Key & Compass presents:
A Scurvy of Wonders
by Rob Dubbin, Courtney Stanton, and Darius Kazemi

A Scurvy of Wonders is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by Rob Dubbin, Courtney Stanton, and Darius Kazemi. This game, submitted in source code form only, was an entry for the PAX East 2011 Speed-IF event.

You play as a person on a yacht who is dying from scurvy. Apparently pursuing a diet of just pizza, chicken fingers, and beer for nearly two months wasn't your best idea. A tiny amount of vitamin C can save you, but you can barely move. And here come the hallucinations.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


(4 turns later) (4 turns later) (4 turns later) appreciatemanatee appreciateseagull appreciate rat Grove Yacht MoneyCave Tavern


> x me.

The game explains your only options: appreciate, eat, examine, give, groan, wait, and help.

> x jacket. x gums.

After three turns, a manatee arrives.

> x manatee. appreciate manatee. (You hallucinate...)


> x trees. x farmer. x overalls. x hat.

After four turns, the hallucination ends.


Manatee is gone. A rat is now here.

> x rat. appreciate rat. (You hallucinate...)

Money Cave

> x treasure. x rat. x chair. x bluetooth.

Again, the hallucination ends after four turns.


Rat is gone. A seagull is now here.

> x seagull. appreciate seagull. (You hallucinate...)


> x wife. groan. (She hugs you. A feather gets caught in your jacket.)

> x feather. x apron.

The hallucination ends.


Seagull is gone; manatee is back. Groan or wait until the rat is back.

> groan. groan. (Manatee leaves.)

> groan. groan. groan. groan. (Rat arrives.)

> appreciate rat.

Money Cave

> give feather to rat. (He gives you a bag of money.)

> x bag. x chimpanzee. x doubloons.


> x pores. (Seagull arrives.)

> appreciate seagull.


> give bag to seagull. (She gives you a bottle of microbrew.)

> x bottle. x bar. appreciate wife.


> x corkscrew hair. (Manatee arrives.)

> appreciate manatee.


> give bottle to farmer. (He gives you an orange.)

> x orange. x pitchfork. wait.


> eat orange.

*** *** YOU WIN! *** ***




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