, and @Strange_Bundle.

Thanks to Spring Thing 2017 for providing an excellent community venue.

Thanks to the People's Republic of Interactive Fiction in Boston for being a great community and resource for all things IF.

Thanks to Andrew Plotkin and Emily Short for setting stellar examples with all their work.

Special thanks to @meltpixel for providing inspiration, an ear, and bottomless feedback.


You might be:

Note: In this game, x me and inventory act identically.

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