Key & Compass presents:
Nyna Lives: Chapter 1
by Sarah Rhiannon Nowack

Nyna Lives: Chapter 1 is a web browser interactive fiction story written with Twine and is © 2017 by Sarah Rhiannon Nowack. It was an entry in IF Comp 2017 where it took 48th place.

In this story, you play as a cat named Nyna who has just gotten comfortable. However, your mistress, a witch, has a job for you. She needs you to fetch a spell ingredient for her, a flower that blooms only once a month. Be careful out there!

This solution is by David Welbourn.


Note that this story does not actually use any room-names. I've simply added some appropriate names to my walkthrough to try to make things a bit clearer.


> sweetly > into the night

Crossing the River

> Look for another way... > left > continue

Split path

You have a choice, either go left through a forest where you'll fight a bunny, or go right through a field where you'll run from vines.


You have a choice, entering the cottage but not eating the offered food, or skipping the cottage entirely.

Cliff face

> Leap Straight Up > death > worn out shoes

> "Whether or not your leave with your life will be up to you, however."

> Run for it!

Back Home

> pleased to see you

> louder and closer

> seethes with rage

> "I see you've met Cyril. She's an... old friend."

> “Of all your nine lives, my dear, you have been the sweetest. I only wish they had been half as lucky as you...”

> Play Again?




Note that clicking any "You have died" link will always return you to an earlier point in the story where you can make a non-fatal choice.


There's no formal inventory in this game, but you definitely get to carry one item: