Out of the Study

what if...?

What if every item in the room were visible?

The Study
The room, whose walls are covered with wallpaper and adorned with a couple of diplomas, and whose floor is covered with a big Oriental carpet (illustrated with exotic plants and animals (including four dragons at the corners breathing smoke)), manages to give a cozy appearance in spite of being sparsely furnished. An antique writing desk with three drawers (a top drawer (locked, containing diverse papers (with a pair of binoculars hiding under them)), a middle drawer (closed, containing a photo album (which contains glue marks)), and a bottom drawer (open, containing receipts)) dominates the middle, on top of which is a world map (with traces of writing), a table calendar, a pen holder (containing nine spots and a black ball-point-pen), a family photo (which depicts the professor (wearing a suit), and his family (which consists of his wife (wearing a red dress), and the kids (twin boys, baby (wearing an overall), eldest boy, and a girl))), and an ashtray (containing some old cigarette stubs, ash, and a crumpled paper). By the desk is a chair with wheels and a cushion. A blazing fireplace (containing logs and a grille) provides a nice contrast to the rainy landscape (consisting of rain, town, and hills -- the first hill has houses, the second hill has trees, the third hill has turbines (containing blades and a logo), and the fourth hill has cows) seen through a big window (adorned with curtains, and containing a grating and a fly (who is flying in a pattern)) giving west. The other prominent features here are a bookcase (containing various books (including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and a picture book (which hides a quiz book)), a statue with four arms, and a bowl of twelve mandarins), and a coconut palm (consisting of a trunk (with a crack containing a small note), and leaves (including a small leaf with holes)) growing in a big pot (which also contains soil). Behind the palm is a picture (depicting tigers, mountains (and forest)), behind which is a hook (which when pulled, makes sounds) and a safe (locked, containing a briefcase (which contains typed documents) and a partly torn photograph of a beetle). Beside the fireplace there is a door (with panels, and next to it a LCD screen, a numberpad, and a light switch for a chandelier (which contains lightbulbs and a socket (which contains a piece of parchment))), leading out of the room, to the north.

You are wearing white gloves and a coat.