Key & Compass presents:
The one about the chicken, the lion and the monkey?
by Sam Barlow

The one about the chicken, the lion and the monkey? is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 1998 by Sam Barlow. It was a participant in the ChickenComp event.

Tomorrow is your girlfriend's birthday. You know that she is expecting jewellery but have left it very late to buy anything. Too late maybe - all the shops seem to be shut now. You're tempted to just go home. But wait! What is that you spy on the Other Side of the road?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Clearing Other side This side Fancydressshop Changingroom

This side

> x me. i. x cash. w. e.

> x shop. x costumes.

> x pavement. x gutter. x drain.

> x slab. take slab. (no, it's not loose.)

> n.

Other side

> x stall. read small print. (Free jewellery offer is only for lions.)

> ask man about jewellery.

> x man. x road. x jewellery.

> n.


> sleep. xyzzy. s. s. s.

Fancy dress shop

> x shopkeeper. x monkey. x chicken. x lion.

> buy monkey. buy chicken. buy lion.

> man, remove lion.

> n.

This side

CAUTION: Whichever suit you put in the gutter is lost to you.

> put monkey in gutter. (This blocks the drain, and water starts spilling out the road.)

> z. z. (The water covers the road.)

> z. (A council worker puts up signs to remove the traffic.)

With the traffic stopped, you can now cross the road carrying the costumes.

> n. n.


> wear lion. s.

Other side

> take jewellery. i. x shiny earring. s. n.

> read print. n.


> remove lion.

> wear chicken. lay egg. s.

Other side

> take jewellery. i. x pretty earring.

> go home. (Your girlfriend is very happy.)

*** You've gone home ***




You can "go home" at any time and get the You've gone home ending, but the details change whether you have zero, one, or two earrings at the time. You get Full Marks if you have both earrings and you're wearing an animal suit when you go home.


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