Key & Compass presents:
The Orion Agenda
by Ryan Weisenberger

The Orion Agenda is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2004 by Ryan Weisenberger. It was an entry in IF Comp 2004 where it took 6th place. It was compiled with ORLibrary release 1.3C.

In this sci-fi story, you play as Capt. Jon Stark of SciCorps. You're monitoring a promising alien species on Orion 3 from orbit on Station One when the General gives you your first field assignment. Outpost 132 has gone silent. You and Lt. Rebecca Crusoe are to take a shuttle to the surface and investigate the situation.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 9 of the game.


Map 1: Station One and Village Approach

Bottomof a Hole TheGeneral'sOffice CentralControl Requisi-tionsOffice Hallway ColonelCalvert'sOffice AccessCorridor Insideof theShuttle SpaceDock CentralHub Cafeteria Low-GGym Mainten-ance Bay LaundryRoom CrewQuarters Airlock My Room RebeccaCrusoe'sRoom Insideof theShuttle Clearing Field think u d climb rope GuestHouse Bottomof a Hole put autonavcard in slot


Map 2: The Village

RecreationCenter Street,Northwestof Square Street,North ofSquare Street,Northeastof Square Clinic GuestHouse Street,West ofSquare VillageSquare Street,East ofSquare Temple MeetingHouse Street,Southwestof Square Street,South ofSquare Street,Southeastof Square Garden SecretArmoury Dilapi-datedHouse Shop (guarded gate) Field OutsideVillageWall

Map 3: South of Village and Outpost 132

d climbrope u (to crewquarters) Dilapi-datedHouse Airlock OutsideVillageWall DenseForest Top ofa Hill Canyon SpiralStairwell Observa-tion Room PlanningRoom NarrowHallway Bottomof a Hole Databank


Bottom of a Hole

> verbose.

> x me. x jumper. i. x mud.

> think.

Central Control

> x monitors. (You are summoned to the General's office.)

> d. n. n.


General informs you that we've lost contact with Monitor Outpost 132. You and Lt. Rebecca Crusoe will take a shuttle down to the outpost, investigate, and report back here. He hands you a requisitions form and leaves. He is never seen again.

> i. x form. (It's unsigned.)

> x Rebecca. (She carries a pack.)

> show form to Rebecca.

She says we'll need to find a ranking officer to sign it. And by "we", she means you, because she'll soon tell you she's going to wait in her room.

> e.

Colonel Calvert's Office

> x Calvert. give form to Calvert. ("put it on the pile")

> x papers. x stains.

> ask Calvert about coffee. ("make sure it's hot")

> w. s. e. e.

Low-G Gym

There's nothing and nobody here right now, but I wanted you to see that this location is used for large meetings.

> w.


> x dispenser. read sign.

> dispenser, hot coffee. (You now have some.)

> w. n. e.

Colonel Calvert's Office

> give coffee to Calvert. ("I owe you one")

> give form to Calvert. (He signs it.)

> w. w.

Requisitions Office

> x kiosk. read sign. put form in kiosk.

> take case. x it. open it.

> x card. x scanner. x tracking. (finds Rebecca.)

> x disguise. x translator. (earpiece with knob)

> x knob. (four settings: Off, Bejourn, Orion, and Altairi.)

> x manual.

The manual is a series of menus. Read all of them. When you're done, head for your room:

> e. s. s. s.

My Room

Ignore your generic furnishings and just use the terminal to look up topics.

> x terminal.

> consult InfoNet about Rebecca.

> consult InfoNet about McEllis. (uh-oh)

> consult InfoNet about Altairi.

> consult InfoNet about Orion 3.

> consult InfoNet about outpost.

> consult InfoNet about me.

> consult InfoNet about Calvert.

> consult InfoNet about Centauri 8.

> consult InfoNet about Bejourn.

> consult InfoNet about League.

> consult InfoNet about SciCorps. (est. by Luke Anthony)

> consult InfoNet about Luke Anthony. (very reclusive)

> consult InfoNet about station.

> consult InfoNet about InfoNet.

Let's go get Rebecca:

> n. se.

Rebecca Crusoe's Room

> ask Rebecca about herself.

> ask Rebecca about Altairi. tell Rebecca about McEllis.

> ask Rebecca about outpost.

> show case to Rebecca. (She'll follow.)

> nw. n. w.

Space Dock

> x arm. x shuttle. x doors.

> enter shuttle.

Inside of the Shuttle

> x seat. sit on seat. x screen. x panel.

> take card. put card in slot.

The shuttle takes you to a clearing north of the output, activates its cloak, and opens the hatch.

> stand.

> wear disguise.

> turn knob to Orion. wear translator.

> e. se.


CAUTION: If you're not wearing the disguise past this location, you'll be killed.

> x village.

> s.

You're surprised by a hunting party who tell you a war is imminent. You're taken to their village for your safety and they leave you in a guest house.

Rebecca tells you to find a way over the village wall and she'll do the same.

NOTE: Several times in this walkthrough, I'll ask you to find or fetch Rebecca. Use the command track Rebecca to learn where she is. If she's gone when you get there, track her again. It's not a large village; you'll find her. If you ask her a question or explicitly order her to follow you — Rebecca, follow me — she will follow you for a while. If you stop moving and ignore her for several turns, she'll start wandering around on her own again.

Guest House

> e.

Street, West of Square

> x house. x street. x square. x fountain.

> e.

Village Square

> x fountain. x statue. (serpent)

> x coin. x glyph. take coin.

> x cannon. (barrel is empty)

Go find Rebecca, then:

> show coin to Rebecca.

She tells you the coin's glyphs mean Good and Evil. Return here and continue:

> s.

Street, South of Square

> x house. s.

Dilapidated House

> x man. ask man about himself. (He's Rzyar.)

> x window. x poles. (meter long each)

> x table. (stones: square, round, pointed, shiny)

> x square stone. (It has a glyph on it.)

> ask man about stones.

He says you must prove you have the values of each stone. When all the stones are gone, he'll help you.

Go fetch Rebecca, then:

> ask Rebecca about stones.

> ask man about compassion. (Show you care about his people.)

> ask man about truth. (Just stop lying to him.)

> ask man about knowledge. (Show what's wrong around here.)

> ask man about skill. (Points at poles; just beat him at his game.)

> ask man about poles. (Pick them up and we play a game.)

> take poles. ("play a game of skill?")

>> yes (You must balance your pole on your head longer than he does.)

Note that you must actively balance the pole; don't just type "z" or "wait".

> balance pole. g. g. g. g. g. (It falls; you lost.)

> n. n. n.

Street, North of Square

You're not getting out this way.

> x gate. x guards. e. e.


> x girl. x doctor. ask doctor about girl.

> ask doctor about himself. x beds. x window.

> scan girl. (You learn what's wrong, for example: a vitamin A deficiency)

> w. s. s. s.


> x shopkeeper. ask shopkeeper about herself.

> x food. x stalks. x mush. x roots. x cubes.

> x jars. x counter.

> scan stalks. scan mush. scan roots. scan cubes.

Buy the food that will most help the sick girl. For example, if the girl has a vitamin A deficiency, buy the food that's high in vitamin A.

> buy BEST-FOOD. ("Are you sure?")

>> yes

You buy the item with the coin.

> n. n. n. e.


Go fetch Rebecca again, then:

> Rebecca, distract doctor.

> give BEST-FOOD to girl.

The girl won't be cured instantly; you'll want to come back later.

> w. s. e.


> x priest. (He asks if you want to hear the sermon.)

>> yes

> ask priest about war. ("Speak no more of this")

> ask priest about Grahtur. (Read his passage in the Book.)

> x frescoes. x glass. x altar. x cloths.

> x stand. x prayer cards. ask priest about cards.

> take cards.

> x war card. (Xzxxe looks human and wears a SciCorps uniform?)

> x peace card. x harvest card. x disease card.

> x fertility card. x death card.

> s.


This is just a pleasant location to enjoy.

> x flower. x vines. x creature. x bushes. x wall.

> w. w. w. w.

Meeting Hall

> x litter. x map. x glyph. (raised)

Fetch Rebecca.

> ask Rebecca about glyph. ("Gate of God")

> push glyph. (southwest passage opened)

> sw.

Secret Armory

If you do things right, you only need one stick of explosive.

> x stick. take it. ne.

Meeting Hall

> push glyph. (The passage closes.)

> e. ne.

Village Square

> put stick in cannon.

> ne. e.


The girl, Hreaw, is getting better. She gives you a bracelet and whispers "Thank you."

> x bracelet.

> w. w. w. w.

Recreation Center

> x ladder. x equipment. x lines.

> take ladder.

> e. se. s. s.

Dilapidated House

> put ladder under window.

> show bracelet to man. (Compassion stone fades away.)

> show war card to man. (Knowledge stone fades away.)

> ask man about McEllis. (You're smarter than Rzyar thought.)

Fetch Rebecca.

> Rebecca, light cannon. (She agrees to.)

> take poles.

>> yes

> balance pole. g.

The explosion startles Rzyar and he drops his pole. Skill stone fades away.

> z. z. (Rebecca returns.)

> remove disguise. (Truth stone fades. You re-don your disguise.)

With the table clear of stones, Rzyar unlocks the window.

> climb ladder. open window.

> s. (Rzyar tosses a strange cube to you as you go.)

Outside Village Wall

Rebecca follows you out. The way forward is quite clear.

> sw.

Dense Forest

> x cube. x markings.

> show cube to Rebecca. (Each side has an Orionion god's name.)

> s. e.


Rebecca pushes the wall, opening it.

> e.

Spiral Stairwell

You can't close the entrance, so don't worry about that.

> remove disguise. (Rebecca does likewise.)

> u.

Observation Room

> x window. x telescopes. s.

Planning Room

> x maps. x table.

> e. open door. (locked)

> s.

Narrow Hallway

> s.


> x screen. (no problems reported)

> x equipment. ask Rebecca about screen.

> n.

Narrow Hallway

> n.

In the planning room, you discover Daryl McEllis and several people, both human and Orionion, in SciCorps uniforms. Rebecca hands an envelope of access codes to Daryl. They plan to invade Station One in a war against SciCorps. Will you join them?

>> no

Daryl's men remove your inventory, then toss the cube and you into the pit we saw in the beginning of the game.

Bottom of a Hole

> search mud. (You find the cube and clean it off.)

> x cube. x markings.

After you read all six names, the cube whines, glows, and heats up briefly. Then a rope end drops into the pit.

> climb rope.

Calvert and Rzyar have rescued you, homing in on your cube. You learn McEllis has taken over Station One. You sneak back in via a maintenance airlock.


> n.

Maintenance Bay

> x droid. e.

Laundry Room

> x uniforms. search uniforms. g. g. g.

General is the highest rank available, so wear that uniform.

> wear General's. w.

Maintenance Bay

You must wear a General's uniform here. The droid politely refuses orders from all lesser ranks.

> open hatch. (doesn't budge)

> droid, open hatch. ("Right away, General Stark.")

> n. n.

Central Control

The room is empty of people and on automatic.

> d. n. n.

The General's Office

You finally find the book that the priest mentioned. It's your final clue on how to resolve this.

> x fabrics. x desk. x bible. x comment.

> s. s. e. e.

War Rally

CAUTION: If you say the wrong name to the wrong people or do anything else, you will die.

> say Xzxxe to Daryl.

> say Fregda to people.

The Orionians rebel! They attack the SciCorps people and then — hull breach! Everyone runs to the shuttles. Daryl and Rebecca escape in a private shuttle; you and others escape in another.

Hours later, on Orion 3, you talk with Calvert about the future.

*** The End ***





The Orionian gods:



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The Orion Agenda
by Ryan Weisenberger (email redacted) Copyright 2004
Release 9 / Serial number 040930 / Inform v6.30 Library 6/11
ORLibrary release 1.3C (2004.06.08)

Standard interpreter 1.1 (4F) / Library serial number 040227


Written, Designed, and Implemented by Ryan Weisenberger

Third party Inform modules:


I'd also like to thank my wife for putting up with not having a husband during the several weeks that I was writing this game, and thanks to all the beta-testers, who without their excellent feedback, this game would not be what it is.



You have an inventory limit of five items, but during normal play, you'll never notice the limit.

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